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“I’m still not entirely sure why this is a good idea.” Castiel looked at the large groups of people walking around, the sound of voices and music slowly flowing towards them as they stepped out of the Impala.

“Hey, it’s gonna be fun, I promise, alright?” Dean answered.

Castiel looked at the blonde as he walked over to him and held out his arm.

“Alright.” Cas smiled shyly, then locked his arm together with Dean’s.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky to be on his third date with Dean Winchester, the most handsome and sweetest guy in school. Dean was popular, Cas wasn’t, but Dean still showed interest in Cas since they got Latin together.

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To B.C. I Still Love You Part Two

I love all of you for the amazing feedback on this sad ass story. Ummm it gets worse before it gets better, please don’t get too upset and leave me! I promise I will always give ya’ll a happy ending. <3

Also, do ya’ll like the idea of little excerpts from Jughead’s book in the beginning? Let me know!

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Dear bts4554543, I know you've been busy with all the questions and BTS festa, but I just hope you have a wonderful day and tomorrow and always. I admire your work and you're dedication for the boys, and so glad to have you in our fandom to help other army's. And I want to thank you for that, thank you for being a great person to bts and armys. I hope you have a great week~

I’m so thankful with all of you from the bottom of my heart, you don’t know how happier you make my days with your support and love. Thank you so much, I really love you! I wish you a wonderful day in your whole life.

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Hey Kayla, I've been just wondering how you're doing, is everything ok, have we helped you in overcoming your artist block with our joint effort lol, do you feel inspired now to draw more batfam goodness as always? If so, I'm happy for you because you're so gifted and unique artist and I wish you all the best because you deserve it! Love you!

Aww you’re so sweet! :) I have for sure been inspired, just had a couple of crazy busy weeks is all! Thanks for the kind message! <3

Going Home - Dan Howell X Reader

A/N: So, I’ve been feeling anxious and overwhelmed by everything. That has put me in a sour mood, which I assume is understandable, but I’ll be okay. Also, that results in this super sad fic. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to send in requests. Also, if you ever wanna just chat, I’ve got a lonely ear. :) <3

Inspired by the quote: “I wanted it to be you. God damn, I really did.”

Warnings: Themes of sadness, death, cursing

He was sat on the well-worn bench underneath a sad tree, solemn and remorseful even though it hadn’t been his fault. You found him beautiful, even with a few tears gliding down his pale cheeks. He clutched the bouquet of flowers in his hand as he whispered your name, calling to you, “Y/N..”

You took a seat beside him and watched as he stumbled to regain some composure. “Go on. I’m listening.”

He leaned back and let his head fall backwards. “Fuck, you were my everything. I guess that’s why it’s so hard to let you go now.” He let out a sigh as he sat back up again. “I wonder if you are even listening.”

“You know I am, Dan.”

He releases a small, sad laugh and shakes his head. “Remember a few weeks ago when you threw a pillow at my head and shouted at me, asking if I even heard you? I did, but I was so engrossed in tumblr I chose not to answer. I wish I would’ve, now I miss our nonsense banter around the flat.”

You laugh. “Me too, those conversations, although pointless, were my favorite.”

He smiled sadly. “I’m sorry I wasted all the moments we could’ve been falling more in love.” He stifled a sob. “I wish I could have a second chance.”

You wrap your arms around him. “Oh Dan, you are definitely forgiven. I couldn’t have been more in love with you, but we both no there can be no second chance.”

He shook his head more, not believing his own words. “Sometimes Y/N, when I find myself missing you too much, I swear I can feel your arms around me.” He put his own arms around himself, still clutching the bouquet with white knuckles, holding himself. “I know it sounds crazy, I know how crazy I must sound right now.”

“You aren’t crazy Danny.” You kiss his lips, even though you know he won’t be able feel you. You laugh, “I like to give you hugs, even if you don’t know it’s me.”

