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EXO react to picking new houses with their child

Funny, I actually enjoyed this when I was younger. ^^’ Thank you for your request m’dear. <3

*Gifs do not belong to me as always. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d love keeping his little daughter in his arms while observing a potentially new home. He listens intently to the realtor while granting his little girl soft, subtle smiles to keep her engaged as well. “See angel? This might be your new room. It’s nice isn’t it?” He keeps her entertained by asking her about the new house while exploring each area of the new home. 

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Luhan: “You don’t like this room? But it’s just like your old one princess! This house is even close to a park. Don’t you like that?” He’s trying his best to impress his aloof daughter, as she casually observes the new home with evident nonchalance. Luhan will have basically taken on the role of the realtor in an attempt to ‘sell’ the idea of the new home to his little girl, so the change of moving isn’t as overwhelming for her. 

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Kris: He loves watching his little son ask about every little bit of the new home, genuine, innocent curiosity flickering through his eyes. Yifan’s little boy would point to newer things such as the fireplace, the jacuzzi outdoors, etc, asking what they are, while listening intently to Kris’s explanations. “We’ll be using this for winter, to keep you and your sister warm,” he explains the fireplace cooly, every so often giving the realtor a look of “we’re definitely interested in this home.” 

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Suho: “See jagi? He’s already adjusting!” Suho would point out to his unconvinced wife, leading her to what may be their son’s new room only to find their little boy surrounding by a myriad of his own toys as he comments gleefully on how big the room is. Suho would sheepishly chuckle as his wife gives him a stern look for allowing their son to take a whole backpack full of toys while they look at new houses. “Well, he would’ve gotten bored if I didn’t let him jagi…” 

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Lay: Yixing would love watching his little girl quietly observe the new home, eyes widened with awe and perplexity. She would point out her favorite parts of the home modestly to the realtor, much to Yixing’s satisfaction. “You’re being so good angel,” he would praise her quietly, patting her head benignly, as he continues to keep her close by his side, having her small fingers wrap around his one digit. 

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Baekhyun: At first, his little daughter isn’t completely sold on the enjoyment of viewing houses, which is visible in her apathetic expressions. But, once Baek shows his little girl her ‘new’ bedroom, that’s when she’ll become her usual animated self. “You can’t claim that room down the hall! That’s for your mother and I! This one is perfectly fine princess. It has enough space for all your things!” He’ll try and make it up to his daughter by promising to buy her her favorite ice cream, to no avail, as she’s pretty much steadfast on having the biggest room in the house. Baek would grant the realtor an exasperated look before muttering playfully “kids these days!” 

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Chen: His little son doesn’t mind searching for new houses even if it’s tedious and gradual, all he wants is a bigger room than his baby sister, much to Jongdae’s elation. He’ll get blithe amusement from questioning his son just on how much he wants this room. “So, you don’t care what house we get, as long as your room is better than your sister’s? Even if your room is the same size as the one you have now it’s fine? Or if you have to share a room with your mother and I, it’s okay as long as it’s bigger?” His little boy will grimace as Jongdae bursts into fits of laughter. “Technically, *emphasis on ‘technically’* it would be your room.” In the end, he’ll surprise his son with his own king size room. 

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Chanyeol: He relishes in how effervescent his son is, which is displayed lucidly by the way his little boy never releases hold of Chanyeol’s hand as they explore the entirety of the new home. It would be his wife that ends up talking and investing with the realtor, while he and their little boy end up adventuring the house to the point where his son ends up tiring himself out from all their amusements. “I think he likes it jagi!” Chanyeol would end up chuckling aloud, slightly amused.   

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D.O: His daughter is incredibly well mannered and cordial much to the realtor’s awe. Kyungsoo wouldn’t have to watch over his little girl so heavily, knowing how mellowed and easy going his little girl is in these situations. While the realtor wisks his wife away, Kyungsoo would stand beside his little girl commenting on her remarkable behavior as she calmly dips a toe into the shallow jacuzzi the house offers. “It’s nice right? If we end up with this one, for being so good, you can invite two friends for a pool party. We’ll even get you a new, cute swimsuit since you just learned.” Smiling benignly, he’ll pat her head while she giggles with buoyancy. 

