please help a disabled trans boy

hello!! im an autistic, mentally ill, and physically disabled trans boy and i recently ran away from home and im without a phone and money. im looking for a job right now but i really need a phone. if its possible for you to get me whats on my wishlist that would be great but i understand if you cant! i please ask that you reblog if you can tho! thank you for reading!!

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you can check out the list any time at !!! if you have read this far without losing interest, thank you!! if you get me something, tell me so i can thank you and give you a shoutout on my page. much luv. 🖤

Please help your local black trans boy if you can.

If anyone is able to purchase anything medical for me from my wishlist I will be so grateful.
Life is becoming harder for me physically & I financially cannot afford the things that I need to live somewhat comfortably.

I suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - Im prone to dislocations, collapsing, passing out, bruising easily etc. This means I rely on crutches & a wheelchair to get around - some days I can use neither due to exhaustion.

Sleeping is also becoming harder as my hips can have subluxations - as well as my knees, shoulders and ribs.

Today I had a bad spell and my knee dislocated which caused a black out - I don’t remember a lot of what happened except for me screaming & crying for my dad.

If anyone can help I will be forever grateful.


Orphan season has well and truly arrived and more patients are arriving every day!

With so many new arrivals, we are quickly running out of some much-needed supplies. Our Amazon Wishlist is constantly being updated and if anyone wants to help our new arrivals out we are in urgent need of the following:
- Cimicat milk to feed baby bunnies
- Thin paintbrushes to feed orphaned birds
- Teats (both regular and miracle nipples)
- Biolapis and Promodulate
- Colostrum for particularly new babies
- Rehydration support for sick patients

Our Wishlist can be found at the link below. If you can help out with anything then we (both people and patients!) will be extremely grateful!

Thank you :)