A really awesome fan bought me this outfit from my wishlist. Everything but the cardigan, in fact. And I’m in love! This is one if the best dresses I’ve ever worn, and I think it looks amazing on me!

I had a ton of fun with this shoot, even though it was about to rain and I didn’t have a lot of time to pull it off. This will definitely be an outfit featured again!

What do you think about it?

Wishlist 2016 - Prompts!

Technically I’m early, but this week is going to be insane and I have no idea when I’ll next find the time to do this so here goes:

The Wishlist 2016 is herewith officially open for business.

I accept the first 24 prompts given to me, and will write and post all of them between 1st Dec and 24th Dec as Christmas presents to you lovely people.

Da rulz are as follows:

- A prompt needs to contain fandom, pairing, prompt. The vaguer you are, the vaguer your story will be. Be precise. Short is also goo, though.

- It doesn’t matter who you are, or what channel you use to reach me. Prompt is prompt.

- I reserve the right to refuse a prompt if it makes me uncomfortable. However, in seven years running, I’ve never had to pull the MKINYK-card even once. Go Team!

- All stories will be posted on AO3 and linked here this year. May LJ rest in peace.

Why bother, you accept prompts all year anyway?

Well, yes. But I pick and choose from those and I always absolutely fill Wishlist prompts. In a timely manner, too. Also, it’s fun.

Reblog if you would be so kind, get in your prompts if you want to and if anyone feels the need to spread seasonal cheer in the form of their own Wishlist, spread away. The AO3 tag is community:wishlist_fic.

I wish us all a ton of fun, see you in December!

Wishlist: Destiel edition #1
  • Dean and Cas wake up next to each other after a very drunken night. Unsure if they did anything or not. Dean knows for sure they did but lies saying they didn’t to hide his new feelings for Cas. 
  • Dean is completely in love with Cas but has never told him his feelings despite how strong they are. A time comes where every angel is being casted back into heaven for good. Including Cas. The time comes when it’s time to say goodbye. This will be Deans only and last chance to tell Cas how he truly feels. 

  • Dean and Cas at a bar as each others wingman. One of them land up getting jealous and a little possessive when they see the other flirting and getting on good with another girl. They make sure to interrupt every chance possible to hopefully turn the girl away. 

((Part of me wants an Inception AU. Fitz is an architect, Simmons is the chemist or w/e, May and Ward were whatever Tom Hardy’s character was, Coulson is Cobb (bonus points for Loki apparitions)

…it’s been a while since I saw it oops

Fitz’s creations went all kinds of crazy after the brain damage but they’re stabilizing

FitzSimmons get trapped in limbo somehow and have half a century together and when they wake up, they have to try to remember who everyone else is and refuse to not hold hands))

I really wanna play with reembodied verse Third Age Caranthir that struggles to remember that he isn’t exactly a Lord or a Prince anymore

Caranthir that has a now somewhat cooler temper

Caranthir that is filled with rage at the fact that Sauron still lives, who was sent back because the Valar understood that his actions were likely the least heinous of his brothers’

Caranthir who has learned to pour his rage and his emotions into combating the darkness

Caranthir who cannot bear to go to Lindon because it stands where his lands once did

Caranthr who assists with politics and strategy in Imladris, and unintentionally treats Elrond as a nephew of sorts at times (but still respects him as a lord)

Caranthir who absolutely treasures and would give his life for (again) Elladan and Elrohir because they remind him so much of Ambarussa that he actually cries sometimes (in solitude)

Caranthir who finds it hard to meet Eowyn in the eyes yet absolutely reveres her, because Eru be damned, there is so much of Haleth in her he wonders if it really is her in a new body; and perhaps there is a touch of Aredhel in her, too?

Caranthir who feels disgusting around elves like Glorfindel and Erestor, because he knows that they have physically seen what he and his family have done, and he hates himself for it

Caranthir who unintentionally holds the smiths to too-high standards, because both his father, brother, and nephew were the literal best smiths in Arda and nothing else compares

Caranthir who cannot look Thranduil in the eyes because he was directly responsible for his people’s and his home’s destruction

Caranthir who feels physically sick going to the Woodland Realm because of the suffocating caverns that remind him too much of Menegroth

Caranthir who, upon hearing of his nephew’s death and how gruesome it was, he seems calm at first – but then goes on a blind rage for over an hour in his rooms, and when servants enter later, the room is almost destroyed and the furniture is tossed over, and they see the fallen lord passed out on the ground against a wall with skinned and bleeding knuckles, and even some lengths of hair on the ground

Caranthir who gives orcs no mercy, who doesn’t exactly adhere to regime in battles but no one says anything to him because yes, they fear him, but he’s also doing a good job anyways

Caranthir who actually apologizes to Galadriel, to the point of bending to one knee for not just her but her husband as well, for the First Age is behind them now, and he wishes to mend his relationship with his last relative still alive

Caranthir who cannot help but tear up when he sees Glamdring, because he recognizes this sword, he remembers seeing his cousin wield it in the First Age

Caranthir feeling so terrifyingly out of place all the time, and yet, also feeling a peace he had not felt since he was a teen

Just. Third Age Caranthir.

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