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Tao: He wants to dress himself and his little daughter up impeccably to make a striking appearance and presence when it comes time to view new houses. Though his little girl doesn’t understand the logic, Tao is as insistent as ever. “Yes! This is necessary princess! Don’t you want the people selling the house to have a good impression on us? Besides, I picked this dress out for you a month ago, and you still haven’t worn it! This is the perfect time to princess. Look how cute you look~” Oh how much he’d fuss and gush over his little princess. 

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Kai: His little boy is disheartened with having to leave the old house and isn’t exactly prepared for such a daunting adjustment. So, Jongin would take great satisfaction in essentially ‘selling’ the idea of the new house to his little boy, to get him to be less unnerved and dismayed about moving out. “This is going to be your new room buddy. How cool is that? And the best part is, it’s all yours. You won’t have to share a room with your little sister anymore.” Hearing this would definitely lessen his son’s worries, since he’s been pining for a room all to himself for months now. 

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Sehun: His son inherited a lot of Sehun’s signature ‘sassiness’ and this would be evident when searching throughly for new homes. His little boy would merely glance over each part of the house nonchalantly saying little to nothing throughout the duration of the house tour. “What do you think of it buddy?” Sehun will finally ask his son who would merely shrug commenting on how there’s not much in the house. He’d chuckle with amusement. “Not yet. When we move in then there’ll be lots of things. Including a pool. You could invite your friends over once we move in.” That gets his little boy to display a slight smile. 

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Satisfied but I made it into a story

“Alright, alright! That’s what I’m talking about. Now, everyone give it up, for the maid of honor, Angelica Schuyler!” Laurens voice echoed through the her mind, and the crowd cheered.

She raised her glass to the left side of the room. “A toast to the groom!”

Upturned chairs, dirty white table cloths, dusty bottle of wine.

Hamilton’s friends had sat there, beaming for their friend. She smiled back, breathless by her tight corset. She made eye contact with Hamilton, and her face flushed. She attributed that to the wine.

“To the bride!” Her smiled had widened for the sister she loved so dearly.

Wine glasses left over, napkins discarded on the tables place markers in a pile at the center, in front of a vase of dying flowers.

She had sat there with her family and Eliza’s friends, smiling a smile that didn’t grace her eyes.

“From your sister, who is always by your side. To your union,” and the cheers that had errupted echoed through her mind. She felt less alone in the empty ballroom. “And the hope that you provide! May you always be satisfied.”

The word affected her the same as it had, her sister’s wedding day. A jolt, a her heart clenched and the feeling of falling backwards; and she was swept up by her memories, and a deep sense of regret.

The Winter’s Ball an occasion to revel in. The ballroom, buzzing with life, made warm by the collective heat of people dancing, and the fire that roared in the fireplace across the room. The golden glow of the room, and the relaxed atmosphere had made it easy for Angelica to be lured onto the dancefloor by her sisters.

They had danced and laughed happily, even talking with various soldiers- most had been drunk, and hadn’t hesitated to boast their strength -maybe dance with a few.

It got a bit tiring after a while, the drunk fawning, insensitive to others feelings, and Angelica moved to the side of the room, away from the chatter and the not-real-smiles and the forced politeness when they got too touchy feely.

And it was there, from the side of the room that she spotted him. One, unlike the others, whom converse with an air of intelligence- something captured brilliantly within his eyes; hazel eyes that reflected the candlelight -and his clothing, his soldiers uniform, the almost hung off his hunger-pang frame.

And it was then that Angelica realised her corset may have been just a little too tight, and the spinning of her heaad and flush of her face couldn’t have come from the missing contents of her glass. When had she downed it all? It didn’t seem to matter.

It was a moment, she’d never forget.

He had made his way over, while she was staring into her glass at the few red drops left, she hadn’t seen. And her name left her as he presented her with a new glass, “Hi.”

Her heart sparked, and then burst into flames and a warmth flowed through her veins, like molten gold. She had hardly replied before he asked for a dance. Her drink cast aside, left on the floor by the wall, they took off, dancing in time to the music.

There was something about him, this soldier, that was unalike the others she had talked to, and yet he seemed to be playing the same game, offer drink, give a charming smile, ask for a dance, doesn’t he know? This is not a game!

“You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.” The phrase had caught her off guard. She almost missed her step, but there it was, something different to the other, her attention was captured.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” She had evaded the teasing glint in his eyes, almost scoffed as he smirked.

