between now and the next eclipse, august 11th, we can expect to experience some crazy vivid dreams. pay attention to these dreams, they have the potential to be highly predictive! our subconscious is revealing secrets and showing us our hidden desires. take note of the symbols and people appearing in your dreams.

august is bringing in an exciting, revitalizing wave of energy. as we recover from the eclipse, we’re being called to reclaim our power and prioritize our happiness. the sun in leo is stirring our deepest passions and urging us to find what lights up our souls. new ideas are popping up and inspiration is returning. expect ex’s and old lovers to find their way back into your life. with mars and mercury in retrograde, it’s best to wait before you execute new ideas or rush into relationships. carefully plan your next move before you take action!

General public warning:

If you see someone selling off a mineral under the trade name Chrysotile,Crocidolite, Tremolite, Actinolite, Anthophyllite, Amosite  or quartz with asbestos inclusion please don’t risk your health by buying it. It doesn’t matter what the company may claim, all forms of asbestos are equally harmful and can cause lung cancer. 

Lately I have seen asbestos under this trade name, tigerseye crocidolite is an exception to this as the fibers have been replaced by iron oxides. Tremolite in its fibrous form is literally asbestos so please be aware when buying. 

  • Apple: spirit work, offerings, love, healing, beauty, wisdom, harvest
  • Apricot: love, self love
  • Avocado: beauty, love, lust, fertility, spell work
  • Banana: wealth, luck, spirituality, religion, masculinity
  • Blueberry: protection, banishment, curses
  • Blackberry: protection, fertility, femininity, funerals, afterlife, moving on
  • Cantaloupe: spell work, protection, grounding, energy work
  • Cherry: lust, love, fertility
  • Clementine: childhood, dreams
  • Coconut: protection, cleansing, femininity
  • Cranberry: holidays, blood magic, spirit work
  • Date: fertility, luck, money
  • Dragon fruit: lust, passion, spell work
  • Durian: curses, cleansing, protection
  • Fig: happiness, divination, love
  • Grapefruit: cleansing
  • Grape: money, spell work, fertility, offerings
  • Guava: love, self love, lust
  • Honeydew: cleansing, energy, love
  • Jackfruit: divination, spell work, happiness
  • Kiwifruit: health, love, lust, happiness
  • Kumquat: luck, health, money
  • Lemon: cleansing, purification, protection, curse breaking
  • Lime: cleansing, protection, love
  • Lychee: love, self love, femininity, beauty
  • Mango: love, lust, fertility
  • Nectarine: love, self love, spell work
  • Orange: cleansing, protection, divination
  • Papaya: curse breaking, banishing, spirit work, love
  • Passion fruit: lust, love, passion
  • Peach: fertility, love, happiness, spirit work
  • Pear: offerings, happiness, luck, money, confidence
  • Persimmon: healing, love, luck, protection
  • Pineapple: protection, health, offerings, money, luck
  • Plantain: fertility, masculinity, lust, passion
  • Plum: love, healing, offerings
  • Pomegranate: offerings, blood magic, fertility, divination, spell work
  • Prune: cleansing, protection
  • Raspberry: love, dreams, health
  • Strawberry: love, wishes, dreams, happiness
  • Starfruit: lunar/solar magic, spell work, cleansing
  • Tangerine: solar magic, strength, energy work
  • Tomato: protection, cleansing, love, passion
  • Watermelon: healing, femininity, lust, love, spirit work, cleansing