a memory
chalk on a sidewalk
the smell of rain
the sound of peepers
and cicadas
in the air
dancing with all the
lightning bugs
and wishing on
shooting stars
an apple tree
a grassy hill
strawberry sundaes and
Sunday’s shoes
long golden hair
freckles and
baby teeth
rainy days
rubber boots
the sound of thunder was
angels bowling
and counting the seconds
before the strike
forehead kisses
shooting wishes
falling asleep to
muffled train tracks
the whistle blows
the sandman comes
and tomorrow morning is
another world away
goodnight aurora

Here’s to the kids who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone; who spend hours reading random quotes to find the right one; who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot; who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it and whose wish upon a shooting star was wasted on someone that will never care.

I have an extremely important test to take tomorrow, like life changing important, so if you could wish me luck, form a prayer circle, or anything you believe in, I’d be extremely thankful. I’m so stressed out and this test is pretty much ruining my life. Any help I can get would be appreciated. Thanks! -Jess

Airplanes like shooting stars

 "I could really use a wish right now” she whispered as the two lay on the ground, watching the sky. 
“What do you mean?” He replied, slowly turning his head to the girl next to him. “Do you have a wish?” He looked curious, he smile giving him away.
“I do” She shyly replied, counting the fifth airplane they have seen that evening. “But I see no shooting stars. It probably won’t ever happen”

Jongin didn’t forget that day but he didn’t know how to ask his best friend about it. She didn’t tell him there, why would she now, after a few weeks. What was that about? He thought as the warm water of the shower damped his hair, slowly running down his bare skin. I wonder if it’s the same wish as mine. 
He didn’t know about her feelings, she barely talked about your heart. His best friend was shy and somewhat scared that if she opened too much someone might hurt her, and he respected that but sometimes it drove him crazy, as he was madly in love with her. 

“We should wish something, little one” Jongin spoke after minutes of silence, of just the sound of the cars passing by taking their owners back to their homes after a long day. “Don’t you think?” He chuckled, moving his hand closer to yours, just mere inches away from yours.
“How? There’s nothing here to make our wishes come true? No genie, no shooting star, no mermaid..” He couldn’t help himself and laugh a little to that, puzzling her and making her wonder what was on that lively boy’s mind.
He sat up and just stared at the canal in front of them, seeing the reflection of the little white dots on the water’s surface that the lights of the airplanes made. 
“Let’s pretend those airplanes that always fly above, are shooting stars”
“You are crazy Jongin”
“I know” He playfully poked her side. “Now… wish something! Loud and clear so they can hear you up there”
Her cheeks immediately flushed and after some minutes that seemed hours, when Jongin thought she wouldn’t do it, she shouted. “I wish…. I wish my best friend loved me!”
A little bit shocked, but happy, Jongin took her hand and yelled too “And I wish for her to be my girlfriend!”

A/N: I hope the anon that requested this likes it! Sorry it took so long! It was inspired by the song Airplanes by B.O.B ft Hayley Williams. Xo, Admin A~

He loved winter better then summer and got the biggest smile on his face when he got to pull out his fleece sweater. He was always hoping for rain over a sunny day and lightning made his eyes sparkle. He wished on airplanes instead of shooting stars on dark nights. Everything he did was unusual in the best kind of way and maybe that’s why I felt so special when he said he loved me.
—  AF Montesino

anonymous asked:

Can you please do some cute headcanons for Genji, Lucio, and Soldier 76?? Thank you :3

Yeah sure


- Genji sends encouraging texts to his friends every morning.
       “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go
           as long as you don’t stop”

- He is very superstitious. H will make wishes upon shooting stars. He keeps his thumbs in his pockets when he visits a gravejard


- He’s that one person who keeps bringing stray animals home with him

- He can’t stand it when others are sad, he’ll try to cheer them up with music or weird tumblr memes

- He is secretly scared of frogs

Soldier 76:

- He tried to zoom in on instagram

- He LOVES to snuggle but will never initiate in one.

- He’s a terrible cook but will never admit it.
          “ Jack, did you burn these cookies?”
            “It gives them flavour”

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It's not necessarily a family, but I would like to see what you think about Rayquaza?

  • Rayquaza is one of many legendaries that is believed to be one of a kind.
  • It has enormous significance in Hoenn. There is a festival dedicated to its peacekeeping, and the act of wishing upon a shooting star is locally known as “getting Rayquaza’s blessing”. Despite all this, no one has much idea what rayquaza looks like besides ancient testimony, so artistic depiction vary greatly.
  • Rayquaza feeds on water droplets and meteorites in the atmosphere. This adds to Rayquaza’s protective status.
  • There is a famous case of a weather balloon vanishing, believed to be Rayquaza’s doing. It hasn’t happened since; perhaps Rayquaza did not like the taste.
  • In Hoenn myth, it is said that you can hear Rayquaza’s roar from the tops of mountains. Parts of Hoenn also claim thunder is its call (Whereas Kantonians would blame Zapdos)
  • It’s a little harder to breathe around Rayquaza, and its presence may cause your ears to pop. Don’t ask science.
Shooting stars are magical, exquisite
Not that they fulfil your big and sweet and fancy wishes
But in the way that
They give us the courage to dream

Perhaps all we need is faith

And then we won’t need stars

To make our wishes come true

I wished it would of ended differently but there’s no such thing as 11:11 wishes. Don’t trust that blue bubblegum makes wishes come true. Don’t trust that shooting stars will give you anything you desire. Don’t trust it. In fact, don’t trust anything or anyone.
If you want something, you have to get up and go get it. There’s no such thing as fairytales.
Darling, this is reality. This is realistic.
—  @carla2isabella00