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This would probably be the weirdest Larrie tale ever. So, are you aware of a show called Impractical Jokers? There's a guy Joe Gatto in it, and he has this running gag about a guy called Larry. I wished to know if he based it on a real person, and being the idiot that I am, I googled, believe it or not, 'Is Larry Real?' R. I. P. And that is how I landed on Youtube videos, Tumblr masterposts, and the greatest love story of our generation. In short, I have Joe Gatto to thank for ruining my life.

Hahahhaha this is the best so far!! :) I love it!!! :) OMG :D:D:D

send me a color !

Off anon = blog rate

Teal - You annoy me at times.
Silver - I would date you
Yellow - You’re amazing.
Fushia -  I wish we were friends in real life.
Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.
Black - You’re beautiful.
Lilac - You’re cool.
Turquoise - I would hug you if we’re met
Blue -  You are my tumblr crush.
Gold  - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
Scarlet - I like you.
Orange - I don’t like your blog.
Lavender - give me your mortal soul
Bronze - I love your blog it’s one of my favourite
Purple - I miss you.
Brown - I don’t like you.
White - Delete your tumblr.
Coral - You should give more promos
Green  I think you’re cute.
Red - I love you

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I'm crying so hard with your last edit. omg, looks so real!! i really wish them to take a picture like this again (it reminds me of that picture from their facebook in danger era)

Thank you so mcuh!!!! yes!! I thought the same!!!!!!!!! I wish they post another picture like this!!

Champagne wishes and truck stop dreams

I left home in NC about 3:15 this afternoon and despite some snow and an hour long backup on the highway in WV from an earlier accident I’ve made it to Ohio in pretty good time.

I decided to quit for the night at a Love’s truck stop vs a rest area because I have seen too many episodes of criminal minds. The kitties have been doing fairly well overall which is a definite little blessing.

There is a little bit of snow forecasted for IN tomorrow morning so I’m hoping I can get some semblance of sleep and be ready to tackle the last ~4 hours of driving. I’m setting my alarm for 5 and if all goes well I should get to my new home around 9 when the apartment office opens.

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how does church interact with nick? (coming on the heels of your answer abt church and synths)

nick creeps him the hell out.

yet at the same time he desperately wishes that nick’s memories - the original nick, the real nick - were more easily accessible to the synth carrying his conciousness, because maybe it would make things… easier, maybe, to be able to talk about stuff that church knows no one is going to know or care about. the way the celtics blew their last few seasons, the way the shore looked in winter when it wasn’t covered in the detritus of two hundred years of crumbling dead civilisation. lining up at the red rocket for an hour to get fuel, and he and nick were the lucky designations given rationing priority over civilians. morning commuter traffic. paying $75 for a fish dinner because the prices went up overnight. listening to the radio to know which way to drive home to avoid the monthly food riots. playing golf, washing the car. 

nick is so incomplete that it frustrates him, but if he was more human-like it would be worse. it’s complicated.

this might sound dumb or it might now mean a lot to any of you but i love you guys a lot, it hurts me to see all of you upset by drama on mweor or things in real life. i wish mweor could be the place to escape the pressures of real life, but drama gets in the way of that.
unfortunately i don’t really know any of you very well, as i keep my distance from people, but i wish i could hug and cuddle you all and tell you this an that it’ll be ok eventually… unless you’re uncomfortable with being hugged, then i would love you from a respectable distance
just know that if you feel hurt, i know i’m not the only one who loves you. there are so many of us who will support you and love you

Disrespectful Fans

I had it up to here with all of these IWC’s on the Internet. To literally go to a wrestler’s Twitter or Facebook and send death threats is crossing the line. These r real people playing characters, and u want to make threats or wish injury on them. Ur not real fans, real fans would never do this. U take wrestling too seriously, it’s entertainment. These men and women r putting their bodies on the line for our entertainment. They have families just like us, but their away from them for a long time, missing birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc. U ppl make me sick and can’t even enjoy wrestling without hearing all the stuff that ppl r saying while a match is going on. U probably think that all wrestlers hate each other when in reality half or nearly all of them r the best of friends in real life. And to the ppl who sending death threats can go to hell and burn for all eternity.