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Hell yeah arumika I was waiting for this one

who cooks normally?:

Mikasa. Armin is clumsy and has a tendency to babble while he’s chopping or stirring and he constantly nicks/burns his fingers and Mikasa wraps them up and tells him to set the table instead and he’s a little embarrassed 

how often do they fight?:

Mikasa doesn’t like arguing and especially not with Armin. If they do end up arguing it’s usually because she pushes herself too hard, and even when she’s given time off the woman just can’t stay still and Armin gets so frustrated when one day when she reopens her wounds because she was doing sit ups and she’s peeling her shirt off and he’s pulling off the bloodied bandages and telling her she can’t keep doing this and she dismisses it by saying ‘I’m fine, Armin’ and he snaps and actually yells at her, which stuns her.

Armin’s temper is hardwired to his tear ducts though, so his throat closes up and he hates it but damn he’s crying so he leaves and later on that night he finds her actually resting and she wraps her arms around him and murmurs apologies while threading her fingers through his hair

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Armin does all the things he doesn’t when she’s around, like leaving papers and books strewn about everywhere and probably gets ink on the table and dish clothes and he has to figure out a way to keep her from seeing it when she gets back but he gets really antsy after a day or two? Armin doesn’t like being alone, and he misses the way she always climbed up onto the bed/couch whenever he was reading and put her head in his lap so he could run his hand through her hair while he read to her out loud and Armin always wonders if Mikasa was a cat in her past life

Mikasa probably trains (I know I’ve said that with the others) much more intensely and sometimes she bruises and ends up pulling something and she misses the way Armin would fuss over her and wrap her wounds and press kisses over the bandages

nicknames for each other?:

I don’t think either of them are one for nicknames but an occasional one might slip? Like it’s getting late and Armin still hasn’t gone to bed so she looks for him and finds him passed out on his desk and she kisses his forehead and tells him baby you fell asleep in your office again 

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

Armin. He likes handling all their paperwork and bills and he’s constantly going over their bank statements because they like saving up for trips to Europe or Africa or wherever the hell else Armin sets his sights on and Mikasa trusts him enough  to hand him her entire check

who steals the covers at night?:

Mikasa usually ends up stealing them but she tries really hard not to? They both get incredibly cold very easily so they have this nightly ritual where they press as close as they can and tuck the sheets around and beneath their bodies and there’s something really nice about tangling their legs together and seeing how pretty each other’s hair looks when it’s fanned out over the pillows

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Mikasa first got him casual things—journals, pens, a pair of glasses because he squints too much, and when he loses them for the fourth time a chain to keep them around his neck—but after a year or so she’ll surprise him with a picnic at the beach or two plane tickets to paris and he has this soul deep wanderlust and just loves traveling and Mikasa thinks Armin must have been a bird in his past life and at night she’ll trace his shoulder blades and wish she could give him wings

who remembers things?:

Mikasa. Or I suppose it depends on what exactly. Armin has a damn computer up there and he catches on so many details but where are his glasses? where is his pen he just had it in his hand right now—and Mikasa just touches his ear and it’s right there and he just blushes and walks away

who cusses more?:

Armin. He’s clumsy and it’s because his brain works too fast for his hands and feet or he’s always day dreaming. He curses whenever he trips or spills something onto his paperwork and he apologizes for cursing but the next morning he’s taking a shower and he drops the shampoo bottle and he just explodes into the most creative string of epithets she’d ever heard—which says a lot because Eren.

chayashix and I have this headcanon that Armin has a filthy mouth in bed

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Mikasa would carry him with one arm and slay with the other if she has to no one’s going to hurt Armin 

Armin would get shaken up at first but force himself to calm down, to think and figure out how to get them out alive all he has is his brains and he’s going to use every ounce of intelligence to save her and it may not be enough but he’ll find a way because if anyone can it’s him and she deserves everything he’s got

who kissed who first?:

Armin kissed Mikasa. Armin seems very touchy? So they probably do the whole hand holding/hugging/kiss on the cheek thing daily and Armin had wanted to kiss Mikasa for a while and one night before she leaves she leans in to brush her lips across his cheek but he turns his head and their mouths touch and they freeze—but Armin just smiles and waves and tells her goodnight and gives her this innocent, questioning look? They both fall asleep smiling.

who made the first move?:

After the thing Armin pulled with the kiss Mikasa probably went hunting for him the next day and found him reading or talking to gods know who and grabbed his jacket and kissed the wits out of him and gives him that same questioning look? Armin feels electrified for the rest of the day.

who started the relationship?:

Eren? (can I do that?) but I feel like one day Jean or some other punk was kinda pining over Mikasa or Armin and they ask them during dinner ‘are you guys together? do I have a shot or?’

and before anyone can answer Eren gets really defensive and scowls and says ‘isn’t it obvious? they’ve been together for a while now, back off’ and that’s that.

