wishing you the best bday ever

Starmen ~ Happy birthday to the one and only Peter Capaldi. A man who I admire dearly and that never cease to amaze me. A man who I admire for his incredible talent, humanity and cleverness, always so kind and genuine with people. A man who I am so proud of. A man, an actor, an artist.

Happy birthday Peter, may you have the best day ever surrounded by love, joy and geek presents 💕


Congratulations, @caretaker-au!!!

One year is quite the milestone, and becoming such a huge success in such a small amount of time is somethiing to be proud of.

I’ve been talking to you and following this comic since it started and it was without a doubt the best decision of my life. Nacho, Minty, Ellipsis, you inspired me to put my work out there and work hard at something I’m passionate about. You got me out of a state of inertia I thought to be inescapable. You helped me to stand up for myself, and try my hardest to become a better human being. I’ve only known you and your work for the single year it existed, but you became the most important people I’ve ever known. No amount of silly fancomics and run-of-the-mill humor can help me express how much I am happy to have met you all.

I am eternally grateful, and I wish you the absolute best.

Chop chop cooking up a hotpot ( @squirrelboiii Happy Birthday this is for you :D 💖 )

  • grease lord
  • literally always has an arm around you
  • (probably from the second you met)
  • if he ain’t got an arm around you
  • you can guarantee he’s holding your hand
  • maybe resting on your leg
  • literally never stops touching you
  • constant backhugs when you’re cooking
  • “yuta you know you can like literally sit down ?? like believe it or not you don’t gotta inconvenience me like this when I am cooking?????”
  • and he’s just like “but we both know you love when I inconvenience you : -)))”

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Aaah rolling trough my dash I just discovered that has been @itslulu42 birthday and I couldn’t let pass! She was the first person to ever talk to me here on tumblr and it’s always supporting me, actually she supports everyone! I wish you a happy birthday (probably belated, happiness and a year of realization! Made you a little gift!

Happy birthday to Melissa! @mcbridemelissa 

May every moment of your birthday be the happiest you’ve ever had, and may your happiness spill over to every other day of the year. I wish you all the best things in both personal life and career.

Thank you for exist and making my day a bit brighter always. ❤❤❤

Smile brightly as you always do! 

Request :  Can you do the hyung line for the gf surprising them at work reaction please? ( could you pleaase do maknae line (gif) reacting to you surprising them at their work (like at practice, the studio or backstage etc) on their birthday with a party and cute present when they thought you weren’t even in the country (like you had important work in Europe or sth and ditched it/took a break to come back to Korea to surprise them?)

RapMonster/Namjoon : Ahhh this boy wouldn’t be that surprised tbh because he would have imagined this scenarios a hundred of times tbh, because he knows you so well. But when he would actually see you, like really in front of him he’d be super happy.

“Yah you actually did come *smiles as widely as he can*”

Suga/Yoongi : It would actually take him quite a while to notice you. He’d probably be too busy in his studio, headphones on, working on a new song, even tho it’s his bday, when you’d come in, he would most likely growl in annoyance saying something like “Guys I told you not to come I can’t be disturbed” but when he’d actually turn around and see you, the gif would be his exact reaction, he’d stay like this a bit, processing everything, then he’d just get up and hug the shit out of you

“Y/N you’re here, this is the best present I could ever wish for”

J-Hope/Hoseok : You would surprise him during dance practice, and this would be his exact reaction lmao, lot of screaming, dancing, smiling, and overall a whole lot of happiness because you coming to see him the day of his birthday was the last thing he hoped for and yet you managed to do it. (He’d be even more happy when he’d see the gift in your hands lol)


Jin/Seokjin : Aw baby boy would probably be startled at first when he sees you, but then he’d be like “omg is she really here ?” He would calmly & lovingly greet you with a tight hug and an “I missed you” and he would also not forget to thank you for what you did, coming to see him even tho you were busy and all

“Thank you so much for this Y/N this is the best surprise ever”

Admin K


Happy Birthday Kristi!

