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Imbolc is approaching, and I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a beautiful and fruitful holiday. To my Thelemite brethren, this is known as Feast of the Stars, and I’ve experienced some interesting and potent rituals held in its honor in the past when I was able to visit my then-local Thelemic temple. 

To Wiccans and many others, though, it’s known as Imbolc and celebrates the cross-quarter, marking the time between solstice and equinox and reminding us that winter can’t last forever. While I don’t typically celebrate, I’m using this month and the next as a time of reflection on my own path and beliefs about the universe. 

I made the above image, inspired by memories from long ago. The text in the background is a poem by Rumi that I once overheard being sung by a choir after wandering into a Unitarian church, and the overall style and mood of the image recalls an experience I had attending, briefly, an Imbolc celebration held in a Quaker church in Pittsburgh by a Wiccan coven. Both were beautiful to behold, though I don’t consider myself an adherent of either path. 

I’m not one of those people who believes there’s beauty in every drop of life, but I think the key to being a happy person is to recognize beauty when you do see it. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in my life. Maybe that’s why, despite the smog choking Krakow right now, the freezing temperatures and long hours of darkness, I’m still optimistic and happy to be where I am.

In-between collections pony - Serendipity

This cutie looks so adorable with her pair of bunny ears and the little basket! With this, I want to wish everyone who celebrates it a wonderful Easter. I hope you will be able to enjoy some time with your loved ones, have fun will egg hunting and get to eat lots and lots of super yummy food! 

Let It Snow

For @gay-tea and the Critical Role Secret Santa!

I wrote something for your love of Percy and Vex and included Gilmore and the Celestial boys during the Winter’s Crest Festival. I hope you like it! 

For a place as cold as Whitestone during the winter, the Winter’s Crest Festival was depressingly lacking in snow. The weather was frigid, forcing most everyone who wished to celebrate back inside with only bright red faces for their trouble. It was a shame and something that Vex intended to fix.

Outside, in the back courtyard of the castle, the half-elf ranger stood determined. With her were Hunin and Kyor, bundled up in cloaks, scarves and gloves to protect them against the biting wind. As she stood there, she absently tightened a scarf around Kyor’s neck.

“Are you warm enough, darlings? I know it’s cold, but I promise, Whitestone’s weather can be far more welcoming than this. Even in winter, as you’ll see in just a moment.”

“Through outside means and some wondrous magic provided by me.” Gilmore, in his plush purple winter robes, gave a rakish grin at the young boys and Vex. He pulled his cloak tighter around himself and looked up at the clear, unyielding sky as he prepared himself for the spell he was about to work. “Do not worry, boys, this place will be a winter wonderland in no time. Winter’s Crest’s weather is now sponsored by Gilmore’s Glorious Goods and I pride myself in customer satisfaction.”

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real__pcy 1501127 Video Instagram Update: 해외에서 촬영중 맞이하는 24번째 생일!! 축하해주신 모든분들 너무너무너무너무 감사합니다!! 앞으로도 겸손하고 좋은모습 많이 보여드는 찬열이가 되겠습니다!! 찬열아 생일축하해❤ #B캠감독님강제출연죄송합니다 #박수를치는모습이너무귀여우셔서 #자를수가없었습니다 #앞으로더예쁘게찍어주실꺼죠
(trans) “24th Birthday celebrating during filming overseas!!! Everyone who wished me birthday wishes, thank you so so so so much!! I will become Chanyeol who is humble and shows good looks a lot from now on!! Chanyeol, happy birthday❤ #Sorry, B camera director for forced starring #I couldn’t cut you off #because the look of clapping is too cute #You will film me prettier from now on right”
in video: CY: “thank you thank you

American Wizarding wants to wish everyone who celebrates it a Happy Halloween! We’re so thankful for each and every one of you, and we hope you have a very spooky (but safe!) night!!

Request -- can you do one where it's Christmas Eve and the reader and dean exchange one gift each please? MOUNTAINS of fluff would be appreciated! thank you, I love you! + Request -- How about oneshot where reader buy Dean a sweater for Christmas and while she slip it over his head and his hair gets a bit messy and fluff fluff fluff

(I hope that you like it! Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate Christmas, and I wish everyone else an absolutely blissful next couple of days!)

