Sometimes I wish I could read your mind and see if you honestly are happy with me or if it’s all in my head.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Do i make you happy?
279 prompts cause I'm waiting and waiting and waiting

1. Someday I’m going to get this right.
2. Maybe I don’t need to understand
3. I’m holding on tightly
4. You’re a mystery.
5. Wait until the lights are low.
6. I did it thanklessly.
7. I got a strange feeling about this.
8. You’re running away?
9. Don’t stop if you’re enjoying yourself.
10. I think about it every day and every night.
11. I can’t say ‘no’.
12. Well I didn’t think you’d take it this far.
13. You won’t be the same.
14. Come closer, I have to tell you something.
15. I hated the nights in the van when we drove through the night.
16. That’s a hundred miles an hour.
17. Even though it’s not always good.
18. You’re more than just a great face.
19. Let your hair down.
20. We can be ourselves now.
21. Go ahead, be foolish.
22. It’s your fault that I screen my phone calls.
23. I’m not home anyway.
24. Tell me when.
25. You’re talking to a lady.
26. You’re not exactly what I had in mind either.
27. How can you ignore it?
28. This conversation is pointless.
29. Trust me, you were heard.
30. I can hear crying through the door.
31. I never took anyone’s side.
32. I’ll keep my mouth shut.
33. She can’t keep you from stumbling.
34. I’m in misery.
35. Your chest is so cold right now.
36. I will cover you until we’re gone.
37. We are the same!
38. You could make it easy on me.
39. The wait is so long.
40. Thanks for the souvenir
41. Of course, he fucked everything up.
42. I did what you couldn’t
43. This is wrong?
44. I have some hope left.
45. Anything you ever did was strictly what you were told to.
46. I know what I need!
47. Tell on me
48. It’s now or never.
49. Leave a trace of yourself, come on.
50. Let me take the lead.
51. You think I’ll apologize for what I did.
52. I’ll admit that I fucked up.
53. There’s some grey here.
54. You better believe I’ll move on.
55. Tell it like it was, come on.
56. You know what to do if you’re lonely
57. I’m suffocating
58. It’s been a long time coming.
59. What are you trying to do to us?
60. What about Sunday? You swore you’d make it work.
61. I wish you would change your mind.
62. It would just take a minute.
63. I’ll be awake anyway.
64. He said you were nice.
65. Unless you’re going to be cool…
66. Find me tonight. I’ll still be in the city.
67. What made you think twice?
68. Secretly, you’re a good one, aren’t you?
69. You broke a couple glasses.
70. You called me about six different awful names.
71. You posted it.
72. I’ve been so worried about you lately.
73. You think you’re good enough, huh?
74. It’s good enough for now.
75. You don’t look like the person I trusted.
76. You can’t find love when you’re this smashed.
77. That’s not what you said yesterday!
78. I’ll feel better when we get to the club.
79. Nothing your hands on my body can’t fix.
80. I know you need a body to keep you warm.
81. We will have a good time
82. You’re acting pathetic.
83. You’re the only reason I came.
84. I thought you were going to help me.
85. I’m not giving you shit.
86. It’s 4 in the morning.
87. Of course, it hurts.
88. You got to give me more than that.
89. Why did I even wait up?
90. I don’t want to lose another fight.
91. Let it sink in.
92. How can you sleep?
93. It’s all over me.
94. I handed over the keys.
95. I can’t stop crying now.
96. If we’re going to do it, I want to do it right.
97. I don’t feel very safe.
98. Remember when you said you would change?
99. You don’t play fair.
100. That hair is not mine.
101. You and I didn’t exist ever.
102. What were you hoping for?
103. Why did you play games?
104. Don’t speak for me ever again.
105. I’m not something to be conquered.
106. You know just what to say.
107. Just couldn’t resist.
108. We have way too much in common.
109. I have a shopping problem.
110. Do you think about me when you get off?
111. This feels hopeless now.
112. I’ve got time for you. Always.
113. Were you crying?
114. You’re confusing me!
115. Don’t waste my time.
116. It’s too late for this tonight.
117. I’m sure you feel very right.
118. I didn’t feel bad when we lied.
119. I heard you scream in the bathroom.
120. Wait around and see for yourself.
121. How high are you?
122. I never put you down.
123. No one needs that!
124. Did you forget to turn your heart on this morning?
125. It feels really tight.
126. Why are you still talking?
127. I can’t escape you!
128. This is the best I can do.
129. If you see me walking down the street, just walk by, okay?
130. I still cry about it.
131. Do you ever think about what we did?
132. You still turn me on.
133. My heart feels heavy.
134. I’ve had too much time these days.
135. Don’t call me baby.
136. Can you not see murder when it’s in front of you?
137. Stop showing up at my favourite places.
138. You don’t just want to talk.
139. Walk away.