Today is your day so it’s time to enjoy your favourite things and feel happy! I wish that life brings you a beautiful surprise for every candle on your bday cake! May your birthday and your life be as wonderful as you are! Have a magical day Jovi Sis *-*

xoxo- Lydia

Happy birthday @keilattes!! You don’t know me but I love you and zeph throwing memes at each other, and since one of your followers basically encouraged sending you phone drawings for your bday, I thought I’d do that too (although I’m not an artist and haven’t actually drawn anything in years). Anyway, enough stupid babbling, I just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever and express my love for your art~


happy bday to our light, lovely boy, genius idol. We wish you the best, we hope you’re having the bestest birthday ever. We wish you love, happiness, health, peace and all the good things you deserve. We love you more than everything. Thank you for always bringing light to our life. You never fail to make us smile. Love u, baby!! ‘ㅅ’

Baekhyun Party: 160506. 

A regular thing

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: No one ever said that out loud, but Steve knows that Tony enjoys being tickled and he is happy to make his boyfriend happy

length: 1 072 words

a/n: this is a fic written in honor of @nhasablog‘s bday, which is today!! send her love and praise and wish her everything the best!! happy bday, my European Sister, hope you like your fic and that your dreams will come true! (on the side note for everyone else, it feels like forever since I wrote a tickle oriented fic, so please be easy on me, I don’t know what I am doing, gah)


A regular thing

If Steve had to name the happiest moment of his life since he woke up in the 21st century, he would without any hesitation say, that it was the day he and Tony started dating. If Steve was surrounded by friends and was asked what was the happiest moment of his life since he woke up in the 21st century, it would be the moment when he and Tony started dating and when he for the first time cuddled Tony close and they had stayed like that for the whole evening, Tony not leaving his arms even for a second, too happy and too content. But, if it was the end of the week, all Avengers things were wrapping up successfully and there were no SHIELD meetings the next and Steve would be sitting on a couch, Tony next to him, snacks on the table and movie playing in the background and everyone was happy and relaxed, and Steve was asked what was the happiest moment of his life since he woke up in the 21st century, he would answer that it was the moment when he and Tony started dating and cuddled together on the couch and Steve found out that Tony was ticklish when he idly scratched brunet’s side and Tony jumped and giggled, curling away. It was a cute, sweet story, and Steve could imagine Tony blushing and grunting something in embarrassment if he ever heard it, but there was more to it, a part Steve decided to save for himself.

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Best Birthday ever

A/N :so.. Chester’s death has ripped a huge hole in my heart and I was so broken, i almost missed @shagufta-katarki’s birthday… and i found out that she wasn’t well and couldn’t really celebrate her bday.. so this one’s for her.

Pairing : Dean x Reader

Warnings : Weechester Dean being fluffy af

word count : around 800 something

thank you @waterlilyshaista for being the amazing beta… i mean seriously, what would i do without you? 

title credits to my birthday girl… Happie Birthday sweets!!!

feedback is super appreciated… also wish my girl @shagufta-katarki a happie birthday please :)

A throng of students hurried through the corridors as the final bell for prayer rang out. No one wanted to be late to their first class. However, a young boy stood right there, sticking out like a sore thumb as he waited for his best friend to come. She was never late.

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I guess you didn’t expect this, did you? But this is your day and whether you want it or not you deserve to be celebrated. You with your unexpected voice notes, your fraily that you do your best to hide, the sweet words you always have for everyone and the war cries you save for whoever makes you or the people you love suffer, you that prepare cookies for other friends when the birthday is yours

You don’t like surprises, I know. But something had to be done. I hope you’ll forgive me and the girls. Remember that you’ll always have a shoulder to cry or to laugh on, whenever you need to… I wish you the best birthday ever @katheryan  💕 💕

villainousfay  asked:

Sorry that I am so late to the party. I didn't know today was your birthday till now. Anyway, happy birthday! Thank you for all the translations you do, for keeping all us fans up to date, and for cracking the codes. This fandom would not be as great as it is without you. Hope you had (and are still having) a very "Villainous" birthday!


I wake up and I’m greeted with your wonderful messages!!! Gosh I am SO happy, this is been by far the best birthday ever!! ;v; I’m used to barely get bday wishes except from my close friends, but this year it has been mind-blowing!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I LOVE YOU. VILLAINOUS FANDOM YOU’RE THE BEST!!

I wouldn’t be as happy if it weren’t for you, guys. <3


happy birthday beautiful Kajol!  ||  5. 08. 1974

Wishing the queen of acting, the one and only Kajol, the happiest bday ever! You deserve the best things in this world. 

