witch hunt

There is witchcraft in our blood,
in our bones we carry the magic
that you could not burn away.

You see, fire does not eat fire.

Your mother would have taught you that
if the world hadn’t convinced her
that despite her body being able
to bring life into this world,
she is not a magical thing.

Maybe the witches you burned
were the daughters of something
more holy than you could ever handle.
So you set them alight for being different,
forgetting that even the son of your God
was once condemned for being too pure,
too beautiful, too different for this world.

History devoured your name,
but we have never forgotten
what you did, witch hunter.

You see, fire never forgets.

When you burned the witches
you thought what you did was small.
But the flames gave birth to ideas
and the ideas set alight souls.
For every witch you burned
there are now a thousand witch women
living differently, and standing tall.
And you may have burned some of us,
but you will never destroy us all.

—  Nikita Gill, To the Men Who Burned Witches

The last known instance of residents of Rhode Island exhuming a body to perform a bizarre ritual in an attempt to kill a vampire took place in 1892. Tuberculosis struck the family of George and Mary Brown from Exeter, Rhode Island. It was believed that this was caused by the undead so they, along with the townsfolk, decided to exhume the bodies of two family members who had already died from the disease. These family members showed regular decomposition and were then re-buried. Next, they exhumed the body of their 19-year-old daughter, Mercy; she showed absolutely no signs of decomposition. The family took this as a sign that Mercy was undead and that she was a vampire. They removed her heart, burnt it, and then mixed the ashes with water for her brother, Edwin, who was sick, to drink. It was believed that if the sick victim were to consume the heart of a vampire then they would be cured. Non-surprisingly, Edwin died two months later. Mercy’s grave stands in Chestnutt Hill Cemetery.

Redemption: Part 6

(( OOC: Helga and Matthias played by: @ohtheclevernessofme1972 ))

Helga: *sets out the candles by the alter as the bell tolls, the sun setting outside*

Helga: Matthias… Leaving so early?

Matthias: … Things… to attend to. 

*A priest enters the room, leaning against the wall for support* 

Alart: I am sorry I am not of more use. *sighs as his legs shake beneath him* 

Alart: *pauses, attempting to mask a grin* 

Alart: *grins at Helga, pointing a toe daintily*

Helga: *glances at the Priest, checking to make sure he is distracted* *waves her hand over a glass of water, applying a healing charm*

Helga: *hands the Priest the glass as he sits*

Alart: *takes a sip of the water and pauses* 

Alart: *glances at Helga, a knowing smile playing on his lips* I feel better already.

*there is a sudden commotion outside, the sound of hooves and voices echoing through the church* *the the doors of the chapel are thrown open, a man striding through the entrance*

Alart: *stands, teetering as he tries to remain balanced* Good evening, stranger. 

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“Call-Out Culture” is nothing but a modern day witch hunt.

People “calling you out” these days means someone doing anything in their power to bring you down for one misstep. You walk a very thin line when you’re dealing with social justice, you see? “Calling you out” means publicly shaming you for what you said and shunning you from their in-groups because you’re guilty of wrongthink. You make one mistake - or something they deem a mistake - and you’ll face the wrath of the righteous. But don’t worry, they’re just trying to help you… At least that’s what Franchesca Ramsey believes.

You’ll be “dragged” and “snatched” while they tag their friends to either chime in or laugh at you. They’ll threaten to dox you and taint your reputation by calling you every “ist” and “phobic” in the book. They’ll try to embarrass and humiliate you “for your own good” and you should listen. You should listen specially if the person “calling you out” happens to be on the lower end of the “privilege” scale. Mother knows best, right? The oppressed knows best. You wouldn’t be a very good cult member if your leaders couldn’t control you.


Song Jae Rim’s guesting on JTBC’s 19+ Witch Hunt

It’s cute when a random person still connects Soeun to Jaerim. and I love how Jaerim confidently answer his question about Soeun’s whereabout. And the captions too. Hahaha! “Hi, Kuni Omma.”