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U R B A N ~ W I T C H  [spotify playlist]

I haven’t seen any urban/chill witchy playlists, so I made my own. There’s 70+ songs in the playlist so I won’t bother listing them all, but it’s a grab bag of experimental, ambient, chillhop, and some jazz-inspired electronic with artists like CFCF, Mujo, and o k h o. 

4+ hours of chill musical goodness, curated by yours truly for all your urban witch needs.

What a chill drift of air blew in last night!  I thought as I rose this morn with the full daymoon already bright and low in the sky.

Until I realized that of course it was merely the Vila rolling in, whether for a frivolous fete or for an earth-shaking battle I cannot yet say.  For creatures who so enjoy riding in on a chill wind, they are, paradoxically, extremely interpersonally unchill.  It’s rage or fight, rage or fight.  No in-betwixts.

That’s okay though.  I like them anyway.  Janjojka, lmk re: party or war.  I will RSVP ASAP.

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Winter Witch by witchyfashionmusic by witchyfashionmusic

A playlist for the witch who lives for the winter

Bat for Lashes - Winter Fields
Former Ghosts - Winter’s Year
Husky Rescue - Silent Woods
Radical Face - Winter is Coming
Sarah McLachlan - Song for a winter’s night
Tori Amos - Winter