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I just had to draw this bit inspired by that scene from The terminator after @weyounn and @thelittleredbutterfly added some hilarious commentary on a pic of Lyle I posted. Btw @askbatdad helped me get this finished

That anon from earlier got me thinking.

Sometimes I worry that Scarecrow will become too popular and stores like Spencer’s and Hot Topic will be littered with weird merchandise like shot glasses, burlap themed lingerie, baby clothes, purses with scarecrow’s symbol on them, Professor Crane™ brand perfume and cologne, buttons and key chains that say “hroo hraa”


Actually, I’d buy most of that stuff anyway.

Star Crossed - Part 20 (H.S AU) - “Into the Unkown”

Smut Warning*** with gifs i- including a kind of nsfw gif…I think…I mean you can see an ass.

Maddie’s POV

After ordering a pizza, and stuffing our faces, it came time to serve the birthday girl her cake. I grabbed the ‘Happy Birthday Robin!’  cake out of the fridge and popped the candles into place. Before lighting the candles, and carrying it out to the counter where Robin and Harry are sat – Robin in Harry’s lap, waiting. Harry and I sing happy birthday to the giddy ten-year-old say before us, and she makes her wish, blowing out her candles.

“Did you make a wish?” Harry asks, craning his head around to look at her while he chews his gum. While I cut up the cake, and grab both ice cream whipped cream from the fridge, Robin shakes her head and says no.

“No?!” Harry asks shaking her like she’s gone mad, “what’dye mean?” he exclaims as Robin laughs lightly.

“I don’t need to make a wish…I’ve got everything I want. Today was the best birthday ever.” Both Harry and I look like we’re on the verge of tears at her beautiful words. Leave it to Robin to make everyone in a room feel so loved that they could cry tears of joy. “I love you guys,” she says cutely, taking her served plate from me and starting to dig into her chocolate cake.

“We love you too, little bird,” I smile to her.

“So much, kiddo” Harry responds, wrapping his arms around her from behind, and hugging her cutely. Robin smiles and leans her head on Harry’s shoulder as she continues to fork her desert. I wish I could spend the rest of my life just like this. With two of the people, I love most in this world. Laughing, and making life long memories.

Harry sneakily reaches out his pointer finger and collects some of the whipped cream, ‘booping’ my nose with it with an innocent smile. Oh , it’s on. I reach up to my nose with my tongue, and wipe the whipped cream onto it, sticking it out at him teasingly, before pulling it into my mouth.

“Since when could you touch your tongue to your nose?!” he asks chuckling at my childish behavior. Robin announces she’s going to bed once she’s finished her plate. Harry and I continued to stare directly at each other waiting to hear the magic sound. Once I heard her door close, I smiled deviously. I wanted him to expect that my look was me telling him he was free to do what he wanted to earlier. I continued holding his stare,

Not because that was my real intention, but because I wanted to tease him.

I brought my eyes to the can, staring at it staring at it the same way those girls had eyed Harry today. I pick it up and bring the nozzle to my lips, tipping it, and filling my mouth with whipped cream. Harry backs his chair up and doubles over in laughter. I swallow the sugary substance and laugh silently once. Harry reaches out and takes the canister from my hand, holding in his palm. He stares at the object in his hand, and like a light bulb flicking on, he looks as if he’s gotten an idea.

He turns his gaze back to me and shakes the canister before tipping the nozzle and dabbing a small bit of cream onto the tip of his nose. I know exactly what he’s expecting, so I saunter around the counter, and lean in, licking the trace of cream off the tip of his nose.

When I pull my full face back to his view, he smirks, again, and sticks his tongue out. This…little…shit. He places the same amount of topping on his tongue and sticks it out for me. That’s it, I’ve had enough of his teasing. I grab his jaw in my hand, a little roughly, which catches him off guard, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He grabs me by my hips and pulls me to him so that our hips are flush against each other, standing tall to where all 5’10 of him is towering my 5’2 stance. It takes me a moment to realize he’s returned to his full glory, his hardness pressing against my thigh, just like I pictured it doing when I noticed in on the beach. Just what I craved for it to do. He stares at me darkly, daring me to do what he wants me so desperately to do.