Thanks for being a huge inspiration for every woman. Thank you for your work as an actress. Thank you for giving us goosebumps just watching your incredible and immense talent. Thank you so much for being such a good person, with a golden heart. Thank you for your tireless work as a defender of children’s rights. You are not just beautiful on the outside but you’re even more beautiful on the inside. Thank you for teaching us that we all have the duty of loving ourselves.  This world truly needs more people like you. Definitely. Thanks for being so natural. Thanks for your friendliness. Thanks for being an example for everybody. In short, thank you so much for being yourself.

We love you so much, ma’am. Stay blessed and happy always.

Lots and lots and lots of love from Spain <3

comedic-leftover  asked:

My parents forgot my birthday again. Could you make a handymen(including Alex) scenario and what they would do for their s/o's birthday? Thanks! :3

Well, first off, I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Hope this little something cheers you up. Happy Birthday, Sunshine !!  — Admin Vic.

Worick Arcangelo would probably make the biggest fucking deal about it. He’d have known from days and weeks before the actual celebration, has it marked on every calendar and the event even has its own fucking countdown.. He wakes them up that morning with breakfast in bed (which he’d gotten up real early to make…ended up burning the first two batches of pancakes, though), just about the smuggest smile plastered on his face. Wishes them happy birthday every two minutes. He follows it up by dragging shopping for gifts, and usually ends up buying almost everything that catches his or his s/o’s eyes (not that he hasn’t already bought them huge pile at home) and announces very loudly to everyone they meet that it’s his s/o’s birthday and they have to elbow him in the gut for him to shut up. Basically he’ll do anything and everything and spoils his s/o rotten, if not unnecessarily. He’ll even organise a party and shit, invites literally everyone over. And of course, let’s not forget their night-time fun… “You know, [Name], they say the biggest gift one can give another is oneself. So why don’t you have me for tonight?”

One wouldn’t really expect Nicolas Brown to be the type of guy to do something for this s/o’s birthday. I mean, the poor guy can barely remember his own birthday, for fuck’s sake. The day passes excruciatingly slowly for his partner, almost disappointingly even, as the ravenette shows almost no signs of their birthday’s acknowledgement. It’s just like any other day, and by that afternoon, after not having received even a birthday wish, his s/o is irritated to the point of wanting to throw themself into the sun. They’ve been dropping hints about it all day, too! 

But surprisingly, when he finds his s/o sulking alone in a corner, he slides a small, red box over to them. Turns out it contains a necklace (a necklace with the letter ‘N’ on it, to be exact, as he’s a self-centered fuck that wants his s/o reminded of him always…), and he reacts to their surprise with by rolling his eyes and helping them put it on. What? It’s your birthday today, remember? What are you looking so surprised for? When he finds out it’s because they thought he’d forgotten, he shoots them with yet another eye-roll. Of course I hadn’t forgotten, i-diot. I was going to surprise you, but you ended up ruining my plans.

Alex Benedetto seems to have the sweetest way of dealing with things. Not sure if it’s because she’s really into planning out cute little things, or just because she’s a sweetheart in general. It’s lazy day for the both of them, with lots of snuggling in bed until she finally insists they get up (it’ll be past noon by then) and bake a cake together, because ‘homemade cakes are always so much better than store-bought ones’. Things end up a little messy after a flour fight breaks out, so they both end up having to shower. This is where the next surprise lies - Alex had got them a handmade set of soaps (she’s a sucker for everything handmade good shit..). She slips out first, though, and sets about preparing for their actual two-person celebration. Nothing too fancy as the both of them weren’t big fans of crowded parties…just a gigantic teddy and the cakes they’d made that morning, as well as the chocolates she’d made the previous night. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the real present, which had taken her months to make (she plans very far ahead, you see). It’s a book, 150 pages long, handwritten. Each day had it’s own page where she’d write down little notes and reasons as to why she loved them, or just write about them in general (it’s filled with mistakes, though, bc she hadn’t been to school and couldn’t write that well BUT TRIED HER BEST ANYWAYS) and yeah THE BEST, MOST ADORABLE PRESENT EVER HANDS DOWN. And if you were wondering yes, obviously they did the long, sensual frickle frackle that night.


This is part two of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED raid.

The sentimental part.
I’m doing my best to wish you the happiest birthday ever because dear god, @projared, you dang well deserve it. You deserve every chance to smile and feel good about yourself, especially since you’ve done that for me. In the past, you’ve rescued me from my own poor mental health and I fully intend on doing the same thing for you.
I hope you have the best birthday ever, dude. ❤️