Oh hey, I’m finally getting to post this! I tried all day yesterday but my computer kept failing haha. Anyway, these are all of the blogs that I love, some of them I have followed for years! :) I love each and every one of you! Thanks for making 2015 so great! <3 - Natasha

#’s - C

@13magicswift | @1989album | @0utofthevvoods@andoursong | @alltaywell | @amandatoth13 | @andthatlittleblackdress | @andguns | @anawfulmess | @areweoutofthewoods | @allyours-graham | @andifeelperfectlyfine | @allashadeofgray | @aflirtatioussmile | @alltoofuckingwell@blairwaldorfings | @burnedthemout | @badbloodmadmadlove | @but-im-still-trying-to-find-it | @belleswift17 | @breakrinalikeapromise | @breakburnandends | @burningbrights | @blame1989 | @closertotheclouds | @captureitrememberit | @clearblue–water | @colldasyou | @chasingmyshadow  

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@dancetothisbeatforever | @drinkingmaplelattes |  @eyesopen | @en-chantedx | @fearlesswift | @fearlesspeaknow | @fear13less | @foundwonderlnd | @forevergoingwiththeflows | @fade-into-views | @fearlessfallon | @flashbacksandechoes@heardmyownheartbeating | @heartis0utatsea | @heldyourpride | @honestlybelievedinyou | @hollandrodan | @hella–swift | @howyougethegirl 

I - N

@iwishyouwoulds | @iseeyourface-ineverycrowd | @imfinallyclean | @iknowplacesclean | @inthenameofbeingghonest | @iswearillloveyou | @illbethebryncess | @itwasworththepain | @itsathugstory | @illneverleaveyoualone | @jonasbro | @jumpthenfalls | @julianblakthorn |         @julyninths | @jtmaster13 | @kylejonaslovestaylorswift | @kissinbarsyoufool |  @lostwayhome | @lost-in-tayvinland | @losttupstate | @lskbe | @lcft89 |           @lightsglisten | @makeyourwordscount | @meredthgrey | @myfaveisproblematic | @mosaicbrokenhearts | @missabeats | @mightyheroes | @mountainswemoved | @mixtecoeur | @nahitsbecky | @nickjerrys | @newfoundgrace | @nowimhaunted | @newromanticss

O - S

@officialtaylornation | @ohitsflawless | @onbackroadsatnight | @onenineightynine | @ofabeautifulnight | @ofbeinghonests | @ontheroad2ruin | @polaroidofswift | @reannamoss1 | @rainyblueskys | @spotlightonthelake | @sarahshares | @sunshine-bouquet | @sawalightinyou | @sixtiesqueen | @savingmypromises | @scarsyoumade | @sarahacoustical | @sadbeautifultragic | @shedancedtoforget | @stringoflites | @swiftlyawarrior | @sadbootyfultragic | @screamingiminlovewithyou | @sunshinemoments | @stolenkissesprettyliies | @swifttailor | @she-so-swift

T - Z

@theblameisonme | @thosegeorgiastarstoshame | @tswiftcatitude | @tswiftnz | @timeerasingyou | @tayvinlovers | @tayvinaf | @taylortreasures | @thatwasasmalltown | @taylorschickennuggets | @tayvns | @taylorslobster | @triplettrouble3 | @thetaylorswiftarmy | @tangledupwithuallnight | @tookapolariodofus | @thevillagewasaglow | @taylor-svift | @tenerifeseas | @totallyswifted | @thatcheshirecatsmile | @tayswaybae | @teaswift | @takeabreaths | @tayloralisons | @taylorklaine | @trailsofadreamer | @taylorswiftmademefearless | @voguetaylor | @wouldtheywriteasongforyou | @wishuponaswift | @watchthelightsgowild13 | @whyisntketchupasmoothie@yoursuntilthebitterend | @youpaintmeabluesky | @youshouldvesaidnobaby | @youu-took-a-polaroid-of-us | @youbelievedineverything | @yourskinlikeporcelain | @youvegotasmile | @yoursweetpoison

