witch burn

everyone’s out here picking their favourites off rep and I’m like???

cause ready for it is the best mix between dreamy and bad ass?? And joe can be her jailor?? And every love she’s known in comparison is a failure??? And the sultry chorus??? Baby let the games begin??? He actually joined the heist and they retreated to an island with the breeze and lights down low and no one knew???

then end game has the rapping and Taylor hitting them like bang and burying hatches but keeping maps of where she put them??? and Future and Ed????? what did we do to deserve this??? The echoes in the chorus??? Big reputation????

and then I️ did something bad slams any man who ever talked shit and still expected something from a girl??? Her not even being sorry???? Burning witches?? Light me up?????

And don’t blame me is this beautiful melodic masterpiece of what trying to find love is like?? Taylor talking about how Joe changed how she acted in relationships??? She’s his daisy???? High on his love, his touch is the trip of her life???? The background vocals???

And delicate???? Isn’t it??? Do I️ need to say more??? The heartbreaking realization that Taylor thought her reputation that the media made up would prevent her from having this relationship??? The vocoder…. the fast pace verses and slowed down chorus’ representing how she was feeling all of these things so intensely right off the bat but when she actually thought about it she had to slow it down cause is it too soon to do this yet???

And look is a classic and we already know that song has had our heart from the very first note and Taylor taking a stand for herself is the most amazing thing to happen in 2017??? all she thinks about is karma?? You’ll all get yours?? old taylor is dead???? she’s the actress starring in your bad dreams???

And so it goes…. the metaphors like my magician, gold cage hostage to my feelings, wear you like a necklace….. tripping, trip, tripping….. scratches down your back…. you did a number on me…. 123…like come on!!!

And gorgeous had us all shook cause it’s 100% about Joe and she stumbled on home to her cats… alone??? She might sink and drown and die??? She had a boyfriend but he was in the club??? Joe’s so gorgeous???? The background vocals in the last stanza???

And getaway car, it’s the best of times and from the first note til she was saying bye in a getaway car we were taken on such an emotional trip??? She needed a reason to leave him?? Sirens to the beat of his heart??? Go! Go! Go!???? Left him at a motel bar??? Flying, crying, dying, riding and said goodbye in a getaway car???

And king of my heart is like a kiss directly on everyone’s heart?? If you’ve never felt love before you felt it through this song and we can see more than ever how happy Joe makes her???? Salute to me??? We rule the kingdom inside my room???? School girl crush??? Plastic cups??? All at once this is enough????

And dancing with our hands tied Taylor literally is being so vulnerable in sharing how she didn’t think their relationship would work when exposed to all the asshats(media) and turned this into such an intriguing and relatable song??? He turned her bed into a secret oasis?? It’s not a piano song like you would have suspected from the intro??? Like how their relationship isn’t what you think it is???

Dress???? Taylor basically wrote sex in a song?? She’s drunk in the bathtub with Joe??? The bridge where it shows that it’s more than just sex!?!! Her one and only her life line??? He saw the truth in her worst lies??? His buzzcut and her hair bleached???

This is why we can’t have nice things??? This is the biggest shade that had ever been thrown???? she tried so hard to be kind and giving??? They broke the nice things so she took them away??? She heard all the things they said about her!!!! Therein lies the issues friends don’t try to trick you get you on the phone and mind twist you???? Shady????? Here’s to her real friends and her baby and her mama and not you™ cause forgiveness isn’t the thing to do??? The cackle????? They didn’t care about the he said she said???

Call it what you want???? This song is everything??? Her and Joe??? Love??? She don’t care about what the media has to say??? She’s building forts and laughing with her lover??? She wears his initial on a chain round her neck not cause he owns her???? She loves him so much?????