It fell as he leant forwards, and he insisted with a red face. “Your like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?”

“I’ve never been satisfied.”

A chance to start a conversation, she had decided as she introduced herself. “My name is Angelica Schuyler.”

“Alexander Hamilton.”

Bottom lip caught between her teeth, an awkward shuffle of her hands, redder cheeks. He inclined his head, questioning her sudden display of nerves. “Where’s your family from?”

“Unimportant,” His turn. The averting eyes, the shuffle of his hands. “There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait. Just you wait!”

And so he set himself apart from the others yet again and an easy conversation blossomed, everything said in total agreement. She felt like she was suddenly free, and enlightened too, like Ben Franklin with his key and kite. But the song had finished all too soon, lasting only two, maybe three minutes.

What a dream, what a dance! Oh how light and young and unburdened she had felt.

Angelica had to admit, he was a flirt. But that detirmination to be more, the way he set himself apart, the way her heart fluttered. She could give him a chance.

But… she had asked about his family and… obviously he was pennyless, flying by the seat oof his pants.

He had flirted with her shamelessly, though, as if none of that mattered.

Peach fuzz, hazel eyes, with flecks of green and gold, long hair collected into a ponytail, a dreamy smile- until he flirted yet again, something witty leaving his lips and a smirk growing as Angelica blushed or giggled -he knew he was handsome, he knew exactly how to charm her. A feeling resonated deep into her core and all she could think of was how she wanted to wisk him away.

From the corner of her eye she noticed her sister, Eliza. A young girl, with a pretty face and innocent eyes. The expression of utter helplessness broke something within Angelica.

As they entered the ballroom Eliza had pointed someone out to Angelica with the words “That one’s mine.” But Angelica had quickly dismissed it, almost forgotten what he looked like. If she had her way, Eliza would be with him most the night, and there were hundreds of other soldiers, what were the odds?

Three fundamental truths, Angelica’s burdens, reigned over her.

1. She must marry rich, and climb the social ladder, for her parents had no sons, so she asked each possible suitor the same question- where’s your family from? -and turned on the charmed, showed she was wittiest around, and she igored the insidious gossip of New York City.

“Where are you taking me?” Alexander had asked as she tugged him from the dancefloor.

“I’m about to change your life.” She replied, because what aelse could she say to keep him interested?

“Then by all means, lead the way.”

She still wanted him for herself.

“Elizabeth Schuyler, it’s a pleassure to meet you.” Her sister voice was soft, and timid.

“Schuyler?” Something knowing hid behind his eyes.

“My sister.” She confirmed.

He was after her because she was a schuyler sister, Angelica knew that. It all added up, at least, you can’t be the daughter off the loaded Philip Schuyler without attracting attention from those who wanted the money, the elevated status. She learnt early on that she could never put that aside.

Now, standing in the empty ballroom she reasons that this is why she introduced him to Eliza, who would soon become his bride.

The hollow in her chest and the wake up call back into the dim, dusty room was shocking, and she closed her eyes because then she could pretend to have Alexander, pretend she was the one who took his surname.

He was right, her eyes opened her chest stayed hollow, she would never be satisfied.

“Thank you for all your service.” Eliza had said, words- unbeknownst to her at the time -that would the the beginning of a relationship.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

Eliza had blushed and Angelica’s lip fell between her teeth once again. She felt the need to pull his attention back to her, like he should have been flirting with her.

She tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice as she excused herself, “I’ll leave you to it.”

She knew her sister very well, loved her more and knew deep within her heart there was no one more trusting of kind. Angelica couldn’t afford to be innocent and nïave and trusting but Eliza could and she wouldn’t take that away. Angelica knew that if she kept Alexander to herself… if she ignored her sister’s dibs, well, it would put a chip in their relationship. Eliza would claim she was fine, after all, she put her sisters first no matter the cost. Silently, resigned, chipped, though not all the way broken, Eliza would have given up Alexander for her sister, she would lie and say she was fine. Angelica couldn’t let that happen.

For nights after they had meet, all the way through her sister’s engagement until the night of the wedding, she’d sat at her window, or if the weather permitted, on her balcony and watched the sky. She fantasized she was in Eliza’s shoes. More then once she’d seen the stars and seen his eyes.

She could keep those in her life at least. He would still be around, and she could romanticise what might have been all the while being his friend. It wouldn’t be enough. It would have to be enough.

