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Not so happily ever after: Fairytales that lay undiscovered for 150 years tell stories of wicked step-fathers witch-slaying princesses and scared young princes

The stories were compiled by German historian Franz Xaver von Schönwerth in the 1880s - around the same time as the Brothers Grimm folk tales - from across the Bavarian region of Oberpfalz.

While the well-known Grimm fairytales often feature a vulnerable princess and dragon-slaying hero, Schönwerth reverses their roles - offering readers powerful female and vulnerable male characters.

In Schönwerth’s fantastical version Cinderella, for example, the heroine uses her golden - not glass - slippers to rescue her lover from beyond the moon.

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Making Fabric Poppets

I want to teach you all how I make my fabric poppets, and how you can make your own too. Here is my post detailing all of what I do to make my adorable plush fabric poppets.

I also sell them if making them yourself is too much fuss for any reason. Here are details.


- Fabric of your choice- My fabric of choice is fleece. The fabric should be a color you can match with your intent, personality, etc.

- Person-shaped pattern to trace- You can use a gingerbread man cookie cutter to make your paper pattern, free hand, or if you like you can use mine which I will gladly sell you a copy of- message me for details.

- Needle and thread- You can use different thread colors for different intentions.

- Stuffing and any extras- herbs, objects, etc.

- A marker of a similar but darker color than the fabric

- Scissors

-Step 1-

Lay out your fabric. Lay down the poppet pattern on the fabric. I prefer to weight them down with rocks so they don’t shift. (You can of course choose rocks that match your intent.)

-Step 1.5-

I then trace the patter with a maker that is of a similar color to the fabric, but off enough that I can see it. Don’t worry about being super clean with your lines because they will be hidden in the inside seams.

-Step 2-

Next, to sew the pieces together. Place them together so that the side with the marker line faces out.

Then, grab your needle and thread. Thread your needle.

Be sure to have a piece of thread to work with that is about as long as your arm. This should be enough for the whole poppet, but make sure to have more on hand just in case.

-Step 3-

Start your sewing in the place where the opening will end later. I typically choose the “armpit” of the poppet because then the opening gives me great access to all of its insides for later.

I use a kind of slip stitch for sewing. Really any stitch will do, but I will show you mine. I put the needle all the way through both pieces of fabric to make a loop, and before tightening I stick the needle through the loop, then tighten. This makes a kind of knot that is durable and nice looking. Here’s a picture:

Aside- Why I hand sew- I find the process of hand sewing to be not only relaxing but also more magical. I can focus on my intentions while I sew, and with each stitch I’m fastening my energy into it. This is by no means the only way you can sew them together, but it is my personal preferred way.

 Continue sewing around to join the two pieces of fabric. **Remember to leave a 1.5in opening! Also leave your thread attached!** This is the only way to turn it inside out and hide the seams.

- Step 4-

Turn it inside-out. Reach inside and grab the top of the poppet’s head and pull it through the hole like shown. You may need to poke around a bit to make sure everything is fully turned right-side-out.

-Step 5- Once right-side-out, your poppet is ready for stuffing. Start with the appendages first, that way you can make sure they are well-fluffed. After that, if you want add in balls of stuffing in the places of major organs to make it more human. (A ball for a brain, a ball for a stomach, that kind of thing)

If you like, add in herbs or objects for your intent, or keys to link the poppet with the person that you’re targeting. Consider positions of the objects and herbs inside the poppet and the significance. I added rose petals in the head and heart of this one, and mint and rosemary in the stomach. That gives it some symbolism, and what witch doesn’t enjoy symbolism?

-Step 6- When it is stuffed to satisfaction, sew up the opening with the same stitch we sewed with before flipping it. This leaves a rough edge, and I actually like it that way. It makes it easier to cut open the stitching if you ever wanted to for any reason. I can’t be the only person that’s wanted to rip someone’s stuffing out (there’s a curse idea) so I hope you find it useful too.

Do a couple more stitches to assure your thread isn’t going anywhere and then cut it off.

Ta-da! A perfect poppet for all of your witchcraft needs.

Happy crafting! 

 - Max the Death Witch

How to be a Witch pt. 3

Step One: Buy yourself about 30 dollars worth of craft supplies from the dollar store.

Step Two: Do a couple neat rituals with mentioned supplies.

Step Three: Remain dormant for the next month until someone triggers you. Hex them, but then most likely feel kinda bad about it immediately afterwards.

Repeat steps 1-3 until you die.

  • Diana: Let’s play a game alright. On the count of three name your favorite dinosaur, don’t even think about it just do it. 1,2,3.
  • Akko/Diana: Velociraptor
  • Akko: Favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to.
  • Akko/Diana: Good Housekeeping.
  • Akko: If you where a guy, who’s the one woman you’d sleep with?
  • Akko/Diana: Shiny Chariot.
  • Diana: What?
  • Akko: Did we just become best friends?
  • Diana: Yep!
  • *They high five each other*
  • Akko: Do you wanna go do magic in the garage?
  • Diana: Yep!
“Broken and Rotting” Curse Jar

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A powerful curse to bring ruin and turmoil to your enemy.


