wispy legs

Hello, daily reminder that hairy girls are beautiful. Those thick brows, that hair on your upper lip, your wispy leg hairs, armpit hair, forearm hair, hair on your belly or chest are all lovely. You don’t need to shave, pluck, or burn your hair off for society’s standards. You deserve to feel like a work of art in your normal state; casual, in sweats, or less. This goes doubly for trans women. I love you, you’re gorgeous, and I’m glad you’re alive.

anonymous asked:

hey I totally understand that most model/aesthetic pictures available are of skinny long-legged wispy girls but could you try to have pictures of bigger people in your aesthetic posts too please? it just feels like they're only made to appeal to a certain type of girl. otherwise I do love your aesthetic posts though!! they're so cohesive and Soft to look at

my photosets are usually inspired by what i want to be. that’s why i don’t really do requests. i am currently trying to lose weight and get more in shape so to me that’s why most of the models are skinny. i am not saying that’s what everyone should aspire to be. if you are looking for blogs that use plus size models more frequently i would recommend @aestheticschaos

Kiss Me

-Luke Hemmings Smut-

“Thank goodness.” I sighed as I collapsed onto the large, perfectly made bed. We’d only just arrived at the hotel after our 16 hour flight, followed by a 45 minute cab trip which passed with Luke and I kissing and touching in the back seat.

“This looks alright.” Luke commented before dropping the suitcases that he’d insisted on carrying for us both. “Bed’s a bit too neat though.” He smiled as he came to straddle my hips, his weight and mine causing the bed to dip slightly in the middle.

“Let’s fix that then.” I giggled, pulling him down by the collar of his plaid shirt to attach our lips. Luke’s messy hair tickled my forehead as gravity caused it to fall from it’s customary quiff form. He smiled into the kiss, me immediately mirroring his grin and flipping him, my knees either side of his hips and my crotch grinding onto his hardening length. I unbuttoned his top as our lips worked against one and other, him helping me by leaning up off the mattress as I pulled it from under him and tossed it to the side.

“I don’t know how you can fly in these.” I shook my head and laughed, purposely brushing my hand over his bulge as I removed his tight jeans.

Y/N.” He groaned. “No teasing tonight. We’re both tired…and horny.” He smirked and dragged my eyes with his own as we looked between us to see my nipples hard under my unpadded bra and thin jumper, and his erection straining under the black material of his underwear. His abdominal muscles were visible under his taut skin as he crunched upwards towards me. I kissed him again as he undressed me, then pulling off his own jocks and leaving us both naked, everything moving slower than usual because of our shared fatigue.

“Unless you think you have the energy to be in charge,” Luke spoke against my lips, his fingertips dancing up my sides and causing goosebumps to erupt over my skin. “I think a change of position is in order.” He spoke softly, then flipping us once more and gently parting my legs so that his hips rested on top of mine.

With the haste of the current 5sos tour, and the lack of time that it left Luke and I to spend together, it was rare for us to get the chance to indulge in slow, sweet sex. Just him and I appreciating each other; not rushing to both finish before one of the others burst through the door of a shared flat or room halfway through.

Luke’s fingers came to rub lightly over my clit, spreading my arousal over the rest of me and dropping his head to swirl his tongue around one of my nipples.

“I-I thought we agreed no teasing.” I breathed unsteadily as his mouth continued it’s actions, giving the same attention to my opposite breast.

“We did.” He whispered. “I just thought you might enjoy this.” He took the hard nub between his teeth, teasing it with a light pressure as I arched my back towards him.

“I do.” I assured him through stifled breaths as Luke positioned himself at my entrance, pushing into me slowly and stilling for a moment as he dragged his eyes up and down my body before meeting my gaze.

“You are so beautiful.” He breathed out with complete honesty, a warmth in his eyes that could just about melt hearts.

“Luke…” I was entranced by his azure orbs, lost for words in response to his praising observation. He smiled at the effect he’d had on me and started moving at a steady pace; not teasingly slowly, but not so fast that my breath hitched on every inhalation. However, if closer to anything, it was the latter. Luke’s hands slid over my calves, pulling my legs up to bend at the knee and deepening the angle slightly.

“Oh my god.” I whimpered, feeling his tip hit my g-spot and my legs tremble on either side of his hips. The wispy hair of his legs brushed against my own smooth thighs, a reminder of his masculinity and maturity, physically and mentally.

“Fuck, you feel incredible.” He moaned out, the curse word that slipped his usually innocent lips causing me to break into a grin.

