wishing i had friends to be able to do this

Fun fact:

I am extremely good at getting people to like each other and become BF/GF, but I seem to be incapable of getting or keeping a relationship.

I get friend-zoned every single time.

There are drawbacks to being a low-key thoughtful young man in this short-term hookup dating culture here in the U.S.A.

While I do enjoy being trusted by so many girls my age and being able to help them with things, it’s kinda frustrating to hear them tell me, “I wish I had a boyfriend like you…”

Like really? I’m standing right here.

soft emoji asks

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

🌿  - what place do you wish you where right now? why?

💫  - what’s the feeling of one emotion that you’ve never been able to label?

🌷  - what are some physical traits you are attracted to?

💐  - what are some personality traits you are attracted to?

📺  - describe a picture you’ve had in your head and wanted to take. 

👼🏼  - what is your ideal friend like?

🌙  - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?

☁️  - what colour does one of your idols remind you of?

💞  - what does love feel like to you?

🍃  - what’s one thing that you regret never saying?

🐰  - what’s one of your favourite childhood memories?

 - what normally happens in your dreams?

☕️  - who makes you feel warm and cozy?

🌟  - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?


Question: How you were able to learn and improve your freestyle rap skills

Lin: …When I was in high school, I was too shy to do it. I had friends in high school who were really good at it and I was the beatboxing kid.

Remembrance Day

I had a neighbour where I lived briefly who served in ww2 and one night outside I walked in on him having a convo with my friends dad. I stood there for about an hour just listing to a few stories he had about the war. He said he had only recently been able to talk to it with his children and grandchildren , that it had taken this long for him to be able to open up about it. He talked about how you couldnt see with the dirt thrown up from the blasts , how the bombs would drop on you out of no where and various places he would have to hide. He talked about how he had a close friend who ended up dying beside him , how terrible it was but how the world works strangely sometimes because after he met his wife he found out that the man had been her brother. I wish I had remembered the details more , i wish I had remembered our neighbours name - but I do want to remember that I had that talk with him and listened to his experiences…even if i cant recall it that well . All we need to do is take those moments to listen to eachother and remember the best we can 

fuckboy (Hoseok)

Words: 3816

Contents: fluff/cursing

Summary: He looked it. He acted it. He spoke like it. Yet with you, he was nothing like it.

pt 1/?

gif posted by: hobijana

“He’s staring right at you, Y/N.”

You bit at your bottom lip in an attempt to refrain from looking over your shoulder at the guy your friends were talking about. According to Ava, from the second you had stepped into the club this stranger hadn’t been able to take his eyes off you.

“I don’t even know what he looks like,” you huffed, grabbing at the straw in your drink with your tongue.

“A fuckboy, a really attractive fuckboy,” Ava responded, her eyes looking right past you. “I wish I had this boy looking at me like that.”

“Do you wanna trade places?” You offered as you set your glass back onto the bars’ counter. “I feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh trust me, I wish I could,” she grinned, her eyes finally meeting yours. “Don’t worry about it though, there’s a whole bunch of girls around him so he’s bound to look away at some point.”

A smile slid up onto your lips but didn’t quite reach your eyes. “Here’s hoping.”

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Hey can you do a peter x reader where the reader is super shy and she wears glasses but she has the powers of superwoman and fights crime and goes to the same school btw I looooooooooovvvvvvveeeee your writing 💖

A/N: Glasses are cool. I’ve got glasses. Not fond of the rain/glasses combo, by hey, contacts are A PAIN IN THE BEHIND TO GET OUT AND I HATE ROUTINES SO. Yeah. Glasses work better for me. This was also pretty cute to write. I hope you like it!!!

You wished you could stay in the suit forever, feeling free and able to do whatever you wanted. Unfortunately, the mask must come off and the glasses must go back on. High school sucks, especially when you’re a stressed out superhero.