I’m so happy you sent me the arumika, whoever you are

December 3 🎄 He comes home for Christmas - Military!Calum

“I know babe,” your boyfriend said to you quietly. “I won’t be able to come home for another three months.” You were on the phone with Calum, he was telling you the bad news -you won’t be home for Christmas. This was all part of a huge plan that he and the boys had planned. You sighed, tears in your eyes. “I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you again.” The sadness in your voice made him really guilty that he was lying to you about not coming home, but he could only imagine the bright smile on his face when he holds you in his arms for the first time in forever. The muffled “Flight 442 to Australia” was heard overhead in the airport, but you didn’t hear. “I have to go y/n, I love you, and Merry Christmas,” Calum said into the phone, lifting the handle on his suitcase. You returned the ‘I love you’ once more and wished him a Merry Christmas. “I’ll call you tomorrow morning,” he said, ending the call. Putting his iPhone in his pocket, Cal began to walk in the direction of the flow of people who were boarding the plane. He handed the woman my ticket. “Have a nice flight,” she smiled, obvious that she hated her job. He thanked her and boarded the plane. Calum spent most of the plane ride sleeping, hoping you meant your words, and really did love him. Being in the Military, he definitely had a struggle with keeping relationships. Usually, he would come home to find his girlfriend with another boy. Other times, his girlfriend would sort of forget about you. He’d arrive at the airport with no one to welcome him, alone he drove home. With you, Cal knew that this was different. You loved him with your whole heart, at least he hoped he still did. December 25, Christmas Day, the plane landed. Calum grabbed his carry on, and exited the plane. He got his bags from that weird baggage claim thing, and headed to the parking lot with Mikey and Luke to get into the car. Cal was ecstatic to see you. His bags were loaded into the car and you drove off to your shared house where Christmas was going to be spent. “{y/n} and us went to church,” Ashton said in a text to Calum. “Be home in 15.” Calum hurried to change his clothes, and freshen up. In the kitchen, he made a glass of water, taking a cookie from the plate on the counter. The front door burst open, {y/n} and Luke laughing. Calum stayed hidden in the kitchen, mostly so {y/n} didn’t see you. You sat down on the couch across the kitchen, turning on the tv. “I thought you were going to call me,” he called out to you from the kitchen. You looked up surprised, then looked at him as if you were to say ‘Is it really you?’ “Calum!” “Merry Christmas baby,” he whispered with a smirk. You smiled widely, Calum looking like he was over the moon with happiness. He pulled you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.
There was a moment where you thought he was going to cry he was so happy. “Welcome home, Darling,” you said, looking you in the eyes. “I love you so much.”

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OMG! Speaking of the FOP! How would 2P America and 2P Italy do if they have Norm's lamp? Cause, I can smell the chaos and Norm's trolling logic firing at the 2Ps hard with their rule free wishes. XD

((The evil little demon in the back of my head is brewing up diabolical ways this could go wrong~! >:D))

Scenario: *2P’s getting a hold on Norm’s Lamp*


“whoo! Rule-free wishes!? Awesome! ‘kay, man….I want to be rich!”
“Okay….look at your ID.”
*Allen looks at his ID to see that his name is now legally “Rich”.*
“Be careful what you wish for, Rich~! ;D”
“Alright, alright; you got me there, Norm. But, how about i ask for something a little more simple. I wish for my cat to talk.”
*Cat starts speaking Swahili*
“I wish for my cat to speak english!”
*Cat starts cursing uncontrollably with a bitchy attitude (kinda like Flavio)*

*Allen looks over at Norm*

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“Norm….you’re a little bitch. You know that, right?


“Hmmm…there’s a catch, isn’t there?”
“Nope. Rule-free wishes! Totally legit.”
“Hmm…not buying it.”
“I’m just gonna say this: be careful what you wish for.”
“Okay, then…i wish to fly.”
“Alright, now look down in your pocket.”
*Luci pulls out a plane ticket to Norway, and he crumples it up in his hands*
“I didn’t mean that kind of fly! Grr…i wish that i could travel though time!”
*Luci now had the ability to phase through clocks*
“i wish for a million dollars!”
*Money gets dumped on Luci, and while he looks excited at first, he can immediately tell that they’re…*
“Goddammit! Not counterfeit dollars!”
“You know, you can always just-”


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*It’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 years later and the world has long since been destroyed, but since he’s immortal, Luci is just aimlessly floating through space.*
“Shit….you win this round, Norm.”

((Arrogance will be Luciano’s downfall XD))

Secrets We Just Cant Keep

A/N: So yes hi so Catching Feelings is on hold for now because i have zero inspo for it which is why i haven’t updated. Buuut, I do have this one I’m gonna start right now. I seriously hope y'all like it. Enjoy xoxo I also apologize for now this is. I kinda got carried away. xx

Chapter One

Y/N P.O.V.