New Years Day???? She wants his midnights when it’s fun and romantic AND wants to take care of him and do the stuff that isn’t as fun???? Cause love??? Squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi??? She stays through it all??? Hold on to the memories they will hold onto you!!!!!????? Please don’t ever become a stranger who’s laugh I️ could recognize anywhere??? The piano fading at the end??? It doesn’t end???? Even when you think it has????

Like there is no favourite?? Each time a song comes on it is my favourite in that moment??? Like rep is my favourite ok????

Pierce the Darkness

The sisters of the Windsorrow coven began to giggle fiendishly at the daughter of Daevara’s decree. “ The only thing you will be kicking is the bucket, darling. ” Xerial chided as she instantly vanished. Zariel sneered with laughter as Raven’s ears perked up at such a choice of first move. “ Alright, Raven, don’t rely on your eyes, rely on your mind. ” She told her, bracing herself for a surprise attack with intense focus steading. Her mind and heart was both racing with excitement and caution, the desire to protect her brother and take down these witches began to burn in her eyes as those emerald pupils dilated in the same manner as her father’s.

  “ There! ” She swung her right elbow backwards in a clockwise spin, completely slamming it into the reappearing witch’s right arm that held a fel-dipped dagger. “ Hnnnghh! ” The witch grunted as she was sent towards her backwards left, finding herself leg sweeped staight to the hip. This blow caused her to shriek lightly as she felt something snap in her body while rolling around in the dirt from the horrid force it possessed. Raven’s eyes watched her intently as she ceased her force movements. “ If you seek to toy with me then you best be ready to break, because I’m not sparring anymore.. I intend on aiming to slowly and painfully kill you… ” Those words of her’s not only rang true, but possessed very little emotion for her opponents.

  “ Big talk, for sssssomeone who can’t even keep her eye on the prizzzzze.. ” Zariel hissed as she had already apprehended Aiden over her shoulder, still limp from his unconscious state. However, Raven didn’t even bother to look towards the other woman. In fact, she actually smiled as a chain was flung from the wood, coiling around the other witch’s right ankle, binding it with a tight tug. “ What the- Oof!” The red witch fell over, dropping Aiden in the process who was instantly caught by none other than Raven’s closest friend, Serenia. “ Good grief, Aiden.. you’ve gotten heavy… ” She strained to speak while sliding towards Raven’s back and placing Aiden between them.

  “ Took you long enough, Serenia. ” Raven chastised playfully while her counterpart took on a Serpent-style stance. “ I’m always fashionably late, Ravey-poo. ” This had earned them a brief moment of laughter before Xeriel and Zariel both rose up, glaring at the two as their auras began to seep dark energy. “ It mattersss not if there are one or two of you…” Zariel spoke as Xeriel added,“.. you will both fall by our hands!” This would earn Serenia’s attention as she spoke. “ Oh, don’t worry, there will be another really soon.. Daddy Dura is on the way.. so you might want to retreat while you still can.. ” Raven would then shake her head and bump her bum against Serenia’s as a means to tell her to focus. “ Intent to kill, Serenia.. ” This command alone slowly brought Serenia’s eyes to grow wide, not with concern or surprise, but a twitch that seemed to shortly disappear as those eyes of her’s also changed, glaring back at Zariel with her own intent to destroy.

Roger…. ” Serenia replied as the ladies of war began to cry out for battle.

Meanwhile, back in the Woods to the front lot of Daevara manor, rippling particles began to form a small wormhold in reality. This veil of arcane magic showed glimpses of it’s other entry: Stormwind City. However, the traveler was none other than the lord of the land himself, Alphus Durand Daevara. He had leapt through this portal that had been used as a means to gain entry to northern Lordaeron by the draenic mage, Moraluna. He didn’t want her to get anymore involved than she had already been but she still managed to find some way to help him in this time of dire need. Dura shifted back towards the southern regions in the ancient lands of what was once Arathor and glared with vicious anger. The source was none other than the memories of Lindeara and the decapitation of Noiryn that followed.