140. You know all the reasons why already.
141. You didn’t know me then.
142. What’s the excuse?
143. She lost control.
144. Are you lonely?
145. What’s with the naked guys?
146. Don’t get carried away.
147. Stop screaming. We are in public.
148. I heard through a bunch of people.
149. Oh wow, you’re not kidding.
150. Vanilla, right?
151. You are actually going to go home with them?
152. This is not me being jealous, okay?
153. Oh, I love paying for things I can’t afford.
154. I’m not sitting here and wishing for you.
155. What’s on your phone that is so interesting?
156. I’m imagining what you could possibly find interesting about them.
157. You’re not that much of a mess.
158. I’ve seen you here before.
159. Good luck replacing me.
160. I wish I was smarter.
161. I’m not interested in you like this.
162. Can you handle that?
163. We’re never alone
164. You’re leaving with somebody else
165. You said I could come along.
166. I did not see this coming.
167. You sound like crazy people.
168. Your car reeks of weed.
169. Do you hear yourself right now?
170. I’m tired of putting things on hold.
171. This is the strangest thing you’ve asked for.
172. I don’t want to know why.
173. I’d rather be sad with you.
174. Wake me up next time.
175. It feels like fire.
176. How much more of this can you take?
177. It’s hard being away from you and not knowing.
178. I can’t believe this is happening
179. Don’t rage about this.
180. I hate that I need you.
181. How are you going to make things better?
182. Are we being spied on?
183. You know I’m human, right?
184. Hate is a part of life.
185. Baby, answer the question
186. I know that you’re sorry
187. I need you to pay attention.
188. Now you’re freaking out.
189. I didn’t know about this garbage when I agreed.
190. Give me a chance to remember
191. I defended you
192. I’m in my own world.
193. Write the note already.
194. Load your car up then.
195. I won’t say it.
196. Tequila turns you into someone else.
197. So you lied and cheated?
198. It’s seven am, you can’t be angry yet.
199. You got one shot left.
200. I’ve been thinking about what I used to do to you
201. All I need is a little bit.
202. You are drinking too much
203. Keep it to yourself
204. You think this is what 'okay’ looks like?
205. If you only knew.
206. Just wondered if you were asleep.
207. I don’t care how you feel.
208. It’s less dangerous this way
209. Keep it real.
210. I wish I could read your mind.
211. I’m not looking for a fantasy.
212. I’m so into you.
213. This is heaven.
214. It’s chaos in here.
215. Am I dreaming?
216. You’re my only friend
217. I know why you’re crying, but care to explain anyway?
218. Everyone knows what you think.
219. You can’t miss what wasn’t yours.
220. It was all a lie. I lied and kept lying.
221. You said 'yes’.
222. Wait a minute, bring that back.
223. I’m not worried about a thing.
224. You got this.
225. You’re smarter than you think you are.
226. He is so drunk on power.
227. This belongs to you. I want you to have it.
228. What do you believe in then?
229. This is betrayal. This feels like a slap in the face.
230. He was right there.
231. This is my life, don’t you forget that.
232. I paid him to do that.
233. What good could you do?
234. How much will you lose?
235. Are you committed to this?
236. She won’t listen to you.
237. Use both hands.
238. I didn’t get close on purpose.
239. You’re the worst nice girl I’ve known.
240. I’m not the nervous kind.
241. Shame on me for getting so close.
242. Fuck you and your family dinner.
243. I wish we never kissed.
244. Is it okay that we are so close?
245. You’ve been nothing but trouble since you arrived.
246. Good luck finding someone to be with you now.
247. Doesn’t matter what you tell them, I’m not coming.
248. I would have figured you out.
249. If it was my choice, we would still be together
250. Where have you been?
251. You want to be forgiven?
252. I’m scared I’ll die alone
253. I didn’t want to walk out.
254. Where were you then?
255. When I saw you, I freaked out.
256. Don’t run away from me.
257. I’d go anywhere you wanted to go.
258. I saw you from the corner of my eye.
259. You’re making my heart feel tight.
260. You don’t have to dress up.
261. I’m letting go tonight.
262. That better not end up on the Internet.
263. I’m trying to be patient.
264. This wasn’t what I dreamed for myself.
265. I don’t want to hear the great story you worked out
266. Call in sick.
267. I can wait til you get back.
268. This is about to go from bad to disastrous
269. I didn’t think I’d actually wind up liking you.
270. You knocked him out.
271. You’re not the boss of me.
272. You think you’re so slick, don’t you?
273. She is going to destroy you.
274. Can you walk and talk at the same time?
275. I’ll call you a cab. An uber.
276. You must not respect me at all.
277. The kitchen? Of all places?
278. Call that girl. I bet she would give you a ride.
279. If it makes you feel better, go ahead.

