The Signs as Blurryface Lyrics:
  • Aries:It's the few, the proud, and the emotional
  • Taurus:I've been thinking too much, help me
  • Gemini:Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
  • Cancer:Don't let me be gone
  • Leo:You don't know my heart, the way you know my face
  • Virgo:Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts
  • Libra:I used to say I wanna die before I'm old, but because of you I might think twice
  • Scorpio:One time to twist, and one time to shout
  • Sagittarius:My taste in music is your face
  • Capricorn:Where we're from, there's no sun
  • Aquarius:Forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity, my morality
  • Pisces:I know my souls's freezing, hell's hot for good reason

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I'm honestly so worried about dan rn... I wish there was something bigger, more direct way that we could help him then just posting stuff on social media that he might not see... I just hope he's okay

Apparently he is but i’m not buying it

OUT OF THUNDER. there’s so many sad people on my dash tonight and I really wish I could just hug them all and help them feel better but I’m useless in that department;;; I love you all though, hope that if you are sad that you will all feel better ;;;; remember that you are wonderful and special and loved, even if it’s hard to believe at the time <3 

I leave you all with a few funny/cute videos and vines I’ve reblogged in the past: x x x x x x x

1. Thank you!! ♥

2&4. I wish I could help, I really do, but I’m very bad at tutorials and I’m awful at explaining stuff. :( There are great tutorials on the S4S forums though and a lot of Blender meshing tutorials on youtube so I suggest you look at those, most of them are pretty straight-forward and beginner friendly. When I’ve needed help to actually make the mesh work, I’ve gotten a lot of help on the S4S forums and lumialoversims has been a patient saint ♥

3. Nope, it’s actress Billie Piper!

5. It’s made by Kiara24 and can be found here :-)

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Sarah, I'm so fucking scared because tomorrow I have my first date ever in my 18 years and I'm so awkward and I really hope he doesn't expect me to know what to do because holy shit will he be disappointed.

ooooooooh wish I could help you out here man but idek

here it is! 

that long awaited bullet journal post! it’s not much, but hope it gives y’all some inspo/ideas for your own journals!! 

i’ll start off with this:

i do not follow the traditional bullet journal system outside of the daily task lists.

my journal doubles as a planner and as an actual journal for thoughts/feelings/etc, so my form is far more free-flowing. 

more or less, my bullet journal is my happy place. i put stickers, pictures, quotes, or whathaveyou in it that bring me joy. (in my post i just made, you’ll see old photos, random tags and stuff from my nyc trip, a feather my friend gave me, pretty pictures from catalogues; if it makes you happy, slap it in there!) looking through my bullet journal brings me instant calm, even if the nature of some of the entries may be negative or rather sad. sad words surrounded by happy things give me an odd sense of perspective, if that makes any sense. 

click below to get a breakdown of my daily entries: 

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“I think you’re exaggerating Dan’s tweets, he’s probably just having a bad day, calm down”

… but you don’t understand. Dan is one of the people I “turn to” when I’m having a bad day or when I don’t want to see or talk to anybody. I will always choose to watch Dan’s videos over listening to any of my favorite songs because he has the most calming voice I ever got to witness and I just simply love to listen to him talking, even if it’s just nonsense. 
This dork has a really huge impact on my life which may seem a bit odd to some people but I don’t care because at the end of the day he is still my sunshine on the cloudy days and I wish I could help him somehow to get through his cloudy days. 

So no, I am not exaggerating when I’m expressing my worry about him. 

This was posted by my 14 year old sister. She has been overweight for most of her life and has to deal with constant bullying by ignorant kids. This has gone on as soon as she started school in kindergarten. She has been teased to the point of tears more times than I can count.

I remember how bad she wanted this pink coat when she was in kindergarten and she got it. The first time she wore it to school everyone said she looked like a pig because she was fat and had a pink coat. I came home from school to hear her crying in her room to my mother saying, “I don’t want to be like this anymore mom. I wish I could be skinny like my sister.” She was 5. Only 5 years old and already crying because she unhappy with the way she looked.

I would give anything to be able to fight her battles for her. I would give anything to stop her pain. But I can’t stop the bullying. I can’t go to school with her and protect her. I hate seeing what bullying does to her.

She is now 14 and a freshman in high school. And is going to the education board to get on attendance probation because she hates putting up with the cruelty of other kids. She cannot bring herself to go to school on the days that she has gym because of the teasing. She would rather get in trouble than to be forced to deal with bullies. My heart aches for her everyday. I would give anything to make it stop.

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Do you mind if I talk to you? I am really upset. I just had this really big music performance and I was so nervous and I had practiced so hard (I actually did so well) , and my parents came to watch and afterwards my dad didn't even say anything to me about how I did a good job or anything and he always does this and I am just so so sad. Does he even love me? It was such a big night for me and it just ended with my family fighting and screaming as always. I just wished they would be proud.

Come on darling, let me hug you. You’re amazing and beautiful and brilliant. You did really well, and the most important thing is that you did your best. I AM proud of you. I can’t even start to guess why your family ended up fighting, but darling, you should be proud of yourself. I’m so sorry that your family didn’t show their love properly. But I believe that your father loves you and feels very proud of you, and maybe he just doesn’t know how to express his love. My father’s like that, he rarely or never compliments me. But I believe he loves me in his own way. 
Darling, I believe each and every member of your family is actually very very proud of you. And if they don’t say anything about how great your performance was, or they’re just too busy to show their love right now, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel proud of you or don’t love you. Please don’t you forget how precious and awesome you are. :)

  • (a friend and i are walking down a street; there's a woman sitting against a building. she's barefoot and tattooed but otherwise in colorful clothes. her grin is infectious and i smile at her.)
  • woman:do you have anything to give? do you have spare change?
  • me:no, i'm so sorry! i wish i had more to give!
  • woman:you gave me a smile, that's all i could ask for.