What You’ll Need:

  • A Jack of Spades playing card (this represents the target as a sort of poppet, and for the sake of the curse, the jack is gender-neutral)
  • A Peat Pot Planter (The peat pot is eco-friendly and more powerful for this particular curse, but a jar can also work)
  • Old Parsley, to represent financial ruin
  • 1 Big, Rotting Strawberry, to represent romantic ruin
  • Rotting Banana or Carrot, to represent sexual ruin, if target has a penis, OR Rotting Peach or Red Apple, if target has a vulva (If you don’t know what genitalia the target has, use one of each)
  • Crushed Egg Shell Powder
  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 other candle: pink if target ids as female/transfemale/transfeminine, yellow if target ids as male/transmale/transmasculine, purple if target ids as agender/genderfluid/bigender/etc.
  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Legally obtained animal bone(s) (I recommend chicken bones, you can get them out of pieces of fried chicken, so they’re easily available and more importantly, LEGAL!)
  • Storm/Rain Water
  • (Optional) Cursing sigils
  • (Optional) A slice/half/whole rotting onion, to represent their health deteriorating


What to do:


STEP 1: Place the peat pot down on your working space. Place the black candle above it and the other candle below it. Light both of the candles. (Be sure to practice fire safety!)

STEP 2: Take the Jack of Spades and write the targets name over the card, as big as you can. (It can be any name you knew them by, their full name, a nickname, their “witch name” if you’re cursing another witch, etc.)

STEP 3: Place the animal bone(s), egg shell powder, and old parsley in the peat pot. Next place the Jack of Spades in. (If you have any cursing sigils, add them here.) Then put in the rotting strawberry and the rotting banana/carrot/peach/red apple. (If you add the onion, do it here.) Sprinkle the black and cayenne pepper over all of it, saying:

  • I call upon the forces of dark,
  • fulfill the curse, I’ve done my part.
  • My reasoning sound, my logic tight,
  • bring [TARGET’S NAME] suffering on this night

STEP 4: Cover the peat pot with another peat pot or a piece of another cut to fit as a lid. (You can draw cursing sigils all over the pot if you so choose to.) Bury it somewhere close, like your garden or backyard. Pour the storm/rain water over the burial site.



STEP 1: Dig up the spot where you planted the peat pot. Try to find what you can of the jar. If it’s been a while, parts of it will have started to decay. Try to find the Jack of Spades. Take it out and rebury the rest.

STEP 2: Cross out the eyes and the hand(s) on the card with a dark colored marker. DO NOT MARK OUT THE NAME OF YOUR TARGET!

STEP 3: Place the card into a fire-safe bowl, and sprinkle a little salt and a little sugar over it.

STEP 4: Light the card on fire and let it burn until it’s nothing but ash. While it’s burning, say the chant:

  • The curse is lifted, thus I have said,
  • my curse is lifted from off your head.
  • But be ye warned, should the need arise,
  • I’ll recast the curse, and ruin your life.

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Hey guys! I know i’ve been dormant for a bit bc phone issues but im back and with my very first personal spell! I call this my dream bottle, and it’s pretty simple. It’s designed to cleanse your dreams, ensure a peaceful sleep, and banish bad or negative energies and entities while you sleep.

What you’ll need:





-Salt (I used pink salt)

-A white candle

-A bottle (Preferably a small one, like pictured)

If it hasn’t already been done (i.e. you’re working with fresh herbs), dry and grind the herbs. Mix them with the salt and add them to the bottle. Turn out the lights, light the candle, and if you wish use a channeling implement (I used my wand, as it was on hand.) As I am a nontheistic witch, the following chant is to direct the energy flow from the world around me. 

“You will cleanse my dreams. You will banish negative energies and entities, and protect me while I slumber.”

Keep it under your pillow while you sleep for a peaceful night’s rest.

One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…


A Potion to Commune with an Animal Familiar

Working with spirit familiars is a common practice in many magical traditions. They act as guides, escorting Witches through the astral realms and aiding us in our magical workings. According to legend, familiar spirits can manifest themselves in animal form. When this apparition occurs, the Witch should take steps to strengthen the newly-formed bond. As the relationship between Witch and familiar develops, so too will the gifts they bestow.

@phat-lava requested a potion to commune with an animal familiar through dreams. To achieve this, I have written the following. As always, use caution when taking potions internally. Keep the #potionrequests coming!

Equipment Required

-          Boiling Crucible

-          Mortar and Pestle

-          Glass Vial

-          Measuring spoon

-          Wooden Spoon

-          Sieve

Ingredients Needed:

-          475ml Pomegranate Juice (2 cups)

-          44ml Absinthe (1 shot; available from any well-stocked liquor store)*

-          The skin of 1 red apple

-          1 fresh fig

-          1 tablespoon valerian root

-          ½ teaspoon poppy seed

-          13 rose hips

-          1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers, dried

-          1 teaspoon of honey

-          Essence of the animal spirit, optional (feather, fur, etc)


1.        Heat the pomegranate juice over a high heat and bring to a boil.

2.       Lower the heat and bring the juice to a simmer then add the absinthe.

3.       Contribute the apple skin.

4.       Take the fresh fig and grind it into a fine paste using the mortar and pestle.           Contribute this to the brew.

