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You know, when I saw the new Murdoc picture this morning I had the slightest inkling that, in the anticipation of the inauguration, they might be building up to making some kind of statement. I disregarded the thought because I didn’t want to assume that the entire world cares about American politics and Gorillaz is typically so overtly political. And then they proved me wrong in both accounts.

I’m still at my internship, so I don’t have time to thoroughly break down all of my thoughts about the single but I do want to comment about the politics. I believe that we need the arts more than ever right now and if I’m being honest, Gorillaz has often not been political enough for me. Yes, some of the lyrics allude to certain topics but they have not always made straightforward statements about specific issues when I wish they had. Releasing this single when they did says so much about their awareness of state of politics today, along with the potentially dire consequences the actions of our elected leaders could have on the majority of the world. It shows a desire to use their platform to stand against the policies touted by the far right and imo, that means SO much.

I challenge anyone questioning the direction Gorillaz seems to be taking with their politics to think about the role politics has played in art and vice versa, especially in the rock and alternative genres. Be it theater, art, film or music, artists have used their voices and creations to document and interpret the state of the world in which they live. This is not a new concept and the result are often powerful and impactful. For rock music, it’s been more important than ever where music is a form of protest and cultivating communities where self-expression is valued. In recent decades, the genre has become increasingly white and male, and for me personally, there has been skepticism in just how intersectional it is able to be. Gorillaz decision to release this single today, to make this statement show me that the creators ARE conscious of these “dark times” (to quote Murdoc) and are willing to embrace some of the tenants of rock/alternative music (and art as a whole) to stand in solidarity with those most vulnerable. I’m happy to see them including themselves in the conversation, and understanding that now is not the time to say nothing. Welcome back, guys 👏.

Chihuahua Problems:
  • Rob and I: *cuddle*
  • Trixie: hello humans. I see you're getting close. I'd like to be close as well. Yes I know I just hid under the table for an hour, hoarding that pizza crust you gave me and growling at you, generally being anti-social, but now I suddenly wish to be a part of this nice little family unit we have going on here. Mom, dad and pooch. Don't mind me, I'll just squeeze in riiiiiight between you- HEY! Hey dad, I see you trying to hold mom's hand! Don't you see me right here needing all of your attention! I have ears that need to be scratched you know. Cute, floppy little ears! NO! DO NOT PUSH ME OFF THE COUCH! YOU CAN KEEP TRYING BUT I'LL JUST KEEP JUMPING BACK UP UNTIL YOU GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR LOVE! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO BE AFFECTIONATE WITHOUT ME!

okay i’m trying so hard not to freak out right now asdfghjkl ;; BUT I’M GOING TO SEE JONGIN.. i mean i’m going to see all members of EXO, BUT I’M GOING TO SEE JONGIN!!!

kaimint and i just bought the global package for singapore yesterday and booked our flights today and aaaaah everything still feels so unreal, like i totally can’t believe it yet. it still seems to be so far away but there are only like two months left and asdfghjkl ;; after four years and several fails to get a glimpse of him it finally is going to happen!

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So, I had to go back to the hospital again. This time because the new meds were making it impossible to keep food down. Nolan was right by my side but this time and not as a kind nurse, but as my boyfriend. It's been a long day of tests and doctors but Nolan drove me home and made me broth to drink since my stomach's been so upset. He's currently asleep with his head on my lap while watching Netflix. I can't remember a time I was this happy with my life. He's all I've ever wanted. -N&N

I cannot words right now, so gifs it is:

I am so incredibly happy for you, Nonnie. Both of you. I just wish you all the good things and the happiness in the world, you deserve it. I’m mentally hugging both of you right now and aaaahh, this is so amazing I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUU

P.S. I hope you feel loads better soon. Keep me posted on how you’re doing, okay? <3

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Well it's official, Danielle and Louis broke up. The sun had the exclusive. Larries are celebrating and it's making me sick to my stomach. This girl was by Louis' side for the toughest year of his life. She was with his siblings all the time. She was there when Jay passed. And like the fact that they broke up so soon after something so terrible happened to Louis makes me hurt for him. That he doesn't have that support right now. They are so evil for celebrating this. Fucking monsters.

Yeah, I saw. I’m glad he looks to be in good spirits, which is all I ever want for him.

As for the rest, what else do they have? They begged for Hannah back, then Eleanor. They’ll be wishing for the Danielle days inside of 2017.

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Okay so when Obama first ran for president I was really little and I met him and asked if he would adopt me, and he said, "wish I could cutie" and now well that was the highlight of my life right there

I want him to adopt me

It’s That Easy (hulkeye)

@rpepperpotshipssciencebros asked for Bruce and Clint and fluff several days ago. I hope you like it!

Clint throws the rubber ball, leans back on his lab stool, and says, “We should go on a date.”

Bruce does not drop the vial of chemicals he’s holding and cause a spectacular explosion, but it’s a near thing. He turns in time to see Clint catch the ball again. “What?” he asks. He really needs to make sure he’s hearing things right.