And lastly, my favorite person, @taylorswift <3

8 months ago. I remember that wait in the car before the secret session felt like an eternity. I was the last person, which was a blessing in disguise. ;) I can’t believe I was at Taylor’s house until after midnight and almost fell asleep on her couch LMAO. And she still managed to look PERFECT AND NOT TIRED AT ALL. Omg.
Also, I got to meet iseeyourface-ineverycrowd and 13magicswift and we hung out the whole night in our little group. AND wishuponaswift who I’ve known for so many years… WE FINALLY MET AT TAYLOR SWIFT’S HOUSE BYE. taylorswift I COULD NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE MOST INCREDIBLE DAY OF MY LIFE.

hey guys, so i’ve never made a follow forever before and this took so long omg. i follow over 1000 wonderful blogs and going through them all and picking out my favorites was so hard so this will probably be the longest follow forever in the history of follow forevers. so i hope i didn’t forget anyone and if i did just message me, love you all. -tessa 

ps: sorry if you’re in there twice, it messed it up. and also sorry if this is super obnoxiously long xx


kaleidoscopeofourmemories nacha!! you’re so amazing, i love talking to you and your voice is pure and silk. remember when i thought you actually got a picture with taylor lautner and robert patterson? 

myjourneytofearlesss magda, wow where do i begin? you’re basically my best friend on here and i don’t know what i would do without you. you’ve talked me out of so many bad things i’ve wanted to do and helped me through the worst parts and i just love you too much. thank you for everything, long live graylor <3

xburningred fatima!! i know we kind of just started talking but you are so easy and fun to talk too! and we have a lot in common. like skirts! i still need to buy that black one i was telling you about, sigh.

 toorecklesstosendmerunning jamie, i know it’s been hard to keep in touch latley with your busy life and all but that will never mean i don’t love you. you were my first friend on here and one of the first people i followed and i will love you for as long as i live. you’re my best friend. 

mycatisgossipgirl charlie!! you are literally the first person i followed ever! you’re so fun to talk to and your selfies are pure gold. i’m glad you were the first person i followed too, your blog is like perfection.

fuck-sewingmachines lynnette! wow we haven’t talked in a long time! but i felt you needed an honorable mention because you were one of the first people and i followed and who followed me! your blog is fabulous and i love seeing you on my dash. stay beautiful xx

youcancallmetsweezy13 kassidy, you are such an amazing person and you always want to do what you can to help. i always know you’re there for me whenever i need someone to talk to and i appreciate that so much, love you <3 

amourfalls luisa, omg you are so special!! i hope everything in life has been good to you, i know we haven’t talked but that doesn’t mean i don’t care. i love you so much and you know my ask box is always open (: <3<3

comingeasily thalia! i remember when you first got a tumblr, that was fun. you’re such a nice person to talk to and you crack me up! i know we haven’t talked all that much recently but i love you so much and don’t you ever change!!

bold=my favorite blogs


32andstillgrowingupnow  50shadesoftaylorswift


afirstglancefeeling againlastnight all-tooperfect alltaywell alltaywelll alwayswift amourswift andthatlittleblackdress apenandanoldnapkin asthelightsgodowndropeverything babydontbreakmyheartslow babyissomethingwrong bemyoldselfagain blessingswift blueeyeshined breakburnandends breakfast-at-midnight13 breakrinalikeapromise cametotheshowinsd captureitrememberit casuallyfearless casuallyxswift catchmenows clearlyswiftie colldasyou comeinnwiththerain comesbacktomeburningred  dancinroundthekitchen dancinroundtheroom darkblueetennessee darlingtheyalllooklikeme defacinguitars demonsandarling dressuplikehipsters drinkingmaplelattes dropeverythingsnow drops-of-swift drunkonswift drunkontaylor dustoff-your-highesthopes enchantedswift13 everswift eyelovetaylorswift eyesopen


