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How can Elide have witchblood and still be human?

We’ve all been there. When Manon scratched Elide in QoS and figured out the crippled servant girl had witchblood in her, and not just any, but specifically Ironteeth. We all asked ourselves the question: wait, what? How is that possible? Shouldn’t all girls born to witches be witchlings and, subsequently, witches?

Ironteeth witches breed with human men and have witches, right? 

Yes, but also no. 

Let me explain.

So I was rereading some scenes in Queen of Shadows and I came across this passage in Chapter 12 from Manon’s POV (point-of-view):

         “Witchlings were so rare, and all of them female, as a gift from the Three-          Faced Goddess.”

Only the Ironteeth seem to have the ‘all female’ rule, as we know Crochans can have boys too (although they are significantly rare).

         “They were sacred from the moment the mother showed signs of      pregnancy to when they came of age at sixteen.”

It seems that Ironteeth (Blackbeaks, if we’re getting specific here) do not need to go through a trial or something similar to “prove” they are no longer witchlings. The moment a witchling first bleeds she is ‘of age’ and considered a witch.

         “To harm a pregnant witch, to harm her unborn witchling or her daughter-”


         “Unborn witchling OR her daughter”??????

There’s a distinct separation of words there. As if Manon is referring to two different kinds of pregnancies. What I’m saying here is that witches can and do in fact, have human daughters.

This is further evidenced in the very next paragraph after the above statement first appeared.

         “Human children didn’t count-”

Manon is referring to how human children aren’t protected or at all as sacred as witchlings.

         “-human children were as good as veal to some of the Clans.”

Not all of them, however. Interesting.

         “Especially the Yellowlegs.”

Let’s be real, ya’ll, this isn’t a surprise.

         “But witchlings…there was no greater pride than to bear a witch-child for      your Clan; and no greater shame than to lose one.”

I bolded some words in the above sentence because it clearly implies there could be something other than a ‘witch-child,’ in other words a ‘human-child’, a daughter.

I assume Elide’s mother, Marion, was born human and so was let go, moved, or was thrown out from her Clan. Manon clearly mentions how only ‘some Clans’ see human-daughters as a waste, which means there are others that might value any children they have, including humans. Perranth is close to the Wastes so it makes sense.

That’s why Elide is human while having witch blood, because witches can in fact, have human children. (At least the Ironteeth, Crochans are still a mystery) It also explains why Manon asked her if she wanted to be a Blackbeak-to be considered a witch. I’m assuming it’s because Blackbeaks keep their human children, or at least, don’t kill them. I can see these human girls being of the lowest ranks, perhaps servants and cooks and whatnot.

Anyway, it’s a theory.


Also, thanks to @propshophannah for motivating me to make this haha, I’m still in finals and it feels like I don’t have much time or motivation to write fics or finish my theories.

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Me and Whitewashing Manon Blackbeak

So I was scrolling through Tumblr (like you do when you’re bored) and I saw an aesthetic for Manon and Dorian and I realized - most of the edits I’ve seen for Manon, she’s not white. She’s just really pale. And I realized in the book, they describe her as pale, but even Ghislane is paler than a brown-skinned human woman (although still brown) because she’s an Irontooth Witch and the Witches are part Valg (which makes them super pale - Dorian had the color literally sucked out of his skin where he wore the Valg collar, and the other Valg princes we see are almost corpsely). And Witch blood almost always breeds true, but they sleep with men from all over the world to make baby witches.

I always assumed Manon was like, Nordic white because she was blond. But considering that the Fae typically aren’t white and her dad was a Crochan prince (thus mostly Fae) and so probably wasn’t white anyway and the Ironteeth sleep with everything, she’s probably not “white” at all. She’s probably just a rather pale-skinned woc. And maybe that feeds into another bad trope but I’m more reflecting on myself at this point than on Sarah J Maas. I just assumed Manon was the same race as Dorian and the other people native to Adarlan, but that really doesn’t make sense at all (they’re not from the same place and while her grandfather might have been from Adarlan, that’s only a quarter of her genetics). Just like I assumed Rowan and the other Fae were white, even though they’re described as having golden skin.

Which then leads me to - how often have I missed small things, little descriptions of a character, and assumed they were white when they weren’t explicitly stated to be so? How often have I used white as my default?

Now I have to reread the Throne of Glass series to see what else I missed.

like?? here’s the thing though,

Perrington’s greatest weapon - Kaltain - is dead. After he finds out it was her shadow fire that was released and burned everything he’s going to know he didn’t have full control over her and that she somehow managed to keep her conscious and act on her will.

His freaky ass Yellowlegs witch-breeding creatures are also dead.

Remember he requested Blackbeaks?? I think this time he won’t even ask Manon to supply him some Blackbeaks - He knows she’s stubborn and doesn’t follow orders. He knows Grandmother Blackbeak will hand over anything he asks for.

So he has no weapon and no valg-witch offspring. 

I get the sick feeling he will snap a valg collar on Manon. Maybe two or a stronger one to prevent her from acting on her will like Kaltain. She would make the perfect weapon after all. She’s wing leader of the whole witch air cavalry. They all acknowledge her as leader. She has her Thirteen ‘the infamous fiercest and ruthless witches’. Not only that - she has what all valg fear - gold eyes, those belonging to the kings. 

Manon hasn’t been cooperating fully with Perrington, they always come to disagreements when he asks something of her and she questions his motives, even hesitating under his commands to kill a village.

If she didn’t question him, hesitate or go against his wishes she would be the perfect weapon. 

Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to see a wyrdstone around her neck as she stares blankly ahead with dull eyes and bows at Perrington then proceeds to his orders??? What if it didn’t stop with her and all The Thirteen have collars? Is Perrington going to continue with the breeding and is he going to use Blackbeaks this time?