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This is a post showing how I often plan out some of my pages in advance. The first image shows today and yesterday, immediately follow by my May monthly spread ready to go! After that I have planned out the next couple of days in advance, as I am often too busy in the beginning of the week to spend much time on my planner. 

Today I also wrote out a “foods cheat sheet.” Executive dysfunction means that often I forget to eat, or when I remember I often cant remember or think of what to actually eat. Hopefully now having a visual prompt (earlier in my planner) and a written prompt will help me :^) The last page is just some notes I made for when I talk to my tutor.

Ft. the prettiest artwork by @mohtz in the second image and a fantastic postcard that came with an order by @wishbow in the third image (check them both out)!

Pam Wishbow’s Hellboy for the upcoming Hellboy 20th Anniversary tribute art show @Hero Complex Gallery. Over 100 amazing artists will pay tribute to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Universe! We will feature artwork from the show until the show premiere this Friday, May 2nd.





Previews from the women of the X-Men tribute art show, “Daughters of the Atom”, opening October 10th, 2014, at One Shot Gallery / Tumblr. All artwork available online from the 10th, HERE.

Furthermore, an X-Woman cosplay contest will also be taking place with prizes for the winners.

Storm (Paper cut in vintage frame) by Ashley Fisher / Tumblr

Storm & Domino (Cut paper collage) by Scott Modrzynski / Tumblr

Edna: The Hardest Working XMan! by Kirk Van Wormer / Twitter

Wolfsbane by Robert Jimenez

Wanda Maximoff by Celeste Pille

Kiss of Death by Zach Koch / Tumblr

Storm (Laser cut wood & Acrylics) by Robot Soda / Tumblr

Rogue by Pam Wishbow / Tumblr 

Tempesta by Stefania Schino


Pam Wishbow  -  http://pamwishbow.com  -  https://www.facebook.com/pamwishbowillustration  -  https://www.patreon.com/pamwishbow?ty=h  -  www.redbubble.com/people/wishbow/shop  -  https://society6.com/pamwishbow/prints  -  https://www.instagram.com/pamwishbow  -  https://twitter.com/pamwishbow  -  https://www.behance.net/pamwishbow  -  https://vimeo.com/wishbow  -  https://dribbble.com/pamwishbow  -  https://www.etsy.com/shop/pamwishbow  -  http://pamwishbow.deviantart.com

Huevember Day 22