Just a list of all the Asian Horror Movies I Own And Some Korean Movies. OOC of course

Whispering Corridors 1 

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Whispering Corridors 2 : Momento Mori

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Whispering Corridors 3 : Wishing Stairs

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Whispering Corridors 4 : Voice (aka Voice Letters)

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Loner (Woetoli)

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The Ghost of Mae Nak

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Doll Master

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The 3 Extremes

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Ringu 2

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Phone (Pon)

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The Wig (Gabaul)

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And Some NonHorror Movies From Over Seas!

A Little Monk{Dong Sung} ( MY  FAVORITE KOREAN MOVIE!)

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Hearty Paws

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Hearty Paws 2

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Mother ( weirdest korean movie I own..)

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Kim Jongdae//Collision Course Part 3

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Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 4,766

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Sherlock x reader

Description: One cold snowy night you find yourself stuck at Baker Street trying to assist Sherlock with a case. Sherlock and (y/n) constantly bicker and argue, to the point where neither can take it much longer. They get stuck together in the freezing cold for one night, who will crack first.

Warning: Swearing, smut? (okay what am I talking about) definitely smut

“Why do you always push me out of everything?” You yelled, throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. “(Y/n) with stuff like this it’s do or die, you’ll most likely die.” Sherlock said shrugging his shoulders in his dark blue dress shirt. “You’re implying I can’t take care of myself.” You stated leaning on a chair in front of you. Sherlock was controlling and demeaning when it came to everything. He always had to have the last word, and he always had to be right. Even if he was wrong.

“And you’re stating something obvious. When you get anything new give me a ring.” He dismissed you coldly, flipping through a pile of paper work.

“So now you’re pushing me out the door.” You bit your lip feeling the anger grow in your chest. “Well you have fun doing everything on your own Sher, I’m done being cast aside. Hope John still has the time for you, being that he’s married and moved on with his life.” You gave a fake smile and turned out of the apartment. You had left your coat upstairs in the hall but you weren’t going to disrupt your exit. Hearing you make your way down the stairs, Mrs. Hudson came out from her door.

“You’re not leaving are you love? It’s bloody freezing outside. You’ll catch hypothermia.” She worried, reaching out to put a comforting hand on your arm. “I’d rather that then being here with him.” You told her. You bent down to put your shoes on. You hear shuffling from up the stairs but ignored it. When you got yourself put together you turned to Mrs. Hudson and smiled, “Goodnight, I’ll see you soon.” You gave her a kiss on the cheek and braced yourself out into the snowy wind. You hugged yourself as tight as you could and bunched your shirt sleeves in your hands.

Watching you from the cracked door Mrs. Hudson yelled to Sherlock. “Boy, if you don’t bring her back here I’m turning off your heat.”

Sherlock groaned loud enough for Mrs. Hudson to hear. As he looked out his window wondering if losing the heat tonight would be worth it. He knew you probably wouldn’t make it home in this, wondering if you’d turn around or keep going until you passed out. Slipping on his jacket and walking down the stairs, he wished he could have waited to see.

In front of you the street lights seemed much too far apart. The dark between them seemed almost colder, you could barely tell if you were walking in the street or the sidewalk. No cars past you the whole time you were out there. You frantically rubbed your hands together and pressed the momentary warmth to your face. Your throat hurt from the cold, your nose was runny and every breath lingered in the frosty air. The snow landing on your head melted and started to drip down your neck, sending little trembles through your body.

You were getting ready to turn the corner when you heard your name. Sherlock waved to you in the distance, you could hardly see him in the night dressed in his dark trench coat. “Go home.” You yelled to him turning your head away and shuffling your feet faster. Your toes felt stiff in your fabric boots, the tops soaked from the snow you’d been trudging through. “(Y/n!)” He called again but this time you didnt turn around. If the wind picked up a little more you might not have heard him running towards you. He moved silently, only letting out a sigh when he was in arms length of your body.