You walked home with Peter after school. Living in the same apartment building had its perks, such as being around your best friend all the time. That day, though, you wanted to just shut yourself inside your room and just sleep.

The clouds encouraged the idea, especially if sleeping involved a cozy blanket. The falling rain had an annoying habit of hitting your glasses, leaving water marks where the rain hit. Peter’s umbrella broke earlier that morning when it was extremely windy, so you were left walking in the rain, slowly becoming soaked. Flying to California suddenly seemed like a really good idea. If only your mom knew about your powers and would let you do that.

“I could use some hot chocolate right about now,” Peter said, stopping outside Starbucks. He knew of your distaste for coffee.

You shrugged. The clouds encouraged hot chocolate, too.

Peter ordered your white white hot chocolate with caramel and was merciful with the drink that he got, choosing not to make you suffer the smell of coffee. As you left, you pulled out a few dollars to pay him back. He flatly refused. “I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I made a lady pay on a date, now, would I?”

The two of you blushed. You had been on one date the month before, having admitting that you like each other, but nothing had been done after that. You were content to just hang out, playing video games at your place and sitting near each other.

“I guess not,” you laughed.

“There is one thing I would accept as payment.”

“And what’s that?”

“A kiss.”

You stopped walking and just looked at him. He looked back at you nervously.

“You want me to kiss you?” you asked, a slight tremor in your voice. You had never kissed him before.

Peter rolled his eyes. He held his hand out. When you grasped it, he pulled you towards him and planted his lips firmly on yours. He tasted like hot chocolate and salted caramel and his lips were soft against yours.

“I broke the rule,” he said when he pulled back.

“What rule?”

“Don’t kiss a lady until your third date.”

“I’m strangely okay with that.” You then stood on your toes to kiss him.

Things I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year of Uni

Academic Tips

“You are responsible for your own learning.”

1. Always do your work when you get it and don’t wait until the last minute. Waiting until the last minute to get work done will sometimes allow you to still get things done by their due date but it leaves little room for studying and reviewing between then and in the end will hurt you on exams. 

2. Work alone. The best way to learn new material is to do it on your own and struggle through and figure it out ON YOUR OWN. I wish someone had told me this because I really struggled to catch up in classes this past semester because I would do my homework with friends instead of learning how to do things on my own and it hurt me a lot on exams. 

3. Find friends you can study with.You want to be able to be productive if you choose to do a study session. Studying with friends might be okay if you work well together but chances are you’ll get distracted. Find people you work well with to study because you tend to learn more that way. For me, that was people I met in class and at office hours.

4. Please oh, please use office hours This is such a big one that freshman don’t use until the last minute. These are your best bet for getting questions answered if you didn’t understand something in lecture, on your homework, etc. Plus, getting to know your prof is very important because they tend to be more helpful if they see you are working hard in their class and they give good letters of recommendation if you make a good impression on them. If you can’t make their office hours, email them or set up an appointment. It’s very important to have good communication. 

5. Sit in the front and ask questions Be the nerd of the lecture by sitting in the front and don’t be afraid to ask a question. However, if its a question that requires a lengthy answer, save it for office hours so you don’t the lecture behind schedule. 

6. BUY AND READ THE DARN TEXTBOOK So many people tell you not to buy the textbook if you don’t truly need it for assignments but that is so wrong. You will always need the textbook if it is in the syllabus. Period. Read the chapters BEFORE lecture and review it afterward if material still doesn’t make sense. You will learn so much more and remember so much more in a faster time period than if you don’t read it at all. The book is also extremely important for covering details that won’t be covered in lecture.

Social Life 

1. Meet new and DIFFERENT people instead of people like yourself. These people will show you so many cool new things that you’ll never experience otherwise. Meeting new and different people can be challenging and uncomfortable at first if you’re shy like me but it will make your college experience much more worth it. 

 2. Join clubs but not too many. Take part in activities and clubs that you enjoy but be careful not to overload yourself. Freshman year you should start off by just trying a few clubs here and there just to see what you like before committing to a lot of anything.