“Luke,” I tutted with little strength to my voice. “We’ll have to find a way to stop you from using such foul language.” He subtly made a transition to harder and faster thrusts, the smile that had momentarily graced my lips dropping as quickly as it had appeared.

“I have a few ideas.” He spoke with a carnal passion, his brow furrowing in the same instant that I felt the knot in my core build significantly, both of us now nearing our ends. I didn’t need anything else to get me over the edge; not Luke touching me elsewhere, or whispering encouragement, or moaning my name or pulling on my hair. He was enough. He was more than enough; and right there and then, I couldn’t have been more in love.

“Kiss me.” He breathed as the pressure at my centre finally reached it’s capacity, and we both came undone together. I craned my neck up towards him. The electricity caused by our lips meeting lit the spark that sent me into a world of fiery ecstasy, my toes curling and legs shaking as he held me down with his own weight. Pleasure coursed through my veins and travelled all the way from my fingertips to my toes as my hands tangled in Luke’s dark blonde hair, his mouth catching each and every breathless moan that escaped my swollen lips.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I revelled in my now dwindling orgasm. I felt Luke fill me with his sweet release as he momentarily lost his self-possession and bit down lightly on my bottom lip, then quickly pulling away and gauging me carefully.

“Sorry.” He mumbled and laughed lightly, his own euphoria causing his perfect features to relax and leaving me breathless at the godly sight of him. He slowed his thrusting and I noticed his arms weaken as he held himself above me, now even more exhausted than we had been previously.

“Don’t be.” I whispered back, pecking his lips once more as our highs faded to leave nothing but sweaty bodies and heavy eyelids.

Luke pulled out and rolled off me, switching off the light at the bedside table.

“Come here.” He whispered from my right. I shuffled myself into the darkness, soon being met by open arms and the bed sheets pulled back for us to climb under.

“We can shower tomorrow morning.” I mumbled contentedly as he tucked us in and pulled me towards him.

“Whatever you want.” He whispered back, holding me tighter as he kissed my neck and inhaled deeply. “God, I love more than you’ll ever know Y/N.” His voice held a strange balance of both conviction, and total vulnerability at the fact for the first time, he’d found someone he would die for; something that he’d admitted to me once before in an embrace similar to this.

“I love you too.” I replied, blinking away the liquid evidence of my happiness in that moment. “More than you’ll ever know.”

It Started with a Game

Based on this: http://virtuousvidette.tumblr.com/post/73049759284/elsanna-hide-seek-by-virtuousvidette-im-sorry

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Olaf toddled by on his short little snow-legs, a wispy trail of snow following in his wake. This was an absolute delight for the sentient snowman; hunting up and down castle corridors, rummaging through closets and peeking under beds to try and find his friends in a game of hide-and-seek. If only he could do this more often. Olaf sighed. Alas, Elsa was more often than not preoccupied by mountains of paperwork and lists of meetings, so he, Anna, Kristoff and Sven were usually banned from playing their games in the castle. However, there were rare exceptions, such as today, where he could run about and play in the castle without care or worry of wreaking havoc. He paused by the hallway closet thoughtfully, wondering if there might be anyone inside. It was so close to where he had been counting so he doubted it, but still… 

“Is he gone?”

“I don’t think so.”


Elsa shifted nervously, trying to pull away from her sister but only succeeded in digging her knee a little harder in between the girl’s legs. She cringed inwardly at the sharp intake of air from Anna and pulled back as much as she could. “Sorry,” she muttered awkwardly. Her lips were entirely too close to Anna for her own comfort. Elsa hoped that the younger girl wouldn’t hear her heart hammering out a virtual drum concert in the dark. She was having a rather hard time remembering why she was squashed in a cramped closet in a rather provocative position with her sister. 

“I-It’s fine.” Pressed against Elsa, the redhead wasn’t having a much better time either. Or maybe she was. Was she? Her brain wasn’t working properly anymore and the most inappropriate of thoughts were tumbling through her mind, images and ideas of what she suddenly wanted to do with Elsa flashing before her eyes. Anna gulped. Shut up heart, she’s going to hear you. Her traitorous heart ignored her mental command. If anything, it was even louder now. The silence was quite deafening. Olaf was certainly taking his damn, sweet time to toddle past their hiding spot, calling out the names of his playmates in a singsong voice as he did so. 

“Ooh, what a lovely painting. It’s not everyday I get to see such lovely works of art." 

The sisters heard him pause, presumably to admire whatever painting it was that he had spotted. 

