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Scarecrow in Batman/The Shadow #4

Take note DC, this is how your artists should be drawing Scarecrow. What a perfect mixture of lanky body parts and burlap. Gotta give this artist extra kudos for bringing back the hat as well.


I just had to draw this bit inspired by that scene from The terminator after @weyounn and @thelittleredbutterfly added some hilarious commentary on a pic of Lyle I posted. Btw @askbatdad helped me get this finished

Scarecrow Rebirth Wish List:

  • Bring back “Hroo Hraa” 
  • A new and unique costume design is a must
  • Bonus points if it includes a big floppy witch hat
  • Let him have a corvid companion again like Craw or Nightmare.
  • Give us a proper origin to make up for that “Cycle of Violence” mess
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to be a retelling of Year One
  • But I would love more cannon southern Crane content
  • Two words: Fear Gauntlet

(feel free to add onto the list!)

Not owning a scanner and constantly forgetting to take photos of pen sketches when it’s daylight out OTL

So a couple weeks ago I finally saw The Boy and the Beast and really wanted to make an old Pandaren lady to mentor Tallorael while she’s monk training. Still stuck on her name, but she’s a Pro Crane Monk and is like… the Pandaren equivalent of 75-80 years old.

She’s also the source of Tal’s blue crane staff (which I definitely yoinked from her refsheet for this pic because heck if I was drawing that on paper in the middle of a raid). Whether she gifts Tal with her own one or passes on hers (which… magically turns blue I’ll figure it out) I haven’t decided yet.


Jihyun Kim: Neptune explained

This piece is a continuation of Saturn, where Jumin and MC try to save V. Here, it’s unsuccessful :’(


  • V and Jumin are placed in a zigzag shape (see photoset below). The zigzag is often associated with lightning, which is a symbol of rapid change and ascension
  • The four elements (fire, air, earth, water) are also arranged in a zigzag–except this time, the shape is a mirror image of the one mentioned previously. If you connect both of these “Z” shapes together, you’ll get an hourglass, symbolizing how the “sands of time” have run out for V
  • In this piece, Jumin is refusing to believe that his best friend is gone, so he is still trying everything he can to save V, and here is where the 4 elements come into play
    • Earth (bottom left): V’s sign is Virgo and the Virgo birth flower is the buttercup, which is normally a yellow flower. However, in this piece, the buttercups are stained pink–a color that symbolizes hope. So in other words, both of these together represent hope for rebirth!
    • Water (bottom right): In the water are paper cranes. Cranes are known as “birds of happiness” and are symbols of hope and healing during difficult times. It was once believed that if you folded a thousand paper cranes, your wish would come true.
    • Air (purple things): 2 birds are flying out of Jumin’s hand. The orange one is a flicker bird, which symbolizes healing of inner wounds. The black and red one is a grosbeak, which represents a call to awaken from deep sleep.
    • Fire (lights at the top): Fire is often considered the most powerful of the four elements. While all the other elements symbolize a cleansing power, fire has a different meaning. In a negative sense, it can burn and destroy, which is why the only parts of V’s body that the lights physically touch are his eyes and heart. But fire can also enable life! In greek mythology, a hero named Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus by lighting a torch to the sun and bringing it down to earth, and he saved mankind with this fire. In this piece, Jumin is sending all the other elements up to draw out light from “the sun” (Rika) in hopes of saving V
    • Jumin is wearing black because he’s mourning, but also because the color black is the absorption of all colors and is the absence of light– Rika

Anyways that’s it! tHANKS FOR READING!!!! and i hope you liked it =v=

Drink beer... for history!
Shaun Hastings/Rebecca Crane
Drink beer... for history!

Shaun: Hello! Hi. Shaun Hastings here. Ah, just popping in for a moment to remind you that you have got a rare opportunity here to really live the past, you know? The sights, the sounds, the smells, the, uh–the tastes….

And you know on the subject of taste, I can’t help noticing but you have wandered into a pub. Oh pubs… eh? Did you know that Victorian London was home to almost four thousand pubs? Well, it was and most of those pubs brewed their own beer.

Actually, um, I just had a little thought. If you were to say… I don’t know, sample your ancestors’ memories of some lovely beverages and Rebecca can always–you know–process those DNA strings and make them available to other users. Purely, you know, for archival purposes, of course.

Rebecca: What he’s saying is he wants you to drink old booze and email the taste sensation to him… and somehow he’s roped me into helping him do it.

Shaun: This is a legitimate historical inquiry.

Rebecca: Hey, if you wanna digital baby birding from the recruit, I’m not gonna stop you. In fact, I’d rather not get anywhere near that.

Shaun: Yeah… yeah, alright. Yeah, yeah, lovely. Ignore her. Drink beer… for history! 

That anon from earlier got me thinking.

Sometimes I worry that Scarecrow will become too popular and stores like Spencer’s and Hot Topic will be littered with weird merchandise like shot glasses, burlap themed lingerie, baby clothes, purses with scarecrow’s symbol on them, Professor Crane™ brand perfume and cologne, buttons and key chains that say “hroo hraa”


Actually, I’d buy most of that stuff anyway.