5.       Raise heat and bring to a boil while stirring and concentrating on your                    intent. Allow it to boil for five minutes.

6.       Set the heat to its lowest setting and let the potion return to a simmer.

7.        Add the valerian root and continue simmering for five minutes.  

Make certain the potion is not allowed to return to boil after this point lest the properties of the valerian root are destroyed.

8.       Stir in the poppy seeds.

9.       Contribute the rose hips, one at a time, while concentrating on your intent.

10.     Add the chamomile flowers and simmer for five minutes.

11.      Contribute the honey, stirring vigorously to ensure it is well-blended into                the potion.

12.     If you have the animal essence, ensure it is clean then simply touch it to               the surface of the potion.

13.     Remove the potion from the heat and allow it to cool. Once cool, strain it             through a fine sieve.

14.    Pour off the potion into a small glass vial.

15.     Ingest the potion right before bed while concentrating on that which is                   sought: communion with your animal spirit. In @phat-lava’s case, this                   would be the raven.

*Nota Bene: for a non-alcoholic version, you can substitute one ounce of dried wormwood. 

ANALYSIS: Pomegranate and Absinthe (a wormwood derivative) have long been associated with the other world. Apples and figs also have spirit associations. Chamomile, valerian, rose hips, and poppy seeds all bring sleep. The animal essence can be used to heighten the strength of this working, but if your mind is strong enough, the animal essence isn’t required.


Summary: You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend to make your ex jealous.

Pairing: Kim Seokjin (Jin) / Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: (Feat. Wonwoo from Svt) Sorry Svt fans, I made him the enemy. I love Wonwoo though :)


“Okay that’s the last one.” Your new step father said.

Your mother just remarried and she figured it’s time that everyone lived together. Your step father was sweet so you had no complaints but as for his daughter. She was a snob but all you could do was play nice.

The last of the boxes finally settled so you thought you would try to step out.

“Hey mom….can I go to Jins?”

“No, we are having our first dinner tonight as a family.” You mother complained.

“I’ll be back….he only lives a few blocks away.”

Your mom didn’t like the fact that Jin lived by himself, technically he had a roommate but she still didn’t approve of you going there. He only was a few years older then you, three years to be exact. She also didn’t understand that you were just friends so nothing ever happens between you two. One more year and you can move out, you were counting the days.

“Fine you better be here….you got two hours.” You smiled and left quickly.


You knocked outside of your friends door. The door opened and you saw Namjoon. “You’re not pizza.” He said disappointed.

“Rude.” You pushed him out of the way. “Why do you need pizza when you have Jin….he cooks better then my mom.”

“I do.” He laughed from the kitchen.

“Can you make me my-” Before you could finish he rolled his eyes annoyed.

“Every time….you only come over for my goodies.” He whined.

You laughed as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. “That’s not true.” You giggled. “That’s the second reason.”

“Okay fine…one apple strudel coming up.”

“Thank you….my mom loves them too so I’m gonna have to hide them.”

“Or I could give you the recipe and you could make them yourself.” You glared at him causing him to do his famous laugh.

You heard a knock on the door. “Now this better be the pizza.” Namjoon got up.

He opened the door and you saw their friend Hoseok at the door with the pizza. “Thank you for the free pizza.” Namjoon grabbed it off his hands.

“No not again….you got me in trouble.” Hoseok complainted. “This is my third job in a year can you please not get me fired.” Namjoon glared and gave him his card so he could swipe it.

“What’s the point of working there if you can’t give your friends discounts.” You laughed.

“Hey what the hell (Y/N), you used to be on my side.”

“I am.” You didn’t noticed Jin look down upset as you bear hugged Hoseok.

You were like a little sister to all of Jin and his friends but the one thing you didn’t know was that Jin had feelings for you.

“Do you want some pizza?” Namjoon asked.

“No…..my mom is making me go home to dine with my new family.” You said in a mocking tone.

“They moved in?” Hoseok asked.

“Yeah.” You arched your eyebrows.

“Bummer.” Namjoon said.

“I have to get back to work.” Hoseok said goodbye and left.

You walked over to the kitchen just as Jin put your strudel in the oven. “What time do you have to go back?” He asked.

“I have an hour.” You both sunk in to the couch next to Namjoon and put on a movie.

Before you know it the movie ended and you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. When you looked at the ID, you saw it was your mother. Shit!!

“Hi mom.” You said cheerfully.

“Where are you?”

“I’m on my way home.” You lied as you started putting your shoes on.

“You always do this.” Your mother said disappointed.

“I’m sorry I’ll be there any minute.” And you snapped and hung up.

“I better go.”

“Don’t forget your strudel.” Jin said and you grabbed it and left.


As soon as you entered the chamber you call home you heard loud laughter coming from the dining room. When you entered the room you saw your mother and your step father on each side of the table and the backs of your annoying step sister Mina and the back of some guys head.

“(Y/N) Your late.” You mother tried to not sound annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” You said as you made your way around the table getting a view of your mystery guest. You felt your stomach sink once you saw him. What the fuck is he doing here?

As soon as he saw your face, he went pale, like he seen a ghost. It was Wonwoo, your ex boyfriend. Why was he here? He can’t be dating her.

