Guess who’s going on a date today?!

This gal :D 

Yes my crush finally asked me on a date and I am super excited because he’s keeping the location a surprise and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun from what I’ve heard so far. Although I am really nervous, because first dates are a bit nerve racking to me (usually because I’m really clumsy and awkward and I’m afraid I’ll mess something up) but I’m feeling confident

(Gif by tinyblogtim)

You guys, wish me so much luck. I felt like a boy today and I just COULDN’T dress like a girl. At all. I might have to come out to my Dad today. Only one of my family members know because my family is very.. Christian and I know they’ll still love me.. But I know they’ll try to wave everything in my face.. they do it to my gay cousin all of the time. :/ I might have to come out to him today as genderfluid because I even did makeup to make myself look like a guy (which, you can’t really see that well) I don’t really know how I’m going to do this but.. wish me luck. *btw I’m sorry I look so sad, I’m just nervous that I might have to do this.*