@taploalboremixxz em’s( @bluepawart oc) and their oc walle’s love child while being held by wisty.

also in this AU(or whatever it is)
wisty is 21 and has started reverting to her natural ink color(gray) in which she inherited from her father, she developed a beauty mark under her lips and her hair grew a bit and became fluffy.

since wisty and em are good friends she would baby sit in this au if they asked. idk why i made a stained glass window so dont ask. ;) and i made up the childs colors so meh


I decided I wanted to draw and I’ve wanted to draw this pixie of cuteness for a while now, so have some progressive pictures of my old character Wisteria Black. 

She’s about college age in this picture, and I based the outfit off one I found here somewhere. This also let me know that I have at least two marker that need refilling. Oops.