My patch coat is really filling up! I have lots more that I’ve not sewn on yet. I had originally planned on completely covering it. I’m starting to wonder if there can be too many patches on a coat? or am I crazy? lol

Patches came from these awesome Etsy shops: ♥
Phoenix Compost
Vulture Velour
Patch Trash


I gotta show off my patch coat! I have two, one with only patches I’ve made, and this one… with patches made by other AWESOMELY TALENTED Etsy folks! All the shops I’ve bought from have been super nice and wonderful to buy from! I’ve been so happy with every one of these purchases! I highly recommend any of these shops! 

First photo:
“Grow” (with wheat)- WishboneMM
Food not Bombs - PatchTrash
No Jobs on a Dead Planet (FAVORITE!) - phoenixcompost
Birds of the coming strom (anarchy bird) - VultureVelour

Second photo:
“Some people are so poor all they have is money” - (handpainted by me)
Smash Capitalism - phoenixcompost
Razors in the Night - WishboneMM
Owls - retirementfund

Third Photo:
Adventure - (handpainted by me, soon will be available in my shop)
Funeral for the Bees (SO BEAUTIFUL!!!) - LoveHoldLetGo
All seeing flower - Goners