After completing the last assemblage at the end of December, I took January off from the Tarot of Bones so I could focus on some other projects. Now it’s February, and time for me to get to the most intimidating part of this whole process: photography. I am an amateur photographer at best, and even with a DSLR it’s been a learning curve just getting to the point where I am. However, I have books and I have people willing to give advice, so I have my little kluged-up setup ready to go and I’m hoping for the best! Wish me luck!

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Aside from the where are you from, what do you do questions idk what id follow it up with i feel like that'd be a strange thing to ask about out of the blue but that is something id like to know! Lol idk what'd i say & hopefully she gives me more to work with as the conversation

As long as you have some starter questions, she’ll just talk about it! Then you can hopefully pick up some more questions from there! Wish you the best of luck! Keep me updated if you want to or if you need some more advice, let me know! (: 

Hey everyone thanks for the advice. I’m still a little nervous but I do have an understanding boss and she lets me call her mom so I think that says something about our terms. And I do intend on working the full two weeks I’m giving. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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Hi, Emanuela here. Thank you for taking the time to answer my previous message. I must say the reading was spot on - that's exactly what I'm doing / trying to do at the moment - there are a couple of friends that give me advice and inspire me, I only paint when I'm feeling peaceful and the other way around and also, I paint at random times, so.. it was INCREDIBLY accurate and relatable. I'm hyped to see I'm on the right track, thank you so so much! I wish you the best and also lots of love~. <3

Awww I’m glad I could have helped! I wish you luck! ~Much love to you, Abel