This theory is interesting.

If both the Evil Queen and Regina were masters of the lamp, then a wish for the Evil Queen has to be for Regina too.

Charming’s wish is that “she gets what she deserves”, and the EQ gets something bad, becomes a snake, and Hero Regina gets something “good“…..(I would argue that she deserves better, but I don’t write the show): a penis a love interest.

Thing is, wishes are always twisted. This dude is very different from RH #1, and even if he can’t possibly be worse than him (it’s damn difficult!!) maybe he’s not what Regina needs/wants/deserves.

In that case, if Regina understands it and sends him back to wishland, I’ll be pleased to see Regina, for once, to be the one who takes ONE decision in their relationship! (and this was one of my problems with 0Q).

What do you think @ouathinktank-metacommentary ?

I'm going to start telling people that I appreciate them more because I have been getting so annoyed with people using me lately or having me do them favors and me not getting shit in return. It's been more than one person and it bothers me so much.

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swanjones  asked:

honestly, the only way i can somewhat accept Wishland Emma is with the headcanon that as the EQ made the wish, Emma's behavior was the EQ's interpretation of what Emma would have been like. But REAL Emma thanking Regina for killing her parents and basically for cursing her because that made her the Savior? BULLSHIT. It's like Harry Potter thanking Voldemort for killing his parents because that made him the Chosen One.

Yeah but Emma’s been thanking Regina for abusing her for seasons now - so we just have to accept that that part (unlike so much else this episode) was IN character. It’s a pattern and this is how their friendship is ALWAYS going to be written.

But your thoughts on why Emma was the way she was being a result of EQ making the wish…. I’ll accept that!

And it makes sense that Henry would be there then I guess - if the whole thing is her imagination.And why he would be. Race and heroic despite having had the same sheltered upbringing.

I mean we still have yet to learn how “real” this world is. Did Regina flat out murder a real king and Queen?

Is there a parallel universe where a 13 Henry now has to rule a kingdom because his grandparents were slaughtered and his mom ran away???

There are serious implications from this wish world that will probably never be dealt with. Much like so many other plot holes A&E have created…

Lol now seeing all the shit they got over an episode they can’t really get to agree with their own co-workers, Adam confirms the wishland is indeed a product of the EQ’s twisted wish (so Emma wouldn’t really be that way) and, look I’m sorry if I sound like a petty lil shit but is not enough for me. Because it was never implied on canon, and you just can’t use twitter to clarify your writing every time this one fails. And this maybe be addressed on 6b, but if you need a new episode to fix a previous one, the episode was never good to begin with - like when you need a sequel to fix your first movie, your movie actually failed.

So yeah, I’m a petty lil shit, but when Adam can’t get to an agreement with his own writers (Jane or whoever), his attempt to fix the mess of episode 6x10 was on twitter does not make me happier about how they destroyed Emma’s characterization.

(And btw, remember that it was the real and woke Emma the one who said it was the pain what made her - her, and thanked Regina for murdering the people she thought they were her parents in front of her. Bye.)