We finally have the Gilmore Girls premiere date AND get a new teaser clip.

wishes-and-stars  asked:

I'm looking for a phanfic where Dan and Phil are in the same art class and they're competing for first prize at the art show and they work together on pj's short film (Dan plays a flight attendant) and later Dan gets drunk goes to a convenience store to buy nail polish and runs into Phil? that's as far as I got before I lost the link ☹️😂

anyone know?

An important detail

Three of the flashbacks involving the boys happened around a decade before the current events in the anime.

  • Kinshirou’s and Atsushi’s wish to the stars: 10-11 years before current events
  • Ibushi meeting Kinshirou and Atsushi during his short stay at Binan City: 10-11 years before current events
  • The flashbacks involving Yumoto and his brother: 9-10 years before current events

The two flashbacks that didn’t happen around that time period were:

  • The curry incident (En and Atsushi seemed to be around 12 years old at the time)
  • And maybe that broadcast of Goura as a Battle Lover (seemed to happen during the same time as the curry incident, as Goura definitely looked a bit older than his 14/15 years old self there; he was most likely a third year)

So, all flashbacks in the show so far seem to be set in two periods of time: “10 years ago” or “6 years ago”.

Coincidence? Staff being kinda lazy? More important things at play?
Who knows. I just found it interesting to note.

They say that a wish upon a falling star will be a dream come true. Should the stars come falling down together, all at once and I will still wish that one wish, for your happiness, with or without me.
—  Lukas W. // Upon falling stars