In twelve hours one of my closest and dearest friends, Alexis, will be landing in Edinburgh to begin a week long adventure here in the Land of Scots. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have already booked us an adventure in the Cairngorms National Park this weekend, and other destinations include Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and Balmerino Abbey for the Scottish Snowdrop Festival. 

It makes me so incredibly happy that Alexis took the time and effort to visit me. I am also so proud of her for earning the money to take this trip. She has worked so incredibly hard to fulfill one of her dreams, that being travelling to The Shire (or so we like to call Scotland). I am deeply honored to be her guide as we explore the magic of Scotland together. Let the merry making commence!

I am so very excited. I just learned that one of my closest friends in the entire world, Alexis, has finalized her plans to come visit me in February! The thought of sharing the magic of St. Andrews and all its wee quirks with her, a fellow aficionado of British and Scottish culture, is so wonderful. It has been hard adjusting to a new place without my best friend at my side, so I am so thankful that she has this opportunity to visit. Also, Alexis is the type of friend who would never turn down the prospect of adventure, so she will no doubt contribute to my experience in Scotland by readily agreeing to any wild quest I propose. Onwards! 

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These past couple days have been bitter sweet, since I’ve been so incredibly excited to leave my hometown and explore Scotland, yet I’m also leaving behind some amazing people. While I am interested and happy about the prospect of making new friends, I find myself trying to cling to the old bonds I possess, though such seems like trying to grasp the wind. Today I went on what may be my last adventure (for a while!) with two of my greatest friends, Jeff and Alexis. 

While these two do not hold the trophy for oldest friends, they certainly are very important, and it makes me a wee bit sad to ship off on a wonderful adventure while they stay behind. I want to pack Jeff in my suitcase as my own personal ray of sunshine, since he never fails to make me laugh; and though I feel as if Alexis will be right beside me, ready to explore the castles, coffee shops, and boutiques, a small part of my mind keeps reminding me she won’t. 

I guess the best thing I can say to these two hooligans at the moment is thank you; thank you for accepting my quirks, and joining me in having simple, outlandish fun. I will miss Jeffrey’s goofy antics, allowing me to forget whatever is troubling me and open myself to joy. I will miss the secret language Alexis and I possess, for I feel as though no one will truly know me as well as she. Thank you for making my last few years of childhood unforgettable, whimsical, and exciting. Now I must be brave, and face Scotland without two of my best friends; but I can do it, for I know they’ll be waiting to hear whatever tale I have to tell. 

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This weekend, whilst Alexis is here, we decided to take a trip northwards to Cairngorms National Park. To say it was beautiful is a severe understatement. I have completely fallen in love with the Highlands. I never wanted to leave! 

We spent Saturday hiking all around Braemar, the village we stayed in. There were excellent walking paths all around the hills and valleys. While we didn’t trek all of them, the ones we were fortunate enough to find were absolutely incredible. Exploring the Highlands on foot is honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I think my favorite part, though, was when we reached a particular valley at the end of our path. The world was completely still as we kept company with some old, wispy trees. Never before have I heard silence such as this, but it was the most harmonious and peaceful I have ever felt. 

On Sunday we went for an hour pony trek in Aboyne. My inner six year old was simply weeping with joy at the prospect of traversing the Scottish wilderness on horseback. I miss my horses so much, so the chance to get back in the saddle is beyond words. I honestly cannot fathom the fact that I achieved a childhood dream of mine.