3. Don’t be afraid to say no to alcohol, drugs, and even hanging out. College students say “You do you” and they really mean it. You don’t have to feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do and no one will judge you for that. If you find “friends” who do judge you, make some new friends. Also, remember that school comes first so if you have a large project to do and your friends want to go out, its ok to say no. Your friends should understand that in college, you really need to get stuff done and that schedule can be different than theirs.

 4. Be okay with being alone but completely surrounded by people. You are almost guaranteed to different schedules than your friends so you’ll learn that you’ll often be eating or doing school work alone. This is perfectly normal! Learn to like it because it’s nice to do things on your own. You may feel lonely sometimes but you’re also always surrounded by people. It’s hard to find actual privacy in college especially when you live in the dorms and share a room with a roommate. It will be strange at first but you’ll find the right balance of being along and being with people over time. 

Roommates and Dorms 

1. “A clean room is a clean mind.” Keeping a clean room will help you to study because you’ll be able to easily find everything you need instead of digging through piles of clothes and other belongings. Dorm rooms are also very small so putting things in their rightful storage places is essential for keeping a tidy room.

2. Study outside of your room as much as you can. If you’re like me, you can distract yourself easily especially when you don’t want to do something (like study). By getting the majority of your work done in the library or somewhere else on campus other than your room, you have less options to distract yourself whereas in your room, you have all your stuff to pick up and lose hours of study time with. 

3. Be straightforward with your roommate. If your roommate is doing something that bothers you, tell them clearly right away (politely). Otherwise, they’ll never know and continue to do what is bothering you. In order to avoid arguments, tell them right away very nicely and they should stop. It might be their room too, but you need to make sure that you’re happy as well. 

I hope this was helpful. This is only SOME of the tips I could think of for right now but I have tons more tips and advice that I love to share. If you have any questions about these tips or want to know more, feel free to ask. 

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Sorry to hear about all the art theft. I have some friends that dealed with that a few years back, they made massive watermarks and put them right in the middle of their pieces so people wouldn't steal their art. I wish you the best of luck in dealing with all of it. =( hopefully someday people will get it through their thick skulls that art theft is not ok

Yeahhhh I’m sorry they had to deal with that, unfortunately most artists do >.<; My watermarks are getting bigger and bigger but I really hope I can keep them from interfering with my art aesthetic too much. I might not be able to do anything about that for comics though >.<;

the list of things that made my life better and happened because of Taylor is ENDLESS!

I met the most amazing group of german swifties and I really don’t know where I would be right now without them. I made so many incredible new friends in general from all over the world which is just AMAZING. she brought @redswiftie13 into my life and WOAH I will never ever be able to thank her for that.
the red concert in Berlin was my very first concert and I am so happy that it was a Taylor one! I also had the best time at the 1989 tour in Cologne and met so many of my online friends there. I wish I could go back!

she also made me go out of my comfort zone by inspiring me to do new stuff without caring what other people think. now I love wearing red lipstick on a daily basis and even when a girl tells me that “the colour doesn’t suit me”, as long as I’m loving it and feel comfortable, I’m going to wear it! i also had the courage to do something completely new with my hair by cutting it a bit shorter two years ago and dying it dark brown this year like i wanted to for such a long time. Taylor made me more comfortable in my own body.

She taught me that it’s more important to be happy than cool, to dance at a concert like no one is watching because that’s what concert are there for, to not judge myself by the mistakes I make because that’s life and it’s never too late to be brandnew, to use my words for good and just to be proud of who I am because there is only one me and that is my power!

So thank you @taylorswift thank you for all that and much more. I hope you’re going to have the most amazing birthday. I wish I could give you more than just this little text because you deserve everything good and all the happiness. The one thing I can give you and already have been giving you for the last almost 5 years is my unconditional love and support.

