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dude I'm tryna get into the whole witch thing and it's cool and all but??? I can't??? Figure out??? A path??? Am I a cosmic witch, a green witch, a diviner??? One of the fifty thousand types of witch??? How do I find my calling???Who do I pray to? What deity do I look to? What spells do I start with? All these things like here's a spell for a ___ witch! Use colors associated with your type of craft! But I just don't have a connection to any specific one yet, they're all pretty cool... thanks!!!

I’d say go with being an Eclectic witch! That basically means you don’t stick to a specific area of witchcraft, but follow several types. Labels don’t really matter, they don’t make you more or less of a witch!

I do suggest figuring out what kind of relationship you want with your deity(ies). Personally, I don’t worship any deities but I’m more like a colleague with them.

Some people may still a bit confused about what the connection to Episode 8 was

We know that episode 8 saw Akko pretty much change how Sucy’s mind works and we did get to see Sucy act more appreciative and she’s letting her expressions have more variety.

Being more open to things outside of what she’s used to.

Showing genuine initial shock at the moss covered victims.

Showing appreciation despite it not being a proper time to do so, as Lotte pointed out. She’s slowly letting her personality develop outside of the usual shifts between bored/uninterested and creepily sadistic.

So it’s nice to see subtle continuity, but most likely there’s probably something else that went over my head.

Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. 

i was going to submit this for the reverse bang but i didn’t finish it in time so! have a headcanon post

modern urban witch louis keeps old rum and whisky bottles when he’s done with them to store his herbs and keeps his new spell ideas in a note in his phone. he has to wear shoes around his flat because he’s always got lines of salt on the floor he forgot to sweep up, and more than once he’s done a one-handed tarot reading with his other hand stuck in a bag of crisps, TV playing loudly in the background. he has a shitty office job to pay the bills but on the side he sells potions and spells to a few trusted people – he can’t do anything major, just things like protection and safety sigils when lottie wants to go on holiday to majorca and pain relief solutions when his roommate niall has a headache, but it’s what makes him happiest.

when harry stumbles into his life, it’s because niall bragged about louis’ skills to his friend liam from work, who told his friend harry that there might actually be a solution to the insomnia that’s been plaguing him for months. harry’s tried everything – sleeping pills, therapy, home remedies, hypnotism, you name it – but nothing has worked. normally louis doesn’t do his magic for just anyone: it’s a secret for a reason, and he doesn’t want to be be bombarded by random distant acquaintances begging for magical relief to their own problems, and he’s debating sending harry away. but then harry shows up on louis and niall’s doorstep with deep dark circles under his eyes and the most pathetic look on his face louis has ever seen, and he folds like a stack of tarots.

louis brews up a quick sleep solution (ground smoky quartz crystal for stress, valerian root for a hypnotic, passionflower for anxiety, and 100 proof vodka to make it go down) and pretends he doesn’t notice the green of harry’s eyes or the wide set of his shoulders (all while harry is trying not to gape at this actual witch, who not only is not green-skinned and warty like he expected but actually, um, really fucking attractive). harry thanks louis profusely when he leaves, takes the solution when he gets home, and sleeps for almost fifteen hours.

he shows up again the next day to shower louis in more effusive thanks and to get more of the solution, and louis valiantly tries to control the blush that heats his cheeks when harry declares him “the greatest person on the planet in the history of ever, i’m pretty sure.”

then harry turns up the next day as well, this time on the excuse that he stubbed his toe and he was pretty sure he’d never be able to walk again. louis tucked his smile away, called harry a drama queen, and gave him a pain relief potion. 

and then the next day he was back again, claiming he didn’t feel bad yet but he was pretty sure he was about to come down with something, like a cold or maybe ebola.

and then it’s like he’s there every day on flimsier and flimsier excuses. (”louis, i’m being serious, i think i have gout. or, like, scurvy.” “harry, you walked in eating an orange, i think you’re fine.”) harry’s favorite thing to do is to sit and watch louis as he goes about his normal business, brewing special teas for his sisters and reading tarot cards for niall, who likes to be prepared for the coming week. niall, who got used to the magic business a long time ago, sits and keeps harry from sticking his fingers into anything he shouldn’t, or from accidentally knocking over the bottle of home-grown nightshade.

luckily, louis doesn’t mind one bit.

eventually, harry adds louis-designed protection sigils to his already extensive tattoo collection, and has learned to avoid the strategic piles of salt scattered around louis’ flat. their first date is a midnight picnic on the roof of harry’s building, picking distant star patterns out of the sky and sharing tentative, sweet kisses. 

for their first anniversary, louis carves the rune for true love into a jade pendant and blushes wildly when he tells harry what it means.

“it’s um. it means true love.”

harry pulls louis close, wide-eyed and starstruck, “aw, lou. i love you too.” and then he leans back, grinning wildly. “looks like you’ve got me under your spell.”

harry’s still laughing when louis pinches him in the side for the terrible pun, but he stops quick enough when louis gives him something else to do with his mouth instead.

I unapologetically love witchy aesthetics. I love dressing in dark mori like some sort of hippie/goth hybrid that crawled out of a forest. I love spaces filled with herbs, candles, oils, trinket boxes, rocks and lots and lots of jars filled with things. So many jars. jars for miles.

Betcha all thought I wasn’t gonna make anything for Mermay. ;)))

I meant to do this sooner! But I lost track of the dates and forgot about this a lot do to distractions and life stuff. Here’s an OC in the form of a mermaid just for you guys!

Effective Cursing

When I curse, I like to curse with a purpose. 

Sure, offensive magic is a useful way to release pent-up anger, but does it change anything? Does giving someone bad luck make them stop being a complete asshole, for example, or will you continue to have to curse them repeatedly, in order to vent?

I’m the last person to curse-shame you, but there are more effective ways to use your energy. Here are some ideas:

  • A curse that makes someone doubt themselves and their harmful beliefs
  • A curse to strip power from those who have abused it (see “Bleeding Crown” in my tags)
  • A curse to make hateful people shut the hell up (example)
  • A curse to turn hate inward
  • A curse to make someone see their flaws (example)
  • A curse to make them regret what they have done/said

Feel free to add on, with specific curses or general ideas!