“Come back to the flat (y/n) it’s too cold for this.” Sherlock said sincerely, following a few steps behind you. “You didn’t care about that before. I bet the only reason why you care now is because Mrs. Hudson put you up to it.” You sneered only slightly glancing behind you. “You won’t make it much longer out here.” He pushed again stopping in his place. You ignored him, walking faster now wanting nothing more than to get home. His voice rang out once more as the distance between you grew.

“You need me.”

You uncrossed your arms and clenched your fists at your side. There he was again, acting like you couldn’t take care of yourself. Making you feel inferior to him time after time.

“I’ve made it this far without you Sherlock. Just let me go home and be alone. I’m sure it would make your night to not have to see me anymore.” You yelled, feeling anger flush your cheeks. A strong wind blew sending your loose hairs across your face. You turned away from the cold tucking your chin to your shoulder, holding your arms across your chest. Sherlock moved closer to you, gripping your arm and talking through clenched teeth. “I did not fucking come out here to have you give me a hard time. Now you can came back with me or die in the cold.”

You wished that he didn’t seem so heartless when he said it. You wished you could convince yourself he cared about your well being. Watching him turn away and perk up his collar you knew he couldn’t have been more serious. The brutal wind ran by your face again, causing cold tears to run down your face.

“Maybe I will.” You said to yourself turning away from him. You had a long walk ahead of you until you got home and without a coat it’d be unbearable but you would not go home with Sherlock. You fumed to keep your mind off of the fact you were freezing. You didnt need Sherlock, you didn’t even like Sherlock. You found yourself wondering why you helped him at all? Why did you go out of your way for a man who couldnt care less about you?

The snow had stopped while you thought through the cold. Another freezing wind came, chilling you straight to your bones. “Holy fuck.” You opened your hands in front of you, they were red from how tightly you’d been clenching them. Your face was raw from the wind and tears streamed from your bothered eyes.

While you stood there examining your red palms and blue fingertips your lip quivered. Your long sleeve was soaked from the snow that fell earlier, your hair was dripping. You were equally far from your house and Sherlocks. Either way, you would probably succumb to the cold before you got to either. You fished your phone of of your back pocket, hands trembling. It took you several attempts to call a cab with your shaky fingers.

You pressed your cold phone to your ear, flinching at the contact. As the several rings dragged out more wind attacked you, going right through your clothes. As you closed your eyes and braced yourself against it an arm snaked around your waist from behind.

“This has gone on long enough don’t you think?” Sherlock asked in your ear. If you hadn’t been so close to becoming an ice cube you would have been angry. As the wind stopped you turned to face him. His cheeks were flushed and his nose was bright red. His curls were tousled in different directions from the wind. “Y-you look like shit.” You laughed quietly hugging yourself. “And your lips are blue. Now that we’re done with the obvious let’s go home.” Sherlock pushed, guiding you by the small of your back to move in front of him. You moved slowly, secretly smiling to yourself as he referred to Baker Street as your home as well.

It only took a few minutes of your slow walking for Sherlock to pull you close and cover you in his trench coat in front of him. A hesitant taxi drove slowly down the road, top light off. “We’ll get a ride the way back.” Sherlock said as he squeezed your shoulders and ran out to the street. “Sher he’s probably not in service.” You called back.

Sherlock flagged the taxi down, smiling back to you as it slowed. He spent a minute arguing with the man, the wind was becoming harsher but you heard Sherlock plea. “My girlfriend’s car broke down and she’s absolutely freezing. We’re still a couple blocks away and I’m worried she won’t make it.” The taxi man hesitantly agreed and Sherlock rushed back over to you and ushered you into the back seat. He asked the man to turn up the heat as you shivered next to him. The man gave you an apologetic look in the mirror and complied. You thanked him with a shaky voice and rubbed your numb hands together. Sherlock reached over and took your hand in his warmer ones, rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.

You felt uncomfortable with the short lived affection, not knowing if it was only a show for the taxi driver or if he was actually trying keep you warm. As you sat in the taxi for the ten minute ride to Baker Street, hand in hand with Sherlock you wished that things could be simple between you too.