feariess fearless-tour fearlesstour feelingtwentytwo firstkissflawless flashbacksandechoes flashbackssandechoes flfteen fortunesandfame fromthefirstnote gay4tay givethescarfbackgyllenhaal gluegunscar guessyourinlondon hautned heldyourpride herbestdressfearless highestshopes hipstertswift holdinglullaby holygraund holygroumd ialmostdo iconfessbabe ididntknowitatfifteen ifikissyoudarlin ifreakinlovetaylorswift iknewyouweretroubles iknitsweatersyo imparalyzedbyitt inatwinsizedbed indiesrecord inlondonnowcaptureitrememberit inmyroomallalone irememberhayloralltoowell itsathugstory itsmellslikeme ittookmeaway itwasthemomentiknew julyninths juniorjewels kingdomlightsshine knowyoubetter


letsgetoutthereandbefearless lightsglisten likehomesomehow likepiecesintoplaces likeshadowsinthefadedlight lionkittenroar longlivesparklesandcurls longlivethegirlinthedress longlovelive lookatyounows lovedinshadesofwrongs loversinthefoyers lumieredarlings luvmisstaylor makingupforlostlove maseratiswift miserable—and—-magical mosaicbrokenheart13 mosaicbrokenhearts msswift16 muchsweeterthanfiction myblueeyesshined mymagicaldecember myparentsmistakes needsyouthisway nevereverlikeever neversawyoucoming newfoundgrace nowimhaunted nowimhauntedd obviouslyswift ofbeinghonests officialtaylornation ohsoswiftly onehandfeel onehandfeels ourprincesswift ourswiftsong


paintsabluesky passinnotesinsecrecy photoswift picturetosburn piecesintheirplace plaidswiftdays probablymindlessdreaming punkswift redperoxide rememberyourbarefeet rightandreal risking-goodbyes rosesandi sadbeautifultragic scarletletterswift scarsyouvemade screamingiminlovewithyou screaminglonglives seencoloursfade seethatimtheone sogladyouwerearound songinourhearts soundsofineedyou  sprarksfly stay-stay-stay stealingmyhearts suddenly13 swift-ab-ly swiftfull swifth swiftinities swiftpick swiftrecords swiftsketches swiftvintage


talldrinkoftaylor taylorsdrunk taylorsstarbuck taylorswiftduh taylorswiftordie13 taylorswixft taylorwifts taylorsvivt  teaswift tellmeswhy terrifiedbutjumpinganyway teylurs thanksforsayingthat thatswiftblog theangelscity theblameisonme thefearlessfight thelaststime theonewildcard thestarsthatshined thestryofus thinkingyourfutureisme thisis-thegoldenage thistrainrunsoffitstracks three-summers-back throughthedoorwithyou throughthesleeplessnight tiluputmedown timcgraws timeerasingyou timetomemorizeme timewontflys tisfearless trueheartswift tt4taylor twoheadlightshines


untrouchable voguetaylor wealmostbrokeup wednesdayinacafes wegotbillstopay whatamarveloustune13 whenallthoseshadows whispersonthestreet whiteshorse wishuponaswift withswift wonderingfaiths wonderstay wouldtheywriteasongforyou xloveswift youareworldsaway  youhadmecrying youkeepmyoldscarf youmakemecrazier youmighthavehim youpaintmeabluesky yourememberitalltoowell yourselfatmydoor yoursweetdispositon youshouldvesaidnobaby youtoreitallup 

irl friends:
abigbrightbeautifulworld brittanyandlife breathe-deeply-in-the-silence badassoldwoman byeliz c-est-seulement-la-vie clauyee crazyperfectsense crickeyitstherozzers danadisaster enchuir-legolas ericaatthebarricade escargay firebornfaerie kelzers123 kngallego lipsyncingthroughlife littlebirdthatsings mainsasshole marithasmerit maybe-mindless-dreaming misspointypants mordacitatis never-endings nexttoclaire nikkilovests13 ohh-so-intricate tayloroutofbounds the-walking-spoiler therefridgeratorlight thisisablogintheloosestsense trevorssilverlining