When you both want to watch TV and he is gloomy

It’s been a while I am sorry

662 words

short, fluff, JAMES FRANCOOOO

I don’t know when this gloomy mood of James will be over, but I hope it will be soon. It’s been 3 days since we are here and all we did was arguing. Doesn’t matter what I say or do, James is and will be sulking.  After dinner, I decided to wear my new cozy pjs, that I bought in London, when I visited my friend Jessica. I made myself a green tea and sat on the bed, preparing to watch TV. Next to me, I heard my phone buzzing. I looked at the display and saw that that there was a new message from Jessica. My friend moved to England a few months ago. Even though she’s busy she still tries to write or call me every second day. I texted her back and went back to my leisure time. When I saw a old movie I stopped and watched it for 10 minutes. It was a romantic comedy, I didn’t knew and that is something new. Just then I heard James’ footsteps. He opened the door and walked in.

“Hey, how was your day?”, I asked.

“like everyday, yours?” he shrugged and picked up the remote controller.

Instead of sitting on the bed next to me, he decided to sit on the floor. I looked back at him and was confused by his action. I mean look at this bed, there is enough space for both of us.

“Hey James, everything’s allright?”, I asked.

“Yeah why?” he said and looked up at me.

“I won’t bite you. You sit there like you’re a stranger”. I explained to him, kinda annoyed by his action.

“I smell bad. I don’t want to get you dirty” he gestured to his clothes.

“then go and take a shower.”, I simply said.

He sighed and said he will take a shower after the show.

“James I want to watch the movie! don’t change the channel.”

“watch it when I am not here.”

“It’s just a truck show you want to watch. I was already watching it.”

“This is so typical of you! everytime I want to watch something,you find your way. You are so stubborn, it drives me mad.”

“Come on James! Everything makes you mad. It’s the last time. I promise just let me watch it for today.”

He sighed again and I could literaly feel how he had to fight with himself, not to burst into flames. He was so tense today. I want to know what he is thinking at the moment. Sometimes I wished I could read his mind. But I still want to know what happened today. Maybe they had problems with the set or the production, I don’t know but I don’t like it at all.

“Okay for today. But next time you have to watch something I want. Okay?”

“Thank you”, I jumped and went straight to him, to give him a big warm hug.