He paid the cabbie and thanked him for the favor. Meanwhile you ran to the door and into the warm foyer of the building. Moments later Sherlock came behind you, tapping the snow out of his shoes onto the floor mat. You walked up the stairs shaking out your arms and pulling the wet hairs off your body. Sherlock disappeared into the hallway as you huddled in front of the fireplace. The shower began to run and you heard doors opening and shutting as he moved through the apartment. “I’m running a bath to warm you up, I put towels and dry clothes on the counter.” He said emotionlessly sitting in his chair. You nodded and stood from your spot. “You should probably change too.”

“A simple thank you would suffice.” He said sarcastically, ignoring your suggestion. You took a deep breath walking past him, you got to the bathroom door knowing that you were out of sight. “Thank you Sherlock.”

You missed the slight smile on his face as you went into the bathroom.

You later returned dressed in one of Sherlock’s t-shirts and pajama pants, rolled several times at the legs so you wouldnt trip. You walked into the living room hesitantly, which was only lit by the fireplace. Sherlock had changed and was lounging in a night robe. “Nice to see you’re unfrozen.” He said sarcastically. “Nice to see you’re still an asshole.” You replied quickly, resting into the couch. “Looks like the weather didn’t change either of us.” He remarked.

You rolled your eyes, “Yes, how lovely. Wouldn’t want you to be nice for once.” You tied your hair up in a bun, draping one leg off the side of the couch. Your toes touched the cold floor, which at first didnt bother you. Sherlock pulled out his phone and paid no mind to you almost falling asleep on the sofa across from him.

Eventually Sherlock put out the fire and went into the kitchen to make up some tea. He flicked the kitchen light on, pulling you out of your sleepy daze. As you stretched out your limbs you watched him move around grabbing cups and heating the kettle.

You appeared in the doorway leaning against the wooden frame, “Make enough for two?”

Sherlock sighed and took out a second cup. As he poured the last of it, the kitchen light went out. You reached over to flick it again, getting no response.

“Oh great the power is out.” He groaned in frustration, running his fingers through his hair. “We’re going to freeze. I don’t have enough to restart the fire and the cold will move in quickly.” Sherlock leaned against the counter frustrated. As he reached for the tea beside him you replied. “Well,” you paused, “we could have sex.”

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Sherlock freeze. “How is that even an option?” He asked with a ridiculously bewildered face. You shrugged moving around the living room to collect a blanket. “No power means no heat. Sex would be a simple solution to keep us both warm.” You said simply.

“In order for that to happen, I would have to want you.”

“It’s science, you of all people should understand.” You argued. “I don’t want you either.”

Sherlock chuckled under his breath, “Keep telling yourself that.”

It only took an hour for you two to argue over who’s taking which item to keep warm. You’d have a sweater and a blanket while Sherlock had socks and his robe. “Where am I supposed to sleep idiot? It’s freezing in here!” You yelled at him. Wriggling the cold out of your toes you heard Mrs. Hudson yell from downstairs. “Will you two just sleep in the same bed and be quiet?”

You both felt guilty keeping her up with your bickering, so when Sherlock turned around to retreat to his bedroom you followed. There again you found it hard to get along.

“Stop putting your cold feet on me.” Sherlock said in annoyance, pushing your legs far away from his. “Maybe if you didn’t refuse to let me borrow socks then they wouldn’t be cold enough to bother you.” You said turning your back to him. Sherlock huffed and you felt the bed move slightly. Pulling the blanket up under your chin you heard him say, “Sharing socks is weird. Its just as weird as sharing underwear.”

You rolled your eyes, not that he could see. “Totally different things.” You replied closing your eyes. There were a few minutes of silence between you guys. You sighed in relief that he has given up with fighting for the day. You we’re looking around his room taking in the small details. You were gazing out his window when he spoke again. “Are you still cold?”

“Yes.” You said turning your head to face him. His blue eyes looked back at you, focusing intently on your face. He rolled over your body and began kissing you. Starting at the top of your jaw and trailing down to your collarbones. Your breathing hitched at the sudden action. “What are you doing?” You began sitting up but Sherlock was still leaning over you. “What do you think I’m doing?” He smirked licking his lip. “I know what you’re trying to do, but I dont get why.” You replied looking down his body that was hovering over you. Sherlock leaned down and kissed the spot under your ear. “It’s science. You of all people should understand.” He quoted moving a hand to your hip. “You want me.” He said before returning to your neck. Sprinkling kisses across your skin delicately.