“A date. You and me. Tonight,” Clint says, and flicks the ball across the room again.

“Bruce tries not to react to the ball bouncing off the corners of various things, but it’s habit by now. “I really wish you wouldn’t throw that in here,” he says. Again.

“Bruce, what part of ‘I never miss’ did you miss?” Clint counters with a smirk that is way more adorable than it should be.

Bruce sighs. “I know. It just violates so many lab rules that it makes me nervous.”

Clint catches the ball and holds it this time. “Sooooo,” he says, staring at the ball in his hand.

Bruce watches Clint and marvels again at the way he just slipped into the corners of Bruce’s life. Bruce had built his safety around no one being able to get too close. He thought he’d sealed all the opening to himself, to his life, but here sat Clint Barton in a faded purple t-shirt and torn blue jeans throwing a ball around his lab and asking him on a date. “Okay,” Bruce says, and something about agreeing to a date with Clint makes his breath hitch with excitement.

The crooked, wide, sparkling smile that breaks across Clint’s face takes Bruce’s breath away again, and finds himself grinning back.

“Okay,” Clint repeats, and after a moment adds, “Really? It’s that easy?”

Bruce laughs. Everything about Clint is easy for Bruce – that’s how he’s so different. It was easy to defeat some of his own guilt by trying to help Natasha take care of Clint in that first, awful month after Loki by cooking for Clint and making sure he stayed healthy in the midst of his crippling depression. It was easy to go through the entire new “Cosmos” series on the couch with Clint in that second month, while Clint emerged slowly back into the world. It was easy to go play Skeeball  at Coney Island if Clint was going on the team outings, his calloused hand at the small of Bruce’s back when crowds got too close, his goofy laugh when Bruce would fail to get any points at the carnival games they’d play, his quiet ‘this place checks out safe’ after they’d find their way to a bar at the end of the outing.

Then, in the months after that, Clint was easy to open his apartment door to in the middle of the night, Clint’s shaky voice and self-deprecating shrug telling Bruce that he needed a quiet spot to be for a bit. It was easy when Clint started slipping into his lab with his silly pink rubber ball.

“Everything is easy with you,” Bruce says, surprising even himself, and he steps close to Clint and smiles.

Clint stands and pulls him close, his kaleidoscope eyes dancing in the bright lights of the lab. “Everything?” he asks softly, and he leans in, but hesitates.

Bruce closes the space between them, and presses a soft kiss to Clint’s warm, dry lips. “Everything,” he replies. “Let’s go on a date.”

Clint looks like a kid getting an unexpected present, and leans in again, this time pulling Bruce close and fisting the lapels of his lab coat as he kisses him. It feels to Bruce like the quiet afternoon rain on a mountain in Thailand, fresh and sweet and relaxing. When Bruce finally pulls back, they’re both out of breath.

“Okay,” Clint says, his voice airy and thin. “A date. Um, can you wear that hot as fuck yellow button down?” After a pause he adds a desperate-sounding “Please?”

Bruce grins. “Sure. That’s easy.”

And it is, because everything about Clint is easy, and so is, apparently, doing everything Bruce can do to please him. Besides, Clint wears tight grey jeans and a powder-blue button down that makes Bruce’s mouth go dry at the sight of it against Clint’s tanned skin, and peeling him out of it after the date is easy, too.

the most stressful thing is that some ppl are disappointed in ppl who are not conspiring and some ppl are mad at ppl who are still conspiring so chunks of my dash are really tense… and i truly just want everybody to get along and for this not to cause any sort of chasm in our community bc however the show’s got us feeling right now we’re going through a lot and i just want us to all have each other’s backs. and i understand having to distance yourself from seeing certain things right now because we’re feeling vulnerable, i do think we each have to prioritize our own mental health. i just wish this didnt happen & wish it wasn’t causing my friends to get upset with each other

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Star sign: Pisces ♓️

Height: 5'5 i think.

Time right now: 7:11pm

Last thing googled: Idk probably some weird shit.

Favorite music artist(s): Jhené Aiko 💕

Last TV show watched: The news tbh

What am I wearing right now: Leggings and a hoodie

When did I create my blog: This is my second one but ik the first one was made years ago.

Do I get asks regularly: I wish lmao

Why did I choose my URL: Cause I miss my home planet 🙃🙄

Gender: Female

Pokemon team: Idk I only played for like a day.

Favorite color: Green

Hours of sleep: Lately 3 at the most.

Lucky number: None at this point lmfao

Favorite characters: Yoshiiiii 💚

How many blankets I sleep with: Two, end up kicking one off sometimes.

Dream job(s): Astronaut, Interior Designer, Actress, Singer, Writer, Director, Artist, Photographer, Phychologist, Someones fashion consultant cause I love fashion.

10 Blogs I tag (going to try and put ten, i don’t talk to many people on here 😭): @chinkyeyeblackgirl @decayful @1-800-guwop @cvrolyn @cashii @kenny-klock @johnlenen @triniprince9 @niftyshadesofbae @member-youmember

ohhh shit i got 10 tho didn’t think i’s get this far 😅💀

I think, what some reboot fans are experiencing right now is very similar to the way we, fans of the previous TR universe, felt when everything crumbled under our nose and the story we loved came to an abrupt end.