“(Y/N) this is Wonwoo, my boyfriend.” Mina said to break the awkward silence. This is unreal.

“Hi.” You said with no emotion. He nervously smiled. It wasn’t a surprise your mother didn’t recognize him, she was always busy with her work.

“I thought this was a family dinner?” You sassed.

“(Y/N) What’s with you?” Your mother whispered but it was clear that everyone could hear.

“Nothing it’s just that I didn’t know we could of invite guest unless I would of.” You rolled your eyes looking down.

“Mina gave us permission, but you can invite people over too (Y/N).” Your step dad nicely said.

“My mom never told me that.” You continued your gaze down at your plate.

“Invite your friend over tomorrow.” He said.

“You have friends?” Mina smirked.

She can act like that and get away with it but when you do it your mother acts like all hell broke loose.

“I have lots of friends actually and they all exists.” You snickered. “Can I invite Jin over mom?”

“Who’s Jin.” Mina said annoyed.

My boyfriend.”

You heard your mother cough while swallowing her food. “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” You said it like it was obvious.

“You told me-”

“Mom we had this talk already I know you don’t approve because he’s older but you never even got to know him.” Which was kind of true but with the wrong message.

Your mother looked at you confused and angry at the same time. “We need to talk about this later.” You nodded.


“Sorry what?” Jin asked because he thought he misheard what you said.

“Did I tell you how handsome you look today.” You avoid his question.

“Did you just ask me to be your boyfriend?” He was still confused.

“So handsome.” He just glared at you confused. “Okay fine…… that’s exactly what I said.”

“Why?” He carried out the word.

“Don’t get offended or anything because you’re my best friend and I love you.” You held your hands together placing them over your chest.

“Can you please pretend to be my boyfriend because my evil witch from another planet step sister is dating my ex.”

“Wonwoo?” He asked.

“Yes Jin…because I’ve been in so many relationships.” You said sarcastically. “So will you help me?”

“Why do you need me, you said you were over him.”

“I am I just want to show him that I’m not pathetic and I can get another guy.” You said grouchy.

“Being single doesn’t make you pathetic.”

“I know I just don’t want Mina to find out, she’ll gloat in my face.”

He rolled his eyes. “Technically you don’t have a choice because I kinda told everyone already.” You bit your lip nervously. He glared at you.


“Thank you.” You gave him the biggest hug ever. “I told my mom that you could come to dinner tomorrow night.”

“I don’t know if I can fake it.”

“Jin come one….its not hard.”

He looked at you concerned. “Let’s practice.” You sat closer to him. “Kiss me.” His eyes shot open wide. “It’s okay.” You giggled.

He wasn’t making any movements so you grabbed his cheeks and brought your lips to his. It took him a while to work against your lips but he eventually responded. You removed your hands from his face and leaned them on his shoulders. You can’t believe you are saying this but it felt nice.

“Woah, what’s going on?” You heard Namjoon enter the room.

You both looked at him stunned. “You guys are together now? It’s about time.” He laughed.

“No, it’s a long story but I’ll see you tomorrow right?” You got up ready to leave.

He nodded. “What was that?” Namjoon asked Jin.

“It’s a long story I guess.”


You watched as your mother set the table with an attitude. “You still mad at me?”

“You lied to me.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” You mumbled. “I’m sorry if I told you the truth then you wouldn’t have let me go.”

“That’s right I wouldn’t of.” She argued.

“Why are you so mad….you said you liked Jin.”

“Yeah but you said you were just friends.”

“We still are mom….we are exploring.” Your mother rolled your eyes.

“Jin’s a gentleman…he hasn’t even touched me yet.”

“Aish.” Your mother rubbed her forehead stressed.

“Hey dear.” Your step dad entered.

“He’s here.” You followed the knocking at the door.

You bumped into Mina on your way to the door. “Jeez what has gotten into you?”

“My boyfriends here.” You gloated.

You opened the door and there he was your best friend/pretend boyfriend. You noticed the slight change in his hair color. You arched your eyebrows at him.

You greeted him and wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him on the lips. He was caught off guard again but soon responded.

You heard a voice clearing behind you. Mina. “Jin this is Mina my step sister ” You said rushed, so she can go away.

“Hi.” She greeted cheerfully. “Nice to meet you.” She shook his hand. She was putting on some shy act. Was she attracted to Jin?

You looked at her and shoo'ed her away. She smiled and met your parents in the kitchen.

“I don’t see you for a day and you die your hair pink.” You noticed the slight tint of rose color coming off his blonde as soon as he stepped in the light.

“It was Namjoons idea.” He laughed.

“Why do you listen to him?” You grabbed his hand and led him to where the rest of the house was.

Your mother played nice even though she was in the past. Did Mina forget she had a boyfriend? She has your ex boyfriend and now she wants your fake boyfriend. You could tell that Jin was uncomfortable by the way she would constantly gaze at him.

“So Jin how long have you two been dating?” Your step dad asked.

“We have-” You started but your mom interfered.

“He asked Jin.” Your mother warned you.

He looked at you before he answered. “About two months now.” He lied. Your mom looked more ashamed of you because you lied but you knew in the end she prefer him then other guys.


The rest of dinner was pretty awkward. You walked Jin to his car. “Good job buddy.” You patted him on the back.

