wisteria lane block party

The kids! All of them were so adorable. I just wanted to take Mason home with me, he’s such a little gentleman and will have all of the ladies someday. Madison is so mature and a delight to chat with, eager to see all of her fans. She’s like her sister Demi in that sense. Daniella was cute and very soft spoken but she’s also incredibly wise beyond her years!

Felicity Huffman. I have so many wonderful things to say about this woman.

This was when she realized I was desperatefans, and then this bigger smile came onto her face and she grabbed me into a huge bear hug! It was like oh my god this is Felicity Huffman.

She was so amazing and did a video for DFO and me, Amelia has it and I’ll share it as soon as I get it.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Andrea Bowen and I at the Wisteria Lane Block Party

I run a fansite for her as well and she was so glad to finally meet me after all of this time! We had a really great conversation. My first star of last night and she the ball rolling for the rest!

I didn’t get to hear her sing because I was with Felicity at the time, but I know someone has video so I’ll recap. Nothing like the real thing though, hopefully next time!