And it could serve as a lesson, maybe not to be su fucking condescending everytime someone laments on how much they miss old Lara or wishes for an AOD continuation. Cause you know, now you understand how it feels like, partly.

Not every reboot fan though.

I’ve meet many who were able to empathize and vice-versa of course. I’m talking about those people who bash classic Lara and tell off anyone who disagrees with rebooting the character because “at least now she’s human and better, not that bitter overly-sexualised ice queen. You better deal with it. I’m glad CD doesn’t listens to fans. Things have changed for the better now” or other useless remarks that do nothing but further fuel up our rage.

Have you ever felt so disheartened with changes applied to the series? Yes, we too.

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You're giving these anons a platform to spread their hate for what they call "the other side". Here is no other side!! There are pple who are Gillovny who accept she's with Peter. there are pple who are Gillovny who don't accept it. I used to be your biggest fan but I'm going to have to unfollow. You are creating discourse where there doesn't have to be. Stop being a right fighter. It's tiresome.

I haven’t started any fight, anon, and I’m really sorry if you don’t feel comfortable reading my blog right now. I had to unfollow people and bloggers I liked because they’d become too disrespectful for my taste. If you don’t feel like there’s two sides in this fandom, that’s great, and I’m jealous. I wish we could go back when things were more peaceful, but at this point, there’s nothing I can do to smooth things. I don’t feel like I’m bullying, insulting or fighting anyone. I do my thing. I keep my blog open for discussion like I’ve always done. It seems like there are some people who aren’t pleased with that, but I’m not gonna change anything. Sorry :)
If you really feel bad about this “two side thing”, may I suggest you go ask the bloggers who are actually creating a split in the fandom by their behavior?

fun bi things: having said you have a boyfriend almost a year ago and people assume you’re gay, and now you have a girlfriend and people are really confused because you were gay, right? it must be a phase!

for real there’s one girl in my class who’s horribly convinced of the fact that i’m 100% gay and often comments on me doing stuff, saying “god, that’s so gay! but i can’t say that, now can i?” in a mocking way while winking and i’m just like. sure honey whatever you fucking wish 

and this is the same girl who thought i was mtf trans because i wore “girly” boots

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A - Age: 19
B - Biggest fear: being alone/not keeping in touch with people who i consider familly to me
C - Current time: 7:00 pm
D - Drink you last had: Pepsi
E - Every day starts with: checking Tumblr/text messages
F - Favourite song: atm False Prophets by J. Cole
G - Ghosts, are they real: i see one in my peripheral right now lol maybe
I - In love with: any guy with a beard (Rob Ninkovich, Ryan Kesler, Julian Edelman to name a few; if the beard’s nice, I’m gonna love that person haha)
K - Killed someone: nope
L - Last time you cried: uhh it’s been about a month
M - Middle name: Nicole
N - Number of siblings: it’s just me, myself and I
O - One wish: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. getting his fifth Super Bowl ring (also i wish for my skin to clear up and to find my future bae/husband)
P - Person you last called/texted: my mom/a friend of mine
Q - Questions you are always asked: Too many to keep track of oops
R - Reasons to smile: Auston Matthews/the entire Patriots roster/ my eight hockey sons
S - Song last sang: Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Freestyle ayeee
T - Time you woke up: 9:00
U - Underwear color: Purple
V - Vacation destination: Hawaii
W - Worst habit: my inability to finish ONE STORY I’m writing
X - X-Rays you’ve had: one on my arm when i was like four or five because I fell on it prreeety bad
Y - Your favorite food: Hamburgers or pizza
Z - Zodiac sign: Scorpio af

imma tag @steveyzermans @fresh-as-lettuce @masturfaded @benjamingeza @the—drifter @fangirlingisloud @preciouspatriots and anyone else who wants to do this!

Late night thoughts:
I wish I could be financially stable. Ideally, I would have my own car, with a right paying job, a stable work out/diet routine, and I would be doing the thing I love the most (whatever that is). Instead of being where I want to be in life; I am an almost 24 year old struggling with a broken down car, no transportation to school, and a low paying rotating job at Target. Despite all the struggles that I am facing right now, there are some good news in my life. I was able to register for the right classes for school and I will shortly be certified as a Starbucks barista. I just hope that in the end, my hard work pays off and that I somehow reach my main goals in life.

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Do you ever wish that you had a reset button?

Sometimes, unfortunately. There are a lot of things that I wish I hadn’t done, scenarios that I could have handled better.

But on the same token, what’s done is done, and I feel that if I didn’t have those experiences I wouldn’t be who I am right now. In the grand scheme of things, those problems will seem minimal. You have to have low points so you can rise to reach the high ones, if that makes sense. Your mistakes don’t define you, but what you DO about it does. I guess I just have to learn to forgive myself more.