I love you SO much - Nina

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How did people find out the identities of all the nameless ghouls? Papa was easy to identify with the ears and the evil fans who take pictures of him when he's at a hotel or something and alpha makes sense with his hand tattoo, but what about the other ghouls? How can people be sure?

I do not know to be honest. I knew Omega and Alpha for sure because of their past projects. My friend had to point out who the rest were after a show but i still didn’t remember their names immediately 😂. People somehow identified the new Water ghuleh after a day or two which blew my mind. I wish i had a better answer for you but i was able to verify just by meeting them

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I wish you had more time to spend online because you're really great and it would be fun to be able to interact with you more 😫

Originally posted by aisuro


 Asgfdhgfjg I wish I could, my grey bespectacled friend! If I spent more time here than I already do I wouldn’t make my Monday deadline very often because I am so effing s l o w when I draw it ain’t funny T_T  

Honestly i think ^^^ that is like the worst thing to do, it just makes u feel depressed and just horrible when u bottle up all of ur sad/unhappy emotions. Yesterday i told my friends my feelings, and i told them how unhappy i was around them. I felt like i had to always restrain myself from saying certain things to them or not being able to talk to them about things i wish i could talk to them about. And although i do feel sad that i let go of them I know that it is for the better because i can start to have new friends who i feel will truly accept me for who i am. So please say your feelings, I’m here if u truly feel like u have no one to talk to about your feelings. -Lauren


White people thinking your white

Having lighter skin than your mixed siblings

“How do you get your hair like that???”

“I wish I had your hair uwu”

People being surprised when they see your parent(s)

“Are you Hawaiian/Mexican??”

“You should let me do ___ to your hair some time!!”

Extreme tan lines showing just how pale you really are

People being surprised when you straighten your hair

“Have you ever straightened your hair?”

“You should straighten it more often!”

Never having enough hair product

“You’re black? Really? You’re the whitest black person I’ve ever known!”

Friends saying “you sound like a white mom”

Snapped combs all over the bathroom

Forgetting a hair tie for PE and not being able to borrow one cuz you’ll stretch it out/break it

I bet you liked those bobby pins, huh? Too bad, cuz you’ll never see them again

Hair keeping your face warm in the winter

Wiping your wet hands on your hair

Walking in the rain and your hair staying almost completely dry

Why I want to be skinny...

1. Thigh gap for days
2. “I think all my clothes are to big for you”
3. Wearing a size 0
4. A flat stomach
5. My friends will be able to actually pick me up
6. “I wish I had a body like yours”
7. Being someone else’s thinspo
8. Not being afraid to show off my body
9. Being more confident 
10. Finally getting a boyfriend 
11. Being popular 
12. Wearing a small to extra small 
13. Not being afraid to change clothes infront of anyone 
14. Skinny arms 
15. “Do you even eat?”

scientistsalarian  asked:

10, 11 and 37 for the Mass Effect asks :)

Ohhh I didn’t think I’d get another ask for the Mass Effect questions, thank you!! (I do hope we’re talking about the same questions and I’m not making a fool of me here).

10 -  Who is your Shepard’s best friend and why?

Jules’ best friends are Garrus and Tali. They’ve been through a lot together, and both of them were at Shepard’s side when she needed them the most. Garrus took a lot of time to talk to her during the sleepless nights she had while working for Cerberus.

11. Your favourite romance?

There’s only one romance for me - Kaidan Alenko. No matter how hard I try, I wouldn’t be able to romance someone else.

37. What do you wish for in ME: Andromeda?

I wish for a lot I guess. First of all, I want to be able to create a nice custom Ryder. I hope they’ll add a lot of different options to change their appearance. I wish for it to be a game that makes us (the fans of the ME trilogy) feel at home without being reminded of Shepard all the time, cause damn, I’ll sure miss her and the other original characters. Also, I hope Bioware doesn’t put the focus on the romances only. I absolutely love the romances, but I also want a proper story and some good gameplay.

