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I think what’s so upsetting about the Tomb Raider comics is that we’ve invested 3+ years into being told stories about Sam and Lara, only for there to be no happy ending and no emotional payoff. I think this is poor storytelling. 

Fans of characters are often content to endure the characters suffering through untold misery… as long as there is a payoff in the end. Where was Lara & Sam’s emotional reconciliation? Where was the hug, the tears, the ‘YOU’RE SAFE!!!’? I wanted to feel something for them, to feel like all their suffering was warranted. Instead, we just got Lara telling Sam’s mum to take her somewhere beautiful and safe and “I’ll always be there for her even though i’m not there for her” and riding off on a motorbike by herself like “I need to do this alone”.

The only reason she needs to do it alone is because there is a rigid inflexibility about storylines in the new Tomb Raider series. There was never any acceptance that Lara and Sam play off each other well and that the pairing is a popular one, even if you don’t consider them more than friends. 

I wish, I wish wish wish CD had taken a step back to consider if their original idea - that Lara was a lone wolf - wasn’t playing out in their universe as well as they’d hoped, and that perhaps they should make a tough decision and revise it. 

Lara developed past being a lone wolf. Sam shone a new light on her and made her a three dimensional character and a real person. I wish they’d let her grow towards that instead of stubbornly shoving her back into her ‘lone wolf’ box :(


Pregnancy Series - Part 3: Heartbeat

A/N: I’m so excited for the next part, you have no idea. Let me know what you think! xx

Part One
Part Two

*10 weeks*

“Did you know that babies can taste what the mother is eating,” Harry asks you genuinely amazed with the information he was getting from one of the parenting magazines he had grabbed from the waiting room table when you first sat down.

“That’s fascinating,” You sigh as quietly as possible, glancing towards the clock on the wall, sighing again when you realize how late your doctor was running.

“Does it always take this long,” Harry questions when he notices how impatient you’re getting.

“I don’t know, this is my first time being knocked up,” You snap, fully aware of how rude you were being, “I’m sorry,” You whisper shyly his hurt expression making you feel ashamed.

“I’m trying,” He tells you, throwing the magazine to the side and turning to look at you, “I’ve never done this either so I guess we should both be a little more patient with each other,” He says, his warm hand patting your thigh in comfort, “And by that I mean you’re gonna have to be very patient with me ‘cause I’m a huge idiot,” He whispers only half joking.

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So this happened!

Thank you so much for everyone that follows me! You guys are amazing! I never once thought I would get this many followers so thank you so so much!

I am not going to celebrate cause I simply have to many series and challenges on my plate these days but I am gonna do a few shout outs to some of my fav writer’s on tumblr.

@torn-and-frayed - I love you boo! You are an amazing writer and one of the first people I started talking to here on tumblr. You have pushed me to write Jensen and with that followed Misha and Jared (not your intention I am sure ;)) but thank you so much cause I am having a blast with these. Go check out her writing guys. My fav work of hers is Send the Pain Below (Jensen x reader) and Unsteady (Dean x reader)

@mysupernaturalfics - My dear little sis. She is sassy and amazing and I love her and I hade that freaking ocean for keeping us apart! I talk to her everyday and despite our busy schedules I promise we one day will get that collab done we have been ploting and slowly began! Go read her stuff. My favs count Happy Thanksgiving (Dean x reader -Surprise Rach!) and Counsel (Sam x Reader)

@blacktithe7 - my amazing editor and best friend. My Erin! I love her more than she knows and she is also more amazing that she will ever realize. Erin is to blame along with Steph that I know write RP so thanks for that love! Go read all her things but be sure to start with Silk and Rough Velvet (Rockstar!jensen x reader) and Everybody Wins (Jensen x reader) - she almost made me love american football with the last one (though it might have more to do with the aftermath ;))

@ilostmyshoe-79 Kimmy is amazing and I love her so much. She is my destiel smut queen and the reason I ship it in the first place. Other than that she is the one that gave me the courage to start writing when I over a year ago approached her on anon asking for advice. Since then she has become a dear friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kim has written a lot of amazing stuff but I have to recommend the series that got me following her in the first place Friendly Neighbor (Dean x reader) and the series she broke my heart with One Fine Day (Destiel) - You still got making up to do for that one boo!