“How long are you going to make me do this?” He sounded disappointed.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged your shoulders.

“Good night (Y/N).” He opened his car door.

“Hey, are you okay?” He nodded. You knew something was wrong but you didn’t want to push it.

As soon as he drove away, another car pulled up. Wonwoo. What is he doing here?

“Hey (Y/N).” He got out leaning on his car.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m picking up Mina.” He answered.

“This late.” You sassed. “Never mind I don’t care.”

“You know I had no idea she was your sister.” He said.

“Step sister.” You corrected.

He walked up closer to you. “So you really seeing someone huh?” He was strangely close, which made you uncomfortable for Mina’s sake.

“Yup.” His eyes lingered down to your lips.

“You sure or are you just saying that to make me jealous.” He smirked leaning in closer to you.

You pushed him away from you. “What the fuck are you doing? What happened to you…you’ve changed.” You said distressed.

“Did you pull these stunts when you were with me…is that why you broke up with me because you were afraid I was going to find out?” You continued.

“I was just kidding chill….I broke up with you because you were a clingy bitch.” You were stunned those words left his mouth. He was never like this, or so you thought.

“Wow…best to luck with you and Mina because I’ll tell you she’s something…..she couldn’t even take her eyes off my boyfriend at dinner.” You smiled deviously and head towards the door.

As soon as you opened the door you saw Mina walking down the stairs. “The garbage man is here to take out the trash.” You smiled at her confused face and went to your room.


All week you begged Jin to go to your house to hang out instead of his. You couldn’t help but noticed Jin’s cold attitude towards you lately, but it was only when you two were alone other then that he acted fine. And boy could he act, he acted like a true boyfriend around your family. You liked it.

Every time you would kiss him, you actually felt butterflies in your stomach. You loved when he held your hand and you loved how he complimented you. Were you falling for your best friend?

As cliche as it sounds when you kissed him for the first time just a week ago, you felt a spark. The only problem was you thought he didn’t feel the same way.

You two were sitting on the couch watching a movie at your house. You were alone together, or so you thought. You looked at Jin as he was focusing on the movie. He was so handsome. You hated yourself for never seeing him that way before. Things were different now, you saw him different now.

You felt butterflies as you watched him bite his lips. You couldn’t control yourself much longer. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards you as you kissed him desperately. He responded immediately as he smiled into the kiss. You deepened the kiss as you explored his mouth with your tongue. You moved your hand down his chest feeling every inch of him. You were surprised he wasn’t stopping you. You had a little hope that he felt the same way.

“Woah get a room.” You heard an annoying familiar voice ruining the moment behind you. Both of you didn’t say anything as you watched Mina and Wonwoo head up stairs.

“We’ll be upstairs.” Mina said. You caught a glimpse of Wonwoo’s face, it was pure jealousy.

You slightly smiled and faced Jin once again. He had a look of realization, but then turned to anger.

“Wow for a second I thought that was real.” Then he got up and grabbed his jacket.

“Wait Jin.” You ran after him but he was almost to his car already.

“It was real.” But he didn’t hear you as he drove off.


You knocked on the door quickly hoping he would answer. The door opened and to your surprise it was Namjoon.

“He doesn’t want company.” He tried to close the door.

“Wait please I need to talk to him.” He wasn’t budging. “Please.” You said sadly.

He opened the door for you and looked at you ashamed. “Do you think you could leave us alone for a bit.” You smiled sadly.

“Only if you promise not to break his heart even more.”

“Trust me I won’t.” You smiled and Namjoon grabbed his keys and left.

You knocked on Jin’s door softly. “Namjoon I told you I’m fine.” He answered but you just knocked again. You heard a groan and movement. He opened the door and his facial expression changed as he noticed you. He didn’t expected you of all people.

“What are you doing here?” He looked at you hard.

“To apologize.” You didn’t let him answer you just wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him into your lips.

He slowly pulled away and looked at you crushed. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“I wasn’t acting Jin….I didn’t know they were there.”

He gave you a look that he didn’t believe you. “I know what I did was wrong but this past week with you.” You blushed. “I realized how I felt about you.”

“Your not saying that just to save our friendship are you?”

“Nope.” You pushed him farther back and shut the door behind you. He had a smile on his face but he still looked confused.

“You really have feelings for me?” He said worryingly. You pushed him again until he fell back on his bed.

“Yes Jin…I’m sorry that it took me this long.” You climbed on to him straddling his hips.

You leaned down kissing him intensely. You felt him grab onto your hips tugging on your shirt. You sat back up to pull off your shirt.

“How long have you like me?” You said lustfully.

“A while.” He smirked.

You leaned back done kissing his neck. You could already feel him getting aroused underneath you. He got confident and flipped you both over so he was on top. You reached for your own jeans and sliding them off as he kissed your neck.

“Jin.” He mumbled against your neck to show he was listening. “Please make love to me.”

He pulled away looking at you seriously. Jin knows that you’re a virgin and asking him was a big step because even when you were with Wonwoo you held out as long as you could because you weren’t ready.

“I want you to be my first.” You whispered. He sweetly smiled at your request. That signaled you to continue so you reached for his pants buckle as he pulled off his shirt.

