It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair. I sit on the stool and my mother stands behind m e with the scissors, trimming.


Did anyone ask for a few gods and a bunch of their shit kids?


Too bad.

Bynoctis and Cysolix are moon and sun gods respectively, and Flora is the earth goddess.

Bynoctis made Anajurio and Noxa on his own, and Dewtender is the daughter he had with Flora. Cysolix made Marbori and Shima on his own, and Wishgranter is the son he had with Flora. Lili and Hemdin are Flora’s children.

God, the lore I have for these guys is ridiculous………………….

Hey everyone! 
Sorry for not posting anything for a while. I was abroad on a small break, went on a short trip to Amsterdam, which was great, but now I’m back to work!

Today I started tweaking combat and enemy attacks to make it all feel better. It’s going to be a very long process but if the combat doesn’t feel just right then the entire game wouldn’t be fun. As a first step I added a white flash on enemies when their hit to help with hit detection. This already adds a lot more impact to attacks and also makes it easier to understand what’s happening.

Another thing is that I added a windup stage and a recovery stage to the enemies attacks as well as make them move slightly in the direction of the attack when swinging. This makes it easier to tell when an enemy is going to attack, giving you time to dodge or attack to stagger.

That’s all for now!

HLinProd - Season 11

Block 2 (1103 & 1104) Day 1/15 - Day 16 overall (5.31.17):

8:00am Day 1 of 15 - BLOCK 2 (eps 1103 & 1104) has started. 5 scenes from 1104 all outdoors. Sunrise was at 5:28am.

Off to a good start - horses in every scene today, including a breed you’ve never seen on Heartland before.

On set it is stunningly sunny. There may be clouds rolling in with a threat of showers later in the day but for now… Stunning!

We grant wishes to the Make a Wish Foundation. Here’s Peytyn, whose wish was to visit Heartland and meet Ty. #wishgranted.

I’m between the dandelions and the clouds there is some fine filming going on today. That unusual horse I mentioned? Soon!

On set today there was a Casey sighting - and here it is. She’s back as Tim’s girlfriend and we’re all happy to see her.

I promised a different breed of horse on set today. Here you go: Attila, a mare and a foal. Look at the mane! 

It’s been a long day and a pesky cloud stalled in front of the sun before lunch didn’t help. But now day is done. Back tomorrow!

ARTEMIS is waiting outside my window. I shut my eyes tight and whisper to her, but she just puts a finger to her lips and smiles. She is telling me to wait, and I fall asleep with her weaving moonlight into a blanket.

HERA sits in my dining room, fingers arched and an eyebrow raised at my dusty wicker chairs. “What’s for breakfast?” She asks. I make pancakes and she doesn’t eat them. Hera never eats them.

APHRODITE peeks coyly from my bathroom, and we laugh as she braids my hair and tells me about the boy down the street who keeps asking her for advice. I do her makeup and we put on matching earrings. The boy down the street waves as we skip down the sidewalk.

ATHENA is lounging on my couch. She is unreadable, but Netflix is open and I can hear her muttering about a new episode. I make popcorn and she tells me about the time she taught a film class at a community college.

PERSEPHONE is lying down in my backyard, and I put up the hammock. We stay there until late at night and she teaches me the names of all the constellations. I tell her I knew someone named Orion once, and she lets out a tinkling laugh. “Didn’t we all?” She says. We fall asleep to the sound of crickets.

ARTEMIS is waiting outside my window. I keep my eyes open and I sit on the roof with her as we tell stories about little girls who grow up to be wishgranters.

—  my house is a love story (via fl0wer-kids)

i was thinking earlier “why do i hate pm/mm but not skull|girls”

and i realized that its because the Ancient Wishgranting Thing in skull|girls punishes people no matter what they do or what they wish for while pmm/m singles out girls for having ambition

Today I did some major improvements to the enemy path finding system, making it easier to implement for different enemies and also made the enemies navigate corners much better (they used to get stuck or slow down when facing wall edges). 

Also I realized that the enemies should not see the player through walls. So now instead of simply becoming aware of the player when he steps into their ‘awareness’ area, the player also has to be in plain sight.Different enemies obviously have different sight ranges and some of them might also hear you through walls, so each enemy will need to be studied a bit.

Eventually I want to find some time to implement behaviors for idle enemies, like patrolling around the room or just walking from wall to wall. With the pathfinding working properly it shouldn’t be too complicated to give an object a list of points to move through. However now I need to focus on the Greenlight trailer because I keep delaying and now I’m scared Steam are just gonna shut down Greenlight altogether!

Here it is! It’s a new boss!

I have been thinking about what I should do as the next boss for a while and giant tentacle monster was all I was coming up with. So here it is. Just a mock up for now, and I already know I’m gonna hate myself when I start animating it since it’s huge and I don’t want stiff animation but I’m pretty happy with it.

I am thinking of having the eye follow the player around but I’m not sure how that will work with all the animations for the different attacks etc.

That’s all for now. What do you guys think?

Yet another update to the particle system and Souls.

Some aspects of the particle system were causing a big hit on performance and when there was a lot of stuff generating particles on screen, the fps was dropping significantly, sometimes even down to like 10 fps! That is of course unacceptable so I did some changes and now everything is better looking and better performing all around.

While playing around with the new particles I also re-visited souls and made their particles look a bit more like a fire. Very happy with how they turned out! I also added a nice little effect to make the player character flash when absorbing a soul. I intend to also use this effect to make enemies flash white when hit in order to help with combat feedback.

That’s it for now!

Working on the 3 main dungeon tilesets that I have so far. Others are coming but I’m focusing on getting these ready for Greenlight and Beta/Early Access. I’m calling the main Dungeon one (Right) ready but the others still need some heavy tweaking, especially when it comes to colors (too dark or bright etc).

I hope you guys are liking the project so far. If you are interested in seeing more experimental and or work in progress bits, follow me on my Twitter where I’m a lot more active. Thanks!


Hey There!

Most of this week is just art progress for the tilesets. I’m calling the caves tileset done for now. I messed around with the colors and made it a lot brighter to work with the existing assets and also just not be too dark. Now I’m working on what I’m calling the ‘Twisted Forest’ Tileset which is coming along nicely. You can see a small WIP shot of the “walls”.

I also completely re-did the water sprites and animation because it was just too plain. Hope you like the tilesets so far. I will try to finish up the Twisted Forest next week and put them all in game. 

Remember you can follow on twitter for more frequent updates. 

Question: If I were to do some streaming, what time would be ideal?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been wanting to put a dodge kind of thing into the game to make player movement a bit deeper and allow dodging enemy attacks, projectiles, traps, etc, so today I did just that. The player can now dodge roll out of harm’s way!

I still need to clean the sprites since I did these really quickly as a proof of concept and I need to add some effects as well but overall I’m really happy with how it came out. 

The Wishgranter has been GREENLIT on Steam!

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped spread the word. Couldn’t have done it without you!

So what’s next?
To be honest I was not expecting the Wishgranter to get greenlit so soon so I have a pretty big List of Features, Bugs and Pending changes that I am going through at the moment and that I plan to clear before releasing the first alpha.

While I want to get the game out to you guys to play it as soon as possible I also don’t want to rush it and deliver something broken. Even if the game will release as a Beta/Early Access title I still want it to be playable, functional and have a decent amount of content.

For the time being, keep up to date with the project here or on Twitter. When there will be something to announce, I will announce it here for sure!

Thanks again to all of you who have been supporting The Wishgranter!