@angelkurenai I don’t know her sadly but I would love too. She seems like a sweetheart and I wish I had 1/10 of her talent. She has written so many amazing fics but be sure to check out her Friends after All series (Sam x reader, Dean x reader) and Remember (Cas x reader)

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I don’t know Mimi all that well, not as well as I would like anyway. She is an amazing writer and I get so very happy everytime she post something new to her Dean x Donna series One Thing so be sure to check that one out as well as her Conjugal Visits Series which is a smutty awesome good times with Dean x reader. 

@nichelle-my-belle you are always there for everyone else no matter what you are going through yourself. You are an inspiration and a true friend (even if you dislike watersports ;)) Other than being a beautiful person Nichelle is also an amazing writer. Go check out her Perfect Storm (Dean x reader, Jensen x reader, Sam x Riley - it is alittle complicated guys lol) and Dream a litle Dream (Dean x reader AU)

other writers I recommened you go follow cause they are awesome are (sorry for all the people I am bound to forget cause I got a sucky memory!):

@bringmesomepie56 @jpadjackles @lipstickandwhiskey @chaos-and-the-calm67 @i-dont-know-how-to-write @roxy-davenport @deandoesthingstome @d-s-winchester @destieldrabblesdaily @unadulteratedstorycollector @blushingsamgirl @adriellej @kayteonline @winchesterenthusiast @winchesterswoonathon @oriona75 @mrswhozeewhatsis @manawhaat @loveitsallineed @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @bkwrm523 @not-so-natural-spn @aprofoundbondwithdean  @kittenofdoomage @thethingwewrite @sis-tafics @abaddonwithyall @deanwinchester-af @ellen-reincarnated1967 @one-shots-supernatural @littlegreenplasticsoldier @iwantthedean @phoenixia67 @noisilyyoungpuppy  @winchester-smut @teamfreewill-imagine @sophisticated-angel @effie-w @soaringeag1e @i-dont-know-how-to-write

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Do you take smuts prompts? :P If you do: Set after the finale. Emma and Killian and one bed (don't ask my why, it's just one tiny bed) and they haven't had sex yet. So they just lie together, Killian spooning Emma and he's touching her (innocently first) and she start to be really turned on and it's hot and they ended with having hot spooning sex.

This was so much fun to write - thank you for the prompt (though i did change it a little!)!

(I’m always open for fun, original prompt ideas!)

You can also read this and lots of other one shots I’ve written here

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The Nook (M rated)

A blown tire, (and a flat spare tire) and damn it’s one am and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

[Well, not quite. They managed to pull off the highway just in time and there in the distance she can make out a neon flashing ‘Motel’ sign.]

So with one baby and a grouchy teenager in tow, Emma, her parents and her, um, boyfriend (is she too old to call him that?) - find themselves checking into the Sunny View motel rather than arriving at the more luxurious surroundings of the cabin they had rented in the woods. (David had wanted to go camping, Mary Margaret insisted she had spent enough time sleeping outdoors in the Enchanted Forest - this was the compromise).

“It’s only a couple more hours from here. We’ll rest up, get a tire in the morning and be hiking through the forest in no time.” Although he was her father, Emma could never quite understand how he could be so cheerful at such a late hour.

And of course there are only three rooms left, and of course Henry refused to share (‘I need my privacy, mom’ - she’d resisted the urge to snort).

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The Crown (*HUGE SPOILER ALERT* I'm kinda questioning if I should post this now or not*)

Most people probably skip over long posts like these, but reading this may be worth something to this fandom because I love you guys.

It’s a strange feeling, finishing the last book of a series near and dear to your heart right before you go to bed. You just want to hold on to the lasting feeling, and hold the book for a while, melt into the impact it’s made on your life. And then you realize, huh, when I wake up in the morning, will everything just go on?
(^^Did I sound like Eadlyn up there hahaha that’s when u know u binge read.)
As Eadlyn says at the end of the epilogue, “Life goes on,” and that’s one of the major themes of the book, which I really love.

So I just finished The Crown. And I have to say, I really thoroughly loved this book to pieces. I cannot express the feeling this book gives me through laughter, words, poetry or tears (believe me, there were a lot of those). The Fifth Book we had all been anxiously waiting for and making theories about since before Happily Ever After, and probably before we were born, to be honest. Fate brought us into this fandom, and destiny has created these bonds that have turned us into family, similar to the unlikely meetings of Eadlyn and Lady Brice, or Marlee, America and Lucy, or even Eadlyn, Josie, and Neena.