He then pulled down your panties kissing up your thigh all the way up your stomach until he reached your lips again. He was so fragile with your body and it gave you shivers.

He knew that your first time was a memory that would linger your mind forever and he wanted it to be special. In that moment you knew you made the right decision. You couldn’t have asked a better person to be your first. Your best friend to fake boyfriend to your real boyfriend.

You reached your hand down his boxers feeling his erect member. You felt butterflies as you gently stroke him. This was all new to you and you couldn’t help but feel excited.

He pulled off the rest of his pants as he reached into his side table grabbing a condom. You quickly removed your bra as he started to unroll the latex down his length. You felt nervous. He leaned over you again and kissed you passionately.

“This is going to hurt a little.” He blushed.

In that case you didn’t care you just wanted to feel connected with him. You felt comfortable and warm. You responded by kissing him once more.

You felt his member brush your folds before he slowly slid into you. You quietly screeched from the sting. “You want me to stop.” He sweetly asked with concern.

“No….just move slow.” You smiled. The first few thrust were slow and painful but it felt better as your body finally adjusted to his size. He continued slow until you told him to move faster.

“You sure?” You nodded. As he picked up the pace the pain turned into pleasure. The pleasure was nice. You could get used to this.

He kissed your neck roughly probably leaving marks as he rocked against your body. You wrapped your legs around his waist from under the blanket to get better angle. You moaned feeling the pleasure stir up in your stomach. This new feeling was like a drug to you and you wanted more of it.

He reached around kissing your lips softly. He interlocked his fingers with yours as you both worked against each other. You felt the tingling feeling wash over your body as it made its way down to your toes numbing them in the process. You let the feeling take control of your body as you weakly laid there under Jin.

You felt Jin slow down his pace as he quietly moaned against your lips. You felt him warm up your insides as his slow thrust came to a complete stop. You still felt like you were in a daze. You were replaying every detail in your mind as you still tried to catch your breath. Jin swiftly rolled over to your side trying to steady his breathing as well.

You couldn’t help but giggle from the feeling. “That was amazing.” You sounded cliche like some predictable Rom-Com but you couldn’t help it.

“Your welcome.” You smiled from the fact he was still trying to catch his breath.

You rolled over so you could lean into his arms. He wrapped his arms around you as you both cuddled enjoying the moment. You looked up smiling at his beautiful face. He leaned down pecking your lips cutely.

“Finally!” You heard someone shout from the other end of the apartment. Namjoon? What the fuck.



So this fic is going to be loosely based around the Rapunzel fairy tale. I once read a Loki/Reader fanfiction based on Beauty and the Beast and it still is - even today - one of my favourite fanfictions. I’m doing a similar thing and basing my work on a fairytale, whilst incorporating a similar relationship dynamic as seen in Beauty and the Beast. Overall it’s a big fairytale mashup with everyone’s favourite little shit as the damsel in distress. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave feedback. I appreciate any and all comments. Enjoy, my darlings!

‘The Tower’ (Part 1)

Once upon a time, in a long-forgotten part of a long-forgotten forest, a swaying stretch of grass – once untarnished and lush – had been corrupted by a great, gleaming monument. Where once the soil was warmed by the sun, ice as cold as the night lay in the cracks of the wounded earth, stretching up to the sky and culminating in a pointed tip.