“ Off with her head, I say! ”

Oh how that voice was nothing more than sheer mockery everytime he heard it within the confines of his mind. The mechanical limb clicking as his digits twitched in the anticipation that lied ahead of him. However, Dura knew deep down this went much further than purely vengeance against the one who had reaped something he held dear in his unlife. No, this was about the truth.. the entire truth. What did the legacy of the Daevara become cursed with and for what purpose? Is the being known as the Beast really doing all of this simply to bring about himself into the physical world, or is there something much more diabolical at play?

There was only one way to find out..

Dura bent his knees and instantly took off in a sprinted dash through the woodwork. “ I don’t know what exactly you think you are doing attacking my children like this.. but you best hope I don’t make it there in time, Lindeara.. ” He muttered under his breath in a tone that snarled within his throat. The eyes of the man illuminated with crimson light before his form began to swirl with aura of darkness that began to veil his quickly moving form. Now, he would have the element of surprise and anger on his side, making his way towards the battle at hand.

27 minutes later..

Both girls were panting heavily while continuing to defend Aiden’s unconscious body, keeping to their defensive art. They were bruised, battered, and even singed by magic that had been unleashed upon them. “.. Hot damn… I hope that was enough… I seriously didn’t come prepared for this.. ” Raven lightly chuckled while attempting to steady her breathing. Serenia looked over towards the destroyed pine trees that had likely been knocked over by sheer force, impaled by several bladed weapons that she fancied using as a means of ranged combat. This would cause the girl to laugh. “ Well.. I don’t see them getting up.. maybe we at least knocked those dumb broads out… ” There was just some sort of humor in seeing their work proven to be worth the effort.

“ Think again, sssssweetheart!” The hissing Zariel stated while reappearing directly behind Serenia with a fel tipped dagger in hand, bringing the blade straight through her back with a precised backstab. “ Gggnngh!.. ” The girl coughed up blood in an attempt to breath from the invading weaponry that pierced her lung cavity. Despite the reeling pain she felt, she managed to turn herself in order to take a stab at the assailant with her own blade, aiming for her stomach. “ Fucking…. bitch-ch… ” Raven didn’t have time to react verbally, bringing herself to tuck and roll towards the struggle, driving a kicking straight into the other witch’s side. Bone that had been mended by their advanced magical regeneration once again cracked in the most disturbing of ways while the blade that had been driven by Serenia had deepened in that moment of transferring blows. This would cause Zariel to tumble back into the ground, bleeding out profusely while trying to mend her bones back in place so she could move again.

  “ Serenia!.. Nononono… ” Raven spoke as she caught her close friend, keeping her from collapsing to the ground hard. “ Ravey…” She coughed, “ Looks like I finally… got it from behind… it’s.. it’s been too long… ” Serenia managed to show a bit of humour as the fel tainted began spreading through her lung, causing it to eat it away. Raven wasn’t a healer and had no means of even tending to this sort of wound. Serenia had more or less been poisoned by the volatile energies of fel. Even if it were healed, there’s a chance that Serenia herself would only further corrupt over time. “ Seri… ” She bit her lip as tears began to water in her eyes as she saw the green taint began to stain her own crimson blood that pooled onto the ground. “ Ravey… d-don’t.. cry… D-Dad wouldn’t.. l-like seeing you… like that… you.. you’ve got to.. protect… b-b-.. baby… b-brother.. ” The girl was practically shivering in her struggle to stay alive in this crucial moment, clenching to Raven as not only her friend, but a sister in arms, as well. “ Seri… I love you… please… don’t leave me.. ”

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Zariel began to jitter uncontrollably, pushing herself upward as her bone snapped into place, blackened blood oozed over as she casted her gaze over towards the unconscious Aiden. “ Raven…. tell…. D-Domi… that.. it wasn’t… his f-fault… ” Raven sniffled before falling into a false sense of hope, laughter bubbling from her lips to try and ease the tension. “ You can tell him yourself.. you’re goingt to be okay.. you are always okay…. Seri? ” Serenia looked up towards Raven and began to hallucinate the vision of someone else as her eyes began to dim and go blank.