I bring his lips down to mine, dragging him by his jaw clutches in my hand. His tongue stays where it is, poking just outside his lips. I drag him down further until our foreheads are touching, and we’re staring straight into each other’s souls. Steadily, I tilt my head up remotely, swiping my tongue against his, flicking the cream onto my tongue, causing a guttural groan to resonate from his chest. I swear I could feel his stiff cock twitch against my thigh when I scraped my tongue against his. He tightens his grip on my hips and walks me back to the counter near the window, lifting me onto it swiftly. Though he initially acts out of impulse, once I’m sat against the cool surface of the granite, he kisses me softly. One thing leads to another, and he’s pulling out of the kiss not to catch his breath, but to slip his tongue to mine again, pulling my bottom lip between both of his.

He groans, reaching for my shorts. With the flick of his wrist, the button is undone, but he pulls away to rip his shirt over his head. Before he can kiss me again, however, I push him back roughly, and unbutton his skinny jeans, pushing them down. He takes the hint, and slips them off, as quickly as he can kicking them to the floor when they reach his ankles. He also takes the opportunity to yank my shorts down, leaving them in a heap with his pants.

He slams his lips back to mine, delving his tongue back into my mouth, as he tugs on the bottom of my tank top up past my panties, while my hands push his Calvins down as far as I can reach from the angle in which I’m sat. 

My stomach is flipping around so hard inside my body, I feel like it could tie itself in a knot. He lets out a relieved sigh when his erection slaps against his abdomen. I muster up as much force as I can and shove him back so that he stumbles toward the opposite counter and catches himself on it staring at me completely shocked. I slide down from the granite countertop, and drop down to my knees before him, looking up at him innocently.

“Oh my God,” he moans, knowing exactly what I’m about to do. “you don’t have to, angel,” he pants shaking his head. “it’s okay-“

“I want to,” I cut him off, too hungry for him to turn down the opportunity. I look up at him and lick my lips at the thought. You can do this, I tell myself, just remember what you read about, I think, eyeing his shaft.  “I need you to tell me what you want, though.”

“Oh God, anything love, please just do something I can’t take it anymore,” he whines.

I nod, and gently wrap my hand around him. Right of the bat, he hisses from getting the attention he so desperately needs right now. Small beads of pre-cum dribble from the slit of his tip, as I start to stroke him lightly. I swipe across his tip with my thumb watching him throw his head back as he lets out a long deep moan. I take a deep breath, sitting up on my knees, so I’m faced with his raspberry tip. I press a wet kiss to the head, making him twitch for sure, this time, and he chokes out a moan - not expecting me to be giving him oral. He looks down at me like he can’t believe his eyes, but he’s loving ever minute of what he sees simultaneously.

I swirl my tongue against his tip causing him to groan, and pull his bottom lip between his teeth. Two strong hands wind themselves into my hair, encouraging me to keep going as he looks down at me with such an intensity I’ve never seen cloud his perfect eyes before. I bring him into my mouth, as far as I can and hollow out my cheeks, bobbing my head up and down slowly, then picking up the pace. As my movements grow quicker, Harry’s moans grow louder and more frequent.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop,” he pants, clenching his eyes shut, as I slip my mouth from around him with a pop.

“Did I do something wrong?” I stare up at him confused.

No! No Angel, you didn’t,” he rasps, reaching for my arms to raise me back up to my feet where they wobbly connect with the hardwood. “Jus’ want to cum inside you’s all.” Just as fast as he had placed me on the counter before, he lifts me up by the underside of my thighs, and wraps them around his waist, carrying me to our shared bedroom after scooping up our discarded clothing in one hand with the other holding me in place. The only layer between us is my pair of red lacy panties, which I am lucky I wore tonight. In a flash, we rush past the pink seashell covered wallpaper, and I hear the door creak open when he reaches behind me. We both cringe at the noise, growing tense as we silently hope it didn’t wake Robin up, given our rooms are literally separated by one wall. I hoped so deeply in that moment that that wall was thick.