At the centre of this secluded glade sat a tall and ominous tower…

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FFXV x Hocus Pocus AU Ideas Part 2
Part 1 |
  • So Gladiolus Middle-Name Amicitia lights the black candle on Halloween Night
    • Gladio!!!
      • Yes, he is a virgin
      • Mistakes were made
      • Ignis: “Gladiolus you bloody twat”
    • Prompto is the only one not freaking out when the house begins to shake and glow and Bad Things are Clearly Happening
      • Because he is TOO PISSED TO BE AFRAID
      • He keeps his promise. He curses Gladiolus with an eagle tattoo that spreads from his back to his chest and shoulders.
        • Gladio: “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO”
        • Prompto: “WHAT HAD TO BE DONE”
        • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
    • It’s time to stop screaming and start hiding when they hear voices outside
      • In come the Sanderson Brothers
        • Ardyn, the eldest. Slick and slimy with an awful air of charisma that draws people to him…
        • Iedolas, the middle sibling (even though he looks like a grandpa). Basically a walking punchline. Neither of his brothers take him seriously. Useful only because he’s got the ability to pick up a scent like a daemon hellhound. 
        • Loqi, the youngest. Conceited. (I mean. Fair– he’s very pretty.) Wants to be in charge, but also acknowledges that Ardyn is Quite Scary so he’s okay with his second fiddle. Sings like a hearthrob rockstar and moves all the girls and boys to tears.
      • Ardyn: “Welcome back, boys. It is time to Feast on the Life Force of the Young People”
      • Iedolas: “I smell a witch”
        • It’s PROMPTO OH NO
          • They find him hiding behind the cauldron
            • Loqi: “What century did you crawl out of”
            • Prompto: “Uh. The 21st”
            • Loqi: “Honestly. 21st century witches. No style”
            • Prompto: “Honestly. 18th century witches. NO TEETH” *Punches Loqi in the face*
              • He tries to get away as Loqi reels back, but Ardyn catches him and shoves him deeper into the room. Things don’t look good for Prompto. He’s no good at offensive magic and Ardyn’s powers are LEAGUES above his own
                • They’ve got Prompto pinned against the wall. He’s young enough that the Brothers aren’t above stealing his life away so that they can stay young forever
                • Gladio: *Jumping out from behind a bookcase* “HEY! ASSHOLES!”
                  • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
                  • Gladio:
                  • Also Gladio: “FEAR THE RESULT OF MASS POLLUTION! ACID RAIN!!!!!!!” *Sticks a lighter under the smoke detector, which turns on the sprinklers*
                    • He grabs Prompto in the confusion and everyone runs for their lives
                    • Noctis tells Ignis to grab Ardyn’s spell book on the way out
  • Noctis has the bright idea of going to the cemetery since witches can’t step on hallowed ground
    • Prompto: *A witch who can’t step on hallowed ground* “You guuuuuuuuuuuuys”
    • Also Prompto: *Sighs* “Good thing I brought my broom”
      • Ignis suggests that they meet up somewhere else once they feel safe, but Prompto doesn’t want the group to split up. He’s not the world’s cleverest witch, but he’s better protection than nothing
        • Plus he doesn’t want to be alone eeek! Ardyn is fucking terrifying
          • So. Yes. Prompto flies on his broomstick alongside the others.
            • Iris wants a ride!!!
              • Gladio: “Absolutely not”
              • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
              • Also Gladio: “IS THIS FOR FUCKING EVER??!?!??!??!?!?!”
              • Prompto: “Um”
              • Also Prompto: “Have you tried putting your hand over its beak”
              • Gladio: *Does so*
              • Gladio’s Tattoo: *Muffled squawking*
              • Gladio: “WHAT THE FUCK”
              • Prompto: “IOU… one roll of duct tape”
    • It doesn’t take long for the Sanderson Brothers to catch up
      • Since they can’t set foot in the cemetery, Ardyn brings Ravus Nox Fleuret back from the dead to help capture them
        • Ravus doesn’t seem particulary excited to help but he chases after them anyway
  • The group escapes in the sewers
    • Prompto has no idea if he’s still on hallowed ground or not. The tunnels are too narrow to navigate a broom
      • Ignis carries Prompto in his arms
      • Gladio: “God, I wish that were me”
      • Noctis: *Wading through filthy water so he can lead the way out of the sewers* “Same tbh”

To be continued…

she will come for you...

Imagine what we could have seen at the seals’ isle in 03x03…



Salt stinging the still-healing wounds on his wrists, crusting in his eyes.

Cold penetrating his bones.

Feet kicking madly, praying for purchase.

Two dark lumps barked from the rocky shore.

Duncan’s paper-thin voice rasped in his ears.

*Folk do say as how Ellen MacKenzie did leave her brothers and her home, and go to wed with a silkie from the sea. She heard them, aye?*

Ellen’s sole surviving son heard them now.

A wave crashed over his head – and Jamie flailed, spluttering –

There. Rocks beneath his feet.

Slowly, slowly up the spit and onto the beach. Feeling two hundred years older than when he had dived in.

Intent on the tower Dougal had shown him as a lad.

Where the gold lay waiting, guarded by the white witch.

Step by aching step. Rocks skittering toward the water. The seals looked up, watched him pass, and returned to their piles of shellfish.

Where the pebbles turned to dirt and knee-high grass, he turned. Watched the cliffs, wind cutting his cheeks and sluicing through his clothes. Wishing harder than at any moment in his life to be home, in his bed, with his wife.

*Lord, that she may be safe.* His right hand darted to cover his heart, fingers curling in the cold, feeling his shoes fall apart as he stepped into the grass. *She and the child.*

Up to the base of his mother’s tower – a ruined thing, half caved-in, built untold centuries earlier by foolishly optimistic monks. Where he and Dougal and Rupert had passed a very cold night when he was fifteen.


Jamie’s hand instantly darted to his belt, for the dirk that had not been there for three years.

Fish. Someone was here, roasting fish.

His mouth watered – and he didna care whether friend or foe. Today he was here to end this – whatever this was.

Strength surged through his limbs – shaking with fatigue and cold – and he darted around the side, toward the door –

And into the main part of the tower, where miraculously the roof had not yet caved in. Light streamed through the empty windows, illuminating a man hunched over a roaring fire, turning over and over a long stick speared with five fat fish.

He must have made a sound – for the man dropped the fish, and lowered the hood of his cloak.

It was not a man.

It was a woman.

Brown curls exploding around her face. Whisky eyes shining with tears. A long, elegant hand wearing an iron ring flew to her mouth, failing to choke back a sob.

Jamie opened his mouth, but had lost his voice.

He fell to his knees, reaching for her, body beginning to fail.

Her voice – her beautiful, beautiful voice – surrounding him as he slipped away.

“Jamie! Stay with me, you bloody Scot. Don’t leave me now, not after everything – don’t leave me…”

Jamie stirred awake, shutting his eyes against the sunlight, tightening his grip around Claire’s waist, snuffling into her neck.

