Fingers Crossed

Gonna send another email to a publisher I’ve been wanting to get in with for over a decade, I think I’m finally at the stage where I’m “good enough” right now.

However previously I thought I was good enough but I look back and think goddamn I sucked so bad no wonder they said no/didn’t reply at all.

ANYWAY. I’m gonna spend the night thinking about how I’m gonna email them, there’s two publishers I really want to do illustration work for. (REALLY SEE: I have wanted to since I was 16) they’re LGBTQ publishers I’ve been heavily influenced by since I was really young so…..


I’m setting my alarm to Crawling In My Skin by Linkin Park and setting it at full volume and leaving my phone right beside my pillow just because I want to see what the fuck happens

  • Theatre teacher:Okay, for your assignment, chose a play you'd like to put on. With an unlimited budget and casting choice, what would you do with it?
  • Me:So, I'm gonna chose a Shakespeare play, and change things up so that everyone is some kind of gay.
  • Teacher:Alright, but-
  • Me:They're all gay now.
  • Teacher:Wait-
  • Me:Everyone
  • Teacher:Hold on-
  • Me:Gaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
Busy is a blessing.

To Do:
-trillions of emails
-1000 QUESTION Q&A to record AND edit
-edit and upload LA Fit Expo Vlog
-workout/cardio undo all the nonsense from the last few days of traveling
-start 28 days prep vlog series for Australia!!
-grocery shopping because we HAVE NOTHING
-help Christian package and ship exorbitant amounts of Alphalete gear
-never sleep again

Happy Monday! Only it’s not Monday it’s Tuesday and I’m so BEHIND, MOVE NIKKI MOVE!!!