Happy Lupercalia.

The Pagan Origins of Valentine’s Day.

Those looking for the origins of Valentine’s Day inevitably encounter the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia.

Lupercalia was a very ancient festival observed on February 13th through to the 15th to avert evil spirits and purify the city releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date which gives the month of February (Februarius) its name. It is also a date to honor the Goddess Juno who is the Goddess of fertility, child birth and marriage.

Lupercalia was a 3 day festival of love, when young unmarried couples would pair up for the duration of the festival, there would be games and lots of fun through the streets. Young men would wear the skins of different animals and run around the streets whipping people with the skin of a goat, this was said to promote fertility as goats were seen as animal of fertility and were the patron animal of the Satyr Pan and God of wolves Faunus. There would be parties and orgies and a great feast that would last the 3 days.

Lupercalia is one of the most ancient holidays known to man, it is celebrated to honor Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome who were said to have been born of a she-wolf and suckled on her teet. The festival would start off in the cave where Romulus and Remus were born. It is primarily a fertility festival, as the earth at this time is at it’s most fertile. Lupercalia is a festival to celebrate life, rebirth and sexuality.

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This is a post full of various herbs (other than the herbs we all know by heart) that can help You in many many different ways this February! ❤️

I wish You all the best of luck in whatever Your romantic endeavors might be.

Solar system: Sun 🌞
Acceptance, attraction, balance, beginning, beauty, binding, friendship, growth, longevity, female power, solutions, listening, understanding

Solar System: Venus ❤️
Element: Water🌊
Used for unconditional love, calming, happiness, innocence, truth

Solar System: Sun 🌞
Element: Fire 🔥
Healing relationships, reconciling love, Overcoming obstacles, solving arguments, assertiveness, attraction, balance, confidence, friendship, sex

Solar system: Sun🌞
Element: Water🌊
Communication, harmony, healing relationships, gentleness, support, security, growth, Attraction, balance, beauty, blessings, calming emotions

Solar system: Sun 🌞
Love, solving problems, strengthening relationships, truth telling, innocence, cheerfulness

Solar system: Mercury
Element: Air🌪
Communication, teamwork, Acceptance, attraction, love, harmony, healing relationships, kindness, beauty, fidelity, openness, friendship

Solar System: Sun, Venus 🌞
Element: Water🌊
Lust, Attraction, beauty, blessings, facing challenges, communication, love, light, pleasure, wishes, truth

Solar System: Mercury
Element: Fire🔥
Lust, sex, problem solving, security, desire, willpower, sexual energies, strengthening the home

Solar System: Moon 🌝
Element: Water
Healing heartbreak, True love, Compassion, emotions, female power, support

Solar System:Moon 🌝
Element: water 🌊
Beauty, openness to love, stimulation, transformation, increase of love

Solar system: Venus
Element: Water, Fire 🔥🌊
Sexual energy, sex, passion, sensuality, lust, love, unity, harmony, attraction

Solar System: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury
Devoted love, endless affection, abundance, renewal, attraction, balance, harmony, healing, happiness

Solar System: Saturn
Elements: Air, Earth, Water 🌪🌍🌊
Attachments, attraction, growth, balance, friendship, love, rebirth/renewal, security, stability

Solar System: Mercury, Moon 🌝
Element: Water 🌊
Lust, sex, sensuality, sexual energy, unity, love, desire, communication, binding, attachments, attraction, harmony


Solar System: Mercury
Element: Air 🌪
Lust, sex, manifesting, communication, beauty, gentleness, calming, blessing, emotional support, friendship, longevity

Lemon Balm🍋
Solar system: Jupiter, moon 🌝
Element: water 🌊
Awakening feelings, healing heartbreak, openness to love, renewal, relationships, sex

Solar system: moon 🌝
Element:Water 🌊
Beauty, communication, manifestation, improve attitude, willpower, blocking negativity, goodness, nurturing

Solar System: Sun🌞
Element: Fire🔥
Sex, passion, romance, attraction, renewal, awakening

Passion Flower:
Solar System: Venus❤️
Element: Water🌊
Attraction, passion, balance, confidence, friendship, stability, strength, security

Solar System: Venus
Element: Air, Earth, Fire 🌪🌍🔥
Used for unconditional love, beginning relationships, sex, friendship, harmony, beauty