wishes & hopes

I wonder what will dance in the night sky
When the world finally knows peace.
Will the stars sing of redemption
And the moon reflect our dreams.
As in a long forgotten memory
Will happiness remain a whispered wish
Or can love and hope find salvation
In this tatted world we’re living in?

© Courtney Turley 2017

Potential Apartment

Okay so I’ve been trying to not post about this until I know what’s really going on butttttt here I am.

I’m currently in my second year at university and I’ve been living in the dorms for these past two years. Last year I shared a room with two girls and this year I share a room with one girl. I’ve had no kitchen, no personal living room, no personal bathroom.

My options for housing next year are to stay in this dorm (double room, communal bathroom down the hall, no kitchen, no living room), a bigger dorm that is suite style (double room, personal bathroom, potential living, no kitchen), or to try for the apartments (single room, personal bathroom, living room, and kitchen).

My 5 friends and I are going to try our luck in getting into the apartments. They cost more and they are quite hard to get into but because the lottery system for housing has changed for this year our chances are somewhat okay for getting the apartment. 

It would be so nice to finally have access to a kitchen and no longer be living off of the horrible campus food (my campus is not vegetarian or gluten free friendly so). I wouldn’t have to get fully dressed in order to go to the bathroom. And as an added plus, I’d have a room to myself for the first time in 2 years soooo…lets hope this all works out! Wish me luck!

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The tags on that Regis and Clarus gifset😢😭

Sorry!! My emotions were too strong. TOO STRONG. I love these guys. I mean it’s a stupid wish but I honestly hope there is DLC or something for Regis and his crew. Like the OGs of these stories.

I feel like Regis must have hated himself so much by the end. Like so fucking much. He would have blamed himself for a lot of what Noct goes through. As much as he wanted to spend time with Noct and be a really good father (in the most stereotypical way I guess), Regis had to be a king first and focus on the much bigger picture of future events; even if his son ended up resenting him a bit. He just had to pray Noctis would understand in the end and Noctis does.

But Regis probably died thinking that his son hated him a little bit and he probably blamed no one else, but himself. Like, how devastating is that?

I love Regis and the old guys they’re just so important. SOOO IMPORTANT.

Your presence has been requested

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Dear dandy friends,

You have been invited to the Crispino vineyard to celebrate the end of the winter season and welcoming the beginnings of spring with the annual banquet on the xx.xx.xxxx at 18:00 o'clock.

Please state the number of guests you are taking with you on your RSVP and send them out to your earliest convenience.

We wish you well and hope to see you all in the not so far future.

Best regards
The Crispino family

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Listen, I don't know what the right or wrong thing to do in a situation like this is, but please try to stay as calm as you can and be careful. I know you don't care if you have to die to save Yoosung, but I don't think he could live without you either, so please do whatever you can, but as careful as you can. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope all three of you make it out of this safely.

ya. calm Agent cap is on. it has to be right?

thx thx for the well wishes! ya, i hope so, too

from a MeU perspective, more than anything, I am wishing and hoping for Amber to stay in sm and stand with f(x).. however, putting my selfishness aside and thinking realistically, it’s important to prepare myself for any type of future news that are to come regarding f(x)’s future even though it really hurts my heart to think about. Especially if sm still wanna act like imbeciles and ignore Amber’s continuous pleas…


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