Mo… mma… … ” Serenia’s breathing had come to a stop.

“ Seri… Seri? Serenia?!” Raven began to shake her best friend in an attempt to rouse her, even managing to try a simple smack to the face as if this were some sort of a sick joke. “ .. No… Nooo… NOOOOOO!” She screamed, echoing through the wood a good ways before it caught the ears of her father. Whatever thoughts he had been thinking on his way were no longer of concern, grunting in response. “ Raven.. Son of a bitch! Raven!!” He growled out while trying to quicken his pace, becoming a worried father now that he had heard his daughter in distress.

  “ Awwwwww.. poor, diluted girl… did you lose your friend.. ” Xeriel had arisen from the damaged woodwork ahead of her, snapping her own neck back into place while smirking triumphantly. “ I gotta’ hand it to Zar-Zar.. her fel poison is quick acting.. especially on pathetic creatures such as your precious Serenia. ” Raven began to quiver and shake with her head bowed above the corpse of her dearly beloved friend as she quietly said, “ Shut up… ” She demanded. “ Ohhhh.. did I hit a nerve, Raveyyyy?  Ahahahahah! ”

 " I said… “ Raven instantly returned to glare at the mocking witch with a glare of pure hatred before she lunged forward with blurring speed. This would cause the witch’s eyes to grow as wide as saucers for that split second before her entire cranium was met with a fist.

  ” .. SHUT.. UP!“ POW!

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Actions in Witchcraft

Just like each herb and crystal has certain properties and strength, so do actions taken during rituals and spells. When writing spells it is important to include the proper actions to make sure your spell is as effective as possible.

Burning - Burning an object is a common practice in spells and rituals. Fire is considered a cleansing and activating force.

  • If you want to destroy something’s influence, burn it and dispose of the ashes away from your home.
  • If you want to set something into motion, burn objects related to the situation to ash.
  • If you want to activate certain energies, burn objects related to those involved.
  • If you are performing a curse or hex, burn the object in the flame of a candle.

Burying/Abandoning - A Witch might bury and object for many reasons. They might want to put something to rest, perform a slow spell, or banish something. There are different ways in which one can bury an object to accomplish a desired outcome:

  • If you want to keep something close, bury the object in your back yard.
  • If you want to attract something, bury the object under the front door step
  • If you want to disperse something to a distance, throw the object into a crossroads
  • If you want to fix an influence, inter the object in a five-spot pattern
  • If you want something to work by means of spirits, bury the object in a graveyard (but don’t disrupt those buried there!)
  • If you want to hide something’s point of origin, conceal the object in a tree
  • If you want something/someone to work by stealth, hide the object in clothing or on objects
  • If you want an influence to begin or strengthen, throw the object East
  • If you want an influence to end or weaken, throw the object West

Rubbing - Rubbing an object can be the easiest and most immediate way to experience witchcraft. Transferring and garnering energy from objects can be done through physical contact with an object.

  • If you want to put energy into an object, rub it with your left hand
  • If you want to gather energy from an object, rub it with your right hand
  • If you want to bring positivity, rub clockwise
  • If you want to bring negativity, rub counter clockwise
  • If you want to use crystals to heal, rub the appropriate stone on the effected part of the body.

Soaking - Water is one of the main elements used in witchcraft. It comes in many forms with many different properties and uses.

  • If you want something to move away and sink, throw it in running water
  • If you want something’s influence to rise and fall cyclically, float it in a tidal estuary
  • If you want to protect or cleanse something, soak an object in rain water
  • If you are focused on your personal goals, soak your object in sea water
  • If you want to bring about transformation, soak your object in snow/melted snow
  • If you’re trying to make a wish come true, soak your object in well water
  • If you want to banish, soak your object in harbor water