Harry whips around and locks the door behind use before rushing over to the bed, dropping both of us on top of it. The cold tacky quilt pressed to my suntanned back, sending an extra wave of bliss through me. My shirt is practically ripped from my body, as he pushes my back down against the bed, running a hand down from the bottom of my bra while he stares at my skin.

My bra is the next piece of clothing to hit the floor, before he kissed a trail of wet kisses down from my collarbones, between my breasts, all the way down to my underwear. My impatience makes me squirm underneath him. Just as his fingers hook into the waistband of the garment, slipping them from my legs he looks at me, and I know exactly what he wants, but I can’t give it to him.

“Harry, please,” I pant, “just fuck me,” I whine throwing my head back.

Shit,” he groans, reaching up to pull the nightstand drawer open. Without even blinking, he yanks the box open and grabs a packet from inside. I sit up and snatch the foil square from his hand, tearing it open with my teeth. He inhales sharply as I roll the latex down every inch of him. I lie back down and allow him to lean forward so that our chests are only inches apart.

“You ready, love?” he asks one last time. I nod eagerly, as he presses his swollen tip to my entrance, and drags his hips forward. I feel the familiar burn of my sensitive flesh as I stretch to accommodate his size. This time, though, there’s no pain. My nails dig into his back as I brace myself when he pulls back before thrusting himself back in. But the pain never comes. He continues his movements, slowly, only making me want it more. Making me want him to fuck me properly.

He kisses and nips at my next, running his tongue over the surely reddened skin, undoubtedly leaving his mark on me, as he groans. “Harry,” my voice pulls his attention from my neck. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to me. “I want you to fuck me. Please, Harry, Please give it to me faster” I whimper quietly. He groans in pleasure at my words, letting them sink in. My words are all it takes for him to starting thrusting faster. He grabs my hips roughly, the tips of his fingers digging into my back tightly as he tilts my hips up slightly, pushing even deeper inside me.

I moan at the filthy sounds of his skin slapping against mine, dragging my nails down his back. When the tip of him hits my g-spot my head shoots up and my jaw falls open in ecstasy. The feeling is mind-blowing and causes me to clench around him, which earns a deep dark groan from him.

“Look a’ you love,” his voice is an entire octave lower while his dark eyes stare at me with desire, leaning in to kiss the corner of my mouth while he continues to pound into me, “such a good girl. Taking me so well.” His words send another wave of pleasure through me. I feel my stomach growing tighter and tighter as our moans fill the air of the small room. “Fuck,” he moans reaching down to rub my clit as he continues to snap his hips forward roughly, pushing me further and further toward the edge, “cum for me, cum all over my cock,” His face scrunches up in as his thrusts get sloppier, indicating that he’s close.

Fuck,” he gasps, “m’cumming,” he cries out. With one last deep curl of his hips, I feel him reach his climax inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. His quiet gasps combined with both of our pants is the only sound in the room.

“My God, love,” he sighs. I close my eyes, as I try to calm my ragged breaths. Our bodies now covered in a slight sheen of sweat, he presses his damp forehead to the side of my neck as we come down from our highs. He pulls himself out, slowly, and gets up to rid himself of the condom in the en suite bathroom bin.

“Remind me to empty the trash before we leave,” he smirks, as he walks back toward the bed where I lay, extending his arms for me to take. I snake my hands across his arms as he pulls me from the bed and walks me to the shower. Turning the handle and lifting his foot inside, he pulls me inside with him. The water rains down on us as he wraps his strong arms around me, stroking the back of my now wet hair as I press a kiss to his collarbone and lean my head against him just as I did the first time we showered together.

“So good to me,” he mumbles into my hair, “don’t deserve you, angel,” he hums shaking his head. I pull my head back and send him a bewildered look.

