But maybe you do care, you just chose to push me away since you were severely hurt in the past. But maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. Maybe my minds playing tricks on me yet again. You didn’t care, you never did.
—  A broken hearted girl
bellamy + she’s home
  • (part one with clarke)
  • Bellamy getting back after two weeks of travelling with Octavia and Lincoln, searching out allies with various Grounder tribes, exhausted and weary to his bones, because it’s been almost a year, and stories of her dog his every step in the Grounder villages, tales of Clarke of the Sky People and the death she’d brought down upon their greatest enemy, the Mountain Men.
  • Bellamy stepping through the gates of Camp Jaha and knowing right away that something’s happened, because there’s a foreign buzz in the air, one that only crops up when something of significance has occurred.
  • Bellamy setting down his pack when a shout goes up—Bellamy’s back!—and bracing for the onslaught of news and hugs that always greet him nowadays from the Delinquents, while Octavia laughs off to the side, she and Lincoln moving off towards their tent together to drop their gear.
  • Bellamy patiently working through the small crowd of kids that turn out to welcome him home, not paying much attention to their words until Miller’s in front of him, hand settling on his shoulder, and saying that she’s home.
  • Bellamy feeling a rush of numbness overtake him as he stares at Miller and just asks Clarke? and Miller nodding, jerking his head back towards the remains of the Ark then leading the way through the kids, who’re still chattering to each other in excitement.
  • Bellamy having questions running through his mind but being unable to put any of them in the air as he hoists his pack up again and following Miller because this can’t be real, can it? He doesn’t know how many times he’s woken up from a dream of her having come back in the last eleven months and is just tired enough that he’s not sure he isn’t in the midst of another dream.
  • Bellamy catching sight of Clarke exiting the Ark with Abby and Kane in tow, blonde hair turning to shimmering gold in the dying sunlight, and realizing she’s searching the people—for him—because then she’s looking right at him and is starting to smile.
  • Bellamy dropping his pack and crossing the space between them in fifteen long strides—he’s not waiting for Clarke to come to him, not this time—and she waits for him, arms outstretched, and Bellamy wraps his around her, lifting her off her feet and burying his face in her shoulder.
  • Bellamy shuddering when Clarke’s fingers curl into his hair and feeling the warm moisture of her tears against his neck and just holding her tighter, unconcerned with how he can feel the toes of her boots bumping against his shins.
  • Bellamy breathing in her scent—sunshine and salt and Clarke—and letting the rest of the world fall to the background.
  • Bellamy letting out a choked laugh when she whispers "I missed you" against his skin, voice unsteady with her emotions and rasping out "I know. I missed you too" in reply, and he won’t say how hard it’d been, how rough those first months had been, because she doesn’t need that weight.
  • Bellamy finally setting her back on her feet, but not releasing her all together, his hands lingering on her back to keep her close and hers resting on his arms. Clarke having tears in her eyes and smeared on her cheeks—tanned, like she’s been in the sun, where she belongs--as she looks up at him.
  • Bellamy leaning down to rest his forehead against hers, smiling at the laugh that sounds like a sob that escapes from Clarke, because he missed her, he missed her, she’s not allowed to leave like that again.
  • Bellamy straightening and telling her as much—you’re not allowed to leave like that again, not without me—because it’s been a long year and he knows the value of communication now, the importance of saying what you mean, after having to shepherd the Delinquents on his own for so long, and savoring the warmth that steals into her blue eyes at that.
  • Bellamy wanting to kiss her, because in the long eleven month since she left him standing there, the memory of her in his arms and her lips against his jaw burned into his memory, he’s realized that she’s it for him, there’s never going to be anyone who compares to Clarke, but he doesn’t. Because he won’t risk scaring her off, not when he just got her back.
  • Bellamy realizing that Kane and Abby have been joined by David Miller, that all three are rather amused, and that Raven (Wick bearing down on her, because he has trouble losing sight of her for long) is standing with Monty and Harper nearby, watching the proceedings.
  • Bellamy looking back down at Clarke and contemplating spiriting her away, because she’s obviously been here for a day or two, but instead shifting to slide one arm across her shoulders, keeping her close to his side (it’s going to be hard to let her go more than a few feet away for a while) as he turns to face the Arkers’ leaders.
  • Bellamy giving his report to Abby and Kane about the outcome of the two-week trek into the mountains with his sister and Lincoln, aware of Clarke slipping her arm around his waist, leaning against him in quiet contentment.
  • Bellamy feeling Clarke tense beside him when Octavia and Lincoln join the little powwow, and tightening his arm around her as he eyes his sister, knowing where the stress was coming from, but also knowing what Clarke doesn’t, that he and Octavia have had several loud arguments about her opinion on Clarke’s leadership skills.
  • Bellamy waiting as Octavia stares at Clarke with a blank face, impatient for her to make up her mind, because if she keeps this up, Clarke is going to try and step away from him and he isn’t ready to have her even a couple of steps away at this point.
  • Bellamy letting out a quiet sigh of relief when Octavia finally shrugs with an offhand glad you’re back, Clarke, things aren’t the same without you bossing us around and not missing the way the woman at his side slumps in relief even as she responds with a thank you, octavia.
  • Bellamy steering the conversation back to business with one-minded purpose—the sooner they’re done here, the sooner he can find a quiet corner to talk to Clarke in—and letting Lincoln and O put in their opinions and observations on their expedition’s results.
  • Bellamy tangling his fingers Clarke’s loose curls without even realizing he’s doing it.
  • Bellamy sharing a significant glance with Abby when they’re done, before glancing down at Clarke, finding her already watching him, and murmuring come on.
  • Bellamy clasping one of Clarke’s hands in his, taking them away towards the fence surrounding Camp Jaha, ducking behind the shrapnel that shields Raven’s Gate for some privacy—heavens knows there isn’t a lot of that here.
  • Bellamy and Clarke settling down cross-legged, her close enough that her legs overlap his and her blue eyes filled with relief and hope and contentment as she looks up at him.
  • Bellamy letting his hands settle on her legs, needing to touch her, because he’s still not sure this is real, it’s been so long.
  • Bellamy asking after a long space of quiet where they just watch each other if she found what she was looking for, and feeling the lingering knot in his chest ease further when Clarke nods with a low I did, Bellamy, thank you for letting me go. (He wants her to say his name forever.)
  • Bellamy trying to shrug it off, as if it hadn’t been as hard as she made it out to be, but failing because it had been, it’d been harder to watch her walk away than pulling that lever with her hand trembling beneath his.