One week.

Just one week.

All I have to do is go through one week without getting in trouble. Or else. So what, I get into fights, I steal, drink, smoke, party until four on school nights party until 7 the next day on weekends. Come and go whenever I want.

Now is that bad?

“Hey Y/N, I heard you hooked up with Justin last night.” Ashley said from down the table.

I just ignored her and kept eating my lunch.

“Hey! I’m talking to you.” She yelled.

“So You going to G’s party tonight?” I asked Aurora.

She shook her head. “Grounded.”

“Bitch, you better fucking answer me.” Ashley got up, pulling me out of the chair by my hair.

“Sorry ma,” I said under my breath as I swung and punched her square in the face.

Ashley jumped on top of me both of us punching and kicking blood everywhere but not a lot of it was mine.

I got up and kicked her in the stomach.

“Teach you fucking pull my hair bi-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before I got tackled by officer Jackson.

I laughed, “I was wondering where you were!”

“First day and you broke the promise already, good job Y/N.”

“Eh, I try.”

I sat in my usual seat in the office. I’ve been here so much everyone knows me. sweet.

The usual happened I got DMC called my mom blah blah blah.

Like I care.

The second I got home I ran up to my room but all my clothes were in a suit case my posters movies cd’s in boxes.

Nothing left.

“Mom,” I yelled.

She was waiting at the door. “You promised and you broke it in the next 3 hours. I warned you so now you’re out of my house.”

My mouth dropped, “You gotta be kidding me.”

She shook her head slowly. “So all your stuff is packed your moving in with your aunt in Nebraska.”

My eyes went wide. “Are you fucking kidding me? Mom, I’m supposed to be graduating next year!" 

"To bad….your going she is your new foster mother until your 18.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense, I’m gonna be 18 in not even a year!” I yelled at her.

“I don’t care, I’m done. I’m sick of it.”

“When am I leaving?” I asked rubbing my temples.

“Right now.”

Before I could object the door bell rang.

“That’s her.” I started yelling. “Why?! That’s so unfair mom I didn’t start the fight!”

She opened the door and I saw my aunt standing there.

My mother showed her were my room was and than we loaded it all up.

“Cell phone.” I rolled my eyes and gave it too her.

“I’m sorry it’s the only way.” my mom said to me as my aunt got in the car.

“Fuck you.”

Climbing into the car my aunt, asked me if I was hungry. 

I just looked out the window, staying quiet.

“You know your going to get sick of me.” I said, finally speaking up.

“Y/N, you’re my niece. I have all the patience in the world for you.” She smiled, looking back at me for a quick second.

“Whatever.” I slumped into my seat as I looked out the window, frowning as I was no longer going to see the beautiful palm trees. I was going to fucking Omaha Nebraska where it was always cold and I seriously wanted to end my mother. I can’t believe she was doing this to me. I hated her. I hated my aunt for living in a stupid ass state. I hated Ashley for causing this whole this and I just hated everything.

“How long until we get to Nebraska?” I asked bitterly once we pulled up into the airport and got out of the car. 

“It’s a pretty long flight, Y/N. I have some sleeping pills if you wanna take them, seeing as your mom kept all the technology.” She said, pulling out our bags from the trunk. I just groaned remembering I was without my laptop and cell phone. Have I mentioned I hate my mother?

“Can you give me six so I just won’t wake up?” I grumbled.

“What was that, Y/N?” My aunt asked as we both walked into the airport.

“Nothing, nothing. Can you just give me one please?” I asked, wanting this whole thing to be over. 

“Of course. Our plane doesn’t leave for ten minutes, so the pill will have you drowsy enough to where you can sleep as soon as we take off.” My aunt smiled. I knew she was happy that I was going to live with her, even if the circumstances kinda sucked. My aunt left Florida years ago and nobody really talked to her, I never understood why because she was so cool. I just wished she could have lived somewhere warmer like California but no, she had to choose fucking Nebraska. 

We were soon on the plane and I was surprised that we were first class, “First class?” I looked over at my aunt as soon as we sat down. 

“Mhm, my boyfriend paid for these tickets. He’s excited to meet you yanno.” She smiled over at me, as she handed me one of her sleeping pills. 

“Oh god, another one of your boyfriends aunty?” I just shook my head before laughing softly, popping the pill in my mouth and swallowing it down with water.

“Hey! Not all of my boyfriends were horrible!” She protested before she as well took one of the pills.

“Whatever auntie, but thanks for taking me in. Even though I’m a problem child.” I told her, covering my mouth as I yawned. Damn, she was right – those sleeping pills do work pretty fast.

“Anything for you, Y/N. Anything for you.” She leaned over and kissed the top of my head before draping a blanket over me.