wishes you a happy bday too

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Happy birthday @keilattes!! You don’t know me but I love you and zeph throwing memes at each other, and since one of your followers basically encouraged sending you phone drawings for your bday, I thought I’d do that too (although I’m not an artist and haven’t actually drawn anything in years). Anyway, enough stupid babbling, I just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever and express my love for your art~

Maybe something about what the v3 boys will do for their s/o’s bday??

Aw, cute! Hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he doesn’t really know what he should do for you, so again, he keeps things pretty traditional.
  • it’s a pretty simple celebration, but he also does little things like make dinner and draw a bath for you.
  • and of course, he gets you a cake.
  • and it’s really good too!
  • but definitely store-bought.
  • you still appreciate it though.
  • he gives you lots of cuddles and attention, and wishes you a happy birthday many many times!
  • he just wants you to have a good day today.

Rantarou Amami

  • he made you a cake!
  • it tastes pretty good, and it’s really beautiful!
  • he’s really happy that you like it too, because he worked pretty hard on it.
  • he also wants to give you something else.
  • he takes off his necklace and puts it on you, as a gift!
  • you’re really flattered that he would give you something so important to him…
  • he assures you that he wants you to have it, and he trusts you with it.
  • he kisses you on the cheek, and suggests you two watch a movie!
  • he knows you’ll probably just want a nice quiet birthday, just the two of you at home.
  • so that’s what he gives you.
  • you two cuddle a lot that night, and he makes sure to wish you a happy birthday every time he kisses you.

Kokichi Ouma

  • he acts like he forgot completely.
  • he acts like that all day! no signs of birthday love!
  • honestly you don’t mind too much, you didn’t even tell him when your birthday was, so how could you expect him to know?
  • so you’re just going through your day like usual, on your way home.
  • and when you walk in…
  • he’s set up a massive party for you! absolutely huge!
  • there’s balloons, and tons of food, and all your friends are there!
  • plus some people you don’t quite recognize dressed in purple who may or may not be members of a secret society trying to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • you have a surprisingly good time!
  • he makes sure you get your space when you need it, but that you’re having fun too!
  • you’re kind of curious as to how he actually found out your birthday??
  • he has his sources.
  • he kisses and clings to you so much, you can’t get away from him for a second!
  • not that you’d want to of course.
  • he makes sure you have a really special day, and even buys you something really cool!
  • OUMA NO.

Shuuchi Saihara

  • he’s not really sure what to do…anything that’ll make you happy.
  • so he takes you out for a date, wherever you want to go, and he pays!
  • you even get to order an expensive dessert!
  • he insists on you get whatever you’d like, despite the dent you’re putting in his wallet right now.
  • he just wants you to have a good birthday!
  • and you do!
  • you feel a little bad about the price though.
  • after that, you two go home and cuddle on the couch while you watch your favourite movie!
  • you really enjoyed this birthday, and saihara is glad.
  • <3

Kaito Momota

  • you will never guess where you’re going today.
  • he tells you to pack for a day out, but you can tell he’s up to something.
  • besides, he won’t tell you where he’s taking you and the trip there is taking quite a while.
  • but surprise!
  • he’s taking you to a place that’s really special to him!
  • this here?
  • this is the first rocket he ever took up to space!
  • that’s so incredible!
  • and he wants to share his experience with you!
  • he actually, truly wants to take you up to space!
  • after some debate, you decline, only because you’re not qualified.
  • but you two still have a very nice lunch date inside the rocket.
  • happy birthday!


  • he’s had your birthday in his internal calendar for weeks!
  • he’s been planning as many traditional birthday festivities as he can, and he’s confident you’ll like them!
  • when you get home, there is balloons and banners and confetti EVERYWHERE.
  • kiibo made a cake! yay!
  • he’s so excited that you’re finally here for your party!
  • at first, you’re surprised, but you found it really adorable honestly.
  • he’s just so happy to be throwing you a birthday party!
  • and you absolutely love it!
  • he hugs you lots and gives you lots of kisses and bought you a present from toys r us and loves you so much!
  • he wants you to have the happiest birthday you can!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • has never had a birthday party.
  • has never been to a birthday party.
  • has no idea what a birthday party is.
  • but understands that birthdays are special to you!
  • so he takes you to the butterfly conservatory!
  • it’s absolutely beautiful, and you both have a fantastic time.
  • the butterflies are absolutely beautiful, and he makes sure that you get to hold a few!
  • he wants today to be really special for you.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he knows today is a pretty big deal.
  • after all, it’s his s/o’s birthday.
  • so he spends the whole day with you, doing things you like!
  • he cuddles you, makes dinner, and gets you lots of ice cream!
  • he also gets you an absolutely beautiful ring.
  • n-not that it’s an engagement ring, not like he wants to marry you!
  • i mean, th-that’s not to say he doesn’t want to marry you, just-
  • this is really embarrassing now.
  • maybe he wants to marry you??
  • maybe he was waiting until your birthday to ask you??
  • maybe???
  • the ring is absolutely beautiful and as soon as you two figure out that he just proposed, you say yes!
  • happy birthday!

i’m so sorry for being late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, froghotel!! i hope you had an awesome celebration and may all your bday wishes come true!!~ i think you’re super cool and your kawoshin art always make me smile so i just had to draw you these precious kids! ❣╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣

hey yooooo i wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the rest of your life too because you deserve all the best and talking about deserving all the best i’m sorry that you get a not so great edit from me. kinda antithetic isnt it :D i had another idea but it didn’t work out so that’s all you get i’m sorry xd have a wonderful life jinny <3

AHHHH WHAT THIS IS SO CUTE ???  what do u mean not so great i’m gonna treasure this foreveR i can’t believe you took the time to make it for me!!!  i’m so touched tbh, thank you so much and thank you for sending such kind words as well!!  you’ve absolutely made my day.

anonymous asked:

Happy birthday my friend! I'm too shy to go off anon even if we're mutuals, hah; also you're getting Voltron '84 for your bday, that's a pretty cool gift, probably lots of fun incoming

Thank you! I’m a shy bean myself, can relate

And like 80s Voltron is so bad and cringy I honestly don’t know if I should be happy abt this
but the episodes are staff picks so I’ll have to pull through ;;

Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily  



Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)


I personally don’t like being an adult. Being an adult comes at a price. You are now faced with a reality which kind of pressures you to chase after stability and security so they become your new dream. That’s why I don’t consider myself or rather don’t want to consider myself as an adult. Sure, my age will define as an adult but I want to be a teenage-adult who is still chasing after his dream. I wish you can be like that too. Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.” happy birthday syub, i love you ♡


Hi! since its jins birthday could u do a text scenario of yuo wishing him happy birthday?? thx and love your blog!!

Hey ≧◡≦ can I please request one where the reader sends some cute birthday texts to Jin or something like that please? thank youu! ~💖

req by: anonymous & @unfamiliarcreature (tumblr friend tehe)

here you go! and just for those of you who dont speak korean, here are translations for the korean bits!!

from reader: i love you always, thank you for being my happiness 

from jin: oppa loves you too, forever


“Everyone worries. Even the people you think wouldn’t. I’m saying that practically nobody feels that they’re talented. That’s what makes us strive to improve.“ — Eli Ayase

Dedicated to @cryptidowl007. Happy Birthday Josie!!!