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Automaton rabbit magician in action ✨

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Creativity boost spell.

Have you ever suffered from “artistic blank space”? I had. I can’t stand this horrible situation when you wanna create, and nothing comes clear in your mind.
So, I give you my little witchy tricks to help me with this issue:

You’ll need:
🌟 Something related to your “art” (a pen, a brush, some partitures, a sculp tool…)
🌟 2tbsp of Beeswax
🌟 1 tbsp of olive oil or coconut oil.
🌟 3 drops of clove essential oil
🌟 3grains of myrrh
🌟 Mortar and pestle
🌟 A jasper pebble (can be substituted by an amethyst, citrine or clear quartz)

➡️Ground the myrrh with the mortar and pestle.
➡️Melt carefully the beeswax, pour the oils and stir for a minute.
➡️Add the myrrh and mix it gently.
➡️ Pour your mix in a little jar and place your pebble.
➡️Once cooled down, spread a bit in your tool using your finger. You can design a sigil with this purpose and draw it with this mix.

Affirmation ideas for your sigil:
“I am able to write/draw/compose fluently” “Ideas come easily to my mind” “I am happy with the result of my effort” “My art is well recieved” “I create beautiful pictures”


halloween friends by Jennifer MacNeill


I updated my Shop with some Summer Solstice Witches and these two named Caelum (Sky) and Vita (Life) are the last two still searching for a home. I’ll post the other ones soon. 

I am sorry that I am not using Tumblr that much right now, I feel like it is hard to keep up on so many different social media platforms and since my phone (again) refuses to connect instagram to tumblr I’d need to post to every website separately.