You stayed frozen for a while, trying not to give in to him. You didn’t want to show Sherlock he was right so you took a deep breath pulled yourself together. “You’re wrong.”

Sherlock started moving down your chest kissing the exposed skin above your breast. “I dont want you.” He looked up at you then, hair falling out of your bun, head tilted to one side. “You want me.” As you finished speaking Sherlock pressed his lips to yours. You pressed your body up to meet his, snaking one of your legs around his hips. In a single motion you rolled over, putting Sherlock on his back underneath you. You returned your lips to his, grazing your fingers through his hair. His hands traveled down your side tugging lightly at the elastic of the borrowed pants. You reached with one hand helping him pull them off of you before you snaked your hands underneath his shirt. He pulled apart from you taking his arms out of his robe while you pulled the sweatshirt off over your head. You removed his shirt and sat up, taking in the half naked man before you. His hair was a mess and his lips we’re pulled into a smirk. His eyes looked a sharper blue now that he was grazing over you with lust.

You sat with just your underwear on, and he was left only in his pants. You both caught your breath while you looked over one another. “I dont want this to be science.” You told him, running your hand down his arm. Instead of replying Sherlock tangled a hand in your hair and pulled you back down to him. It was his turn to flip you, resting an elbow above your head to prop himself up while you pulled his pants away. You arched your back to unclasp your bra and Sherlock returned to planting kisses on your neck. As you removed your bra he slipped his thumb into the waist of your panties and pulled them down in one motion. You used one of your feet to remove them the rest of the way becoming naked underneath him.

He looked down you then in the dim light of the bedroom, his ragged breathing forming light puffs of air in the cold room. He watched your face as he lowered himself in you. “It’s not science.” He told you. Arching your back in delight, he started to move inside of you. You wrapped a leg around his waist and returned to his plump lips. You had one hand in his hair and the other digging into a single spot in his back. Sherlock’s hand grabbed onto your hip as he increased his speed. He pulled his lips from yours and began nibbling on your earlobe in between whispering naughty things he’d been wanting to do with you. The bed began squeaking a little, overwhelming you a little bit more. You bit your lip and moaned into Sherlock’s ear, giving him the extra bit he needed to slam into you and bring you to your climax.

As you both brought your breathing back to normal you released your tight grip on Sherlock. He pulled himself out of you and got up from the bed. “You were right.” He admitted smiling. “That should keep us warm for a while.”

Part 4 of the Matt-walking-in-on-andreil thing

**You all wanted it so who am I to say no????**

Matt was walking back to the dorms from a late study group. It was 11pm and he had been up since 5am, and was pretty sure his blood stream had been turned to coffee throughout the day. Honestly, all he wanted now was his bed and his best friend sleep.
Dan was having an all-girls night with Renee and Allison and honestly that was alright with him because as much as he loved her, he just didn’t have the energy for a night together.
It was Friday and the game had been canceled due to the fact the weather was so shitty the Foxes couldn’t fly out; so Andrew’s lot had drove down to Colombia and the upper-class men had divided- the girls to a movie and pampering night, and Matt to his books and the library since he needed all the cramming time he could get before the test on Monday.
His mind was so preoccupied as he crossed the car park to Fox Tower he didn’t he notice Andrew’s Masarati parked in its usual space as he passed by it.
He dragged his heels up the stairs, wishing they would get a fucking elevator already. From its place in his pocket, Matt’s phone chirped as a new text came through. Blinking his sleep-blurred eyes, Matt fished his phone out of his pocket as he plodded along the corridor towards his dorm. The text was from Aaron, quickly followed by one from Nicky, then Kevin.
Aaron: R u busy???
Nicky: Colombia bailed so u want 2 hang out 2nite with us???
Kevin: Not going to Colombia w the cousins and N- l8 nite practice???

Yawning, Matt paused outside his dorm door, texting them back.