You don’t deserve me?!” I ask, absolute dumbfounded, with a sarcastic laugh, “Harry, look where we are. Because quite frankly, I don’t deserve you. You do so much for me, and for my sister, and giving this day, today. Harry, I couldn’t ever possibly thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.”

“You don’t have to thank me though pet because I love you,” he shrugs, smiling at me softly. I return my head to its original position against his skin and close my eyes.

“I love you. So much, Harry,” I mumble.

“Gwen!” my father shouts, panicked, “they’re here…” he nods, “they know,” he mutters frantically. I can see a tear fall from his eye. 

My mother grabs me and hauls me upward by her grip under my armpits, resting me on her hip. “What do we do?” she asks, growing frantic, searching my father’s face for answers.

“Mommy, What’s going on?” I whimper in fright. She looks from me to my dad, who shakes his head, not allowing her to answer my question.

“Sweetheart,” he calls out, “I have to go, okay?” he asks.

“But…why daddy?” I ask, as my lip quivers and my eyes brim with tears.

“One day, you’ll understand, okay?” he asks nodding questioningly to me. Just then the front door bursts open revealing several men – decked out head to toe in protective gear, with guns, immediately drawing their aim to my father…law officers.

“You seriously thought you could get away with it, Wilkinson?” one officer sneers, “pathetic,” he spits as a third officer draws my dad’s arm behind his back with such a force that he groans in pain.

“Please, just let me say goodbye,” my father begs, sobbing as he stares at his daughter – stares at me – knowing he’s never going to see me again.

“Not a chance in hell,” the first officer spits, nodding for the two others to drag him out the door.

“Dean!” my mother calls out, sobbing, as she tries to maintain her grip on me, so as not to drop me. He tries to call back to her as they carry him backward into the unknown.

“Gwen, I love-“ but the front door slams back shut, and my mother places me to my feet, as she falls to her knees, completely broken inside.

“Mommy,” I start to cry harder.

“Shh, it’s okay, baby,” she coos, wrapping her arms around me before pulling me into her to hold me close, “everything’s going to be okay,” she lied as I cried into her neck and the both of us shook with every sad sob that left our lungs…

I woke with a start to find myself sitting in the passenger seat of the car as Harry drove the three of us home.

“You alright, love?” he asks, quickly looking over at me then back to the road as he awaited my response.

“Yeah” I lied, with the most convincing tone I could forcing a smile his way, “everything’s fine…but I need a favor…”

It took quite a bit of convincing, but because I knew my stepdad wouldn’t be home for at least another half an hour, Harry reluctantly agreed. He pulled the black range rover into the driveway of my childhood home, throwing the gear in park. I look back and make sure Robin’s still asleep in her seat. I nod to myself at the sight of her snoring lightly and turn back around while I reach to undo my seatbelt. Cold fingertips brush against my hand in an attempt to grab my attention. I pull my gaze to where he’s sat, but I don’t look him in the eye.

“Take your time…and if you need me don’t hesitate. Say something to me. ‘ m right here, okay? Not going anywhere love.” his voice is demanding, but soft. He says it in a sweet way that still enforces the fact that he doesn’t like this idea. I nod and click my seatbelt undone, sliding it from my right shoulder before I pull the handle to open the car door and slip out, closing it shut as quietly as I can to avoid waking my sister up. Clearly, a common theme this weekend.

I trudge up to the old navy blue front door with the glass window in the middle. The blinds are shut, which I take as a positive because I don’t want my mom to hesitate to open the door. Given how our last interaction went, I take it she might react that way. With one big deep breath, I close my eyes and exhale quickly before opening them and knocking on the door loud enough for her to hear from anywhere in the house. At the given hour, she could be anywhere within the small two-story suburban home. Muffled footsteps pull me from my thoughts as the door slides open to reveal my surprised mother. Suddenly, my confidence is faltering. I take in another breath before I finally get the words out.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I ask, with my fists clenching by my sides with apprehension. I needed answers, and I needed them now.

“When it occurs to a man that nature does not regard him as important, and that she feels she would not maim the universe by disposing of him, he at first wishes to throw bricks at the temple, and he hates deeply the fact that here are no bricks and no temples.”