“and now you have manners?” he smirked and looked deeply into my eyes.

Yes my James was back. The playful James I will always love. Not the moody kid I am arguing with sometimes.

“I always have manners. You know that”, I laughed and put my arms around his shoulders to steady my body.

“You’re sure?” he smirked playfuly.

“Very”, I smiled and kissed him lightly on his lips.

“Good, then entertain me.”,he said and raised his chin.

“How?”, I raised my eyebrows, smiling.

“be creative-” I stopped him and attacked his lips.

I pulled away and stared at him.

“What about the movie?”, I asked him.

“Forget the movie, this is so much better.”

“We will see, but before that, you have to take a shower.” I continued kissing his chin.

“wanna join?”, he invited.

“Do I have a choice?”, I asked back.

“No missy. let’s get dirty before we’re getting clean.” he stated and carried me to the bathroom.

Michael Drabble Request

This was requested by an anon: Hey could you do #14 “I swear, I wish I could read your mind.” and #23 “I knew you were special from the moment I saw you.” with any of the archangels from spn

I didn’t get Michael requests when I did this. SO I CHOSE MICHAEL!

Word Count: 191

Warnings: Fluff

Originally posted by spngayngels

Michael strolled up to you, his body towering over yours as he stopped in front of you.  His green eyes stared boldly into yours.  You started to wonder if this was a test.  You didn’t even take out the angel blade you had in your belt.  For some reason you felt drawn to Michael.

“I knew you were special from the moment I saw you,” Michael smiled confidently.  “You won’t hurt me, will you [Y/N]?”

“No,” you replied timidly.  “You aren’t going to hurt me either are you?”  Dean and Sam watched as their bodies were still being forced against the wall.

“Of course not,” Michael purred, cupping your face in his hand.  He studied your eyes, searching for more.  Even your emotions couldn’t tell him what he wanted to know.  “I swear, I wish I could read your mind [Y/N].  Let me in.”

“Why,” you asked, quirking an eyebrow.  “What do you want from me this time?”

“This time,” Dean and Sam questioned in sync.

Michael ignored the Winchesters, tilting his head dangerously close to yours.  “You.  All of you,” Michael whispered before pressing his lips to yours.

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Trimberly Song Series

Squeeze-Fifth Harmony

Suggested by: @embar-the-dragon-writer

A/N: Hi! This is another addition to my Trimberly song series! This series is based on songs I’ve been sent, and ones that’s I personally choose. I always love to have suggestions, so please feel free to send me songs or prompts in my ask. 

@embar-the-dragon-writer, I’m so sorry this has taken so long, friend. Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion! You know how I love Fifth Harmony!

End of the night, looking at me

The sun has long since sunk below the horizon. 

The moon has begun to gradually take its shift in watching over the world for the night, with the faint luminescence of its rays alighting the land just enough to give every object an almost ethereal sort of glow, hues of light blue and faint gray and pure white washing over every surface. 

What do you see?

Around a campfire, at the top of a relatively unknown cliff, three figures sit–two girls and a boy; The two girls are huddled closely together upon the ground; The boy is resting in a chair just a few feet away from them.

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Dean Drabble Request

This was requested by an Anon: 8 “Not even the Gods above, can separate the two of us.” and 14. “I swear I wish I could read your mind.” with Dean please

Word Count: 252

Warnings: slight angst/fluff

Dean walked into the bedroom the two of you shared.  He could tell that you seemed to be a bit off today.  He wasn’t sure what was on your mind.  So much had been happening lately and he could tell you were exhausted from all of it.

“I wish I could read your mind [Y/N],” Dean muttered as he closed the door behind him.  He padded slowly over to the bed, sitting on the edge.  “What’s bothering you sweetheart?”

You crawled across the bed, sitting next to Dean.  You leaned your head against his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around you.  “It’s just been rough lately,” you sighed.  “The Darkness, Lucifer, all of it.  I know Amara wants you all to herself Dean.  She won’t hesitate to take me away from you.”

“Not even the Gods above, can separate the two of us [Y/N],” Dean reassured you. “I know, because they’ve tried.”  Dean pressed a kiss to your head, rubbing his hand up and down your arm.  “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it would be beating the odds.  Especially when they’re stacked against me.”

“Yeah, well, I’m just saying,” you mumbled.  “Things aren’t going to get any easier.”

“True,” Dean noted.  “However, we have each other don’t we?  And Sam and Cas.”

You nodded, pressing a chaste kiss to the Winchester’s lips.  There was one more thing Dean was great at; cheering you up.  It wasn’t always easy, but he always knew the right thing to say.

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Love Lyric Drabble List

These are just some one liners from some cute love-ish songs.

  1. “Lie down with me.”
  2. “You mean the world to me.”
  3. “Either you’re coming with me, or I’m coming with you.”
  4. “I want you forever.”
  5. “I’ll always love you.”
  6. “All I need is you.”
  7. “The world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me.”
  8. “Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us.”
  9. “Let me kiss you.”
  10. “Baby, I’m perfect for you.”
  11. “Baby you’re perfect.”
  12. “Let me show you how a kiss should taste.”
  13. “I can’t help falling in love with you.”
  14. “I swear, I wish I could read your mind.”
  15. “I plan to love you all my life.”
  16. “I want you to stay.”
  17. “I won’t let you slip away.”
  18. “I don’t wanna fall asleep without you.”
  19. “I could never live this life without you.”
  20. “We were always gonna fall in love.”
  21. “I’ll be there, wherever you are.”
  22. “But you love me anyway.”
  23. “I knew you were special from the moment I saw you.”
  24. “It’s true, I’m in love with you.”
  25. “I was lost before I met you.”
  26. “I have you, and you me.”
  27. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room.”
  28. “If the hold world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”
  29. “Baby let your hair down.  Let me run my fingers through it.”
  30. “You shine brighter than the stars in the sky.”
  31. “She’s everything to me.”
  32. “All along I believed I would find you.”
  33. “Shut up and dance with me.”
  34. “You’re my dream come true.”
  35. “You’re my reason for living.”
  36. “I wanna sleep next to you.”
  37. “It was always you.”
  38. “I think about you every single day.”
  39. “There’s something about you that makes me feel alive.”
  40. “I fell in love with you like bees to honey.”
  41. “Tell me again, was it love at first sight?”
  42. “Come get back in bed.”
  43. “I just can’t get enough of you.”
  44. “I have loved you since we were 18.”
  45. “You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you.”
  46.  “I’m only one call away.”
  47. “Superman’s got nothing on me.”
  48. “You’re the one that I want at the end of the day.”
  49. “You’re my sweetest dream come true.”
  50.  “I’ll take your bad days with your good.”
  51. “You are the one I choose.”
  52. “I want to make you feel beautiful.”
  53. “You are beautiful, no matter what they say.”
  54. “Look into my eyes.”
  55. “Everything I do, I do it for you.”
  56. “You take my breath away.”
  57. “I can kiss away the pain.”
  58. “I can be your hero baby.”
  59. “I will stand by you forever.”
  60. “I just wanna hold you.”
  61. “Stay here tonight.”
  62. “I’m thinking about how people fall in love in mysterious ways.”
  63. “I fall in love with you every single day.”
  64. “When I see your face, there’s not a thing I would change.”
  65. “You’re amazing, just the way you are.”
  66. “It’s true, I can’t live without you.”
  67. “I’m yours.”
  68. “When you’re around me, everything is right.”
  69. “I’m forever yours.”
  70. “I think I’m falling for you.”
  71. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.”
  72. “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you.”
  73. “If only you could see what I see.”
  74. “The heart wants what it wants.”
  75. “This has gotta be the good life.”

The Crismessi street art is gaining lots of media attention from around the world, surely both of them have seen it, I wish I could read their minds and know what they think of it.