The incorporation of new characters, like the scandalous Marid Illéa was an interesting winding path in the plot. I know some people deeply despise Marid, and he does annoy me, but he only made me love Erik even more. I enjoyed his incorporation. He brought spice to the plot, and I understand why he exists in the story. A very interesting way to add more to the Selection process. I was thinking she could do the constitutional monarchy to resolve the Marid issue, and she did that along with choose Eikko. I couldn’t be happier about that.

The part about Maxon and his father was very interesting, and I’m glad we could find out more about his past. Like seriously, he has a SISTER! But most importantly, that sister is Lady Brice. LADY BRICE. The very person I have been most interested in from the beginning. I love her character very much and I’m so glad Eadlyn and Brice could be united in a new way.

Hale and Ean. I need to talk about this. I feel like a lot of people expected one or the other to be gay, but a lot of people also got down on Kiera for not adding LGBTQ+ characters into her series. Well there ya go. Page 150 will always be remembered, and I wish them the best. That was one of the most surprising and amazing moments of the book.

Josie turned out to be a marvelous young lady. She helped at a time of great need, and soon discovered how to be comfortable in her own skin, and the true responsibilities of being a queen. She really grew into her own in The Crown, and not to mention KADEN AND JOSIE. The thing I love about Kosie is that Kaden thought Josie was beautiful when she dressed in a dress that was her own fashion, not her trying to be better than herself or anyone else. That’s the sweetest thing.

Fangirl time:

KILE-oh my gosh she banished him okokok I’m so happy he was there. Keadlyn was always my major ship, and I know she will never stop loving Kile. That part where she let him go was a tearjerker.

ERIK-EADRIK WAS MY PREDICTION AND HOW DO I EVEN START THEY’RE SO CUTE the way they talk to each other…they’re like Maxerica but a Youth by Troye Sivan energetic version of them and I lovelovelove it and how Erik’s so shy. AND OH DANG THEY KNOW EACH OTHER’S FULL NAMES AND HAVE A CHILD AND ANOTHER IN THE WOMB

HENRI-HENRI. YOU CINNAMON ROLL. Henri deserves so much. He was happy for his friend through all of this. He was happy all the time for that matter. And that final part where he’s like I may not have a lot of knowledge of English but I do know love was beautiful. Utterly great.




I cried during quite a few parts including the last talk in Kile’s room, and of course some scenes with Erik and Henri and such, but I was also getting hit in the feels with some other scenes that expressed ideas of connectivity. Such as the scene with Eloise. She was so understanding, and just said this amazing quote, like “We’ll help you get through it,” it just reminds me of how caring and amazing this fandom is. As well as the scene with America, Marlee, and Lucy, and Eadlyn thinking about her friendship with Josie and Neena. The closeness we have with each other is amazing and I love all of you dearly.

And now I’m wrapping this up to say that this is it guys, but also clearly not it. I have formed friendships that will last forever, I have made best friends on this amazing place called the Internet. The fact that this series has brought this to us has created a bittersweet moment. “And life, as it always does, went on.” No matter how much stress or strife is in it, life will always go on, and it’s up to you to make it count. And by reading this series, I have definitely made this part of my life a big one. I’d like to say I love you and thank you to all of my friends in this fandom and to all the people who made this series possible, and of course to Kiera Cass. This may be a royal farewell, but, “this is not happily ever after, it’s so much more than that.”


frank-zhang-sonofmars  asked:

Drabble Percbeth stuck indoors during a blizzard

“I’m actually afraid of what’s going to happen when we exhaust our supply of Harry Potter novels,” Annabeth says, throwing a piece of popcorn at Percy and watching as he gracefully catches it, chewing satisfactorily.

“I think the nearer concern is running out of light to read them with,” he muses, throwing another one at her. “Anyways, as I was saying-” He clears his throat, trying to read more, but Annabeth cuts him off.

“Should we be going outside?”

Percy looks up, crinkling his nose at the window, which displays one of the most intense flurries of snow either of them have ever seen.

“Why, exactly?”

