wisp walker

I plopped Wisp into some random silk scraps and Austin’s cardigan (rolled up at the sleeves and pinned in the back, mind), and I honestly think she looks amazing. This is about the style of clothing she’ll wear (I need to make her her own cardigan, but in the correct size, and it’s gonna be proper patchwork), but I have nothing of this style in her size, so this was the closest I could get.

She looks a lot like some fantasy anime or RPG main character though :P

My Mikhaila is one of my oldest dolls I still play with (the other is Umi, but he’s gotten a brand new body of course), and she’s mainly a character named Jamile, but then at some point I had a dream, and I dreamt up this character named Wisp, and she looked like Mikhaila and I liked her a lot, so I decided this girl could get to be two characters. She has plenty of clothing already, but it’s all for “Jamile” and well; the two characters are rather different.

Trying to clear out any lingering fanart so I have nothing to distract me from Real Work. I realize the counter-intuitive nature of this. SHUSH.

Basic outfit reference for Witch-Queen Merida. Things are subject to change but here’s where we are. I haven’t settled a few things, like the charms weaved into her hair, whether she’s fully shoe’d or partially barefoot, or whether she has any warpaint or not.