To Aaron: yeah sleeping sorry
To Nicky: not 2nite - study group killed me
To Kevin: not 2nite - already dying. 2morrow nite though.

With that, he put his phone in his pocket, reaching for his key and unlocking his door. Only it wouldn’t unlock. It took Matt a few seconds to realise this was because it was already unlocked. As he pushed the door open he didn’t even realise it was the wrong door.
It wasn’t until it was too late his brain caught up and fired all the facts at him.
Andrew’s lot weren’t in Colombia; Andrew’s Masarati was in the carpark; Aaron and Nicky both wanted to hang out with him at the same time and so did Kevin; this wasn’t his dorm.
The beanbags on the floor instead of his couch were the second biggest give away to the fact he was in the wrong room. The biggest give away was the pair on one of those beanbags, the shorter blonde man straddling the redhead.
Matt was frozen. He thought for sure the two would hear him walk in on them for the fourth time that month, and he would quickly get his throat slit. But niether man so much as glanced in his direction.
He watched silently as Andrew and Neil made out on the bean bag, both men only in sweats, two pairs of arm bands discarded by the side of the seat. Matt could see all Neil’s scars and burns; Andrew’s pale pale skin.
Andrew began grinding against Neil, enticing a heavy moan Matt had previously never expected the man to make - the moan he had heard when he had walked in on them blowing had been a different tone and pitch to this one.
It was only when Andrew paused that Matt felt his heart skip into overdrive. He was so dead.
But the blonde man didn’t seem to notice him, instead focused solely on the redhead underneath him.
“Yes or no?” The man asked softly, so much softer than Matt had thought possible of him.
“Yes,” Neil replied, his tone completely wrecked.
With that, Andrew reached down and Matt bit his cheek hard when Andrew’s pale hand disappeared into Neil’s sweats. Neil moaned again, this one deeper, and Andrew kissed it into oblivion.
Unfrozen, Matt tip-toed back over the threshold of the room, pulling the door silently closed as he did.
Almost in a trance, he turned and walked down to his own door. He unlocked it and shut it behind himself, sinking down onto his sofa and staring into space.
On one hand he knew he shouldn’t have seen any of that and he knew beyond a doubt if either man found out, his breaths were limited. But on the other hand he was so, so happy for them - for them both to have found each other and to have such a strong bind and connection when he knew for a fact a year ago niether man had thought or believed in having that with anyone, never mind each other.

And he also knew there was no way he could sleep now after witnessing that.
So he took his phone out and texted the three back;

To Aaron: actually my schedule just freed up - any ideas?
To Nicky: changed my mind - ideas?
To Kevin: actually not dead - want 2 hang out w the cousins??

A minute or so later, the replies came back in.

Aaron: Katlyn says some friends are having a party- or a pub crawl??
Nicky: Katlyns friend is having a party off campus…? Also what changed ur mind???
Kevin: sure

Matt texted back.

To Aaron: party sounds gr8 - where?
To Nicky: sounds fun - want me 2 meet u guys there or on the way? & I don’t want 2 be killed in my sleep
To Kevin: :)

Aaron and Nicky texted him to meet them at the stadium, so he grabbed his keys and hurried out the room, down the corridor and stairs, trying not to pause or step too loudly outside the door next to his.

“So why would you get killed in your sleep if you stayed in your room tonight?” Nicky yelled close to Matt’s ear to be heard over the music in the club. It wasn’t Edens but it was still better than the alternative. Across the room, Kevin was getting drunk and Aaron had disappeared with a giggling Katlyn five minutes ago.
Matt looked over to Nicky at his side in the booth.
“Andrew and Neil!”
“What about them?”
Matt hesitated. “Promise not to rat me out?”
Now Nicky looked interested. “Cross my heart. Funerals are fucking expensive.”
“I walked in on them again because I opened your dorm door instead of mine!”
Nicky choked on his drink.
“You’re a dead man.”
“I know!” Matt shouted with a sigh. Beside him, Nicky patted his shoulder.
“I won’t tell of you don’t.”
Matt smiled over at the dark skinned back liner.