watching the gilmore girls trailer was like coming home. that show has been my tv comfort food since middle school and i watched the finale live and i was just so sad to be losing all of those characters who felt like family and i’m just so happy to have them back.

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"I don't see why you're so UPSET about it." - Vash

His biting tone made her flinch. “B-Because,” she said between sobs, “y-you were hurt and I wish I could have helped you,” she knew she was overreacting. He was the one that should be crying, not her. But on the inside, Amarathine knew that Vash would never cry. It felt like she was crying for him because he wouldn’t.

She didn’t understand why he was mad at her. She sniffled and tried in vain to stop crying, she wiped her tears away but they were quickly replaced. Amarathine looked away from Vash, she couldn’t stand his cruel glare anymore.

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I have trouble differentiating romantic and platonic attraction, do you know how to tell the difference?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond to this question for a few days, and brief researching on Google didn’t help me so I apologize for my lame answer.  It’s difficult to help when I haven’t experienced romantic attraction myself, as I have no reference.

I’ve seen a lot of people differentiate the two by saying that the ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling generally occurs with romantic attraction, so that might be one way to tell them apart?  Some people include wanting to cuddle or kiss others as romantic activities, and so if you found yourself wanting to do that with others, that could be a sign of romantic attraction.  Do you want to hang out with them, or go on dates?  Could you see yourself being in a romantic relationship with them, or would you rather have an awesome friendship?

Sorry, I wish I could help more.  Could anyone who does experience romantic attraction- or just knows how to answer this question tbh- help out?

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This is going to sound so weird, but would you guys ever do a list of the books Jaebum has read that we know of, like compile one from the photos of fantakens. Or do you know of a blog that has, I know some of the books Jinyoung has read is some of the one's Jaebum has suggested to him. Though I'm wondering if this has ever been done.

hi there! we don’t know of any blogs that have done this compilation before. sadly, we will not be able to compile it ourselves. the admins (honestly diana really since i don’t do shit lol) are busy with summer classes… and pokemon go… lmao. i wish we could be more helpful but sorry ;; 

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Send me ❤ on anon and I’ll compliment someone at random!

 [ Ma or Pa. (hehehe)

      Another little shout to @royallunatiic. For being absolute
biggest inspiration to get better at writing. For keeping me on
my toes when I read your stuff and helps me improve my writing.
You are the very first person I would call Senpai.. because
I don’t take the word very lightly. (Actually I would take it very seriously
because writing is a very big and important aspect of my life). If you
haven’t already follow this woman you are missing out.

She is absolute gem! I am sorry to hear you are going through some rough
times right now, I wish I could help more. But just know I am there for you 
any step of the way. Hang in there, you are one of the strongest people I
know despite only knowing each other for a couple of months now. Thank
you once again for pushing me in boundaries I didn’t think I could and
thank you for taking the time to talk to me. 

As for your muses, what can I say? i freaking love them all!!!! You can pretty
much write anything you want at this point and I would be mouth gag right
open. XD]

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Do you have any tips to starting digital art? My brother is getting a tablet thing soon for Osu and he said I could use it for art and since you're an amazing artist, do you know any tips? I don't know if you do digital art but I love your art so much.

You came to the wrong person haha i wish i could help but i know NOTHING about digital art :(( i’m so sorry! Is there anyone in here that knows about it and wants to help the anon? Good luck my friend, that’s amazing, you are super lucky! And thank you so much!

  • Me:*places eraserhead VHS on counter* You ever see this?
  • Blockbuster Guy:No.
  • Me:This movie is fucked up and it has one fucked up baby in it.
  • Blockbuster Guy:You wanna rent it?
  • Me:Nah it's too freaky. It's on my top 10 list of most disturbing movies because the baby in it is really fucked up.
  • Blockbuster Guy:Is there anything else I can help you with?
  • Me:LOL! I wish you could help forget the disturbing baby from this movie. Stuff like that just ruins your childhood. Do you like movies? I'm kind of a movie buff if you haven't noticed.
  • Blockbuster Guy:Uh, are you looking to rent something today?
  • Me:Can I rent some of your time? I'd just like to talk a bit about movies. There's some really good practical effects in Eraserhead. They make the baby look really fucked up. They used a real cow fetus for it, you know.
  • Blockbuster Guy:There are other people in line I need to assist, so if you're not going to rent something could you-
  • Me:OH, I see how things are. *slides blockbuster guy my card* Call me some time if you'd like to chat about cinematography or perhaps making our own fucked up baby, cutie. *winks*
  • Me:*dies in a car accident later that day*

Hello everyone! I am back with another hair for you guys :) I didn’t feel like doing anything this week end with everything that happened … :( I decided to name my next hair with the names of the Nice attack victims… I wish I could do more to help…… Anyway I hope everyone is safe <3

  • 18 ea colors
  • If you use, please tag me I want to see the result! :)
  • Not hat compatible

♥  ————————-T.O.U—————————  ♥

  • You CAN recolor/retexture but please don’t include the mesh
  • Do not upload on paysites
  • Don’t claim as your own

——————–DOWNLOAD———————-  ♥