Elsa wanted to scream in frustration. Sexual frustration is it? Shut up brain. She could feel her control slip a notch as Anna fidgeted in the dark, the younger girl’s lips ghosting past hers. The blonde was beginning to regret her decision in hiding places. When Olaf had begun counting, she, Anna, Kristoff and Sven had split, running off in different directions. The other three had vanished in a second but Elsa had floundered. Suddenly, a memory flashed to mind of a younger, happier time, before she had been banished to her room. She had been 6 or 7, hiding in a closet with Anna, smothering giggles as they dodged their nursemaid. The memory came and went in a flash. Elsa had headed straight for her childhood hiding spot, ducking into it mere seconds before she heard Olaf’s countdown end. 

However, she had not counted on Anna having the same idea. She also hadn’t taken into account that what had been a relatively roomy space when she was a child, easily able to fit the two sisters, would have become so incredibly cramped now that they were both grown. 

So here she was now, her hands planted on either side of Anna’s head and her thigh tucked snugly between her sister’s thighs in a desperate attempt to maintain balance. 


Elsa’s eyes snapped up to meet Anna’s and her brain began to blare warning signals. TOO CLOSE TOO CLOSE! She swallowed thickly, forcing her tongue to move. There are other places that you could be moving that- WE ARE NOT GOING THERE! Ignoring the snide voice in her mind, Elsa forced words past suddenly clumsy lips. 

“What’s wrong?”

Anna glanced up. She’d been suspecting that her sister was agitated. To what degree she hadn’t been sure until it begun to snow in the closet. Now, unless she had been paying absolutely zero attention in any of her lessons on weather, it usually didn’t snow indoors. “You’re making it snow…” Her eyes, now accustomed to the dark, caught the movement of Elsa tilting her head ever so slightly to look upwards. Her sister attempted to move away again and Anna attempted to bite back her moan. Apparently her attempt wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped because both girls froze at the faint noise. Elsa cleared her throat awkwardly, still pressed flush against Anna. 

“Did you just-”


The silence was deafening, accompanied by the sound of Olaf chattering excitedly to himself outside the door. How long could someone admire a painting? At this point, a part of Anna’s mind was beginning to hope that he stayed there forever, the treacherous voice whispering insinuations that perhaps she didn’t mind the proximity with her sister as much as she thought she did. She kept her eyes on Elsa, the older girl flickering her gaze back and forth, apparently determined to look at anything but Anna. Timidly, still feeling that this was somehow wrong in some way but quite unable to think of why at the moment, Anna pressed herself just a little closer to Elsa.

Every line in Elsa stiffened and froze from that simple gesture and her eyes flicked down to meet Anna’s. It was because she was surprised, the blonde told herself later. Definitely not because the feeling of her sister pressed oh-so-closely against her had caused a forbidden fluttering in her chest and stomach. She hadn’t felt that and she certainly hadn’t felt heat radiate over her cheeks, neck and ears from the way Anna had looked at her. The unknown emotion that she’d glimpsed in the depths of her sister’s eyes couldn’t be desire. But some part of her hoped and knew it was. So she had moved in, timidly, hesitantly. 

Mimicking Elsa’s actions, Anna leaned up. She could feel the chill of Elsa’s breath against her lips and a shiver ran down her spine. Whether it was from the cold, desire, she couldn’t tell. Just an inch more and she could feed the desire roaring for release inside her. Elsa whimpered softly as her common sense and her desires battled for dominance inside her mind. The temptation of wanting, no, needing to feel what Anna’s lips tasted and felt like was almost too much.

“Found you!”

The two girls yelped as the door was suddenly swung open and they tumbled out in an inelegant heap of legs and limbs. Olaf crowed triumphantly as he did a little dance. 

“I found you,” he announced delightedly. “I’m going to go find Kristoff and Sven now. Then we can play again. What fun!” He trundled off, skipping in joy at his small success. The sisters watched him go before disentangling themselves from each other. It wasn’t much better out here, the awkward tension from the closet still remained. 

“Well,” said Elsa, wincing at how unnaturally loud her voice was. “I think we ought to go help him. It’s part of the game I believe.”

“Oh, um, yeah. It is. Sure." 

Anna bounced to her feet, dusting off her dress with quick nervous movements. They set off after Olaf, both rather subdued.

"Were you about to-” They paused. They had started the question at the same time. Elsa began to laugh first, a high fake laugh that was horribly forced. Anna looked rather uncertain before following suit. Still laughing, they continued on their way, each peeking at the other when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. They walked side by side in silence, neither one quite able to give voice to the unspoken question that loomed above them.

Were you about to kiss me?