She was back in the ballroom, toasting aloud, yet again as she moved back to the wall. Her wine was still there, glasss full, though dust had settled in it. She watched it as she finished her toast.

“To your union, and the hope that you provide. May you always…”

Her sister would be happy as his bride. Angelica stuck out her foot, her golden heels glinted sadly in the dim. She knocked the wine over with her foot, watching as dark red spilled across the wooden floor. She knew he would never- “be satisfied.”

Her footsteps echoed as she strode out of the room, head held high, eyes glossy with the pain of remembering.

She would never be satisfied and there was nothing she could do.

Cookie Talk

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One Shot

Summary: Based on an idea which hit me while I have the urge to make cookies but my stupid eating healthy way of living for the month won’t allow me to. While at T’Challa’s base in Wakanda you can’t help but take over the kitchen to make some cookies. Your day was hell while you trained with Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers and baking is how you deal with things.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Warning: None, fluffy as all get out.

Every muscle in your body was strained and sore and all you wanted was to take a hot shower and just relax for the night. Of course you were too wound up after the last two hours of training first with Sam and then with Steve. The two might be fun loving and full of smiles but they were both intense to train with and you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle it much longer. You were told it would be easier with time but the three of you had this training routine in past for at least a week and you were still sore and regretting agreeing to this whole situation.

Unlike many of those at the Wakanda base you weren’t some form of security, an ex-Avenger ex-military or anything else of the sort. You were studying different forms of technology and practical uses of Vibranium, the Wakanda government had gotten a hold of one of your essays on the topic and offered you a student Visa of sorts. Now T’Challa and his scientists had you assisting them as they worked on creating a new arm for James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, the former Winter Solider. Sam and Steve worried over your safety with working on such a dangerous project even though you were supposedly safe within the confines of the base.

That of course only added to your stress and urge to just let it all go and unwind, in theory that should be easy to do but in action you found it far harder to do. That was why you were currently in the large and lavish kitchen, ‘Superheroes’ by the Script was blaring over the kitchen sound system which was attached to your phone. Your hips swayed to the music and you quietly sang along while mixing another batch of homemade chocolate chip cookie mix. The sweet aroma of the pervious batch baking filled the kitchen and easily wafted down the halls along with the sound of your music echoing your presence in the kitchen.

Your sweat pants rested low on your hips and your worn Wakanda University shirt covered your upper half your bare feet tapping along to the music while you sang unware of the intimidating presence in the doorway. The smell attracting the illusive Bucky Barnes and causing him to still in the door frame as he watched you. Normally the Super Soldier avoided everyone who was currently working on the project of his new arm unless he had to be fitted or test it. These people here weren’t his friends after all, T’Challa only helping because he realized the truth and how dangerous a heart of vengeance was.

You didn’t hear Bucky clearing his throat as he tried to get your attention since the music was too loud for you hear anything sort of yelling. After all it wasn’t like you needed to be on high alert despite what Sam and Steve thought. As a hand fell on your shoulder you released an uncharacteristic scream and grabbed hold of the only weapon you had, the wisk, and hit your supposed attacker eyes squeezed shut in fear. Really you wouldn’t be so paranoid if Sam and Steve hadn’t made you feel like you should be. Your (y/c/e) hues sprang open at the startled sound which came from the unknown assailant, the widened farther as you realized exactly who it was your pale lips opening to from a small ‘o’ as the blood rushed to your face your neck and cheeks flushing as realization set in.

“I’m so sorry Bucky! Sam and Steve just have me so on edge with all this training like they think something is coming. I’m not a fighter I’m just a scientist and….I’m babbling.” Was there anything more embarrassing? Realizing you had yet to drop the wisk which as left a doughy mess across Bucky’s cheek you found yourself beginning to laugh. Maybe it wasn’t wise to laugh at the Winter Solider but he was just Bucky Barnes now or at least he was trying to be. “I’m so sorry, it’s just you have…” You motioned to his face before bursting into laughter once more and taking his hand and leading him towards the sink. You could feel tense up and hesitate as you took his hand but he gave in and followed you to the sink like a silent sentinel. Dropping his hand you reached for the roll of paper towel and dampened them before gently wiping at his face.

“I really wouldn’t have hit you with a wisk if I have known it was you.” Sincerity filled your voice since you knew the hard time Bucky was having adjusting and allowing people in.