He releases himself and leans forward, placing his forearms on his knees. “When you died, I kept denying it for around three days.” You knew, you had been watching him, following him around really. “I thought things I shouldn’t have after that. I wished that drunk driver had hit me on the pavement instead of you. I wished that he’d lose someone he loves, too. Because Y/N, you were my world. You still are my world. I know you’d want me to move on, but I feel right now as if no one could ever light up my life like you did. You danced around the flat to terrible music and you gave the sweetest kisses and your arms were my home and you lived life fearlessly and you deserved-” His own crying interrupted his speech, but he quickly recovered. “You deserved such a long, beautiful life, and I wanted you to spend it all with me.”

He began violently sobbing, so you wrapped your arms even tighter around him and, although he wouldn’t know, you tried to soothe him. “I loved my life because you were in it. Before we met I was an anxious, depressed mess and you took it all away. You were the first person to ever make me feel beautiful.” You started to choke on your own tears. “You were my first and my last. You took my virginity and you showed me my first anime and you gave me my first sip of wine, and even though you weren’t my first boyfriend, you were my first true love, thank you so fucking much for that Dan, for everything.”

He momentarily slowed on his crying, “I’m still an idiot for you, Y/N. I’m sat on bench talking out loud to the dead love of my life.” He smiled sadly, “Y/N, I’m still so madly in love with you, but it’s time to let you go. I wanted to marry you, I wanted you to be the one. God damn, I really did.  If you are somehow listening, I want you to know you can let go and not worry about me. I hurt so fucking bad right now but I will cope one day. I will never forget you and I will always love you, god damn I will always love you. But, I’ll be okay.”

He stood slowly, and you stood with him. “I love you too, Daniel James Howell, you were the love of my life.”

Dan laid the bouquet on your grave, right under the tombstone that read your name and the inscription: A light of joy for this whole world. “I guess I’ll go home now. It’s not going to be the same without you, but part of me hopes I’ll see you again.”

After he left you sat on the bench trying to recollect your thoughts. You could leave consciousness, you could do whatever it is you’ll do when dead, whether that means an afterlife or starting another life on earth or nothing at all but the void of death. Dan was okay with you letting go, and after seeing him today you knew you wanted to, but what scared you is what if the memories were gone? You knew he’d have them too, but they meant so much to you.

Like that time you dressed up like Dan for a Halloween party and he dressed like Phil.

Or that time you both fell asleep listening to Muse under the stars, on the most romantic date of your life.

You held yourself and smiled at the memories.

When you first met Dan at the age of fifteen. He thought you were a major dork, and you thought the same of him.

When he kissed you for the first time.

When he showed you his YouTube channel.

When you spent countless nights a week talking about the universe and life and love and each other. 

Your favorite memories were of Dan playing the piano for you, you never wanted to quit listening to his music.

With a sad laugh, you stood up and and looked lovingly at the huge, white light getting closer and closer to your ghostly form. You closed your teary eyes, and repeated his words from before.

“I guess I’ll go home now. I hope I see you again, Danny boy.”

Rain, rain..

I have never seen so much rain, but we’re not about to let it dampen our spirits. Isla has been obsessed with her rain boots since we left Enekjaer, but until now she hasn’t had the right weather to wear them (not that the sun or heat stopped her.) So I have a very happy little girl that is in love with the rain and umbrellas and her favourite boots. As you can see.. her outfit. My toddler/really a teenager now likes to pick her own outfit and the tutu was a must, no matter how rainy or cold it is outside.

So far, England is treating us kind. Our little home for the next two weeks is wonderful and I wish I could just pack it up and take it with us. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to explore all that England has to offer us.

To the creators and to everyone in the Yuri!!! on ice fandom

I just want to say Thank You

It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful and amazing fandom. Yuri on ice has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful.

All these weeks of waiting for that one episode to finally come. All those headcanons that we try and make so that we’d have some clue as to what the next episode might be like, but still get completely floored when we finally watch it. Over-analyzing every little detail there is. Those moments where we cried about our beloved characters and wishing we’d be there to comfort them and tell them that it’ll all be okay. I love you guys so much, even though we’ve never interacted before. We share the same love for this show. This little show that has broke all the rules there is. Breaking the norms and constructs of what is usually done.

Our show might be over but the fandom is not. We’re still here and we’re always going to be here. If there really is a second season then you bet your ass that we’re still gonna be here, cheering on our beloved characters as they go through another round of facing their fears and overcoming them. I am not leaving this fandom and this show because for the little amount of time that it ran, it has touched my heart and made me fall in love. I hope you did too.