- Stephen Crane (died: 5 June 1900)

Ten Years Later

Summary:  Your tenth anniversary with Seven.

Pairing:  Saeyoung x MC/Reader

Genre:  Fluff; Slice of Life

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1300

“Happy tenth anniversary, angel!”

It was the evening of the day that marked your first decade married to Saeyoung.  You had just had a lovely dinner, that you had cooked together, and were now relaxing in your home, settling down to exchange presents on the living room couch.  You were having a well-earned peaceful night on your anniversary, while Saeran babysat your kids at his place.

“I can’t believe it’s been ten years…” you smiled, holding out a shoe-box shaped present to your husband.

“Me neither,” he grinned back, trading your box for his own, “…I didn’t even think I’d still be alive, by now.”

“Stop that,” you chided, poking him in the ribs, “We are focusing on being happy, today!”

“I am happy!” he protested, “Happy to be with you!”

“Oh, please,” you smiled, gesturing towards his box, “Open it!  Open it!”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your writing, and no pressure or anything, but I thought of a great writing prompt - there's this story how if one folds 1000 paper cranes, one's wish will come true. Hux makes 1000 cranes, wishing for Ren's affection!

It’d been a story his mother had told him before she passed away. Hux remembers sitting eagerly in his bed as a boy, waiting for his mother to come to his room after finishing her kitchen duties, his favourite red book cuddled close to his chest. Mother was never late, always creeping into his room one night a week to read to him before bed. 

“1000 paper cranes,” she would whisper to him, turning the book around so little Armitage could see the picture of the paper birds suspended in the air as though gliding. “Fold them with care and hang them on string, and you will be granted the wish of a king.”

Repeating the rhyme over and over in his mind, Hux stares at the piece of paper in front of him, slightly battered and crisp white against the dark wood of his desk. As a boy, he’d wanted nothing more than to spend his days folding paper to get his wish, though he was never sure what he’d wish for. To be taller? More time with his mother? For the rain to stop falling?

There’s a knock on the door of his office, three harsh rasps that startle Hux from his daydream. Before he can open his mouth, the door swishes open and Kylo Ren breezes in, the only storm that Hux would ever welcome. Kylo’s mask is tucked in the crook of his arm, held tightly against his ribs. Hux wishes the damned thing was on Kylo’s face, hiding his dark, brooding eyes from Hux’s sight. 

 "General,“ Kylo greets blandly, though the sound of his voice is like a perfect symphony to Hux’s ears, in-tune and blissfully warm. “The Supreme Leader is requesting an audience with the two of us. He wishes for an update on Project Starkiller.“ 

As Kylo talks, Hux fixates on his lips, plush and pink, imagining how they’d feel against his own. Kylo is a beauty to behold, an odd mix of uniqueness and paleness that attracts Hux to him like stars to the sky. 

Hux wants, but knows he can never have. 

“Very well,” Hux replies, mimicking the monotone that Kylo had used, doing his best to disguise his feelings. “I’ll be there momentarily." 

Kylo nods, turning around quickly to leave, as one would to get away from a bad smell. Hux sighs, sitting back in his chair. Kylo intrigues him to the point where Hux thinks he’ll go mad if he dwells on it for too long. The moment the knight removed his helmet in front of Hux for the first time, Hux knew he was ruined. 

But it’s impossible, Kylo would never– 

Hux looks down at the paper, suddenly knowing what his wish is. 

He begins folding, remembering how his mother had shown him how to make the perfect little crane. It’s tricky with gloves on, but with his nimble fingers, Hux manages to make his first crane out of the white paper, albeit rustily so. 

"I wish he would fall in love with me,” Hux says aloud, quiet enough that no eavesdropper would hear but loud enough that the gods and stars would take note of his beginning. 

He leaves the paper crane in the middle of his desk and stands, straightening his jacket, ready to meet with Snoke, and to see Kylo again. 

Only 999 cranes to go.

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