Bucky refused to meet your eyes his soulful and sad glacier like hues were trained on the floor as you cleaned the cookie dough off his stubbed covered jaw and cheek. “I did say your name and tried to get your attention but I don’t think you could hear me.” Bucky’s voice was low and not much above a whisper so you only caught a few words, one of which being music. A silent ‘oh’ falls from your lips as it clicks into place. Tossing the paper towel you used you make quick strides over to your phone and turn the volume down so it’s just a dull hum in the background.

“I wasn’t trying to scare you, (y/n) I was just following the sweet scent.” Oh! The cookies! At his words you bound towards the oven and grab the oven mitt to take the cookie sheet from the oven. Opening the heated oven you remove the sheet and place it on the stone countertop to cool. “Cookies?” Bucky asked while eyeing the plate of cooled cookies and the sheet of fresh from the oven ones.

The rose tint to your cheeks seemed to increase, “Yeah. After training I wanted something sweet, my sweet tooth was acting up.” It was a lame excuse but you weren’t ready to admit your nervous habits especially to Bucky Barnes. Though many it would make him feel better about his own insecurities if you shared a few of your own? Dragging your lower lip between your teeth you decided to explain, “Sam and Steve mean well but I think they forget I’ve not a soldier, I’m a scientist. This is the one place I should feel safe and I just attacked you with a wisk! The only reason I even have the wisk is I can’t de-stress and baking the only thing that calms me down and…” Your voice trails off as you see Bucky eyeing the cookies again. “Do you want to share the cookies with me? I can’t eat them all.”

Bucky gave a sad and sheepish smile and in that moment reality hit you. It had probably been over seventy years since Bucky had homemade chocolate chip cookies and even that was iffy since he had grown up in the Great Depression. The much larger man grabbed one of stools which rested under the kitchen island and sat his large frame upon it his elbow or his right arm resting on the countertop as you grabbed two glasses and filled them with milk before setting one in front of him and taking a drink from the other before scrapping the cookies from the sheet and putting three of them on a plate for Bucky before finishing the cookie dough you were working on before he came in and dolloping those onto a sheet as well and sliding them into the oven.

The two of you sat in silence as you both ate the warm and gooey cookies and drinking your milk. “You don’t have to be afraid here or of me. (y/n), you’re right, you aren’t a soldier and I can try to talk Sam and Steve into backing off a little. They’re just worried about what’s going to happen if anyone realizes we’re here, Steve doesn’t want anyone caught in the crossfire. This is all because of me.” There was a miserable tone to Bucky’s voice as he ran his right hand through his hair his prosthetic arm missing since he refused to use it until he knew he was the one in control.

The sorrow in his voice broke your heart and before thinking any better you reached over and wrapped your arms around his waist in a hug your chin resting on his shoulder. “Bucky this is because of someone who was so filled with a misplaced need for revenge that he lashed out. You may have done a lot of bad things in your past but you weren’t in control of yourself and you shouldn’t be blamed or blame yourself for things you didn’t do.” For a man so strong the Super Soldier was still fragile in a lot of ways.

You were surprised that Bucky didn’t move and for a few minutes he didn’t say anything either. The two of you sat quietly your arms around Bucky as he accepted the support. “Thanks but it was because of my actions as the Winter Soldier that we’re here now. Maybe once the team finishes me arm you wouldn’t mind training with me.” Bucky’s voice was unsure as he made the offer, hesitant and afraid of rejection but you couldn’t rejected him, you liked him even if he didn’t like himself.

A small smile pulled at your lips as you slowly pulled away from him, “I’m sure that can arranged, maybe then I won’t bake so many cookies.” You couldn’t help but laugh as Bucky reached for another cookie his expression one of shock before it quickly disappeared replaced by the smallest of smiles. Maybe there was hope for the Super Soldier after all.

The Ball: Philip Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 947

Warnings: None

A/N: Another oldie but goodie while I am unable to write new fics! In this story, you lock eyes with your true love. What could be better.

“This is ridiculous,” you sighed to no one in particular as you stared at your reflection in your bedroom mirror. You had spent all day primping for this ridiculous Ball that you didn’t even want to attend, but your parents had insisted on.

“You look good,” your sister, Kate, smirked as she appeared behind you. “Is that dress new?”