  • Bellamy stilling when Clarke reaches for him, her fingertips—her hands are cold—brushing his cheeks, slim fingers combing back his unruly hair with care as she soothes eleven months of pain away with a few simple touches.
  • Bellamy closing his eyes and letting his head droop into her touch, wishing she didn’t affect him so profoundly but not wanting to have it any other way.
  • (clarke whispering i’m sorry for leaving you, bell, i’m so sorry. i had to go.)
  • (bellamy shaking his head ever so slightly, as long as you’re okay now.)
  • (i am. i am. i needed to find myself again and i’m going to be okay now. quiet but sure.)
  • (just… don’t leave me like that again, okay? i can’t lose you, clarke.)
  • (okay. i won’t. pause, breath, then her lips against his forehead, lingering. he feels her smile. i have so much to tell you.)
  • (the feeling’s mutual. the kids have done a lot of growing up.)
  • (thank you for looking out for them, bellamy.)
  • (anything for you, clarke.)
  • it’s going to be okay.
clarke + healing
  • Clarke wandering for weeks and months, staying with various Grounder tribes that welcome Clarke of the Sky People, who slayed the Mountain Men.
  • Clarke never being able to stay in one place for too long because she can’t bear to hear the tales of the death she’s wrought.
  • Clarke staying tucked away in the mountains for a time, drawing the trees and the peaks on paper she’d traded for (Grounders always welcome the skills of a healer), breathing the mountain air and slowly trying to repair her heart.
  • Clarke wandering to the coast through the forest, smiling for the first time in so long when she sees the endless ocean, watching the waves ripple across the expanse of water.
  • Clarke being absorbed into a tribe of Grounders who are removed from the circles of rumors going around about her great victory.
  • Clarke becoming their healer and having children come running to accompany her when she needs to go looking for herbs.
  • Clarke spending hours on the beach, drawing in the sand, soaking in the sun, watching the sea and the affect of the wind on it, lost in thought.
  • Clarke refusing for the longest time to join in any celebrations, preferring to spend them in her little hut, grinding herbs and keeping to herself. (She doesn’t deserve to be happy like that.
  • Clarke starting to cry when a little girl with dark hair and blue eyes, with chubby cheeks and a shy smile, gives her a necklace of seashells strung together. The little girl hugging her, seeming to get, somehow, that Clarke’s tears are not because of her.
  • Clarke being drawn out, little by little, by the people of the village. Being brought along on berry-picking expeditions by the women, being trusted implicitly by the men to tend to their wounds. Being asked by their village’s leader to weigh in on decisions as their healer.
  • Clarke starting to laugh again.
  • Clarke adapting to the Grounders’ way of life, but always retaining a small piece of her being a Sky Person, because she will always be different, always kom skai kru.
  • Clarke learning to speak Trigadeslang and making children giggle as she mispronounces. (Sometimes she does it on purpose, just to get that reaction.)
  • Clarke training with a warrior of the village—Rael—(a solemn, wise woman who fights hard but also loves deeply and sees no weakness in it) and getting stronger.
  • Clarke joining the Grounders when they’re all gathering, late one night, for some momentous event that she hasn’t quite grasped, just to realize they’re watching a meteor shower. The pain is palpable on her face.
  • Clarke sitting on the beach at dawn with Rael and telling her in muted whispers of the people she left behind, of the death she caused, of a promise to return someday. (Of being afraid to go back to them.)
  • Clarke crying as Rael tells her that some wounds take longer to heal than others. That the courage will return in time. That she has been brave for her people. That they can now be brave for her and wait until she’s ready to go back to them. That she is not weak for needing this time to repair her heart. That she would be weak if she weren’t affected by everything she’s done. And then resting her hand on Clarke’s head as she settles back in silence and Clarke breaks down, sobbing.
  • Clarke being noticeably lighter after that, smiling more and laughing harder, and allowing herself to cry when she needs to. Welcoming anyone who comes to her with open arms, having sweets for children, and a kind word for adults.
  • Clarke decorating her little home with seashells and sea glass.
  • Clarke telling tales of her adventures with Bellamy, the rebel leader, and Raven, who shouldn’t have survived, and Octavia, who loved one of the tri kru, and Jasper and his goggles, Monty and his pure heart, and all the people she loves. (She smiles when she speaks of them and realizes it doesn’t hurt like it did once.)
  • Clarke joining in the dances and the ceremonies and going on gathering and hunting trips as she’s invited and spending six months among them before Rael looks at her one day and says that it’s time.
  • Clarke trying to deny it, wanting to stay longer, to continue healing, but Rael shaking her head and saying that she has done her healing, it is time to regain her courage and rejoin her people and continue her journey there.
  • Clarke preparing to leave with no lack of emotion, packing her shells and her paintings and her clothes into a pack as children drift by, giving her more small gifts, of rocks and shells and dried food, that she packs away.
  • Clarke standing at the village entrance, tears in her eyes and with a tremulous smile, as the whole village turns out to see her off, with called farewells and last minute hugs and Clarke promises that she’ll come back to see them some day—and bring her people with her—and gives final instructions for the injured that are still healing.
  • Clarke walking forward into the forest, only to hear someone call after her, and turning to find Rael, the warrior who trained her (and helped heal her) stalking towards her with a grudging smile that she’s trying to smother. “We cannot afford to have our healer be eaten or lost on her journey. I will accompany you to your destination.
  • Clarke welcoming her friend with a grateful smile and the two falling into step together to begin the long journey. Only for the warrior to ask what exactly is their destination again? and Clarke just starts laughing.
  • Clarke and Rael travelling for weeks, talking and sharing, and Rael helping to settle Clarke’s fear that she isn’t ready for this step, sometimes insisting they stop so that they can “train” but really it’s just a tussle to help Clarke blow off her nerves.
  • Clarke whispering to Rael about Bellamy late at night, about how much it had hurt to have to walk away, about how much she trusted him, about how much she’d realized she needed him to be able to lead. About how he’d helped her pull the lever, about how he’d tried to take some of the blame for the deaths at Mount Weather. 
  • Clarke telling Rael several nights later how much she’s missed him. All of them. Her people. Even if they hate her when she comes back, she still has missed them.
  • Clarke and Rael being road-weary when they finally come across that last hill, exit the tree-line to see the loom of the Ark and the fence around Camp Jaha. Rael clasping Clarke’s forearm and then pulling her into hug her. This is as far as she will go. The rest is up to Clarke.
  • Clarke thanking her for everything in Trigadeslang, promising again to come see them, before turning towards Camp Jaha and her people, fingers tight around the strap of her pack as she walks towards it, already seeing Arkers gathering at the gate.
  • she’s home.