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jadepace007 butikeepcruising1989 thebluerosetheredpanda shakeandbakeitoff plaidshirtdayssandnightss someonelsebefore standingalone-inacrowdedroom partylike-its1989


02amwhodoyoulove 19eightaynine 23wildestdreams 

actualprincesstaylorswift alltheswift altoowhale and-i-remember-thinking andthatlittleblackdress andthatshowtayworks13 apenandanoldnapkin areweoutofthewoods-swift as-i-was-leaving-too-soon aurora-knights babylmjustgonnashake beautifullyunknown bette—davis—eyes blankxspace blushingallthewayhomes born-in1989 bradiesmileyfacee buildacastleoutofbrickstheythrew burnedinthebackofhismind butcantmakeemstay captivated-by-taylor captivatedbyyoubby casuallyfearless catchingtaylor causelovedontrun cheily1989 christmasseswhenyouweremine christmastay classicthingthaty0ulike dancetothisbeatforever dazedpolaroid dlovestaylor dontbelikebecky dreamingofmyperfectworld

echoedthroughmymindd enchantedbytaylor falloutswift fashionablylateforpizza fearless4taylor13 fearsandyourghosts feminerrd filledwithorns firstrayofsun floralpinktaylor foreverclean formeitsalwaysyouu fundonswiftie13 g-oodgirlfaith girlmeetsnewholidayromantics gotdatgoodgirlfaith handonmywaistline harass heavensinswift heisinloveswift hellawonderland hernumbers13mynumbers14 holyground2011 hrrystyyles humorswift

icymckenna37 iknitsweatersyo im-a-regular-decorated-emergency imgoingtoshakeitoff imwoderstruck inadrawer inlondonnowcaptureitrememberit isalivebackfromthedead isholyground itsmellslikeswift itwasburningred iwatchedsuperman iwouldgiveitalluptobe jadesofwrong jamesdeandaydream jennifirlawrence keep-you-second-guessing keepcruising ketchuppee kingdomlightsshine kissesoncheekss klosswifts letsgetlostupstate likeapegacorn likelystargazers littlestoryofamessofadreamer liveloveswiftly longliveoctober3rd longliveshakingitoff lost-upstate lovebackfromthedead lovecatsandtswift13 lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak lovingyouisredforyou

mander-charmander mapped-by-your-intrepid-fingers maybeitsmeandmyblindoptimism megsann13 merryswiiftmas midnightnoheadlights13 mosaicbrokenhearts my3amgetaway mynext-misteak mysaviorswift newromanticsoundtrack newromanticstyle nightmare-dressedlikeadaydream noisilyloudwonderland noltsbecky notaprincessimyourqueen ohhblessit omg-misskmarie omgistaylor outandabout-with-some-other-girl outofthhwoods penclick purpleshirtsandlopsidedsmirks queerlyswift rainpouring-down redlipsrosycheeks13 redllips-rosycheeks

santahathealy sarahshares shadesofwrong shesthestarlight shinyshinypants shippingtay shotmeouttatheskyyy slayvia snappedbysam somethingswifty sortofsp sparklingtaylorswift spentmywholelifetrying spotlightonthelake starlightjess stay-stay-stay stayslaystay sublimeswift13 summerof-89 suncameupiwaslookingatyou sunlightswift13 sweeterthansweerans swift-haim swift-wildestdreams swiftand1989 swiftboyknowshowyougotthegirl swiftfandom swiftieathome swifting-it tay-inyourwildestdreams tay-sway taylor-swfit taylorismycure taylorsdecember taylorsimzzle taylorsince1989 taylorslegs taylorswift-daydream-look taylorswiftismyhero taylorswiftrares taylorthefox taylortwister tayslaysswift tennesseeyoulater thankstotaylor13 thatpenclickinblankspace the-polaroidofus thehighwasworththepain thelittlestenginethatcould thisickbeatt thosefireflydays timeerasingyou tookourbroken-hearts treacherouswift ttaylorrswift13 twentaystitches twentytaystitches

