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Wishing all of you a beautiful and most happiest New Year!! May it be filled with abounding goodness, positivity, hope, wonder, inspiration, wisdom, health, enrichment, confidence, love and more love, FUN and that the deepest dreams in each heart starts springing to life in the most delightful of ways. May it be a most freeing year where being who you are feels more comfortable and wonderful to you first and foremost and that those who can celebrate, accept and love you for all of you surround your days. May it be a year of kindness, grace, light-heartedness, compassion, looking out for each other, laughter, forgiveness, renewal and beautifully fragrant blossoms. May good fulfilling adventures find you. May it be a year of celebrations. Of nurturing revelations. Of healing. And leaping and soaring. Thank you all for being a part of my evolving creative journey and sharing this space with me. And thank you for your generosity with your kindness, grace, support and encouraging words along the way. From my heart to yours (and a lot of Neil Gaiman inspiration lately too), I wish you all the very BEST!! 🙏❤️🥂🎉✨

Requested goodies

Hello, everyone!! :))) I just have finished  TS4 “Romantic Garden” conversion! Hopefully you can see from the picture, what I have brought for you. The image is stolen from TS4 Studio, my items don`t have shadows. Poly count doc is in the archive. The bench without backrest has a bit wrong animation - sims lean backward when they should sit straight. I would suggest to put the bench close to wall, so it looks more natural that way. Unfortunately my other uploads - Pillow Fluff and Coregy Ottoman have the same issue and I don`t know yet how to fix it. Sorry about that!

The good news is the semicircular “pavilion” is not simply decoration, you have 2 tiles inside to occupy exactly as you wish! :)) “Former fountain” is ridiculously pretty and the arches should be walkable through!! Please, let me know if I miss something!

Everything is waiting for you here! Happy simming!!

Credits: EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio

wade through the wreckage
of your organs. gather up
the pieces of your heart,
shiny-smooth of pennies flipped
into a city fountain:
wishes that never came true.
sift through the wasteland
you’ve become. pick out
the sunshine laced in your veins,
wildflowers that bloom
on the banks of your wrists and sing
siren songs you can still salvage.
hold them cupped between palms
and stitch them with sinew.
embrace the pain splinter-deep
in your marrow: think
every shipwreck has a story
and you are a survivor. think
of your bruise collection
as battle scars. think
that the time spent on him
was just time spent on you,
learning to navigate your way
through the seas.
—  how to get over him | a.c. | check out my poetry chapbook unmythologize!

The sun beat down lazily, casting cool shadows across her bare arms as they walked hand-in-hand down the bustling streets of the city. She’d never left her hometown before; the energy and hustle of the city intrigued her. 

“Ready for more?” Harvey murmured.


They headed to another park, overlooked by sheer glass buildings full of offices and poor people having to work on this beautiful day. She followed dutifully as Harvey strode past the benches and grill area, stopping in front of a trickling fountain that was gaining plenty of attention from passers by.

“My mom brought me here on my tenth birthday,” Harvey’s tone was quiet. He seldom talked about his past, even after being adopted. “I wished for somebody to love me.”

Callixta remained quiet, struggling to keep her thoughts trapped inside her mouth as her boyfriend continued.

“I haven’t been back here since then. I thought we could both make a wish again. I believe in this fountain. My first wish came true.” Bright blue eyes stared back at her, glistening with emotion.

He fished a handful of coins out of his pocket, letting her pick a shiny copper one before selecting his own. Together they tossed their coins into the flowing water, sealing their wishes with a kiss.

But what did they each wish for? 

I’d like to be able to say “if you’re happy I’m happy” but that’s not the case.

I’ve never been one of those people.

I’m the kind of person who still wishes on every birthday cake for him to leave you, on every star for you to hurt like I hurt, and on every wishing fountain for you to come back to me.

I thought that crying my eyes red enough to scare my mother was the worst it was going to get, but then it turned into insomnia, staring at the ceiling for hours every night wondering what the fuck I did wrong, analyzing every piece of the best memories of my life until they seemed like they belonged more to a movie than they did to us.

I’ve tried to love other girls but I’m a junkie and you were my first hit, and now I’m searching for the same rush in girls who do nothing but stall the withdrawals for a while.

My life is empty and the bath water is never full enough to cover my body. I spend my time filling journal after journal with snapshots of you and pieces of me.

I’m scared to love again, it seems the only love i have in me is love for you.

—  the years since you left
What if Eren catches Levi fishing coins out of a coin fountain

And at first Eren’s super pissed, ‘cause this dude is just stealing innocent wishes, but then it turns out:

a) Levi’s the mystical dude that grants wishes

b) This is Levi’s fountain and he uses the money for charity

c) He was going to redeem his jar of coins but tripped, sending them all into the fountain (which Eren struggles to believe)

So they’re left standing there, staring each other down and struggling between anger and forgiveness for the misunderstanding. Finally, a little kid interrupts them to throw a coin in, urging the two to finally shake hands and move on (…or not.)

Emotional Architecture

never have i known life to be territorial
it is both common view and opposing
celibate and laughing
perverse and kind
agreeable yet pensive
uneven in its giving of absolute absurdities
and absolute bliss
it can be everything, yet collapses
with spyglass precision pressure
an agregate launch
into refined and telescopic emotions
that stop to smell the roses
when bothered with their blooming
the roses (to no fault of their own)
confess no guilt at their repose
it’s a science
it’s a language
it’s a performing art
and all acts are romance, sailing
and masquerade balls
it is not a hurried sublimation
buckslip advert
for a holiday you take just the once
with someone you don’t even love
and then forget,
it’s a work in perpetual progress
dedication to dreams: happiness
a calculated masterpiece
both carefully and recklessly curated
a crime scene of everything known
that was ever pure
plethora of rainforest canopy
a balloon full of whispered wishes
an unsung evolutions ballad of woe
a revolving door of tragic hybrid beauty
a dais of exuberant meditations
a fountain, a wish, a cure, an offering
embraced through the senses
of a hopelessly warm
calmly cathartic
giving little life

Guess who’s whisking her sweetpeach away to Italy come May?

We’re going to stay in Rome for a week and it’s going to be romantic as tits. Literally I plan to make this bitch feel romanced as fuck like she is gonna blush at least 36 times (per day) and I will buy her delicious food and we’re gonna make a wish in the Trevi Fountain and whoo.

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