anonymous asked:

How do we know they have four hours of footage from HLV?

This article! #69 says that the first cut of HLV was five and a half hours long, which (and, disclaimer, I’m not a film person or anything here, but) seems really excessive given that an entire series of Sherlock is only four and a half hours long? And only 13.5 hours of it exist in the entire world? Particularly given how they’ve claimed that they had to fluff up TSOT when it was too short? They say the cut bits include ‘unscripted moments’ and ‘Martin folding a shirt’ but you won’t convince me that there’s almost a season’s worth of footage of Martin and Ben giggling while insulting each other and Martin riding his bicycle. There are subplots and explanations and important things that have been filmed that we haven’t seen yet. I mean, think of how much the creepy Magnussen deleted scene changed your reading of every other scene with him. And that was only five minutes!!!

HLV is so tightly put together, you really couldn’t cram another thing into it, and of course that’s part of why it won an Emmy. I assume that it’s like that because it had to be, because of how much time they had to spend editing it down. They figured out what had to be kept for the story to make a minimal amount of sense, and filed away the rest to decide what to do with later. Then maybe, after playing around with what was left on the cutting room floor, they came up with an insane idea that will toy with our emotions even more cruelly by drawing Victorian parallels with everything that’s happened in the past intercut with moving us forward with whatever storyline we’re still missing from HLV. It wouldn’t fit with what they already have planned for S4/5, so they needed a bonus episode to tie up S3 loose ends, and added a fun Victorian twist because they’re ubernerds like that and wanted to see Martin Freeman in that smouldering bowler and moustache. And we know they’ve filmed at least one HLV-timeline scene, maybe to round out what they already have.

Idk, I’m just spitballing at this point and someone who actually knows things can come and tell me I’m completely off base, but when you do that will you explain what happens with the extra hours and hours of footage? Does a first cut of a TV show usually start out 4x too long for the timeslot?