uggs-pugs-and-hugs verylast-kiss w0nderlandswift we-are-thefoxes wecrytearsofmascarainthebathroom wegotbillstopay weicometonevvyork whatbecomes-of-curious-minds wildestdreamsincrediblethings wildestnewyork wildestswifts winterfoxesrun wishuponaswift withswift wonderstruckblog wonderstruckboy wordsthaticouldntgetout wouldtheywriteasongforyou wxndrstrck youhitthebrakestoosoon

Heya, so as many of you are most likely aware, I recently hit 5000 followers which is absolutely insane!!! Thank you all so so so so so so much because never in my wildest dreams ( ;) ) did I think I would reach this and I will forever be eternally grateful to have so many friends here!

So anyway here is the list of fantastic blogs that I have been digging so follow follow follow! ^_^ xoxo <3 

A-E a-tightlittleskirt abiander abouttoplaymyace ahurricaneheart allthepretenders allwentmadinwonderland andkissesoncheeks areweoutofthewoods avas15 babyimsettingyoufree badsblood bette–davis–eyes bllankspace bobsnotyouruncle borndecember1989 breakburnandends britishwift burning-brighter-than-the-sun burritoswifts butlovinghimwasred casuallyfearless cherry-skies-swift chevyswift comebackbehere condescendingcounting dancinroundthekitchen darkbluetennssee dazedpolaroid demonsandarling denne-red dibblesswift doenutdoe downtonismylife eyelovetaylorswift eyesopen

F-J fandomsdancinginmyteacup fanstagram13 fearlesswift fetusswift friedarmisen gesuben gillians-tambourine hariboegg hayisforhorsesandchickenandfish hcrondale hellagoodcurls hellagoodhair huggingtotoro icouldbuildcastles ifreakinlovetaylorswift iknitsweatersyo illwriteyourname incredblethings incrediblethangs insane-for-taylor inyourrwildestdreamms itssweeterthanfiction ivefoundtaycanhealmostanything iwearheelsnow 

K-O kaleidoscopeofourmemories kindomlightshine kissesoncheekss knowsplaces laninadecristal lightsglisten longlivethegirlinthedress longlovelive lostinparadisebrb loud-heartbeats makingbadguysgoodforaweekend makingupforlostlove meredithts13 merlypops messofadreamer-13 myfearlesstaylor neverblindme newfoundgrace newromanticsdance newromanticss newromanticsswift nightmareasadaydream notalotgoingonathemoment notaprincessimyourqueen ohsoswiftly ohtaylurking onehandfeel onetedswift oohiremember orgodowninflames outoftheswoods 

P-S passinnotesinsecrecy scarletletterswift schmon-schmewart screamingcolourswift sherlockswift sixtiequeen speakmeows speaknowtaylor starlight-swifts starlightswiftie-13 styleredlipclassic swiftandgreys swiftiefortay swiftiehoroscopes swifties4taytay swizzlecatmeow 

T-Z taylor-svift taylor-swift-sherlock  taylorswiftgetinmybed taylorswiftordie13 taylurswunderland taysnameonmylips tayswiftnation tayyswift13 teaswift thanksforsayingthat thatpolaroidofus thatsmybabyandimrealproud thearmourfalls theblameisonme thefearlesspotato theperksofbeingaswiftie thethingsimisread thosepaperairplanesflying timeerasingyou totallyswizzle treachreous trystolisten ts-1989 turnupthetswift twopaperairplanes1989 vancouverswift verybaeswift voguetaylor whatwehadinwonderland wildest1989 wishuponaswift x-rayyandvavv youbelongvvithme yourememberitalltoowell youwerelookingatme

