wisteria lane

i just finished binge watching you me her on netflix and it’s the first television show i’ve ever watched that features an openly poly couple. it has comedy, drama, romance and it even gave me some serious wisteria lane flashbacks as the neighbors started to snoop into their personal business. the characters are all well written/acted and i’ve even seen ppl call each other out for saying problematic shit like sexist stuff. it’s happening more often in tv shows and all i say is “keep it coming, stay woke tv creators”

if it’s something that you think might interest you as well i definitely recommend you check it out. fair warning, it gets a little raunchy at times. but despite me usually not digging that, it’s the characters that really came thru for me on this one. not only are the three main characters all likable: izzy is super funny and dedicated and so well acted, her pain and her struggles felt real, just like her happiness. emma is so inspirational and strong and deserves all the good things at work. and then there’s jack, who’s just as smart and good at his job but also he’s a gentle man and an adorable doofus

man, this is the first time i have ever watched a love triangle unfold and i ended up rooting for everyone in the scenario

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: “Ja, ich erinnere mich an die Welt. An jede Einzelheit. Und am besten erinnere ich mich daran, wieviel Angst ich hatte. Was für eine Zeitverschwendung, denn in Angst zu leben bedeutet gar nicht zu leben. Ich wünschte ich könnte es denen erzählen die ich zurückgelassen habe. Aber würde es etwas nützen? Wahrscheinlich nicht. Ich verstehe jetzt, dass es immer jene geben wird die sich ihren Ängsten stehen, und es wird immer jene geben, die davonlaufen.”
—  Desperate housewives

’….Illustrated Confession!’

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