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colors of broadway: t u r q u o i s e


(also why is Ryan supposed to be straight, we all know)

This is a post about love

We had a wonderful time in Paris, we were there to meet up with an old friend of ours who lives in California, he was bringing his seven year old daughter for vacation. We also got to see a couple of our friends who used to live in Toulouse and now are making their way in the BIG CITY, and they live just around the corner from each other, literally minutes apart, but they never hang out. We also got the VERY old gang back together: three guys that worked at summer camp with Paul and California friend in the late 90’s (I worked there too, but I started in 2001 so I’m nouvelle génération). One of them tried to surprise us by seeing us off at the bus station but we were running late and actually only got there minutes before the bus left, so he just got to shout au revoir at us as we pulled away. These were all people we’ve known now for ten, fifteen, twenty years, through marriage and divorce and death and kids and jobs and moves, but we’ve been able to maintain a link and that is probably something I feel most proud of.

Also for my birthday Paul gave me a fancy little collar and said we could go to the shelter and get a cat. This may or may not happen (need to check with landlord) but oh man oh man oh man a cat my own cat oh man oh man.

This is dedicated to @casaofjules2.


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