My dad asking me about crystals
  • Dad: hey what's that? *points to small collection of crystals I got at Michaels*
  • Me: oh, it's just some crystals for my magick
  • Dad: what are they for?
  • Me: they have different correspondences. Amethyst is for relaxation, rose quartz for love and...
  • Dad: why don't you mix them all and have all the power in the world
  • Me: uh it doesn't wor...
  • Dad: can I have one chip of each one so I can have all the power in the world?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... Lol sure dad
Calming Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A blue candle
  • A purple candle
  • A white candle

Put the candles in a triangle. The blue candle should be at the right point. The purple candle should be at the left point. 

The white candle should be at the top point. Light the candles in the order of blue, purple, then white. Chant:

In this time, and in this place, make this a peaceful space.

Yesterday, I dreamed about a whole new universe and story and here is a little sketch of the protagonist! I’m so happy about this dream and this new universe! It’s full of witches and magic in a period a bit more medieval :3 Maybe I’ll share more about it if you’re interested! I’m trying to figure out the silhouette of her boyfriend now~ 

Eight of Pentacles.

The first steps are always the most difficult. But in time, what once seemed impossible will eventually become commonplace. When given the opportunity, do not hesitate to try something new. For you’ll never know how much you’re capable of if you don’t first try.

Looking for witches who speaks Punjabi!

I recently found this at my local library! It seems to be a grimoire, if not a grimoire I think it’s Wiccan related because the title reads “Agrezi rja wicca praj de dukha di kaha” I’ve already flipped through the rest of the pages and I don’t see any satanic or Christian imagery so I don’t think it’s one of those “All witches are satanists” books…! The picture I’ve shown is of the title page so if anyone who speaks Punjabi can tell whether or not this is a grimoire and if it is a grimoire help translate the rest of it that would be really great!!! If it does turn out to be a grimoire and I can get it translated, then I’ll go ahead and share it with everyone on tumblr so we can all use it!