He looks intensely cosy, snuggled into a hoodie from the CUNY he had attended and wearing red plaid sweatpants that slide over two white socks, doubled up on his feet. She gets why he doesn’t want to move at any point.

“To experience nature,” Annabeth replies, not believing it even as she says it. “Ugh, never mind. This is a shitstorm. Give me another chapter.”

Percy begins to read again, launching quickly into an accent that’s only a little terrible, compared to how terrible she had expected it to be. From her spot on the couch, she can watch his finger move over the words on the page, concentrating hard on it. He’s sprawled out across the floor, lying on top of a blanket while Annabeth has one curled around herself.

He knows the words nearly by heart– most people in their generation do– but Annabeth hadn’t been exposed to anything like this until she was an adult. She hadn’t grown up in the same sense that other kids had. Perhaps that’s why they had spent a large part of their Honeymoon sitting in their hotel room, eating candies (Percy stole anything blue from her, even when she wanted it) and watching the Harry Potter movies for Annabeth’s first and Percy’s billionth time. He’s always been antsy, but he can sit still sit through it.

There’s something magical about magic that isn’t their own. Even now, when Annabeth is wearing her favorite green fuzzy socks and a hoodie that she’d stolen from Piper, she feels like the words Percy is reading are transporting her to another universe.

She’s really grateful for it, because the universe they’re in currently involves thickly falling snow and Annabeth doesn’t want to think of all the work that is on the desk at her office. Or the fact that, later tonight, they’re not going to have light or heat. It’s much easier to feel like she’s walking the cold stone hallways at Hogwarts.

“We need tea,” she decides, interrupting Percy. “What kind do you want?”

He shuts the book.

“Vanilla caramel,” he says, smacking his lips slightly. Annabeth throws of her blanket and lets it land on top of Percy, covering his head and most of his body. He moves around exaggeratedly underneath it, spluttering pointedly when he emerges from under the dark plaid, looking thoroughly annoyed.

“Be right back,” Annabeth tells him, trying not to grin at his face, but Percy shakes his head and scrambles up with her, following her to the kitchen.

The kitchen of their tiny apartment overlooks… another apartment. It’s very glamorous. They can see their neighbors sitting around their kitchen table with two redheaded children, all focusing very hard on a game of rummikub. Percy waves when little Marisa looks up and notices him, her face lighting up when she sees him. Marisa is smiling because she’s out of school, but Annabeth is smiling because of the way his wedding ring is glinting in the sunlight.

“It’s a miracle we can see them with all this snow,” notes Annabeth, putting the kettle on the stove and taking a seat at their kitchen table. She picks up the mail, sorts through it, then wrinkles her nose when she sees a few bills that she is absolutely not in the mood to pay.

“I think it’s thinning, actually,” Percy says, squinting at the outdoors.

“It’s not thinning,” replies Annabeth without looking. “Did you hear the news? We’re not going to be able to leave this building until tomorrow.”

“Will the generator at least come back soon?”

Annabeth shrugs.

“I may be highly intelligent, but I don’t have the answers to everything.”

“I know,” Percy grumbles. “If you did, you’d tell me where my Pink Floyd t-shirt is.”

Well, she actually does know where that is, but she’s not planning on telling him.

“We’ll be fine,” says Annabeth as the kettle begins whistling and Percy steps over it it to turn the burner off. “We’ve got plenty to do. Our laptops still have battery, right, so we can always marathon something if we can’t get to sleep.”

“Huh,” says Percy, “that is a conundrum, isn’t it?”

“What is?” she asks, looking up from the mail, because anything that would make Percy Jackon use the word ‘conundrum’ has to be good.

“Well, we’re not going to have power. And, in this scenario, we aren’t going to be able to sleep, you say? And we have all this time to do absolutely nothing? What will be fill it with?”

“Didn’t I just say we could mara-?”

“What if our laptops run out of charge?”

She starts to say how unlikely that is, but then she sees how hard he’s trying not smile, and she sets down the mail, not caring when it scatters across the table.

“Oh no,” says Annabeth, “we aren’t going to be that cliche.”

“What?” he frowns.

“Do you know how many babies are conceived during snowstorms? Do you seriously want to have sex while everybody in New York is also having sex?”

“Yes,” he says without hesitation.

Annabeth sighs.

“Fine. You’ve worn me down.”