“According to father, going to the Ball in an already worn dress would be a crime,” you reply sarcastically. Your father was a well-respected man in your community and expected his daughters to be lovely ladies as well, though that was far from what you were. You just did your very best to keep that from him.

“The ball is fun, try not to pout the whole time and actually go out on the dance floor, will you?” Kate asked with an accusative tone.

“With boys that father sets me up with,” you grumbled. “You don’t understand! You’re already engaged to a boy that you’ve loved for years! Being courted is exhausting.”

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Snap (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Lewis imagine where you’ve been dating for a while but then you get into a heated argument and he just becomes a sweetheart when he has realized his mistake? Love your imagines btw you are a hero for under appreciated Lewis girls tbh

A/N: You’re too sweet!

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“Hey Lewis?” (Y/n) asked poking her head into the front room that was overflowing with Sidemen branded stuff from bracelets, to sweatshirts, to stickers and chairs.

“What?” Lewis said sharply as he looked down at the purchase receipts. His hair was disheveled and looked unwashed. This was the third day in a row he had worn the torn, black jeans and that white t-shirt.

“Lewis?” (Y/n) said gentler than before. It wasn’t normal for him to snap like that.

“Yes, love?” He said kinder but without apology for his tone from before. “Burgundy SDMN sweatshirt, pink, black and white bracelet, and XIX snapback…” He mumbled to himself before looking around the room for specific large, dark green, plastic tubs that held merch.

“Do you want to go to Manchester to visit my family this weekend?”

“No,” He said immediately, “I can’t. Freya’s out on vacation and I have a crap ton of orders to get through. ‘Scuse me.” Lewis said pushing by (y/n) to get to the other room with more boxes.

“I can help you.”

“No. You can’t.” Lewis said. (Y/n) made a surprised choking noise in the back of her throat.

“Excuse me?” His attitude was rubbing off on her. He was never like this. Having him be angry - especially at her - threw everybody off. Lewis threw the three items into the plastic bag abruptly.

“What do you mean excuse me?”

“What’s with your attitude?’

“What do you mean?”

“You’re snapping at me when I just asked you if you wanted to go to see my family because my mom wanted to spend time with us. My brother is going to be back in the country and I wanted to go see him but since you’re too busy that’s fine!”

“Well I’m sorry but I can’t control the orders. We’ve already closed the shop three times in the past 5 months. If we close it again and leave these orders unsent, people get mad and yell at me!” Lewis stood in front of (y/n) looking past her with crossed arms. (Y/n)’s eyes started prickling with tears.

“I’m offering to help you!”

“Well I don’t need your help!”

“But you’re over here saying ‘oh look at all this stuff I have to do! I can’t go visit my girlfriend’s family because of all this!’” (Y/n) was fighting the lump in her throat.

“Don’t mock me!”

“Listen! I know you’re under a lot of stress! I want to help you. I don’t like seeing you like this.” Her voice finally caught and the tears rolled down her face, “If you really can’t go to Manchester with me, why don’t you just be nice about saying no? There’s no reason for you to snap at me like that. I’m sorry I asked.” Her voice dropped to a whisper as she began to walk away.

Lewis’s shoulders relaxed suddenly. It felt like he was slapped in the face. He was being stupid by denying her help. He realized it too late…

“(Y-y/n)… (y/n) wait.” He said reaching out to grab his girlfriend’s hand. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I want to go to Manchester for as long as you want. You can help me with the orders if you want. I’d really appreciate it honestly… You really don’t have to. It’s not that fun. But we can leave as soon as I finish all the orders sent in by noon. I can get Josh or someone to package everything while we’re gone. I really-”

“Lewis…” (Y/n) said wrapping her boyfriend’s hands in her own, “Lewis it’s okay. It’s okay.”

“No it’s not. I don’t want to lose my temper like that ever again. I’m sorry.” He said pulling (y/n) into a hug. “I want to go to Manchester.”

“Okay. Before we can go we have to finish these orders so we might want to get to work.”

“Oh! That’s right.” Lewis said letting go of (y/n) turning around to face the printer and plastic bags. He began explaining and pointing to different boxes in the room and across the hallway. A smile slowly crept onto (y/n)’s face. “And then over in those tubs are the… what is it? Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“I love you.” She said smiling.

“I love you too.” Lewis said smiling, walking toward her and kissing her on the cheek before wisking her away to show her the second room.