Dean raised his eyebrows in amusement at the sight of you taking in the scene of all the presents that were under the glittering Christmas tree. It was the only source of light currently in the bunker, sending a warm yellow glow throughout the library and faintly touching the war room. The two of you were solely the only ones awake this night before Christmas, keeping as quiet as you possibly could because sound could carry easily through the halls.

“Which ones are mine, again?” you whispered excitedly, your face filled with youthful joy as you turned to Dean. He laughed softly at your enthusiasm, lacing one of your hands with his.

“Anything with the red wrapping paper,” He repeated the detail that you had forgotten, planting a kiss on your temple. Your eyes widened at how many packages of varying sizes there were under the tree, and he noticed. “Looks like you have one Hell of a decision to make.”

You shot him puppy eyes at his response, sticking your bottom lip out. “And I can only open just one?”

He smirked, a mischievous look lighting up his emerald eyes. “Thats what we agreed to, isn’t it? Wouldn’t want to spoil all of the surprises before Christmas Day.”

Sighing at the truth in his words, you kneeled next to the gifts, pulling Dean down with you. You just could not settle on one present, for it was, of course, impossible to see which one would be more desirable through the wrapping. Tossing a playful glare in Dean’s direction as he started to whistle the Jeopardy! theme song in your ear, you leaned against his side and nudged him.

“Why don’t you pick for me?” you suggested, and his sly smile grew wider.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for such a job,” he joked, chuckling before pressing his lips lightly to yours. “Hm. There is one that I’ve been holding onto for months now…”

You grinned at his words. “I think that the decision has been made, then.”

Dean freed his hand from yours, crawling towards the back of the tree. You watched as he rummaged through some big packages for a few moments before finally pulling out a box that had been hidden from sight.

"And why was that so well-concealed?” you questioned as he returned back to your side, accepting it from him after he presented it to you with a lazy smile.

"At first, it was going to be the very last present that I gave you tomorrow, but my plans changed,” he explained, his gaze absolutely tender as he spoke. “I realized that I didn’t want you to open this one in front of everybody. I’d rather it just be us to share the moment.”

“Well, I’m definitely intrigued, Winchester,” You gestured to the box. “May I?”

He brought his arms around your waist, nodding with a grin that matched yours. “Be my guest.”

Cautiously, you brought your trigger finger under the tape that kept the wrapping paper together, slowly peeling it off. What was revealed was a small wooden box with intricate carvings adorning its appearance, obviously worn with age. Curiosity filled you as you pinched the lid with your thumb and forefinger, opening the mysterious box with your eyebrows furrowed. You couldn’t help that your breath caught at the sight that was nestled in black velvet. It was there than a golden locket laid, an ornate ‘W’ engraved into the only slightly rugged-looking piece of jewelry. Dean beat you to it before you could take it out of the box, picking up the chain with his calloused fingers and holding it up in front of you. The lights on the tree were reflected in the gold, and you were mesmerized by it.

“It was my mom’s,” Dean proceeded to give you an explanation without waiting for you to question it. “When Sammy and I were little, he would always take it out when he thought we weren’t looking, and open it.” He opened the locket as he spoke, and you were astonished to see a picture of a quite young John and Mary Winchester. “This was taken the first Christmas of their marriage, back when everything was happy. When everything was somewhat normal. And, I want you to have it.”

Your mouth fell open in surprise. “Dean, are you sure? This is your family’s—”

“And you are a part of my family now,” As he spoke, he pulled your hair to the side before hooking the necklace around your neck, the locket falling to rest at your heart. “My mom would have wanted me to give it to the person that I loved. You, with no doubt, would have been welcomed into the family by her.”

“Dean, I…” You were so touched that you trailed off, staring at the photo of Mary and John, and then to the other side, which was empty. “There’s not a picture in the other side.”

Dean nodded at your observation. “Tomorrow, we’ll have Sam take a photo of us. We’ll have it developed, and we can cut us out of the picture so that we can put it inside of the locket. How does that sound?”

