I used to think the most romantic thing any boy could do for me was blast loves songs through the speakers of a boom box and kiss me in the rain. I thought that if a boy loved me he would fight with me about something ridiculous, then when I stormed out of the room he would chase after me and that meant he loved me. I thought that if he cheated on me, but still stayed with me, then that proved he really did love me. I thought that if we broke up, and 6 or so months later he would call me, drunk, confessing how much he really cares and how sorry he was, he really loved me. Oh, how foolish was I to think this was true?
I now know that the most romantic thing any boy could do for me is listen to me; my fears, my dreams, you name it. Now I know that if a boy really loved me, he wouldn’t create fights out of the silliest things. I know that someone who loves me could never cheat on me; the thought would never cross their mind! I know now, that he wouldn’t need to be intoxicated to have me drift into their thoughts.
To love someone is to know how many cups of coffee they needs daily. To love someone is to be anyone that person needs; whether it is a friend, a lover, or even a comedian. To love someone is to wake up and fall asleep without a doubt in your mind, that you love them unconditionally.
—  Find a boy who cares about where you bought your favorite lazy sweater, not where you bought your underwear.



if you want to hear the “story” of ryden or the conspiracy theory of it visit above link. i’m pretty convinced it’s all true. lol but then again, i’ve always been a ryden supporter. i think it’s the sweetest, most sad love story ever. <3

Recently I feel that Tumblr has turned into this one huge perception that you have to be online 24/7 in order to be a “good”, “true”, “real” Taylor fan. I wish more people could understand that not everyone can spend all of their time on Tumblr. Just because people are absent from their blog for a short period of time, or any period of time for that matter, DOES NOT mean they support/ love Taylor any LESS. I understand that in some instances, people abandon their blogs and find something better to do and yes, that is sad, but I can honestly say I believe there are SO many more instances where fans just struggle to balance real life with being online. For that matter, there are even people who don’t have Tumblr but they still love and support Taylor as much as anyone you find on here. One of my best friends who introduced me to Taylor back in 2008 doesn't even have a Tumblr. In no way, shape or form does this mean she isn’t “as big a fan” or “as much of a fan” as someone who runs a Taylor-related blog. She simply doesn’t have time to run a blog. Shocker: she stills buys all Taylor’s music, she still has all the merch, she still goes to every tour date. Just because she isn’t acknowledging that online, doesn’t make her any different. People have jobs, people are studying for degrees, people are just dealing with life in general and of course real life is going to get in the way of running a blog, especially the older you get. It’s OKAY to not have time for Tumblr. It’s THAT simple. It doesn’t mean you have “ditched” or “abandoned” Taylor. I’d love to be on Tumblr more than I am. Just because I struggle for time online doesn’t mean I love Taylor any less. Of course I’m not as likely to get noticed by Taylor when, unfortunately I’m unable to be on my blog, working 9-6 shifts at my job and trying to maintain my studies and university extra curricular. So in times when she is online I may be more active than when she isn’t but is there really anything wrong with that? I’ve been here since 2008, before Tumblr was even a thing. I’m still here in 2015, and I’ll still be wherever Taylor is at in the future. At the end of the day, you, yourself- is that one person who knows the extent of your support for Taylor and you don’t need people telling you otherwise.

Okay, this is the first time I’ve EVER photoshopped anything besides gifs, but I think this looks pretty good! I made this for an Ianthony story that I’m working on that contains “Soldier Ian AU” and I REALLY wanted to see what Ian looked like in an ACU uniform to get the full feel of the story… I am not disappointed. I was going to make the last name tag thing on the left say “Padilla,” (Because they’re married in the fic) but I didn’t know how to change it :c

Early twenties. I rap but I don’t really listen to rap music lol. I’m somewhere between girly and tomboyish. I wish Hogwarts was real, but unfortunately it isn’t 😒.
I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, coffee, film and music. I’m nonchalant on the surface but a caring person in my heart. I love hugging, kissing and cuddling..
and most likely I’m missing some important facts about myself but… Screw it 😏

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I wish You were real in my universe. So many night mares.

I too wish I could help those not within this realm. Despite me not being there physically, dearest dreamer, continue to remember that I will always be in your heart. I only wish I could help more.

I edit tons of posts 2 seconds after the fact because I’m socially inept and what might accurately depict my own emotions might not always be taken the right way by a reader and sometimes that stuff slips through, despite that I’m an editor. So like, I try and fix it up to be better communication. I don’t think that’s somehow evidence that I try and erase how much of a jerk I am or something. I wish I could go back and edit what I do and say in real life, too, because I’m terrible with people.

Saying how having a woman’s face on the 1 dollar bill will make it drop to 70 cents isn’t funny
Neither is saying that you shouldn’t have a woman in charge
Do you know that my inequality is no laughing matter? This is a fucking reality for me. It will make it significantly harder for me into live on my own because I’m being ratted out of money that I deserve for my hard work.