So, dasvidaniya and see you next level!!

Holiday, Chapter 6

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: M

A/N: After an unintentional hiatus, due to a vacation followed by feverish delirium, Holiday is back on track. Thanks to everyone who checked in, you’re wonderful people! And speaking of wonderful people, endless gratitude to beta-extraordinaire @xerxia31.

It’s darned near impossible to write Everlark without it being inherently hopeful. Hope is one of the very pillars of their foundation. But it’s hard to look around our world right now and not wish for a little more love, compassion and hope for all. Thank you to our lovely moderators for bringing that sentiment front and center this week.

Earlier Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I spent the morning hanging around the bungalow hoping Katniss would come back. But the longer she stayed away, the more certain I became that this was irreparably bad. The worst part was that I wasn’t even sure of what she was upset about. I felt anxious and squirmy, but instead of distracting myself with the kids or an activity, I really thought about how I had treated Leevy. I thought about the other women I had half-heartedly dated over the years.

After all of the years of unrequited longing for Katniss, of compromising with other people so I wouldn’t be alone, of being so close to her, but never making a move, I needed to not blow this. I couldn’t let her cast me off like this didn’t mean anything. Because it did. My feelings for her meant something. They had to, because they were the very best part of me.

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Episode six: all Hisui wants for Christmas is a giant magic rock.

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[TRANS] SNSD interview @ Märchen Fantasy (COMPILATION)
  • SM: If you were to fill in the blanks, for SNSD “2013 is OOO”?
  • Sunny: "Thank you so much" I’m so thankful to be able to bring the year to an end, along with the gratitude that we receive from our fans and (good) health throughout the year~ ^^
  • SM: What is SNSD's recommended secret to moist skin for the winter?
  • Yoona: To cleanse properly and to apply plenty of moisturising cream before you sleep! I have dry skin so ‘moisturisers’ are effective~
  • SM: What is your recommendation of a song to listen to during Christmas?
  • I’m sure you know a lot of carols so I’m going to recommend a Pop song ^^ Something About December by Christina Perri. It’s very good to listen to whilst drinking a cup of tea on a quiet snowy Christmas!!
  • SM: What is a place that you’d like to go on Christmas?
  • Hyoyeon: I want visit Santa Claus’ house ^^
  • SM: Please tell us a fashion (style) that would suit a Christmas party.
  • Jessica: If it’s a burden to dress up luxuriously, red shoes gets you points~ :)
  • SM: Are there currently any plans for SNSD to gather for a end of year party? If there are, what do you plan on doing?
  • Yuri: Last year everyone gathered together wearing animal pajamas and we partied whilst eating delicious food, but this year I want to gather together, wearing pajamas and to sleep whilst chatting~
  • SM: Is there a country that you’d like to have a concert at?
  • Seohyun: I want to have it at all the countries that we haven’t had it at until now~ Where ever there are people that love our music!! ^^
  • SM: What are the SONEs around the world to SNSD?
  • Taeyeon: Warm family ♥ because no matter what time or where ever, they wait and welcome us at whichever country we go ^^
  • SM: This time for SMTOWN WEEK concert "Märchen Fantasy”, are there specially prepared points for fans to refer to and watch out for?
  • Tiffany: You will see not only the wonderful stages of all 9 members that we had until now, but we will also be able to watch each member’s individually produced wonderful stages together ^^
  • SM: What is your 2014 New Year’s wish?
  • Taeyeon: I’d be happy if it becomes a year where I’m able to learn something. Whether it be a language, music, cooking, anything huhuhu
  • Sooyoung: I’d be happy if we get a lot of chances to have concerts~ As for myself, I’d like to come across a good piece of work ^^ I have a hunch that there will a lot of good things happening for SNSD huhuhu. And above all, health!! Health is the most important isn’t it ^^!
  • Hyoyeon: 2014~!! I’d want it to become a year full of love ^^
  • Sunny: Health~!! May health not only always be with SNSD, but also family, friends and all our fans please~~*^^*
  • Jessica: I want to spend a year filled with lots of happy feelings throughout!
  • Seohyun: One again through SNSD taking a big leap, I want to challenge new things with all my heart! ^^
  • Yoona: I want to accomplish everything I do whilst having fun and being healthy.
  • Yuri: In 2014 I want to create a lot more memories with all the fans. I think if my mind and my body is healthy, I also want to have a concert and during my new stage I also want to do a surprise present, I also want to go on vacation to Santorini in Greece, and I also want to go to Australia and play with the animals, I also want to be completely immersed in filming movies and dramas ^^
  • Tiffany: 2014 also, as usual, I want it to be a year where I’m grateful for everything ^-)
  • cr.: taengsion

