“To be completely honest with you, I’m not positive. It looks like a kind of peony… It could be the same type of flower that’s on her hairpin (which could be symbolic of a number of things). Known as the king/queen of flowers. Luck. Wealth. Happy Marriage. Nobility. Peace. Feminine Beauty… I’m not entirely certain that’s what the flower is though, so I don’t want to delve further into what I think it could mean. Wish I could be of more help. :/”

Hey, no problem! I got these comparison screenshots and I’m pretty sure you got it! Thanks :>

I love that it stands for “king/queen of flowers. Luck. Wealth. Happy Marriage. Nobility. Peace. Feminine Beauty…”

Everything makes perfect sense, definitely representative of her past.

ola-wonderland asked:

I never cast a spell but I'd love to. How did you learn ho to cast spells? Is there any advice you can give me? Thank you so so much Victoria❤ you are awsome

i’ve only ever cast 1 spell before. i’m a bit scared to cast them yet as i have a lot to learn and i’m scared i won’t be specific enough and it might backfire but i have 2 very good friends that are wiccans and i’m hoping they’ll teach me so i can cast more… i wish i could be of more help. <3

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you don't know me. maybe you do. i care for you and i see you're in pain often. you're in my prayers. i wish i could help.

thank you I appreciate this I’m not in pain usually just observing my life from the outside and reiterating things I’ve said before I’m in this constant state of angry at the world but I usually suppress it cause I’m a pro I’ll be ok tho I always am ok love u

Dear Zari: Hidden Stories from Women of Afghanistan - Zarghuna Kargar.

Rating: 8/10

A book of stories that would have otherwise gone unheard, collected by Kargar whilst she worked at the BBC’s World Service, Dear Zari is eye-opening, shocking, and tenderly written book. It opens the door to a world most of us can only imagine, and is a raw insight into the country where Kargar grew up.

It is a powerful book, and an essential one. Kargar gives a voice to those that would not usually have one, and you can tell that she cares deeply for these women, many of whom she hasn’t even met. The way she tenderly tells their stories softens the blow of some of the horrors, without compromising the story. I found myself weeping at some stories, and wishing I could reach out and help these women myself.

But don’t worry, not every single story in here is heartbreaking. The spirit, strength and kindness of these women shines throughout the whole book.

It may not be a book you want to read, but it’s a book you should. 

On Goodreads.

This one guy from previous DevMeet (a.k.a. artist meet up) questioned in rude way what’s the point of going to conventions. Even though I said for example: looking for a job, connecting with people, having fun. And even then he was rude, septic and that smirk on his face made me actually angry, because the way he acted. I wish he was in this DevMeet, so I could said that conventions help me meet important and awesome people and get work.

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I'm sorry Rui. I wish I could help you with your depression in some way. I never knew you were dealing with this kind of problem because you usually seem really cheerful. I wish I can send you thousands of hugs every single day and help.

Ahahaha, it’s all right…there are reasons why I try to seem cheerful most of the time is because I feel that people need that sort of positivity. Negativity is contagious and the world is full of it. If I can somehow make people’s day better, it helps me in my own way as well.

But because I’m also a very private person, I’m not very open about my own feelings. If I’m in pain or agony, I don’t want people to know that….usually. The only time I vent is when I’m unable to take it anymore and after venting, I’m left with extreme feelings of guilt.

Thank you for taking time to write this message to me. It’s really kind of you ^^

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omg i wish i could help but i cheated on both my french writing exams. people i know tried to memorise it in song form or created a certain rhythm that went along with it to help memorise it tho <3


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So this guy and I are besties. We tell each other almost everything. The only thing we never talk about are people we find attracive or have crushes on. When he had a gf, he never talked to me about her. It was almost off-limits. It's almost like we're both afraid of making the other person jealous. I really like him but I value our friendship too much to say anything and some mutual friends say he likes me. But I just really wish I could talk about guys to him and vice versa. Help?

Uh.. Um uh uh

Ask him why he’s unwilling to talk about it. Communication is the best thing.


“People think I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s just the way me face falls.”


It’s just you’re so pretty. You’re so pretty, and nice, and fun. You have everything, Manaka-san. That’s exactly why you can’t lose anything.

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There are 2-3 things in this page that are 100% Princess’ doing. She’s a blessing.