wishing i was loved

after one of the songs that taylor played for us, everybody went silent and taylor spoke mostly to herself for a second like “okayyy what else can I tell you about this song” and I answered “well, the fact that it’s going to win a Grammy” and Taylor laughed and everyone was like “YEAH TRUE” and Taylor replied to me saying “I like that! I love your wishful thinking. I really like that” and it makes me smile every time I think about it

Happy Birthday Carrie Fisher!

thank you for sharing you and your beloved space pup’s lives with us .. we miss you to the moon and back…

#GaryFisher thank you for being all of our emotional support dog, buddy, we miss your mom every single starry night <3

I hate talking on the phone. I don’t like making phone calls, I don’t like picking up phone calls, I don’t like checking voice mails. I don’t like any of it. 

But since I’ve met you, all of a sudden, I can spend hours on the phone with you. I don’t mind waiting for you to be finished work and call me up. At the same time, I’m trying my best to settle my racing heart waiting for your call. I love the sound of my heart pounding inside my body when your face shows up with an incoming call. I love listening to you speak in the break of dawn, during the day, before bed, and when you make those 3 am calls. I love the feeling you give me when you tell me you love me. I love it traveling down my neck, through my torso, between my legs, and down to my toes, while a storm begins to brew in my heart.

Since I’ve met you, all of a sudden, I wanna call you up and tell you about my day. I want to tell you where I have been, what I’m doing, how I’m feeling. I want to tell you what I’m wearing, the drama at work, the song I’m listening to. I want to tell you to watch this hilarious video I watched on YouTube and I want to stay on the line to listen to the magic in your laughter. I wanna make those 4 am phone calls and tell you how much I love you and how you make my heart race with the sound of your voice. I wanna tell you that you helped me find happiness within myself and made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanna tell you how much I want you and eventually, I wanna ask you to spend the rest of our lives together, hoping you would say yes.

- you helped me forget the sound of my own voice and filled the void with the magic in yours. 

It’s time for a ‘it’s Sunday, post part of one of your WIPs’ post. 

Started rewriting this one recently, it’s a Wild Child AU and set at a girls’ boarding school. 


Louis’s skirt was the one she’d worn to her old school. It covered her bum and a bit of her thighs and she had to be careful not to bend over unless she wanted to show her knickers off. She’d put a pair of tights on, just like the Abbey Mount dress code told her to, but she hadn’t bothered tucking her shirt in. Her tie was mostly tied, since the fashion at her old school had been to wear the knot loose, but when it came to the blazer, it was exactly how it should be. It was her one nod at fitting in.

She’d wanted new shoes to wear, but her grandparents’ support and contribution had rather stopped at school fees, and it had been left up to Louis’s mum to plug the rest of the gaps. As such, Louis was still wearing the scuffed heeled lace ups she’d been wearing since finding them in the sale at Schuh last Christmas.

All in all, this was at least 50% smarter than at her attempts at the uniform in her old school.

“You’re not wearing that,” Liam said, once she’d finally noticed what Louis was wearing. Liam and Niall and Zayn were all wearing the full regulation uniform, including grey pleated skirt at regulation length. Louis’s skirt was black and stretchy, just how she liked it. “Your skirt’s way too short. And the wrong colour.”

“I absolutely am wearing this,” Louis said, hiking her skirt up another half an inch just to piss Miss Goody-Two-Shoes off. “That’s better. Bit too long before.”

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me: a bts blog,,, who is also a carat

also me: reblogs something seventeen related

aLSO me: feels obligated to immediately reblog about 5 things bts related out of fear of people unfollowing/ not liking my content

me, in my head: this blog is for the content i love and appreciate and want to see that i want to share with others who also happen to love and appreciate the same things. this blog and the people i blog about makes me happy. why should i modify my happy things to please others i just want to love them


dangerousdeliciousshipper  asked:

Hi. I know you're a bit of a wiccan witch (pardon me if it's not the term, I'm still a baby witch...) and I wanted to learn how to use sigils, if you know. How to activate them? Is there any ritual? Do I necessarily have to use an altar? Or just carry a bit of paper with the sigil on it? Thank you for your answer 😘

((OOC: Hey babe! I am so glad that you’re starting to go on a witchy journey, and I wish you the best of luck with it, and you are welcome to message me with questions, but I’ve decided that this is one area I’m not going to advise on, on a wider scale. It’s so great to ask questions, and I fully support you in doing so, but I am a brand new baby myself, and my spiritual journey draws purely on my own experiences. I’ve offered advice on things like altars in the past, and it often turns into a debate about set-up and what elements make up an altar, and then I get a bunch of asks about it that I feel obligated to respond to, because this is an important subject. And that’s tons of fun, but it’s not really what I want my blog to be about. If it helps, I follow both @witchy-woman and @breelandwalker, and they are both really knowledgeable and wonderful! And I also follow Molly Roberts-Her Speak on Youtube, she’s incredibly lovely. I’d turn to them for advice, give their blogs/pages a gander. And if you want to talk to me about this stuff, you can absolutely talk to me about it! I just ask that you message me through the messenger, rather than sending in asks.  :} ))

So I made the mistake...

…of image-googling “rough coated greyhound” to get some pics of Dog!Kay, and I am now a puddle of emotions.  All the lovely shaggy doggies!  All the bright doggy eyes and wet doggy noses and perked-up doggy ears!    They’re all so gorgeous OMG!  Aaahhhh…


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel