Inquisition Protagonists I Wish Existed

You’re a city elf, who has been dragged along to the Conclave to wash your noble human employer’s chamberpots and act as a drudge as you endure their insults with a strained smile on your face, just as your parents and their parents and their parents before them have endured for generations. That is, until the events of the Conclave, and the elven servant nobody gave a second thought about becomes the most powerful religious icon in the modern ages. 

Instead of being a noble rogue Trevelyan, you’re a street rat who was raised in a cramped hovel in Denerim with your six brothers and sisters, growing up fast and learning how to scrape out a living until you’re picked up by a gang of thieves who go after increasingly bigger marks. You’re tasked to pose as a servant in order to steal gold and valuables from the Chantry clerics at the Conclave, until the job went wrong in every possible way. 

As an unpopular and common-born Circle mage, you were easily made Tranquil. You were never from a wealthy noble family and thus had none of the protection, so you were made Tranquil over a petty charge. You were brought along to assist with clerical duties for the mages. Due to events at the Conclave, you have been exposed to the Fade for the first time in years, and have permanently regained your emotions along with a glowing mark on your hand. Your continued existence is a threat to the Chantry, in more ways than one. 

171110 Note to myself : You saw Super Junior today and watch their performance at Music Bank. So you should remember how lucky you are and you should never call yourself unlucky again for rest of your life. Because you are so damn lucky. Yes LUCKY SO LUCKY ♥ :’)

I had only saw last them from afar in front of Coex a couple of days ago while they entering and leaving. I couldnt enter inside the building yesterday for mcountdown because i had some problems with my lightstick. It had to be official Super Show lightstick, but mine was friend’s KRY lightstick. The sad thing was we had another official lightstick at home ahah. But today i could enter! i watched their performance at Music Bank!! :) I was like 2 metres away from them and believe me they are really humans ahah sometimes i think they cant be real xD its weird i know~ but they are real hehe.

When we get inside the Music Bank studio while i am sitting i saw ‘someone’ and looked at him.. and then.. i was:

‘This is Donghae? THIS IS DONGHAEEEE’ ahah he was talking to staff. He saw fans coming inside and sitting and looked at the fans and smiled :) I thought he is still looking towards us and waved but he didnt see LOLOL i laughed so hard ahaha but he waved to the fans after a while :)

I saw Leeteuk after Donghae. Leeteuk really so so cute. He was the most smiley member today. 

Then guess who?

who? you can guess? xD

YES! you guessed right! i saw Hyukjae!! ASBQKWJDBÇSKWADÇJ

OMG how a person can be this beautiful? this is not fair for other men in the world LOL

Then i saw other members too. Staff kept fixing Yesung hair, i was like ‘ok its enough, go away staff, i cant see the members properly’ xD

Kangin was there too but idk how and why i couldnt notice him lol. That spot that members standing was looking a little cloudy because of stage effects so since he was probably there, i didnt notice him. He was there to support members! ahhh i love that man, and i cant wait to see him on the stage again ;;__;; Please.. i wanna see Super Junior together.. sighhh.. 

Hmm.. Donghae got on the stage before they perform and did kind of ‘weird’ things to make us laugh :) While makeup artist putting makeup on Shindong’s face Donghae hold a light above Shindong to make makeup artist see Shin face better hehe. Helpful babe! kk

Leeteuk was all smiley, our smiley angel leader ♥ :) 

Hyukjae send us CHU~~ :)) and made hearts with his fingers ^^ He had wore loose pants so its so sad i couldnt see his beautiful shaped legs properly LOL so i was focussed on Donghae legs xDDD

They sang Black Suit two times. They danced really so nicely. But while i watching them i couldnt catch how when and from where Heechul came to the stage and started to sing LOLOL

Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh all of them so handsome :) Maybe Donghae looking like he is shy and all most of the times but on the stage he is so confident and a little? naughty LOL 

Both Donghae & Hyukjae was so small like little cute kids hehe MY BABIES!!

There wasn’t any fans in front of us and we were so close to them, they saw our faces. And if my mind doesn’t play with me, for a second but just for a second Hyukjae looked at my eyes :((((((((((((((((( It was so short but it made me happy, when i think it sound like a dream to see them irl :)

After they performed Black Suit two times they came close to the seats and waved us. Only Shindong and Heechul didnt come idk why :)

There was 300 Elf outside. Only 200 Elfs could enter. We practised fanchant for Black Suit with SM staff. They gave these things to us:

*i kissed the banner if you can see ahah

and a baloon when we got inside. i didnt take pic of it while it is still blowed keke. But the baloon like this:

and if i should talk about albums i bought 8 albums three days ago..

7 one more chance, 1 black suit. I have 4 Hyukjae, 2 Yesung, 1 Siwon cd :) so sad i couldnt get Donghae’s cd :(

But i have his photocards while i have no Hyuk photocards xD

With buying albums we could write our names in the list and join to lucky draw for fansign (it will be tomorrow) but sadly i am not one of the fans who can join the fansign :( anyway.. maybe i will have a chance? maybe? idk? ahah

After the recording it was raining so hard but we had to write our names in the list for Inkigayo recording so we ran under the heavy rain. There was still a baloon and banner in my hands while i run and take taxi LOL. Being a fan is really crazy xD

a question: How to be so rich to follow Suju around the world, buy so many albums, concert tickets? A real question. I will wait for the answers :)


– Dilara   (kkk i felt like i wrote a letter to you, so i put my name here xD)

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the biggest hugs for you and your flat situation. I really hope it's got some hidden positivity for you. ❤❤❤

Hey, I’ll only have to clean the tiny room in which I’ll live from now on, instead of an entire flat. That’s perks right there. 

Kisses and hugs for you  ❤ and thanks!


#2588 I would love to hold Thranduils eye. Be his Queen. Maybe nothing sexual, though I believe he would be very skilled. To be the one he strolls through the gardens with, the one that breaks that wall down, destroys his composure and makes him laugh. To be the only one that has ever seen him trip, or wake up in tears from a nightmare. To be the one comforting him during hard times or war. I’ve always wished I was an elf-and now, for a very royal reason.

i wish elfs would listen to diplomatic discussion and agree to move out of my house (vents’ and pipes) even though it’s cold outside and my house is heated they mess up my day every time i see one i get so scared of it

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well i was gonna ask for sasusaku LOTR au cuz i thought i tortured you enough with difficult characters but now idk. i may let the torturing commence. ahhhh screw it. sasusaku LOTR au with #14

14. things you said after you kissed me


She stiffens with surprise and nearly drops her axe, but is quick to regain hold of it when she glances over her shoulder and realizes who is standing there. 

“Oh,” she says, cheeks flushing a little in embarrassment. “Hey, Sasuke-kun.”

He noiselessly makes his way to where she is sitting, and she watches his brows furrow as he stops just three feet away, dark eyes curious as he says, “It’s half past one in the morning, what are you doing here?”

Sakura smiles sheepishly, and tucks a lock pink hair behind her ear, feeling a bit abashed. “Well I was originally going to get ready for bed,” she admits, breaking their gaze to return her attention to the sharpening of her axe. She slides the blade across the sharpening stone, working with precision, and smiles as she goes on, “But then I remembered how not long ago you told me how beautiful the falls look on a full moon.” 

Once she is finished, she brings her axe up to inspect and test the bite of it, grinning once she deems her work satisfactory. She glances up at Sasuke once she has set aside her weapon, blushing lightly as she finds him staring up at the moon, delicate features accentuated by the soft light. She feels her heart do funny things in her chest when he shifts his eyes on her. 

“Aah,” he confirms quietly. “They are quite beautiful this time of year, too.” 

When she simply nods in response, he finally moves to take a seat beside her on the ashen-white tree log. She catches a glimpse of his bow strapped to his back, and her mouth parts with surprise. Before she can ask him anything about it, however, Sasuke turns to her and says with a light smirk, “You do know this is private property, right?”

She flinches and feels a fierce blush creeping over her neck, but the look on her face must be funny, because Sasuke’s smirk grows wider and she can see laughter twinkling in the depths of his eyes. Ducking her head, Sakura hides her still reddening face in her hands, and moans in mortification.

The laugh that comes out of his mouth nearly makes her jump out of her skin.

“And I was beginning to think you were smarter than your kind,” she hears him say, his tone marred with affection.

Peeking between her fingers, she can’t help her stomach from doing flips at the sight of the light smile on his lips, eyes still painted with amusement.

“Didn’t the guards come to give you a warning of arrest if you didn’t leave?”

Her hands fall away, then, and she crosses her arms defiantly over her armored chest, readjusting her proud dwarvish helmet. “Of course they did. But it’s not like I could understand them! They always seemed so agitated every time they came here, but then I figured they just gave up on trying to say whatever they wanted to say when they realized I couldn’t speak a lick of Elvish!”

Sasuke’s lips twitch again, and he hums in a manner almost teasing. She pouts and frowns at this, shifting her attention to the scenery before them. A silence sets between them, comfortable and quiet, filled with nothing but the sound of singing crickets and soft, hooting owls. Sakura’s eyes soften as she observes the moonlit waterfalls, and she thinks distantly to herself that they look like they are made of liquid crystal.

“So am I going to get in trouble, or what?” she asks him, giving him a semi-worried, semi-annoyed look.

Sasuke makes a noise of negation, eyes never straying from the sight before him. “If you were, they would have taken you in already. My guess is they recognized you as a guest of the royal family, and decided to let it go.”

Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “The guests of your family can trespass everywhere?”

Sasuke snorts, and Sakura thinks briefly to herself that it is unfair how his kind can make even a snort sound so elegant. Or maybe that’s just Sasuke.

“Of course not,” he says. “But in their minds, a guest that trespasses on the land of the family that is receiving them might actually not be trespassing at all.”

Her eyes widen, mind running blank. “…This is your family’s land?” she whispers to him, blinking.

Sasuke finally turns to look at her, the same amusement playing in his eyes and twitching at his lips. “I’d like to believe the Elven King and his family deserve the most beautiful sight of the land,” he says, smirking.

Eyes narrowing and cheeks flushed, Sakura rips her helmet off her head and throws it at him, growling, “Stop embarrassing me, you jerk!”

She is unsurprised when Sasuke easily avoids it, countering coolly, “Then stop putting yourself in situations that embarrass you, dwarf.”

A noise of frustration leaves her mouth, and Sakura decides that she has had enough of his superiority by lunging at him. The boldness of her move surprises him, and she is pleased when he isn’t quick enough to catch her or push her off.

“God, you Elves are so god damn—!”

The loss of balance cuts her off, and Sakura nearly yelps when he falls backwards onto the soft grass, sending her toppling over him with enough force to have her armored body fully crashing onto his. She groans at the uncomfortable position they find themselves in, and pushes herself up with her elbows, squeezing her eyes open. She finds her breath catching in her throat when she sees that her face is now directly positioned over Sasuke’s, and he is blinking at her with confusion and… a touch of awe.

She doesn’t realize that her hair has fallen around them like a curtain before his hand moves to carefully brush it over her shoulder, soft fingers tenderly brushing the skin of her cheeks. Her mouth parts when she sees traces of ache and misery flashing through his dark eyes, and her heart thunders at this, because she thinks it looks an awful lot like forbidden longing.

Sakura finds that she is right when his eyes slip to her mouth, delicate fingers moving gently at the base of her neck. He wants to kiss her.

Her chest tightens almost painfully. “Please,” she whispers, even if she doesn’t fully understand what she’s asking for.

Sasuke’s jaw tightens, but there is no resistance from him as he rises up on his elbows and gives her what she wants, pushing his mouth onto hers with enough force to have her lean back until he is sitting and she is straddling his lap. The hand at her neck sweeps at the back of her head and tangles in her hair, giving leverage and allowing him to kiss her even harder, while he slips his other hand in the crack of her armor and feels the hot skin underneath the thin shirt. She shudders against him and slides a hand into his own hair, pulling and tugging and stroking while she desperately clung to his shirt with the other, trembling. She feels feverish, burning, like her skin is on fire.

He breaks for air sooner than she wants him to, and Sakura keeps her eyes closed tightly, digging her teeth into her bottom lip as he pants for breath against her cheek, the hand under her shirt settling at her hip.

“Sasuke-kun…” she whispers, hoarse and full of pent-up desire, and he kisses her again.

She feels the corners of her mouth tightening with chagrin at the change in his affection, his lips now moving so sweetly on her own that she can almost taste the bitter farewell. She responds to him just the same, sliding her hand over to where his heart should be, brows furrowed with heavy emotion.

When Sasuke finally parts, he cups her cheek gently, and she can barely stand the way he looks at her. “I wish you had been born elf,” he whispers, touching his forehead to her own.

She leans into him, and gives him a sad smile, feeling the sting of tears. “Why do I get the feeling you’re about to break my heart?” she says, sliding both of her hands in his hair to hold him tight.

He swallows, and she watches his eyes flow shut tight. He doesn’t want to do this.

“If you had been born elf,” he murmurs, “I could have done that a long time ago.” His hands finally withdraw, and she can already feel her heart breaks when he slips away from her, and out of her reach. He gracefully pulls himself to his feet, and stands tensely with his back to her. “…I could have done it again.”

Sasuke glances a final time over his shoulder, anguished. “This never happened,” he says.

He walks away, leaves her crestfallen on the grassy floor.

Confession: As soon as I read about Felassan in Masked Empire, I wished so hard that he wouldn’t die and appear in DAI. When he died at the very end of the epilogue I was so mad- he was such a good character with so much possibility for character development. To be honest, I wish he was the male elf companion instead of Solas.

Finally figured out how to move on to the next episode cuz im an idiot/AvAc is vague as FUCK… the star missions on the SIDE of the mission board and not on the event page. OFC.

Got Elf Jan and Pengu Sam.

Pengu Sam is AMAZING.

I wish instead of Elf Jan I got Wolf Steve…. I wish I could trade outfits with people…

…I really wanted Vamp Hunter Nat…. but beating a boss on streak 7 is IN-FUCKING-POSSIBLE unless you spent mad shards on med packs nd missions to get the mats to fight…

ALSO The worst thing about this event…

Im getting all of these fucking vampires to recruit BUT I HAVE TO DROP A BUNCH OF SHARDS FOR A MINISCULE CHANCE AT BLADE!?


Blade is the only vamp worth getting.

AvAc is a suckhead.