 0- 13december1989 13thofdecember1989 

and of course, our girl taylorswift 


I hit 12,000 followers a while ago and I just want to thank everyone for following me because my blog is sometimes a bit poopy. I love you guys andddd HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2013 was such an amazing year filled with so many awesome tumblr friendships. I just want to take this time to thank everyone that I follow because all of you guys are amazing and beautiful people. Seriously, every time I see one of your selfies, I just die a little inside because I know that you guys are real people who love Taylor just as much as I do. You guys aren’t just URLs and icons to me, you guys are my friends. I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year celebration and a prosperous 2014! I honestly feel like 2014 is going to be a good year for us (: - Love, Cindy. 

BOLDED ONESare super special people that everyone should be following. 
ITALICIZED ONES are people with A+++ blogs with A+++ owners. ♡

If you’re bolded, HOVER OVER for a special message. (:

A-E admirableswift , alisonswft , alltaywell , alltowell , alwayswift , amourswift , andthatlittleblackdress , andyourbeautifuleyes , aperfectllygoodheart , athousandmemoriesbaby , backtodecembber , beautifulnight , befearlessinred , bemyoldselfagain , blessingswift , breakburnandends , butlovinghimwasred , captureitrememberit , casuallyfearless , catchingswift , catchingtaylor , catskirtdays , colorsinautumn , comebackbehere , dressuplikehipsters , enchantedswift13 , endlessly-daydream , everswift , eyesopen

F-I:  fallsintome ,  fearlesslove13 , fearlesslyonfire , fearlesswift , fearsless , feelingtwentytwo , flashbacksandechoes , fortuneandfames , fuckyeahswift , fullofswift , gay4tay , gettinlostupstates , gluegunscar , halfofmyhearts , heldyourpride , hislipsclosetomine , holdinglullaby , holygrounds , howcouldievertrytobebetter , ialmostdo , iconfessbabe , ifreakinlovetaylorswift , iknitsweatersyo , inasilversky , indarkbluetennessee , indiesrecord , inthenameofbeinghonests , itsathugstory , itwasthemomentiknew , iwantmyeffingscarfback

J-P:  justbeforetheyloseitall , kingdomlightsshine , kissinbarsyoufool , lightsglisten , likeadrum , littletownstreets , longlivethegirlinthedress , losinghimwas , losinhimwasbluee , lovedyouright , loveisforeverfearless , lovespretty , lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak , mosaicbrokenhearts , neverevers , newfoundgrace , nowimhaunted , ofabeautifulnight , ofbeinghonests , okaybutnotfine , oldfavoritesong , oneswift , ourprincesswift , paintmeablueskyswift , pathisreckless , plaidswiftdays

Q-S:  queentaylor , rainyblueskys , redswifty , reminisceneries ,  rightandreal , sadbeautifultragic , sawalightinyou , screamingiminlovewithyou , sixtiesqueen , soundsofineedyou , sparkleswift , speaknowtaylor , standinginfrontofyou , stateofgracely , stateofgraces , stillseeitallinmyhead , sttateofgrace , suggtaylors , sunlightskies , superswift , swifth , swiftlytommo , swiftpick , swiftred , swiftseason , swiftskies , swiftzone13 , swlft 

T-V:  takeawaythepains , talyorswifts , tayalisons , tayllorswifts , taylorsvift , taylorswi13ft , taylorswiftmademefearless , taylorswiftordie13 , tayloswifts , tayswiftaus , tayswizzle , teaswift , tenfeetstall , thatwasasmalltown , thatwhitedress , theangelscity , thearmourfalls , thebeautifulkinds , theblameisonme , thelookonyourface , theothersideofthedoor , thisdaydreamsdangerous , totallyswifted , tswift , tswiftedits , upinlights , vaylorswift 

