Mock Chicken Salad. A friend made these for me and some family a while back, it was so good so I wanted to share😊
Two cans organic garbanzo beans:
Mash up chickpeas w potato masher until they’re crushed a bit. Chop and add 1 red bell pepper, one celery, handful shredded carrots, two tablespoons purple onion. Then wisk two parts Dijon mustard to one part no oil hummus (enough so it’s creamy–maybe ¼ to 1-2 cup total). Stir in and add pepper.
You can use them on Wraps, over salad, or in endive cups like this pic. Enjoy! #thrivingplantbased
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World Walkers With Washed Windows

Windows washed
With white waters
Wishing we would
Wisk away with
Winds we watched
Wisk worlds away
We watched wonderful
We and whos
Wake with war
Why oh why whore
We wish we would
Weave worlds
Wake widows whistler
Wrestlers and writers
We will walk wonderfully
Without war
When we wash windows
With white water
With wonderful water
Weightless worldly waters
We world walkers
Wish wonders
Who will wonder away
Who will wake we world walkers