“Thank god,” says Percy, sitting at the table next to her and leaning across it to give her a kiss on the lips before handing Annabeth her mug. “So we’ll just finish reading the entire Harry Potter series and then go have sex?”

“Sure,” replies Annabeth. “That seems plausible.”

She has to smother her laugh into her mug when Percy nods enthusiastically and beams.

So a funny thing happened on twitter between myself, @ghostofcrux​ and @shamingcows​, which resulted in more Purple Prose AU. Basically the whole thing started out with “What if Sergei wrote romance novels in his spare time?” and it spiraled out from there. Thanks to ghostofcrux for the “Love never needed an audience…” title that is used throughout here.

Seraph Mikleo,

It is with humble apologizes that I write this letter to you. Since I first met the Shepherd and the years following I have consistently made assumptions about the nature of Sorey’s relationship with Rose. Considering the restrictions on my ability to see seraphim, you can see how the fault was first made. Not that I am offering this as an excuse. I should have realized by the circumstances, their behavior and later conversations the true nature of your relationship with Sorey. Instead, I ignored it and continued to spread the lie, even to the point of using it for the basis of several novels. I wish that I could erase every word of them but I cannot. I can only offer my sincere apologies and hope that you have not been offended or your life been made awkward by these assumptions.

Humbly yours,
Sergei Strelka

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anonymous asked:

So what are your favorites from the 1989 album? Also, which ones do you believe are definitively about Harry?

This ask has been in my inbox for almost a week because I was paralyzed by indecision. WHAT ARE MY FAVORITES. What AREN’T my favorites???  But ok I have been DEEPLY PREOCCUPIED with BLANK SPACE, so sharp and sly and catchy as fuck. And obviously, obviously, STYLE. WHAT YOU HEARD IS TRUE BUT I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU AND I I SAID I’VE BEEN THERE TOO A FEW TIMES wow listen I didn’t even know I could have that many orgasms. OUT OF THE WOODS. By the time 1989 came out I’d been obsessed with this song for weeks and I’m happy to say that I am STILL AM.

ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY. I’m so into the high note on “stay,” the way it swerves and cuts away from the rest of the line. Which creates a double meaning, because the word “stay” exists both as part of a thought—this relationship would’ve worked if you’d stayed—and as a separate imperative: “Stay!” So that she’s simultaneously saying “go away because you didn’t stay” and “STAY RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.” I love that she’s expressing two opposite things at once because EMOTIONS ARE COMPLICATED.

I love WILDEST DREAMS what kind of shimmery sexy PRECISELY CALIBRATED swoon WHO ARE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT?? I love bouncy-cute HOW YOU GET THE GIRL. So much of this album is about how we tell stories about love and how we know the stories before they even start and I love how she knows the story YOU should start telling right now. I love the chorus toward the end when she’s going I! WANT! YOU! FOR! EVER AND EVER! because it’s like half-song, half-cheer. MOTIVATIONAL LOVE COACH TAYLOR SWIFT. But then everything else drops out for the last line “That’s how you got the girl” and all of a sudden the whole song feels past tense—you got the girl that way because you told the right story. Dunno though if you’ve got her anymore.

And I’m currently listening to CLEAN and THIS LOVE painfully often but I mean really I’m just obsessed with the whole damn thing and I have a new favorite every day. “Oh, I’ve only listened to this track a few times because I kept listening to this other track 75 times on repeat, let me give it a try though.” And then OH MY GOD WHY WASN’T I INTO THIS BEFORE???

As to your second question, to me the HAYLOREST songs in terms of specifics are Style, Out of the Woods, All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Wish You Would, I Know Places, Clean, and Wonderland. But I totally accept Wildest Dreams, How You Get the Girl, This Love, and New Romantics as Haylor anthems as well. Even for the songs that are more general THOUGHTS ABOUT LOVE instead of super-specific about Harry, her Harry experience is still there, part of the texture of the song. Everything about a relationship that is off and on, or feels doomed, or deeply significant, or is tormented by outside pressures, is IMBUED WITH HARRY FEELINGS even if she’s not singing about green eyes. It feels like her relationship with Harry wasn’t just one of a series of relationships but a real watershed experience that caused her to find a new sense of self and shift her whole…way of being in the world. And that’s what the whole album is about.