wishing all our lovelies a wonderful week

Rain, rain..

I have never seen so much rain, but we’re not about to let it dampen our spirits. Isla has been obsessed with her rain boots since we left Enekjaer, but until now she hasn’t had the right weather to wear them (not that the sun or heat stopped her.) So I have a very happy little girl that is in love with the rain and umbrellas and her favourite boots. As you can see.. her outfit. My toddler/really a teenager now likes to pick her own outfit and the tutu was a must, no matter how rainy or cold it is outside.

So far, England is treating us kind. Our little home for the next two weeks is wonderful and I wish I could just pack it up and take it with us. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to explore all that England has to offer us.


Let us all wish this magnificent man a very happy and wonderful birthday!

Aaron Goodwin, thank you for putting a smile on our faces every week, for bumping into stuff, falling over other stuff, for dropping things, for uploading disturbing vine video’s and for putting up with Zak when he lets you investigate the scariest places all by yourself. You are a truly amazing man and we adore you!

and please, keep on bigsteppin’ your way into our hearts!
We love you, man!