This little piggy went to (farmer’s) market.

A little preview of a piggy bank I’ve been working on this weekend. This one is made out of reclaimed Douglas fir, but I’ll have them in maple as well.


Photos are from Instagram, you can follow me on there if you like these sneak preview type deals. http://web.stagram.com/n/wishchip, or on your phone, username “wishchip”.

Some more old shots: making a leg on the lathe. Joint & plane (aka make nice and flat) your boards and glue them into a big rectangle.  I cut the corners off on the bandsaw because it’s safer when you’re starting out with the chisels.

External image

Some general smoothing out & shaping, and then down to business: Pick some crucial points to have specific sizes and get those spots to the right thickness. Then you can smooth out from one well measured spot to the next.

External image

Ridiculously messy & ridiculously fun.

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Pretty much done, just needs the top and bottom where the lathe was holding on to be cut off. These suckers also needed to be mortised, which was not the funnest thing in the world to do once they were round instead of square.

External image

Bomp! There they are in all their mid-century inspired glory, on my reno-covered carpet. The entire leg / leg brace assembly is just doweled to the top so that when I move it comes apart into two smaller pieces.

This is my desk. And my (sigh, knockoff) Wegner wishbone chair.  It was a project I made last year in school that was supposed to look like the hall table below, but I managed to convince my teacher to let me play with the proportions (all the joints and pieces had to be essentially the same to facilitate grading) and I ended up with something much more modern and sleek looking.

I use this desk every day and I love it.

What it was supposed to look like (yikes):

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