Let us all wish this magnificent man a very happy and wonderful birthday!

Aaron Goodwin, thank you for putting a smile on our faces every week, for bumping into stuff, falling over other stuff, for dropping things, for uploading disturbing vine video’s and for putting up with Zak when he lets you investigate the scariest places all by yourself. You are a truly amazing man and we adore you!

and please, keep on bigsteppin’ your way into our hearts!
We love you, man!

Man Face Monday - Complicated Hero Edition

Howdy Face Fans! Here we are, starting another week, except this time there is some fresh Arrow headed our way. And while Mr. Man will likely be outrageously overdressed during the entirety of the episode, I think we are all looking forward to it anyway. I am currently a bronchitis-ridden mess, so looking at/making pretty pictures has been therapeutic for me. 

Let’s get going with the face, shall we? Because it is pretty and insidious at the same time. Here, Oliver is thinking thoughtful thoughts about Chinese food, whether or not his best friend will hate him when he finds out he’s a killer. That does not work out well. On the happy side for us…bonus arms here in a delightfully snuggleable sweater. 

He is really worried here. Don’t worry, Oliver. Your stubble is beautiful. 

Now, a break in the angst. It goes without saying that Oliver is talking to his girl here. Enjoy the rare smile from Season 3 because, you know…those were dark times. 

Sorry. Two black and white edits in a row, but gosh, he is so lovely in this one. So much concern here. It’s all in the eyes and they are amazing windows into the soul of our tortured hero/talented leading man. 

This final image says…noble Oliver Queen to me. Beautiful man has just spotted an unexpectedly beautiful person. Nice. 

As always, I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Thanks so much for supporting these posts with your likes, comments and shares. I look at all of them. Take care, fellow friend of Oliver Queen’s…parts. 

Finally, thanks for everyone’s patience on Magic Words. The next chapter is… coming along. 

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The principle SHIELD was founded upon was pure: protection.

As part of the AOS Hiatus Appreciation Events, and coinciding with the Jan 6 premiere of Agent Carter, we bring you Jemma & Peggy Appreciation Week!! Seven full days dedicated to showering our favourite English SHIELD ladies with love, because they are just so very, very important. So bring your best fic, meta, graphics, gifs, and fanart, and let’s give these ladies the recognition and admiration that they deserve.

How to participate: First of all, make sure you’re following this blog so that you can receive updates and see all of the wonderful things being produced. If you wish to contribute your own content, be sure to include the tag #peggyjemmaweek in the first five tags of your work, and we will reblog it to the main blog.

The schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Favourite Line/Scene

Day 2: Favourite Friendship

Day 3: Greatest Moment of Strength

Day 4: Favourite Parallel

Day 5: Aesthetic Appreciation

Day 6: Favourite Headcanon/Theory

Day 7: Free Day

If anyone has any questions/queries/worries/problems, don’t hesitate to send us a message on the official blog. Alternatively, you can contact one of the mods - that is, Wyn, Sarah, or Julia - and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

So get creating, and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic things you produce in appreciation of these wonderful ladies!!

All this “cultural appropriation” bullshit bugs me because saying experiencing another culture is “appropriation” is ass-backwards.

Where I live we have a special event for two weeks during the summer every year. The event is called Folklorama, and it is the biggest festival of its kind in the world. Over 40 different cultures have a pavilion for one of the two weeks, and people from all over can go and experience the food, music, and culture of any of these different cultures. We also have ambassadors from each pavilion (I was even one myself one year!) who travel to the pavilions during the other week and represent our pavilion.