Did you know that my struggles and the struggles of anyone identifying as a woman are real and not a fucking joke? I wish I can just shut you out but damnit you’re my brother and I can’t just up and leave because I’m still in school and we’re under the same roof. You’re 20, for God’s sake, please do not become a teacher if this is how you’re going to treat 50% of your high school class.

Went Shopping :D

I got to go birthday shopping a bit early this year! :D I got a bunch of Hades/Persephone devotee jewellery and accessories and I looooovveee themmmmm.


I got six rings, all really pretty and detailed. They have faux turquoise/clear quartz in some of them, and even though I wish they were real stones, they’re gorgeous and remind me of Hades for his wealth aspect :)

I also bought a pocket-watch-esque necklace that has a ribcage as the covering. It’s from hot topic and is soooo beautiful! :D I love it so much ^_^

I got this cute little velvet rose necklace as a Persephone addition, since I couldn’t find any pomegranate designs. The chain is black, so I feel like it fits quite well :)

Okay so I saw this pendulum-like necklace and I HAD to get it. It has a really ornate top piece, and is very very very dark/gothic, so I may use it as a Persephone themed piece. It’s gorgeous and I can’t. even.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Edward Scissorhands, but he has some cool hands. I got a necklace that has his hands on it and even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with Hades/Persephone I mention it due to its awesomeness ~


I got an awesome infinity scarf to use as a veil as well. It’s white/ivory, is super wide and long, has lace on both edges, and is incredibly soft! :D I will probably use it for more formal occasions, since it is soooo beautiful ^_^

Where did people on tumblr pick up this idea that unrequited love is creepy? You people realise that liking, loving or pinning for someone who doesn’t like you back is perfectly normal and it doesn’t make you a creep. Forcing your attention on someone who doesn’t want them is wrong but that can happen in all sorts of relationships, from romantic relationships to friendships, from requited to unrequited. Liking someone who doesn’t like you back and wanting to be around that person only makes you a creep you don’t respect that person’s boundaries and wishes.

stop reading the Wuthering Heights and go interact with the real people please.

Don’t let her hit you. 

Don’t be afraid to stop her from beating you because “real men don’t hit women”. 

I wish I had stopped her sooner, I wish i stood up for myself. 

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I know having "special time" when Emma is in her dark phase is wrong; I agree with you there, but at least are you excited that she might try to seduce Killian in every episode? (ok, maybe not every episode 😆) Will he be able to look pass the seduction and know its bad timing for them?

I’m excited about every little thing regarding Dark!Emma. I just wish we could have had the real Emma there too because I’ll miss her so much! I’m guessing we’ll see a version that resembles her more in flashbacks to Camelot (or maybe the present and Dark!Emma will be at the future). 

Either way, I’m very excited to see Dark!Emma trying to seduce Killian. She will now be selfish because she’s the DO, but she will still be in love with him.

We saw Rumple takes out his more human version around Belle (basically only Belle…) and I really wonder if we are gonna see Emma in the same way. It only make sense that she will be more like “herself” near Killian. So my guess is that we are gonna see a fraction of the Emma that we love when she’s alone with him, but at the same time she would be more spicy, pushy, selfish. And, she may be manipulative around him. Using the love he feels for her as a weapon against his resistance. We saw the spoiler pictures at the street. It looks like she is doing just that.

But yes, I think Killian will be able to resist it. Don’t forget, the two people Hook knows best are Emma and the DO and right now they are both the same person. So he will be able to use that too. Remember that he shoot Belle to get back at Rumple? He knew exactly which button to push there. By resisting Dark!Emma he will do just that because at this situation he himself will be the “button” to push. He will be able to prevent Dark!Emma from having what she wants (him) and by that have the motivation to defeat the darkness by choosing love because It’s got to come from Emma herself as I stated already in the past.

11 Questions

Thanks fantasiesandfunbooks for tagging me (again)! 😝 (sorry it took so long)

1. High or Contemporary Fantasy?

2. What Genre do you Read Most?
Probably fantasy/sci fi

3. Do you own any Fandom Merchandise?
Not yet😞

4. Fictional Place You Wish Was Real?
Erliea. Wendlyn. Prythian. Hogwarts.

5. Do you Read/Write Fanfic?
I read fanfic occasionally.

6. How many books do you own?
Only 59 physical books…

7. Was there ever a point in time you didn’t like books?
No but I wasn’t obsessed as I am now.

8. Pick a book-loving character? (e.g. belle from beauty and the beast)
Celaena Sardothien. Tessa Gray.

9. Do the rest of your family love reading?
Not as much as me I would say but they do like to read.

10. If you were stuck on a desert island (dying), and you only had a scrap of paper to describe your whole life, which book title would you write down?
Hhhmmm… I have no idea

11. Have you ever had a book crisis?
Not really. Unless you count Sam Courtland and Nehemia Ytger… 😭

I tag galathynius-aelin aelinrhysand darkenchuntress im-dressed-for-rio ilreleonewikia13 sapphire–blues feyreandtamlin high-lord-rhysand (sorry if you’ve already done it)

I wish I had more in common with my friends in real life, like I love them all so much, but I just feel kind of alone in my way of thinking.