Кажется, мне понадобился миллион дублей, чтобы снять наконец-то новое видео, но все-таки это свершилось! Делюсь с вами своими заветными книжными желаниями <3 Что-то заинтересовало из моего списка? Какие книги вы бы хотели купить и прочесть в ближайшее время?

Someone give me a plot where there’s a guy that’s on the police force and there’s this girl who’s like the princess of crime, where her dad let her run part of the mob, which was the family business. And maybe they’re lowkey in love? And they live together and stuff and every morning, before heading to their work, the guy would tell her the leads the police have so she can steer clear of any problems and she tells him where a few smaller crimes or people she decided to ‘fire’ so he can arrest those criminals and get promoted often??

terrible, horrible, unbidden thought:

when castiel returns, he’s overjoyed to see jack. his face goes all soft and he’s so excited to meet him and sam bragged happily in the car about how jack already considers him something of a father so he reaches out -

and jack steps back, heart pounding, a small gasp slipping past his lips.

castiel, hurt, opens his mouth to speak, but jack beats him to it.

“you should stay back,” he says, small and scared. 

but castiel hears what jack isn’t saying. it’s the moment that every parent dreads: jack has learned that he’s dangerous and so he learns to hold himself back, because he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, least of all castiel.

so castiel, understanding, steps forward anyway and gently pulls jack to his chest.

and jack curls against him, so full of love and fear, and brings his arms up around castiel, too.

Wishlist for S13 of Supernatural

- more Donna, she’s such an underrated badass

- angsty Dean because Cas is gone

- More Sam storylines, it feels as if the past 3 seasons the problems have been more focused on Dean

- Sam telling Jack, the nephilim, that he doesn’t have to be bad , that he can be more than what people expect of him .

- A good ole ghost hunt . Just a salt and burn . To remind the veiwers that Sam and Dean are still the hunters that fell in love with in the beginning.

- Dean asking Sam if he misses Eileen .

- Lingering touches in the reunion of Dean and Cas

- Someone finally remembering that Adam is still stuck in that damn cage .

- No Crowley 2.o, without Mark Sheppard the part will not be complete .

- Maybe a couple scenes concerning Gabriel, Even if it’s Earth2!Universe.

- Another French Mistake

- Sam confronting Dean about him binge watching Dr.Sexy

- A actual happy Dean shower scene (preferably after Cas’ return )

- The boys not having to save a damsel in distress and being proud of her when she takes care of herself.

- A transgender Hunter that the boys meet and don’t assume pronouns

- Sam asking Cas what it was like being back at first and Cas replying “I missed him.”

- Some civilian assume that Dean and Cas are a couple like they did back in the beginning with Sam and Dean (no I do not ship wincest ew wtf)