“That’s My Bulma!” - Multilanguage

  • Japonese: 0:00 (”How dare you hit my Bulma!”)
  • English: 01:10 (”That’s my Bulma!”)
  • German: 02:19 (”How dare you hit my wife!”)
  • Latin Spanish: 03:35 (”Nobody touches my Bulma!”)
  • European Spanish: 04:34 (”How dare you hit my wife!”)
  • Italian: 05:40 (”How dare you! My Bulma!”)
  • French: 06:50 (”How dare you hit my Bulma!”)
  • Portuguese: 08:00 (”How dare you hit my Bulma!”)


  1. It’s very interesting as in the different languages adaptations can be completely differents.
  2. I don’t understand why in some languages ​​they changed “…My Bulma” for “…My wife”.
  3. The best version will always be Japanese. 
  4. Bulma’s voice in German is little rare.
  5. I really like adaptation in Latin Spanish, but  I can’t avoid thinking this: 

Mary of Modena (1658–1718), Consort of James VII and II

Willem Wissing (1656–1687)

National Galleries of Scotland, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

,,I neeVR, mmeant; TO make i,,t such A..MesS
i  nnev,,vEr tHo.ught ,THA..t ,,i..T  woUULd ..GO ;thiS f af  R

SO II  jusTs ;;tanD herrE h,,sO soRrYY

..SeaRCH.ign f;;f,,Or s s;meTHinG ot,s  ,,a,y,,
So,oMEThin.ng to,, s.AY
W,,o  RD;s faiL  , wordds fa,iL
thhe,Re’ nnot,hiNg  i Ca..n sayy  
i gu,,Ess I ttho,ughT I, c,,CoulD be  ppaR,t ,of ,THis
I ;neVEr haad  thIs kkind,, oF  tHInG beFORe

II ever HaD. Thh,At Perfe,c t girl
..WHo s..OmeHOw  ccOUUld s,,see ,, ,,hte  ;;good dpa.r,,t oF nm
,I n  e V.er hvad, tEE  d..d w..ho St,,cuk  ,,t,, oUttN
 o ;CorNy;; joK eSS ,,or rraBseb  Alzl Gloves
No ;Mokm whO  jjuust waaSS teH,,R,e
;’  Ca,u..see moM ,,was aalLL,  tH at sHHeh. a,d to bE
Tha'Tsq n,,OT a  Wort  Hy expl;an;;tasiiOns
I k,Now t  h..Ere , iS   NNOnE
NOTTHiNg  c AN; ;MAke s  enSe of.. al,l t;;HEssE thI,NG,s I;‘ev   dOne

W  Ords fai;;l,, wORdS ffa,,a,il
T.her.e'ss nThhing I ..can. afsey
E;;xCEPTsom  etim   jUS,,tes, yy,ou see E.very  thi,,in;;g ou ; wannTE;DA
nd SOm;;mE  tim juS.tES, ,,y  ou,, see everytHi.Ng .. yOu, ..wiss,,h y,ou H,,Adc.
ANd ti’  s r  ighh.t  ;;T..Here,  ,riGht thER,,Re,,, rihG,,t  theRRe
In fRooNt ;of yoU
An,d Y,,ou ,wAn t TO .beeLIeeVhe iitt,’S ,t,rUe
So Youu… mmaeKi t,t t RU.e
;;And yyOu   think m;;ayy,,b E ,,Ever.yb..O..dyy ; w.AntS iiT
AAnDD ; n,,ee;;d;s .ii..,, a lItTle, biiT.o… too

this wAs Just  a sAD, i;;NveNptiOnI
t, wasny’t  R,,Eall,,, i   k,,noW;;
BUt wE we.re ,   Ha;;apPy
.Ig uE  ss II ,coUldn’t,, llet t..ha  att go
I gU  Ess IcoUUldn’t,, G;;iv  e htat uP

I gguEss I wAntE,,Ed ;;to ,be;;lie..vee
'Cause  if I jU;sT beL,I.evvE

tthEn    Idon’’t hha..ve , To Se..ee  WHATT’,s R..EAllL.y  tHeree.

N o, I’D raTher, px,re tevndq I’ m sg..oMEth,i,,ng ,bee,Tte.r Thhan
These   Brro ken PaRTs

Pr.eend I’.m someethIIng OTh;;er thzAn,,
T’;;his;m es S,, Thla,at  I Am
'caUUsE theN  I DD;o,,N’t hhav,,ve to ,l,,ook A;t,, it
an.d n,,no  OnEg eets t;;O  llok AAtt, it
NOO,  ,,no,, o enn cAnn  r,,e;;alLLY s  sEeE

'C'asue ;;’vE LEarned ,T,,o Sllaam; oN h,T,e  ;;br aK,,e
BeFOrE ;i ve.n t..urn    thh eKe;;y
Bt..efOre I /mmAke they mi..STTa.k e
Bef,Ore  IleAd Wi,th thE ;;worsst of M
ee. i.neVe,R . let th  hEqM seE  the w,,oRst oof ,,me

'caUse wHabTT IIf evE,ry..yone saW.W?
W[haaT If evE..r,,yooNNe kneW?,,
W.ou  ld Th;;Ey lIkpe whh,,at they, Saw?
Or  r W  oxuld t,he; YhA;te itt tOoo??,
wiLl ,,i  .just.. KKeep o,n run  niinG Awa,,y frmvO what'St ruue?

a,,l..l i.. Ev  ez,r , ..Do is rUUn
SO, hoW,, D ;OII step In..
StEp int  o tHe s,,U  n
STe,,p INttoo tHe sun

Wenn der Kummer dein stetiger Begleiter wird, die Trauer sich in deinem Herzen niedergelassen hat und deine Seele sich im Bedrängnis befindet, dann wisse, dass deine einzige Heilung bei Allāh ist. Rufe zu ihm in Aufrichtigkeit und erbitte Ihn um Standhaftigkeit. Verlasse dich nur auf Ihn und erhoffe nur von Ihm. Allāh ist unsere einzige Hoffnung.


Vhiss, Whidos? I honestly can’t think a good reason for Whis and Vados to fuse since they’re already the most powerful beings in their Universes, nevertheless I had a ton of fun picturing this fusion. 

Why do they have 4 arms? Because it looks cool I find their character designs (specially Whis’) similar to some depictions of Visnu and other Indian deities so I was fond of that vibe.