W-#:  wassheworththismess , wednesdayinacafes , wegotbillstopay , weheartswifties , welovetaylorswift , wishingitwasyouinstead , wishuponaswift , withtherains , wondastruck , wonderingfaiths , wonderinwhywebotherwithlove , wouldtheywriteasongforyou , youpaintmeabluesky , yourlaughisthebestsound , youshouldvebeenhere , 2amwhodoyoulove 


PS. We should follow each other on Instagram if we aren’t already! Mine is @cdiny! I’ll follow you guys back (:

Happy 4th of July, loves! And to those around the rest of the world a very happy Saturday to you; I hope you have an amazing weekend! A little shoutout to my loves who I met 9 months ago today. I adore the fact that we still talk, whether some of us be every day or some when we get a chance to catch up, I’m so thankful that a certain tall blonde brought us all together in the same house she’s at this weekend. It’s killing my feels with good memories; I love you all so much. Thank you for them, Taylor, and for every single person you brought into my life, whether it be that way or any of the other wonderful people I met on here or by other means through you. Love you all so much! youu-took-a-polaroid-of-us andguns anawfulmess almostthefool swiftlyawarrior inthenameofbeingghonest iswearillloveyou we-couldnt-quite-forget but-im-still-trying-to-find-it jtmaster13 amandatoth13 on-swifts-side heldyourheadlikeahero happyfreeconfusedlonelyinthebest watchthelightsgowild13 stephhcsays amanderr11 sugaryswift marc-cast theblameisonme drinkingmaplelattes howyougethegirl staysoutoolate taaylorr94 catcronin wishuponaswift hadabeautifulmagiclovethere loveyou375daysayear

New year, new follow forever. I want to thank everyone who is following me and every person I am following for making tumblr a nice place for me. It feels incredibly good to know that I can come on here whenever I’m sick of my everyday life because you guys will make me feel alright again. Thank you for talking to me, for supporting me, for making me smile, for making my days, for thinking of me, for tagging me in posts, for liking and reblogging my posts, and for everything you all do for me. I have made so many friends so far and I just hope I keep making more this new year. I’m wishing you an incredible, beautiful, unforgettable 2015.

Bolded: my friends and/or favorite blogs.

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h: andiwishyouwoulds, andkissesoncheeks, atthesunsetbabe, bejusttrees, breakburnandends, burritoswifts, butlovinghimwasred, captureitrememberit, chasingfortunes, cloudsandgalaxies, colorsinautumn, creekbedsweturnedup, daerjohn, downthestares, droughtswastheveryworst, faultinourswift, fearlessknightsandfairytales, foundwondrland, gettindowntothisickbeat, hellyeahthatsme, hiswildeyesontheroad, howyougetthegluegunscar.

i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p: j-lawrence, julyninths, juniorjewels, kaleidoscopeofourmemories, kingdomlightsshine, kissinbarsyoufool, knowitslonggone, kodou, lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak, madeyourunand-hide-your-facemakingupforlostlove, mockwingjay, movesthefurniturenashville-s, neverblindme, nevereverlikeever, notalotgoingonathemoment, ofabeautifulnight, ofbeinghonests, ofastarlight, onehandfeel, polaroidofyou.

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Special thanks to taylorswift and tree-paine.

Love you all!! xx

Ps. if I didn’t include you, I’m sorry I probably forgot bc I’m Dory and I’m a mess.

So not too long ago I hit a big goal of mine that I’ve had for a while and so seeing as it is because of all of you that I got here, I thought I’d do a follow forever as a bit of a thank you <3

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Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these in literally FOREVER! I’ve followed a ton of great people recently and I still follow some of  the same blogs that I did 2 or 3 years ago. So, I decided to put this together to show you that I appreciate you and love you so much. Thanks for being amazing blogs and people that I love seeing on my dash! :)

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And of course, my Queen taylorswift