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3, 19, 33

3. Crush?

Theres a guy on my floor that I have some real strong feelings for, and it’s really freaking me out. I’m used to wanting nothing more than sex but, for the first time in a few years, I actually have legitimate feelings. Like I want to kiss him, and cuddle, and go on dates and iTS GROSS (Honestly I could talk about him for hours I hate it)

19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

I would wish for the ability to freeze time but still be able to get shit done. I honestly just need more time to do shit, you know?

33. Best day of your life?

The day I went to see Mariana’s Trench with one of my best friends in the world.

Ask me things!

advice i will tell my daughter

1) If someone breaks your heart. cry a bit, wash your face and leave. if he leaves you he isn’t worth your heart break cry over him if you need to but never crawl back to someone who broke you because they will do it again and they will do it 10 times harder. 

2) Never fully attach yourself to men friends as a women it is nearly impossible to have a man friend without some sort of emotion between you too. I’ve had so many best boy friends and now that they know that i won’t sleep with them or love them they don’t even acknowledge me in the corridors. they will act so close and act all flirty and best friend like, they will tell you secrets and compliments but as soon as you deny their wishes they won’t see you.

3) Learn self defense as a woman in this world it is important for your safety to be able to protect yourself as men will do whatever to get what they want.  The clothes you wear do not  defy who you are or what will happen to you. where clothing you feel comfortable in.

4) do things you know you will regret not doing. falling in love is difficult. Sometimes you won’t go along with it because its too difficult but sometimes the aftermath is worth the good times you had. listen to music it is as good as keeping a diary it will take you write back to the happy times the tough times and alt he times in between.

5) people can disappear at any given moment so never forget to love love love as much as you can. love everyone who deserves your love and spread happiness onto them. leave flowers and small notes for people. a small note on the train seat will brighten someones heart.

6) don’t love anyone who doesn’t deserve your love. whether its a friend or a boy you like if they have done you wrong they don’t deserve your time or your love. people will tell you to stop being rude or mean but if you feel like your love isn’t being returned or respected then don’t bother.

7) never feel pressured to do anything by anyone if you are uncomfortable stop. take life at your own pace. just because yours friends are doing things doesn’t mean you must.

8) if you need to cry make it nice, crying is important to do. turn the lights low, hop in the bath and put on your favorite mellow song let the tears come but don’t let them stay to long. wash your face and leave. everyone has a low point in their life

9) watch your food. as boring as it sounds its important and will grow more important in the future. watch how the foods you eat affect you.

10) laugh like hell. laugh and you will get little happy wrinkles on your face to remind you of the good times.

11) never hate your body for the way it looks or the way it looks. It is your home and you will travel and see things that will be unique to your eye. someone will fall in love with you and your mind will always be more important than your looks.

12) forgive. but only if it is necessary and well deserved. love and forgiveness are the two most important objects in life.

13) Give whenever and wherever possible and be a compassionate, kind, patient person. Love, laugh, cry, sing, help, teach, listen, learn and contribute in every way possible.

14) follow your natural instinct if something feels wrong don’t if it feels right do it. follow life’s natural path .

15) spend as much time as you can getting to know yourself. work on your own personal development. read books, take baths, go on long walks take photos to watch your physical development. keep an eye on your emotions and make sure you fall in love with yourself. In 50 years your whole life will affect you every small day will shape you out to be who you were meant too be. you will feel nostalgia looking back and try make it all worth it. 

16) i will always accept whatever you are your sexuality your gender your race is/are. i will love you and you are enough. keep living.

- things i wish i had been told

(It’s only a day that’s passed after Valentine’s Day where there was so much love being spread amongst the dash. Now, I’m just seeing so many negative posts, it’s heartbreaking… I honestly wish I had the confidence to intervene and lend a hand to anyone, by circulating a bit of positivity. If there’s anything at all that I can do for anyone, please, if we’ve talked or not, please feel that you can confide in me. I may not be able to do a lot, but the least I could do as a friend is listen.)