As an ambassador, I had the pleasure of enjoying the great food at the French-Canadian Pavilion (I love sugar pie and tourtière), seeing the fantastic show at the Scandinavian Pavilion, and trying some wonderful coffee and food at the Ethiopian Pavilion! I made it a point to make it to every pavilion during the second week and I loved it. I loved all the pavilions (although I wish some of them had air conditioning because it was rather hot and my outfit wasn’t exactly forgiving) and people generally love Folklorama!

The point of this event is to experience other cultures and broaden your horizons. It promotes learning about other cultures, as well as celebrating your own. That is how cultures come together and see each other as equal.

- Thoth

Monay thank you: Thank you julesfalkhunter for the reblog of my image: “He enjoy the light on the window”! I’m so grateful and feel much honoured about this!!!💐 I want to say thank you to imiging,lightswimming,theanglerfly(for the reblog of no less than 6! of my images🌺), photopraxis, monovisionsstudios and last but not least luxlit!!!! You are great and wonderful and i ’m more as thankful!!!!💐💐💐 I thank also all the other reblogger for so much support and share our images with the rest of the world;)))!!! I wish you all a magnificent;) week with a lot of inspiration! Lots of love,Jacqueline

" The meaning in chains "

Outside in the land of the others ,the sound of the wind echoed through my ears forcing to enter into the cracks of the old attic window where I was hiding from memories of a past of joy and magic .A past where time and pain was ignored ,a past where future wasn’t a concern,a past of a delight desire with love with no barriers or time to expire .
In that attic my mind was remembering those sweet and endless moments of colourful achievements ,moments fulfilled with dreams with no rush for the future.Those times were made by the stars,by the will of Love .made to last with the Bless of God.Our promises were accomplished with grace and joy and reborn as the way the sun appeared in the horizon.The nature and God’s criations were our witnesses of our happiness fated to doom.Oh …how I wish time turned back again to those blossom’s days,weeks,months and years where we picked little things along the way of our travels through a planet of wonders!!!
My pain is still here ,my all being still claimed for your time shared only with me ,time that was taken away like the wind blows in few seconds,like the storm which carrys the debris to trash and into the sea.
The night,the shadows ,the sounds remind me of you ,a passion,a companion,my youth love ,the companion of discoveries and meanings.
Today I still think of you but a new shadow insist to cross my mind and now I was caught in a net of a new desire,im captived by a face ,a smile ,a forbidden and unreal happiness .The meaning is only a thought,an anticipation of what could be ,a beginning that never started but yet so intense,so devouring that let me wandering through this attic like a beast in chains,a beast that cant control the meaning,a being thrown to the dark forests of the other land crying and begging to strike this pain…oh how I wish to unchain this meaning,to rip it out ,to reborn once again and at least watching ,guiding ,tasting you from the distance .Now im an outcast in grief but dreaming once again that the meaning will be my star even once in a place that nobody cant touch….



On Sunday, Campbell & I had some friends come over for a small fourth of July cookout. We had so much delicious food and overall it was just a really great time.

I absolutely loved catching up with some friends and just having a great time. Juliet brought flower crowns for the kids and they absolutely loved it! Elodie was excited to be matching with her sister & Juliet. Gen’s kids were absolutely a joy and I know my kids enjoyed having them around. And as always, Elodie’s little ballet friend, Lacey, was a joy to have around. All of the kids had a great time playing with their friends. Sonnie was especially excited about Juliet bringing her twins over. She loves babies & was more than excited to show them her favorite toys.

We ended our night sitting in the front lawn and watching the city’s fireworks show. It was so much fun and Sonnie adored the fireworks.

It was fun to end this busy week surrounded by lovely people & a wonderful time.

Best wishes,

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm a 25-year old man. I live with my best friend since 2009 and I have been deeply in love with him for a year. I recently came out to him because I could not stand lying about how I feel for him any longer. He looked a bit insecure at first but then he proceeded to answer with the sweetest kiss I've ever received from another man. It's been two weeks now since we declared our love to each other, we are absolutely happy together. Just thought I'd share. Wonderful blog!!!

Thanks for sharing your story. I really love happy endings like this. So great :). I wish you both all the best.