witch tapes


My two Mermaids for MerMay~ 

First one was the mermaid from Peter Pan and second one is Ursula. For Ursula, I’m currently reading “Poor Unfortunate Soul” and in the book, Ursula is Triton’s sister. So I thought, What if Ursula was a memaid before she turned into her sea witch form? 

I used Simply Gilded washi tapes for the tails. Daiso’s washi tapes were used in the Peter Pan one for the flowers :) 


Hansel and Gretel by Tim Burton (1982)

We Come Running [listen]

“She breathes in dirt and exhales flowers.”

gobbledigook - sigur ros game of thrones theme (harp cover) | touch the sky - brave sneeuwland - oskar schuster 12 dancing princesses theme | flying - peter pan (ost) | kingdom dance - tangled | dumbledore’s army - hp & ootf | barbie rapunzel theme


I found out tonight that Vincent Price made records. I’ve been listening to spoopy stories for the last few hours on YouTube.

That cover art tho

One Last Step || CLOSED


“Oh, good! You’re awake.” Kas strolled over, looking down at the restrained man with a small smile. “Sorry you’re on the floor, I’ll have you on your feet in a few minutes, I promise.” he said, his tone almost gentle as he nodded. Crouching down, the man tapped the tape across Lewis’s lips and frowned a little. “I know you must be feeling heavy and dizzy– Magic and modern science is amazing, isn’t it?” he said, the smile returning almost immediately. “I knew I couldn’t take you by myself– I don’t fuck with demons, but roofied half-demon? I can do that.” With a quick rip, the witch yanked the tape off and tilted his head. “You do remember me, I hope. We were chatting before you fell into your sudden stupor.”

“We should play a game while you wake up some more.” he said, his dark eyes moving over the cambion’s face. “I’m going to ask you questions and you’re going to guess the answers. I know you’re confused– This will help you put the pieces together in a fun way~” he said. “I’ll start off with an easy one– Why are you here?”


5 “Witches” Caught on Tape 

I love these videos, obviously most can be debunked (but where’s the fun in that)!

Every time I see a list of “kinds of witches” I just wanna reblog it and finish it with “here a witch, there a witch, everywhere a witch witch”

Then I think that would probably be rude so I don’t do it.

ZYXZ's Delta Mornings Cassette-Tape Re-Issue and Release!
The original sp3ct3rwave innovator is back with the vaporwave meets witch-house and IDM blend... and ZYXZ wants more cassette tapes!

Zyxz has launched a Kickstarter! Yes, you heard that right, an opportunity to be a part of history and own a copy of the re-pressing of Delta Mornings! There’s plenty of rewards and different pledge amounts for different pledgin’ folks. C'mon, anti-capitalists, show me how you can get back what you put in, all monies raised will go on the tapes and the rewards! More raised = more tapes! If you missed out on an original copy (hand-made by the Zyxz Foundation, and yes, we are all still nursing the blisters and callouses we developed during the making of the cassettes) this is a fiiiine time to help support a worthy cause and get your hands on a cassette, at cost! PS: there’s a very pretty video starring the one-and-only Johhd Greebes (from the Johanna Now video) presenting the campaign and the rewards!