witch hood

A Macbeth version where one of the witches is always hooded and no one sees her face all through the play. Then after Lady Macbeth’s death we see two witches approaching the queen’s corpse, bearing a cloak and  reaching the body say “Come sister, your part is done” at which the Lady rises, takes the cloak, pulls the hood over her face and all three witches disappear laughing manically at their latest triumph over the gullible humans.

Another gif ^_^ doing all those cotton seedling effects was a CHORE, as you see not all of them move in sync, bc I set them to “spin” at different speeds, so it looks more like an actual cotton plantation swinging with the wind :)

So… enjoy, i guess.

Amethyst Purple Crochet Hood, Elven Hood
The perfect accessory for your next trip into the wild. This hood has been hand crocheted in very soft, bulky yarn, in beautiful shades of purple. This hood is cozy soft and warm, with a neck cowl that slips on over your head and keeps your hood from falling off. One size fits all adults - Suitable for men or women Hand wash in cool water with gentle detergent and lay flat to dry. Ready to ship!