You craned your neck so that you could look up at him, meeting his sweet gaze. “That sounds absolutely perfect.”

“I agree,” he murmured, bringing his head down to that he could bring his mouth to yours; before your lips could touch, though, you pulled back.

“Wait!” you exclaimed, laughing at his sour look. “You still have to open one of your own!”

“Can’t my present just be one kiss from the woman that I love?” he whined, and you shook your head with a smirk. He then sighed in resignation, gesturing to the tree. “Alright, alright. Pick it out for me.”

Scanning the presents beneath the tree, you snapped your fingers as you spotted the one that he had been needing the most lately. Snatching it from its place, you dropped it into his hands with a smile. Kissing your cheek, Dean ripped the wrapping paper off, not taking his time like you did, and was presented with a white, rectangular box.

“Hey!” He grinned when he opened it, taking out a dark green sweater that would surely bring out the color of his eyes whenever he wore it. “I’ve been needing one of these! How did you know?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you joked. “Maybe from all the complaining around the bunker that it’s always too cold, even when you wear one of your jackets over your t-shirts.”

“Wasn’t too subtle, was I?”

“Definitely not,” you responded, smirking. “Put it on!”

Dean obliged at your words, pulling the soft piece of clothing over his head. Keeping his head down as he made sure the sweater was comfortable on him, you stifled a laugh when he finally looked up at you. It looked magnificent on him, but his hair was now completely messed up, standing up in random places.

“What?” he questioned curiously. “Does it look bad?”

“No, you look great,” you told him truthfully, leaning over so that you could fix his hair. He flushed slightly as you did so, lips curved up into a small smile. “And now, you look perfect.”

“I’m glad that I can almost match the beauty of my girlfriend,” he teased, bringing his hand to your cheek. You leaned in towards him, finally allowing him to kiss you with fervor. He smiled against your mouth after several moments, pushing a lock of your hair behind your ear before speaking. “…Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

“Mm,” you replied, pulling him in for another kiss. “Merry Christmas, Dean.”

Home for Christmas (3/?)

Modern AU Holiday Mini-M/C: A ghost from Killian’s past resurfaces a week before Christmas, leading him and his best friend, Emma, on a journey they will never forget. (Chapter 1, FF.net)

A/N: Thank you so much for the enthusiastic response to this trope-filled Holiday story! Apologies for the shorter chapter, but I wanted to get things moving along with these two oblivious lovebirds before Christmas. My new plan is to have this fic concluded before the New Year! Wishing everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas! Stay tuned for an update hopefully this weekend. :)

He didn’t know it was possible to feel so many varied emotions all at once until this very moment. Shock, guilt, awe, love, and a tiny flicker of hope, flickering to life amidst it all at the sound of that one word spilling unexpectedly from her lips. Girlfriend. Emma Swan had just introduced herself as his bloody girlfriend.

Her hand curling around his elbow tugs him out of his stupor, her slightly widened eyes and hopeful smile witling the varied emotions down to one, awe. He is simply in awe of her. With a slight shake of his head, he returns her smile and watches her shoulders relax in obvious relief at his reaction to her deceit.

“You two must be exhausted. Let’s get out of here and to the car, shall we?”

Flinching slightly at the sound of Brennan’s voice, he schools his features into what he hopes is something resembling cordial before regarding the man in front of him. This is infinitely harder than he imagined and he has never been more thankful to feel the weight of Emma’s hand and for the knowledge that she will be there when he inevitably falls apart.

“Aye, lead the way.”

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So here I am with my first follow forever. It’s been 10 months since I first started this blog and I already met so many wonderful people, I also never thought of reaching ‘this’ many followers. I don’t know how you guys found my blog or why you even decided to click that follow button but I just want to say thank you so so much for following me, you guys are the sweetest most amazing little bunnies on earth, I wish I could all give you a squishy hug! even though I don’t talk to you, because i’m really shy and such an awkward potato, just seeing you guys re-blogging and liking stuff from my blog makes me extremely happy ^^

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