Any minute now he’d hear Mrs. Crook calling them for breakfast…


He opened his eyes – to find Claire watching him, so beautiful in the firelight. She pulled out of his arms – and away from their nest of blankets and cloaks.

He blinked, finding himself, taking stock.

Twilight outside. Somehow he had lost his clothes, and someone had given him new, loose breeches and a pair of itchy woolen socks. And bandaged the sores on his wrists, re-opened during the swim.

“Mama,” the voice repeated. “Is he awake?”

Slowly, gasping, he eased up on one elbow. Scanning for Claire in the half-dark –

Ah. There she was, just on the other side of the fire.

She wasn’t alone – there was a girl. Eight, nine perhaps. And the spitting image of his mother.

“Claire,” he croaked, throat absolutely dry. “I – Claire – ”

And then they were both there, Claire sitting behind him, leaning him against her – the girl bringing a waterskin to his lips.

He watched her with terrified eyes.

Put down the waterskin – and reached out a hand to trace her face.

Miracle of miracles.

She was so perfect.

“*Ciamar a tha thu, mo nighean ruaidh?*” he whispered.

She smiled shyly. He cupped her cheek.

“I don’t speak Gaelic.” Her accent was strange – flat, a bit nasal. Like nothing he had ever heard.

He swallowed. Feeling Claire’s hands run down his arm, twining their fingers together. “It means – ”

“-But I’m willing to learn, if you’ll teach me?”

She grinned now, and his heart cracked wide open.

“Aye,” he swallowed, tears spilling. “Aye. I’d love that.”

Then she threw her wee arms around his shoulders, pulling him close.

“I’m Brianna,” she whispered. “Your daughter.”

Jamie wrapped his free arm around his lass, the fingers of his other hand squeezing Claire’s almost desperately.

“I’m your Da,” he sobbed. “God be praised, Brianna. I’m your Da.”

Much later – long past dark. Brianna lay just beside them, curled up in her own nest of blankets.

But Jamie couldn’t tear his eyes from Claire’s face – so close to his as they shared kiss after kiss after sweet kiss.

“How?” he breathed against her lips, tangling his legs with hers under the blankets. Feeling so alive.

She ran her nose against the stubble of his chin, breathing him in.

“Which part? Going through the stones? Finding Duncan? Getting here?”

He kissed her clavicle, so bonny above the neck of her shift. “Everything.”

“We’re safe here – you should know that. Nobody will come looking for you.”

He pulled back just a little. Eyes boring into hers. “Nothing on earth can part me from ye now. S-Sassenach.”

His voice broke, and her chin trembled, and she drew him into a long, long kiss.

After a bit, she left their bed to fetch some bread and apples.

“I’ll tell you how,” she said softly, mindful of their daughter sleeping peacefully. “But you must eat while I tell you.”

He grumbled but sat up, crossed his legs – knees touching hers – and listened raptly to her tale.

It was difficult to focus on so much – to convince himself he was not dreaming, cold and alone in the cave or in prison.

Frank Randall had found him – found evidence of his being at Ardsmuir, anyway. Hadn’t told Claire – she had found the papers while looking for something for Brianna. She had confronted him – and left for Scotland a week later.

“I hope you don’t think me irresponsible, for bringing her with me. But I couldn’t leave her, Jamie. I couldn’t risk – ”

“Sshh,” he soothed, gently rubbing her leg. “Ye did right. We are together, now, because of you.”

They had gone to Lallybroch first – and Jenny had put her in touch with some of the MacKenzies who survived Culloden. And one man suggested Duncan Kerr.

Jamie set down the core of the apple. “You knew exactly how to find me. How to bring me to ye.”

She sighed. “I didn’t. I took a gamble, is all. There were so many things that had to fall into place…”

He bent over, tilting up her chin to face him. “Dinna drive yerself mad. It did. It all did. And for the third time, Claire Fraser, ye have rescued me from prison.”

Outside the waves lapped at the rocky shore. The seals called to each other – the gulls cried – the wind whistled in through the high, bare windows.

“There’s a man coming tomorrow night. He’ll bring his boat, and take us back to shore.” Claire settled back down in their nest, leaning on one elbow, nipples puckered in the chill. Jamie swallowed.

“And where then?” He lay on his side, back to the fire, and gathered his wife close.

“Ireland. It’s not too far, and they won’t know us there. We can start over, the three of us.”

Jamie nuzzled against her cheek. “We can live under our real names.”

She nodded against him. “Yes. So many Scots left for Ireland after the Rising – we’ll find a home there. We’ll make one.”

“I’ll see to it. And wi’ the gold, we can do anything, aye?”

She smiled. “It’s over there in the corner – we won’t want for anything.”

He kissed her brow, so gentle.


Claire drew up a bit – to see Brianna sitting up in her bedroll, sleepily rubbing her eyes.

“Come here, love,” she said, so gently. “Come here.”

Quietly Brianna padded towards her parents, hesitated, then slipped between them.

Jamie laid his arm across Brianna’s side, his hand cupping Claire’s back. Brianna’s small back settled against his chest. Claire’s face edged closer, resting her forehead against his.

“Lord, keep our family safe,” he breathed, voice thick with feeling. “Keep us safe from violence, and harm. On this night, and on every night…”