wisteriasims  asked:

Hi, just a question, in the backgarden of 130 Sim Lane, how did you do the foundation? Like the foundation level follows the stairs, is it done by using the floorelevation cheat or something? I'M SO CONFUSED! Also, I love your stuff by the way. :)

Hey wisteriasims! Thanks for the compliment :)

It’s actually not a foundation, but one of these walls by Numenor. I suppose they are quite similar to the cheat, although I’ve hardly used that cheat so I’m not sure.

Here’s a basic guide for those who are interested :)

The lower part of the ground was lowered 4 clicks with the terrain tool. I then build the foundations and stairs.

After that I selected the unleveled walls (the green box).

And then I placed a wall directly underneath the stairs. The foundations in combination with the single wall look ugly so I fixed that.

I removed a block of the foundation…

…And placed another wall there.

You basically keep going till you have removed all the foundations. Be sure to place a floor tile every now and then to avoid peaks like these:

They’re very harmless though, if you want to get rid of them you basically place a floortile near them :)

If anybody else needs any guides on particular build stuff feel free to ask!